feature friday: mondrian chic

For his fall 1965 collection, Yves St. Laurent took inspiration from the abstract paintings of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. St. Laurent recognized that the simple sack dresses of the 1960s would be a perfect canvas for color blocking, and he was often inspired by other artists. This dress was made in wool jersey, and I had the pleasure of seeing it in person at the Yves St. Laurent show in Denver with my sister a couple of years ago. It’s deceptively simple; all the shaping (and there is shaping) is hidden in the color-blocked seams.




While we were in Spain looking at lots of art, I tried to convince S that she needed me to make her a St. Laurent-inspired Mondrian dress. I showed her a few paintings by Mondrian and then showed her images from St. Laurent’s collection. Maybe it was because we had been looking at art for four days in a row during our Madrid trip and the poor kid was tired and bored, but she was decidedly not interested.

In any case, it doesn’t matter because it turns out the Monica of MaMeMiMo has already done it!




How cute is that! I had the great pleasure of meeting Monica and a group of other fantastic sewing bloggers from Spain when they invited me to brunch with them at a darling sewing-themed restaurant in Barcelona, with old sewing machine as the base of many of the tables. Monica made her Mondrian dress using the Jump Rope Dress pattern (View B) with grosgrain ribbon for the black frames. You can read her full post about the dress here. (Google translate does a reasonably good job for those of us who don’t read Spanish.)

I just love it. Thanks for letting us feature your fantastic work, Monica! Oh, and as long as you’re over at Monica’s blog, be sure to check out her version of our Lisette Round-Trip Dress, too. It fits her beautifully, doesn’t it?




  1. Trudi Shim

    Have you seen the Color Composition line of fabrics from Robert Kaufman? They feature Mondrian-inspired designs on a smaller scale and might be easier to sew up for those of us who are too afraid to try making straight lines with grosgrain ribbon 🙂


  2. I meant to include that fabric in my post, Trudi! Thanks for the reminder and the link.

  3. OH! Really lovely! Abril look pretty with her mondrian dress!!

  4. Monica is sooo talented!! She even made a doll dress to go with her daughter´s. You should check her blog, it is an inspirational visit.

  5. I loooove this dress, the doll and most of all the model! I confess I’ve been a fan of Monica’s work for a long time an feel so pleased to see it here 🙂
    Hope some of your readers are curious about spanish sewing bloggers now (thanks Mónica!)

  6. Mónica rules!! Yeah!!! Great seamstress and a very inspiring blog. Congratulations!!

  7. Reyna

    Me encanta, gracias

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