tidal lace fabric giveaway

Several months ago we introduced the Tidal Lace fabric collection designed by Kim Andersson. Well, we are happy to inform you that those fabrics are now available for purchase in shops. Kim is hosting a generous fabric give-away, read at the bottom of the post for details.

Tidal Lace was inspired by intricate lace and tide pool life and were woven together to create Kim’s first fabric collection for Windham Fabrics. You can view the whole collection here.

Some of the fabrics have already been sewn up in several Oliver + S patterns, here in a Roller Skate Dress and a Pinwheel Slip Dress.


Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress and Pinwheel Slipdress

Sewn and photo by Danielle Collins


Here in a pair of Puppet Show Shorts along with a Badminton Top.

Oliver + S Badminton Top and Pupper Show Shorts

 Sewn and photo by Danielle Collins

And here in several Reversible Bucket Hats.


Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hats

 Sewn by Kim Andersson. Photo by Danielle Collins.

Kim is giving away two yards of Tidal Lace fabric (winners choice) for you to whip up your favorite Oliver + S ensembles! To enter, leave a comment below telling us which Oliver + S pattern would you use with Tidal Lace fabrics. Comments will close at 9:00 AM ET Friday, January 23, 2015, and we’ll select a winner at random. The winner will be notified by email. They are only able to ship to addresses in the United States, so entry is limited to US residents only.


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  1. I love what you did with this gorgeous fabric collection!

  2. Erin Waters

    I would use the badminton top

  3. I’d definitely make a stack of reversible bucket hats for my little guy.

  4. Anna B

    How lovely! I’d make an after-school shirt for my little girl. Thank you.

  5. Faith LaHaine

    I am so excited at the chance to try out the new fabric ! I absolutely love to sew new outfits for my grandchildren !
    Nice to see some fresh new kind of prints!

  6. Karah

    I just made my spring and summer sewing list, so these cute fabrics are perfect. The roller skate dress, swing set tunic, badminton dress, and ice cream dress are all definites, but I’ve been wanting to see the jump rope dress and croquet dress too. Thanks!

  7. Erin Stone

    I would love to sew up the Roller Stake dress is some of the Tidal Lace fabrics, so perfect for hot summer days!

  8. Barbara Gardiner

    I would make the pinwheel slip dress and the reversible bucket hat for my grand babies with these Gorgeous Tidal Lace Fabrics

  9. Mary Ann Wilson

    The Hide-and-seek dress + tunic pattern would be darling in these fabrics. I would make it in the tunic length and fashion leggings from the playtime dress and leggings so there are no limitations when we go to over favorite covered bridge over the Salt River.

  10. Kerri Cayo

    I think I would use the Badminton top.

  11. Darlena Slate

    I’d love to make a slew of the Reversible Bucket Hats for my girls and their friends!

  12. Holley

    My favorite print is the smaller shells. I would make the seashore sundress, of course!

  13. Aly S

    I’ve been intending to make a Roller Skate Dress since the pattern came out, so that would be first on my list. Adorable fabric collection!

  14. Accacia

    I am eager to try out the Lullabye Layette. This fabric would be perfect!

  15. Jackie Menard

    I would use the Tidal Lace fabric for a picnic blouse and shorts for my granddaughter, Ava

  16. Karen

    Oh those are great! My daughter would like a Pinwheel set using two different fabrics, I would love some new pillows for my nautical family room! Thanks, Blessings

  17. Cheryl Hause

    I would like to make the Windham free quilt project called Tide Line and an Ice Cream top for my granddaughter .

  18. Holly

    These fabrics are beautiful! I love the Badminton top … or a sweet summery popover dress.

  19. Elizabeth

    I think I would try the playdate dress and leggings. I’ve only made them in knits before, and would like to try them in wovens.

  20. A Library Dress!

  21. New fabric would be a great excuse to get a new pattern. I’d have to try the roller skate dress or library dress.

  22. I’d make a sketchbook shirt, short sleeve, and a matching bucket hat. Perfect for summer!

  23. Erica Guadagnoli

    I think it looks great with the pinwheel slip dress so I’d probably do the same 🙂

  24. KathyC

    I would make the story pajamas for my grandson.

  25. Allison

    I think a Library Dress would look beautiful made up in Kim’s fabrics. Thanks for the chance!

  26. Jessica

    Beautiful! Id love to make the rollerskate dress with this fabric. I adore that neckline!

  27. Donna

    I would make the sleeveless garden party dress for one of my five granddaughters and then I would have to find where to purchase this line of fabrics to make four more! The seashore is our favorite family vacation spot. I can imagine a lovely family photo with all five girls wearing Tidal Lace fabrics!

  28. Dayla

    First, gorgeous fabric! Secondly, library dress! Thank you!!

  29. JEB O'Barr

    I would make a Sketchbook shirt or shorts for my son.

  30. Jenny G

    Garden Party top!

