tidal lace (and a giveaway!)

Today we welcome Kim Andersson who is going to tell us a bit about her first fabric collection Tidal Lace. Be sure to follow the Tidal Lace Blog Hop that they are doing in September starting at Windham Fabrics. Please note that the fabrics will not be out in the shops until January 2015. Kim is even hosting a generous give-away of her fabrics! Read on for details. Here’s Kim.

I’m very excited to introduce you to my first fabric collection for Windham Fabrics, TIDAL LACE! I also can’t wait to show you the gorgeous clothes that we made for the look book using Oliver + S patterns.


Tidal Lace fabric collection by Kim Andersson
Credit: Tidal Lace Fat Quarters.


With thoughts of Summer’s past and present the inspiration for the TIDAL LACE collection comes from two very different experiences in my life.

The first experience comes from my Grandmother’s ballet shop, where as a child I would play with the many lengths of trim and lace for hours and hours, immersed in their pattern and detail.

The second inspiration, to use tide pools in my collection, came from a family trip that we took to a lovely coastal town. Waking up early for the low tide and still quite sleepy, we were greeted by the wonder of the tide pools. We spent a wonderful morning with friends and family looking from pool to pool to see what we could spy–0ne person pointing out what another might have otherwise missed.

TIDAL LACE, is my imagining of lace and the tide pools woven together, full of fascinating details and bursting with color and life.


Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress and Pinwheel Slipdress
Credits: Girl on left wears Roller Skate Dress, Girl on right wears Pinwheel Slip Dress. Sewn by Danielle Collins. Photo by Danielle Collins.

I’ve loved Oliver + S patterns for ages. When my fabric arrived, we couldn’t wait to see how they would look when made in the beautiful Oliver + S patterns. We just love the detail that Liesl puts into her designs that make them really something special.

Honing the projects down to just a few was going to be the hard part, there are so many wonderful Oliver + S choices! Once we had finally made our pattern selections, we had much fun playing with the fabric collection and seeing how they looked in the fabulous Oliver + S patterns.

The patterns that we chose for the TIDAL LACE look book were:

The Puppet Show shorts, such cute shaped shorts with the sweetest gathered pockets! We teamed it with the Badminton top, and I’m obsessed with those shoulder ruffles! As you can see Oliver + S separates mix so well.


Oliver + S Badminton Top and Pupper Show Shorts
Credits: Badminton Top teamed with Puppet Show shorts. Sewn by Danielle Collins. Photo by Danielle Collins.


We selected two dresses for the girls, the Pinwheel Slip Dress with it’s fun flounce and the Roller Skate Dress which is a fantastic staple dress, fun and sophisticated at the same time. (I want one in my size, please Liesl?)


Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress and Pinwheel Slip Dress


Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress and Pinwheel Slip Dress
Credits: Girl on left wears Roller Skate Dress, Girl on right wears Pinwheel Slip Dress. Sewn by Danielle Collins. Photo by Danielle Collins.


We also made the Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat and they were a favorite too. I started making one and just had to make more! Oliver + S patterns really are gorgeous. We love them, the kids love them and just as importantly they were fun to wear.


Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hats


Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hats
Credits: Reversible Bucket Hat, sewn by Kim Andersson. Down By The Sea Quilt by Stacey Day. Photo by Danielle Collins.


I hope that you can also dive into a place full of wonder and delight with TIDAL LACE. The collection includes wonderfully detailed novelties and geos with a color palette to make your projects shine. My inspiration from intricate lace and tide pool life weave together to create images that are joyful and enchanting.

Due to land at your local fabric shop in January 2015!


Oliver + S Pinwheel Slipdress
Credit: Photo by Danielle Collins.


We are giving away two yards of fabric (winners choice) for you to whip up your favorite Oliver + S ensembles! To enter, leave a comment below telling us your favorite thing(s) about the sea or about lace. Comments will close at 9:00 AM ET Friday, August 15, 2014, and we’ll select a winner at random. The winner will be notified by email. We’re only able to ship to addresses in the United States, so entry is limited to US residents.

To see more of Kim Andersson’s Tidal Lace please visit the I Adore Pattern blog and see the complete collection of photos and fabrics at Windham Fabrics.


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  1. Tracy

    Love the sounds of the sea!
    Never have sewn with lace but would love to!

