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Thank you all for your enthusiasm about the new Lisette patterns! A friend and I spent most of yesterday cutting out fabric for sew-alongs and tutorials for these styles, so we’ll start planning a schedule and get you busy sewing them very soon. I’m really glad you like these designs, and I really can’t wait to see how you look in them!

Are you ready for the weekend? I’m on my way to see a preview of Ballet 422 this afternoon, followed by many more ballet activities on Saturday. Can’t wait!

Pinterest Picks

Here’s a fun idea for that Lisette moto jacket you’re planning: add a little embroidery to the edges and lapels! I think this jacket by Marchesa is so pretty. The embroidery softens up the style just a bit and adds a little femininity.

Marchesa Voyage

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Here’s a fun and relatively mess-free weekend craft idea for you. Everyone at our house loves paper clay, and it often comes out during play dates. Have you tried it yet?


feb 5 pick 3

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These fabrics are so pretty, and I love the idea of adding a ruffle to the Lullaby Layette Bodysuit.


feb 5 pick 4

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Anyone else need a new bathrobe? I’ve had mine since college and it’s finally fallen apart. Shall we do a sew-along for a kimono style like this, maybe a little longer? It wouldn’t require a pattern. I’m thinking that Kaufman’s Radiance would be a really fun fabric to use, and it even comes in taupe if you love this image as much as I do.


feb 5 pick 5

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Other Links

  • A little healthy food inspiration for your weekend: I’m suddenly craving a whole-wheat waffle with peanut butter.
  • If you’ve seen the images of abandoned Detroit, you know how haunting those beautiful vacant buildings can be. Here’s a new book featuring photos of abandoned New York buildings.
  • A while ago I was raving about the book Women in Clothes, which is such a thought-provoking collection of women’s thoughts about our clothing and how we perceive ourselves and our attire. Well, here’s another book that looks like it will be equally good: Worn Stories. As the introduction states, “We all have a memoir in miniature living in a garment we’ve worn … in all of these are encoded the stories of our lives.”
  • You know how a lot of athletic clothes are made with microfibers? All that polyester can really build up a stink, since the fibers repel water so well! Here’s an excellent guide to washing your gym clothes. (Which reminds me that one of these days we should talk about laundry and caring for your handmade clothes. I’ll put that on my list for next week.)
  • And speaking of smells, did you know that some airlines have their own scent? United’s eau d’avion is called “Calm.” I’m not kidding.

What name would you give your signature scent?

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Nancy Ax

    Love the Marchesa embroidered Moto Jacket especially with the monochromatic color scheme. Makes me want to get busy digitizing and playing with the embroidery software!!

  2. Although I love radiance, I have been wanting to make a new flannel robe and a linen one. Something like this kimono style without a pattern is a great idea for a tutorial/sew along! I am very attracted to scents but also sensitive to strong smells so I guess my signature scent would be something like Wildflower Breeze…

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