color palette: storybook

Kids Clothes Week is coming up very soon, October 20-26 to be precise. You know all about Kids Clothes Week, right? The creator, Meg, stopped by for a visit a few months ago to tell us how the KCW sewing community came to be and if you would like to read that post, head this way.

The optional theme this season is “storybook”. I turned to “The Little Prince” for inspiration to create this color palette. From the famous illustration on the cover of the book I picked several colors; mint green, gray, mustard yellow, and cream and found fabrics to support the inspiration.

Storybook color palette

Image: “The Little Prince” book cover
Fabrics: gold glitter dots tulle, gray double gauze, mustard floral knit, triangles, mint green, bees

Will you be sewing along for Kids Clothes Week?



  1. Sarvi

    I know everybody loves that book but I can’t help it, I do too. When I was a kid I’d start crying before I even picked it up. Did you know that St Ex was a mail pilot? Back when that meant risking your life, apparently. His books (for adults) on the topic are as touching and lyrical as you might expect (or as sentimental and treacly, if that’s how the LP struck you).

    These colors are great! There’s a version with a dark blue cover as well. Didn’t Jeanne make a LP quilt? It was so gorgeous, I wanted to completely copy it but I don’t have the ability for that.

  2. We just finished reading TLP as our bedtime story. My boys loved the book, and the color palette is lovely.

  3. Lovely Rachel. The colours are great. Another fan of the book. I’ve been wanting to make a t-shirt stencil of the hat/ingested elephant for ages.

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