  31. Brenda

    I would love to sew the Family Reunion dress in some of this fabric. Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Marcy

    I would make the ice cream dress since I just bought that pattern! Would be perfect for summer in that cute fabric.

  33. kim t.

    oh! the family reunion dress and/or some bucket hats!

  34. Gloria robison

    Would love to do the puppet show tunic!

  35. Alice S

    I would make a roller skating dress with the fabric. I just bought the pattern a few weeks ago and am just about finished with a tunic made from it. I really like the summery feel from the Tidal Lace fabric.

  36. I’ve been itching to try the family reunion. This would be a wonderful combination!

  37. Alana

    I would make the class picnic top and shorts. I love the details in this collection. Thank you!

  38. Jackie

    I would make bucket hats for my granddaughters for the beach :)!

  39. Sara S

    Tidal = Seashore sundress! Both of my girls and our neighbor love these comfy summer dresses that sew up in no time. What a great fabric collection to use for them!

  40. Hopscotch skirt and top. For sure! Thanks for a chance to win.

  41. Masha

    Oh, perfect for summer! I’d make a Seashore Sundress and some Lazy Days skirts for my girls.

  42. Kristen

    I would sew the roller skate dress

  43. Eunice Hayes

    The seashore sundress is the perfect dress pattern for tidal lace fabric…I especially like the thought of making it in the border print 40003-5

  44. Darla Gunter

    I would use it for the Apple Picking Dress. I love it!

  45. Kelly P

    Oh, so pretty! I’m planning on making a school photo dress this year, and I’m sure it would look lovely in these fabrics!

  46. Jill J

    I would love to sew a sketchbook shirt for my son!

  47. Luci

    ooh, I think I’d probably make the picnic top and shorts for my daughter. i love the prints!!

  48. Kathleen Kelley

    I would make the puppet show tunic and shorts! Love all the patterns and the fabric is beautiful!

  49. Marilyn Descours

    I would make the Late Lunch Tunic, LOTS of bucket hats and the Mother Daughter tote, for the beach in the summer. And since I’m in South Texas, I’d probably use them all from April to October!

  50. Annette

    The seashore sundress and buckets hats would be the winners for me.

  51. db

    The seashore sundress of course!

  52. I love the little top done with the Oliver S Badminton pattern. I would definitely sew this for my granddaughter who lives in Norfolk by the ocean. Her Daddy is a sailor and she thinks she is a mermaid! so this fabric line suits her well.
    Tidal Waves by Kim Anderson is the classiest fabric line for a nautical/ocean theme that I have ever seen. I may have to make some new pillows for our sunroom too. Love it!

  53. christina

    The Roller Skate dress is such a natural for print fabrics like this, I don’t think I could resist it.

  54. Amy

    I would make a bucket hat!

  55. Ruth S

    Beautiful fabrics! I have been needing to make a rollerskate dress for awhile now, these might be the reason to do so.

  56. Jodie

    The family reunion dress!!

  57. Megan

    Lovely! I would make the playtime dress.

  58. N. Fritsche

    I would make the Seashore dress with fabric 4003-5. Too cute!

  59. Margo

    I would make up the summer shorts and bucket hat for my son!

  60. P. Lake

    I love border prints. I’d use it with the music box jumper, seashore sundress, library dress, or garden party dress.

  61. I think I would make the roller skate dress and a bunch of bucket hats Love them! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  62. Linda Nelson

    I would love to make the carousel dress!

  63. I would make a badminton short and top!

  64. I think the Seashore Dress would be the perfect pattern to use for this beautiful fabric!

  65. amy

    Those reversible bucket hats are so darling! Would definitely make a pile of those!
    Fabrics are gorgeous-such delicate designs!

  66. allison pogany

    So pretty! I would love to try a bucket hat!

  67. Kathy E.

    I really like the Playtime Dress Tunic. I think this fabric would look great on this pattern and am anxious to give it a try!

  68. Dawn Jones

    I would chose the Reversible Bucket Hats, they are so cute. Thank you for the chance to win, have a great day!

  69. The Hide and Seek Dress!

  70. Sarah

    Definitely the reversable bucket hats!

  71. Pam S

    I would love to sew the carousel dress. My granddaughter would love those pockets. Thanks!

  72. Playtime dresses for my daughters and bucket hats!

  73. Katja Magus

    Little boy’s dress shirts with the sketchbook pattern! So perfect for beach outings!

  74. I would love to make the Roller Skate dress and one of the hats.

  75. Rita j

    Beautiful fabric! I’d be tempted to make some bucket hats and sketchbook shirts with this fabric.

  76. Becky Phillips

    I MUST make a Seashore Sundress and matching bucket hat from the darker blue starfish print. I’d use a coordinating almost-solid print for piping and the other side of the hat. Love the colors and range of print scales in this collection. Thanks!

