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I’ve been having Marsala on my mind ever since the Pantone color of the year 2015 was announced. A tasteful and hearty hue, Marsala isn’t risky. It’s a brown, earthy, rich red like a maroon or burgundy.

One of Marsala’s greatest qualities is that it’s super wearable, so it translates easily to fashion and therefore sewing. Plus it’s a color that works well in garments for girls, boys, women, and men. Of course if you’d like you could do a complete head to toe look in Marsala, but there are quite a few colors that go well with it. There is an ease in combining it with gray, mustard, light blue, black, beige and navy. I think it would be quite simple to add Marsala to any wardrobe, you can mix it with a lot of what is already in the closet.

I’ve gathered some ideas on how to add some Marsala to Oliver + S patterns. Enjoy!


Marsala floral print on the Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress


Roller Skate Dress

It might be a little more difficult to find Marsala in a print, but I think a Roller Skate Dress would look lovely in this larger print floral.

Marsala floral print on the Oliver + S Playtime Tunic


Playtime Tunic and Leggings

You can add just a touch of Marsala with this sweet cotton voile print of vintage-y flowers used for a Playtime Tunic. Pair it with some Playtime Leggings in a royal blue knit that matches the tiny blue flowers in the print. Another way to add a little bit of Marsala is with a fabric-covered headband, felt bow, or hair tie.


Oliver + S School Days Jacket in Marsala


School Days Jacket
This jacket made out of wool melton could be for a boy or girl. It is a nice dark color that won’t easily show dirt when it’s worn outside in the fall and winter.


Oliver + S Art Museum Trousers in Marsala


Art Museum Trousers, Sailboat Top, and Secret Agent Trench Coat
Here is a three piece outfit that would work for a boy or girl. It includes a pair of Art Museum Trousers in a cotton twill, a Sailboat Top in a navy nautical stripe knit, and a Secret Agent Trench Coat in a stone cotton twill. It would be simple to interchange each of these items with other items in a wardrobe.


Oliver + S Forest Path Cape in Marsala


Forest Path Cape, Sunday Brunch A-line Skirt, and Lunch Box Tee
Here is a cute ensemble for a girl. It consists of a Forest Path Cape in a wool melton, a Sunday Brunch A-line Skirt in a grey diamond quilted knit, and a long sleeve Lunch Box Tee in a grey polka dot knit.


Oliver + S Nature Walk Yoga Pants in Marsala


Nature Walk Yoga Pants and School Bus T-shirt
This casual and super comfortable outfit works for a boy or girl. A pair of Nature Walk Yoga Pants in bamboo jersey and a long sleeve School Bus T-shirt in cream and grey stripe knit is perfect for play time.

Are you in the mood for Marsala? Was it love at first sight when you saw the Pantone color of the year 2015? Do you have any plans in the future to use Marsala in a sewing project?


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  1. Kirsten D

    I think these are great ideas for adults!

  2. Tali

    I think these combinations are beautiful!

  3. Sarah Helene

    I just logged on to the Pantone website to read abut the selection of Marsala as the “Color of the Year 2015” & see the previous several years also, including 2014–Radiant Orchid, 2013– Emerald, 2012–Tangerine Tango, 2011– Honeysuckle.So, coordinating this color could be more adventure with several brighter colors, than navy, beige, grey and black, especially for children’s clothing. I viewed the interview with executive Leatrice Eiseman to learn and understand this selection of Marsala. It can be easily paired with teal & turquoise, oranges, golden yellow, amber, umber and more hues, she explained. She also mentioned this exact color used in blush and lipsticks for years, which is true for me. My favorite lipstick colors are Marsala, or deeper wine colors. Sarah in Minneapolis

  4. emilia

    porfavor tendrán patrones del vestidito gracaisn

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