  2. I love how you can smell the sea from miles away!

  3. I love playing at the beach with my dear family. Seeing the kids play at a place I love is the best! Congrats on the collection, it’s beautiful!

  4. I love the feeling of peace I feel at the sea and love the intricate patterns of lace. Beautiful collection!

  5. Fiona

    A beautiful range, Kim. The colours are lovely, and the patterns are so suitable for a range of Oliver + S patterns. I particularly like your combination of the Puppet Show shorts, and the Badminton top – inspired! Good luck with the launch of your range next year.

  6. Ann Cooper

    I love lace! I am learning to knit lace and just made a shawl with a wide lace border!

  7. Oh the sea! Well I have a love affair with the Pacific Ocean. The air smells so good at the beach. The fog rolling in from the ocean is so calming to me. I love feeling the cool sand in my toes and the shock of the cold water on my legs as my girls and I run along the shore. One visit surprised us with thousands of jelly fish eggs, washed up on the beach, sparkling like big fat diamonds. I feel relaxed and peaceful at the beach. Watching the sea otters tease the seals along the rocks is one of my favorite pastimes in Monterey, as is visiting the beloved aquarium. I love it all.

  8. Linda Nelson

    Favorite thing about the sea: finding seashells and jumping the waves!

  9. janice

    I love the fabric collection – it reminds me of summer at the beach when I was a kid.

  10. Ashley Brown

    I love the sea. Something that can be so powerful, yet so peaceful and (literally) full of life. My favorite part of summer is lazy days at the beach.

  11. Jessica

    What a lovely collection! I love the sound and smell of the ocean because it reminds me of childhood summer vacations.

  12. MS

    My favourite things about the sea are the textures. Cold, salty water. Smooth tumbled stones. Grainy sand. Slick seaweed.

  13. Martha

    My favorite thing about the sea is the calm I feel when I smell and hear it. Seeing these fabrics gives me that same feeling. They are beautiful.

  14. Our family is drawn to the sea, especially for vacations. It is forever changing and the possibilities of new discoveries — whales, seals, fish, shells, treasures from the deep — always present.

  15. I love the sea. Always have lived close to the water. It has a sense of calming, freshness and serenity. Like this fabric collection! I love them all!
    Thank you!

  16. Taryn B

    I love the calming colors of the sea and seashore. These patterns reflect that well.

  17. I love the colors of the sea, how it is always changing. I love the tiny delicate details of lace and how it adds a flair of femininity.

  18. My favorite thing about being near the sea is walking early in the morning before the crowds arrive and watching the day slowly break over the horizon.

  19. Carrie

    Such a gorgeous collection! I would love to make my girls some class picnic tops out of some of this fabric. I love lace because it can be both elegant and girly, sophisticated and soft. Congrats on your new collection!

  20. I love listening to the rhythm of the waves and the salty breezes! The badminton top is adorable!

  21. Marcy

    I love the rocks on the beaches in Maine. Gorgeous quilt in the photo with the bucket hats!

  22. I love the romantic feeling of lace.

  23. The way the ocean drains away every ounce of stress!!

  24. pal

    I’ve been to beaches in Maine and California, but you can’t beat northwest Florida for white, white sand and emerald-blue water. Lace makes me think of wedding dresses. I love the colors and prints in your collection.

  25. Kelly P

    Oh, I love the sounds of the sea, and I love to watch seabirds. What a lovely fabric collection!

  26. Very hard to choose one favorite thing! The ocean is so magical…the beach adventure-filled, the smells, tastes, sounds, sights…L.O.V.E. it all!

  27. Emily

    The feeling of sand shifting under your feet and slight dizziness while looking down as the wave rushes out.

  28. Love that there is always a breeze at the beach. Hunting for seashells is one of my favorites too! Thanks 🙂

  29. Janice

    What a great fabric collection! I love the smell of salt air and the feel of the ocean breeze on my face.

  30. Michelle G.

    The wonderful diversity and being able to share that with my son (someday!).

  31. shae

    Lace reminds me of family heirlooms and vintage designs, both of which I love!!

  32. Lisa M.

    I recently returned from vacation on the Oregon Coast in an area noted for sand dunes. I loved seeing the dunes of bright, clean, fine sand. It is a perfect crisp contrast against the bright blue sky. Looking forward to finding the Tidal Lace collection in a store or online.