  77. These are so summery, definitely needs a Seashore Sundress.

  78. Lovely fabric. Definitely the roller skate dress.

  79. Chris

    I really like the reversible bucket hats with a Playtime Dress Tunic.

  80. Sarah Green

    Bravo on the great colors and design. I am tempted to try the border print in a roller skate tunic or a seashore dress.

  81. María San Román

    I´d try a seashore dress, or playtime tunics. Any dress would be lovely in those fabrics!

  82. Nancy Hilderbrand


  83. Carla S

    I would probably use the firefly jacket pattern 🙂

  84. carol n

    I would make the cute bucket hats!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. Darci

    I have the Pinwheel dress pattern that had not been used. I Would make that for my youngest

  86. Such darling fabric. I think it would compliment the lullaby layette set so well!

  87. Laura Lewis

    I love the Ombre starfish! I would probably make the Everyday skirt out of it. 🙂 Perfect for heading out to the cape this summer.

    I also just purchased the Sunday Brunch Jacket and A-line skirt. I have a pretty linen-blend fabric in my stash, and think that any of those fabrics would be great for the skirt and the bias trim.

  88. Emily

    A family reunion or hide and seek dress. 🙂

  89. Elise

    I’ve been itching to try the rollerskate dress!

  90. shae

    Great fabric!! Both of my girls fit in the jump rope pattern I have right now, so that’s what I would sew up!

  91. Oh so many patterns to choose from! I’m really loving the Apple Picking dress and with shorter sleeves (or sleeveless), it would be a really fun summer dress 🙂 Or the Ice Cream dress. Or the pinwheel. How can one choose just one Oliver + S pattern 😉

  92. sarah pepper

    I would make a roller skate dress!

  93. Kae

    I have been waiting for this collection since it was introduced here. I love ocean related prints. I would love to sew a croquet dress for my 4-year-old daughter.

  94. Jen

    Love these! I have a pinwheel dress and an art museum set on the docket.

  95. Adrienne G

    The garden party dress, it looks so sweet!

  96. sherry

    I’d make a library dress for my granddaughter.

  97. Brooke

    I would make the little jacket from the baby layette pattern.

  98. Cindy Hampton

    The Carousel Dress!!

  99. Mara

    I love your reversible bucket hats, so I would definitely make one of those.

  100. Jill Starrett

    I would make my girls class picnic shorts and blouses.

  101. Kate W.

    I would make a Tea Party dress!

  102. Jennie

    This looks perfect for reversible bucket hats!

  103. Julia

    I would make the croquet dress.

  104. Evelyn

    I would make the ice cream social dress, and make it a two tone dress.

  105. Marion Potter

    i would love to make the roller skate dress for my little granddaughter-and the fabric print looks perfect for little girls!

  106. auschick in va

    I think I’d do a carousel dress, since I recently bought the pattern!

  107. Marie Trout

    I would love to make the new Carousel Dress with these fabrics.

  108. Jennifer

    I would either make the ice cream dress/top for my daughter or a lullaby layette bodysuit for a friend. What pretty fabric!

  109. Adrienne

    How awesome would a hide and seek dress be with the fisherman net fabric as the yoke? Very.

  110. Becky

    Would definitely see a roller skate dress and a bucket hat. Love the roller skate dress!!

  111. Jackie Thompson

    The bucket hats are so great! I have little boys, and the blues in this collection would make great hats for them!

  112. Jessica

    Been waiting for the right fabric to make hopscotch dress!

  113. Sarah J.

    This line just calls for a bucket hat, but I would also love to make a swingset tunic and skirt. I just love this line- thanks for the chance to win some!

  114. Kim B

    beautiful collection!! I love it in the badminton top and I think it would make a wonderful croquet dress.

  115. Kathy Davis

    My favorite is the Carousel Dress. My granddaughter would look adorable in it!

  116. Jenny W H

    hopscotch skirt and top

  117. Gail Rench

    These fabrics would look great in so many of the Oliver and S patterns, but I would like to try making the Swingset Tunic and Skirt because I don’t have that pattern yet, and I love trying new patterns.

  118. So cute. Fun and fresh.

  119. Paula Swann

    Maybe Sunday Brunch or fairy tale or music box jumper or………

  120. Sonja McLane

    I only quilt so it would be put to use there and I love all the fabrics so anyone would be welcome. sonjasmith76@yahoo.com

  121. Donna Haskins

    oh how sweet. I have so many favorite O+s patterns that would look gorgeous in these fabrics, that I could use a different one for each of my six grandchildren. Definitely would try a garden party dress, a playtime dress, a roller skate dress, an apple picking and a fairy tale dress. Apple picking and fairy tale will be my first since they will make the sweetest birthday dresses in these beautiful fabrics.

  122. Nancy Pultorak

    lobe this fabric foe the Garden Party Dress!

  123. The winner is #61. Congratulations Debbie! Someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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