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Last week I started reading The Time In Between by Maria Duenas and discovered, to my surprise and delight, that the main character in this novel by Spanish author Maria Duenas is a dressmaker! Which got me thinking that there are probably lots of novels out there that feature sewing, and it might be fun to assemble a list of them to share with each other. So feel free to comment on this post and list any books you’ve read that feature seamstresses or sewists, will you?

Pinterest Picks
Tomas Maier is one of my favorite designers at present. In addition to his own collection, he’s also the head designer for Bottega Veneta (that smocked dress!). I love how Miss Moss combined artwork with photos from his spring collection to create these moody and very contemporary images.


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Ever wanted to understand why sleeves are shaped the way they are? Here is a very clear and thorough explanation that will help.

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My obsession with tile continues! In fact, the fabric collection I’m designing at present is based on tiles, but not in a way you might expect. I’m looking forward to showing you soon.


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This whole embroidery on print thing is so much fun! I think S needs a pair of these to wear with her black-and-white Hide-and-Seek Dress, don’t you?


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  1. Eunice Hayes

    I loved the book, The Time in Between! The Seamstress by Maria Duenas is also good. I am a voracious reader and have come across numerous books that feature dressmakers/seamstresses as a main character…Here’s a short list: The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott, The Taliban Cricket Club by Timeri Murari, The Pink Suit by N.M. Kelly, and Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiaverini.

  2. Wanda Quist

    The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott is a good book. It’s historical fiction and is about a famous dressmaker and an apprentice aboard the Titanic.

  3. Sandra Ludwig

    The Dive from Claussen’s Pier… Older novel….very good read!

  4. Robyn

    The Dressmaker of Khair Khana
    by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

  5. Anita T.

    The Art of Mending by Elizabeth Berg.

  6. Jessica

    Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood- the main character is a quilter. A beautifully written book!

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