  33. Kae

    I love dolphins, whales, snorkeling and looking at the beautiful underwater world, collecting seashells and pebbles at the beach, and much much more.

  34. Megan

    What pretty colors and beautiful combinations! I love that children and adults of all ages can appreciate and enjoy the beach. Also the smell is just wonderful!

  35. Mirelys

    I love the smell of the ocean and the wonderful contrasts of colors. The ocean can be dark, grey and powerful or serene, bright and peaceful. Either way a walk on the beach is amazing.

  36. Sarah J.

    I love watching the wonder on my kids faces when they discover a shell or creature on the beach! This collection is beautiful and I love that it will be out in January (right when I need a winter pick-me-up). Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. We love low tide too…I love scuba diving and watching kids build sandcastles on the beach. I think my favorite part though is that sea creatures are just so weird and different from land creatures!

  38. C Nielsen

    Kim, you superstar fabric designer and maker! Dani, beautiful, detailed dress making + fantastic shots, came out so well! Loved being there, Cx

  39. My favorite thing about the sea is you can smell the water, and then the wind blows at the right moment and lifts your hair and mixes into the smell of the ocean. 🙂

  40. My favorite thing about the sea is the waves…the bigger the better!

  41. Christy

    I love the treasures that the sea washes up. Spend hours on the beach with my kiddos!

  42. Rose

    The sea means vacation!

  43. Cynthia

    I love the smell of the sea – even miles inland, you can still smell the cleanness of if.
    There is nothing like old lace. The delicacy, the pattterns, the softness of the thread after all the years of loving. I love just laying it on a shelf in my quilting room.

  44. Margo

    I like looking for sealife in the tidepools at the beach! Beautiful fabrics.

  45. Rosemary Cavanagh

    Beautiful fabric, can smell the sea!

  46. Julie A.

    Love the water color of the sea.

  47. Marge Bledsoe

    I love the calming feeling you get when looking out at the ocean and the wonderful soothing sound of the waves. Lace is like the time spaces between the waves

  48. Kelli

    I love the smell of the ocean, the cool breezes and the seashells!

  49. Pat

    The best part of the ocean is…….the whole experience. The breeze on my face, the cleansing go my sinuses, the sound of the sea gulls and the waves coming to shore.

  50. I love lace as an embellishment, it’s the easiest way to dress up a garment!

  51. Maureen

    We lived on the beach for three months. I can still smell the salt air if I close my eyes.

  52. alana

    I love the ocean, and I love scouting out the tidal pools because you never know what you might see. Great fabric collection and looks amazing in the patterns you picked. Thanks for the chance to win!

  53. Alina

    The sea reminds me of my grandfather who recently passed away… As a kid, my cousins and I spent every summer growing up on the beach playing in the sand and swimming in the ocean while my grandpa would go crabbing. Then we spent the evening eating dinner of fresh seafood, surround by a big loving family. Every time I think of the ocean I think of him. 🙂

    Which ties in with my love of the tidal lace fabric… My grandma would spend the summer teaching us kiddos how to quilt and create fabulous fabric art!

  54. Marti

    I love when the sea is rough and the waves are splashing against rocks, it is just so many different blues and greens and so pretty to look at!

  55. Leigh

    Mermaids purses was my first thought about the sea today.

  56. Tana

    Love watching my girls play in the waves! Nothing better than seeing your kids enjoy the beach. 🙂

  57. Jennifer

    The prints remind me of the California coast and the smell of the salty air. What fun!

  58. We are inland, but I love seeing the coral reef at the aquarium with all the different color dosh and creatures.

  59. Rebecca

    Lately, my favorite thing about the sea has been visiting with my daughters and watching them explore and play in the water.

  60. Quilting Tangent

    I like the peacefulness of the ocean. I love seeing all the animals and plants that the ocean has. All the different shades it can be. All the different pattern that lace come in are wonderful. The fabric looks like a great combination of both elements.

  61. barbara woods

    i love lace on crafts and baby girl things

  62. I love lace, how delicate it looks and how it connects us to another time. I went through a brief crocheted lace period in the 70’s, but now I look for antique bits of it wherever I can.

  63. carol n

    I like sitting by water, any water, watching and listening, I find water relaxing. I would love to add some of your fabric into one of my quilts!

  64. Rose Sabey

    I love to walk by the sea in the early morning and look for shells and signs of life. Tide pools are especially fun to look in!

  65. Colleen

    I love the sea! I love the sound of crashing waves. Its amazing to see how different the Atlantic Ocean is up and down the East Coast.

  66. Kathy Davis

    My favorite thing about the sea is the sound of the waves. I could sit and listen forever!

  67. Cindy

    I love the ocean. We, in Arizona, go to San Diego to find the relaxing ebb and flow of the waves.

  68. Ashley

    I think my favourite thing about the sea is the sound of the water. So peaceful and calming! This is a beautiful fabric collection. Love!

  69. Janie

    I love looking for sand dollars with my children, and the breezes feel great. Thanks for the giveaway. Everything is beautiful.

  70. Kathy Luehrs

    I love the pastel tones – so soothing

  71. Cecilia

    I love listening to the ocean, it’s very relaxing. I love adding a little lace to my clothes, it makes them very feminine.

  72. Lou Haney

    As a knitter I love lace! The feeling of blocking lace is pretty magical. You take this lumpy knitted mess, soak, and pin it out. Once dried, you have this amazing fabric. Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. Darlene Warner

    Starlight is my favorite!
    I love the water, whether it be the lake, ocean, or sea. It has such a calming effect.
    Thank you for the give away…..the new line is fantastic!

  74. Julia

    There is such a classic elegance to lace. Would love to win!

  75. I love the salty smell of the ocean, and I love finding different types of seaweed and kelp on the beach!

  76. Chris

    For me it is the sound of the waves rolling in and the smell of the salt air. So refreshing. How can you not be renewed.

  77. Pam S

    Lace and the sea – what a great combination! I appreciated the story about the inspiration for this collection. I love the play of light in both lace and the sea. Thanks!

  78. Sarah

    Lace makes everything better! 🙂

  79. Robin

    My FAVORITE thing about the sea is the life within it…all the beautiful and unique creatures that call it home!

  80. My favorite thing about the sea. Hmm… I have so many lovely memories about trips to the sea. My first trip to Cambria with my mom when we stayed in a B&B on Moonstone Beach was the start of my love of the Cambria coastline and town in general. I loved falling asleep to the sounds the waves made as they crashed upon the sand and rocks. It must be one of the most peaceful yet exciting sounds, second to maybe thunderstorms and waterfalls.

    I’ve always needed to live near water. I feel myself suffocating when I’m too far from it for too long as I was living in Colorado. Now that I’m up in the Puget Sound area, I’m in my glory. I love the atmosphere up here. It’s not the sandy beaches I grew up with in Southern California. No, it’s a woodsy, Rocky beach strewn with smooth pebbles and driftwood. The fact that up here, we typically have thick forests giving way to these Rocky beaches makes it even more glorious. The best of both worlds. Up here, the sea holds a lot of mystique for me. All the lone little islands only accessible via ferry where people live and work in small towns or on farms. The fog that rolls in over the sound in the Autumn. I love everything about the sound and have since my first trip up here when I was 12. I felt as if I’d finally found my heart.

  81. love sound of sea and seagull…^^

  82. Kim

    My favorite things about the sea is the mystery and fun of mermaids and sea creatures! My favorite thing about lace are the intricate pieces my grandmother would make and by changing the design how different each piece would look.

  83. Isabel A.

    The sea relaxes me, makes me dream.

  84. I have always loved lace. So beautiful and delicate.

  85. Birgit H

    I love this fabric! I cannot wait to see how many ways I can use this on skirts and dresses for myself and my daughter. The book report dress pattern is ready for another wonderful iteration!! Wahoo.

  86. Bonnie R

    The sun, the waves, the smell of the air, the smell of sunscreen…what’s not to love about the ocean? Thanks so much for the giveaway 🙂

  87. wildwinowoman

    The smell of salt air is fantastic — and sitting down to a lobstah in all it’s glory while the waves crash on the rocks at Two Lights, Maine is as close to heaven as one can get on earth. 🙂

  88. allison pogany

    I grew up right near the ocean and could never move away. I love the sound of waves crashing into the coast during a storm. Makes you remember that nature is really in charge!

  89. Arianna M.

    I love the classic beauty of lace… and the sound of waves crashing on the beach. Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. I loved the color of the ocean when we went to Hawaii!! Thanks for a chance at a great give away:)

  91. Kristen

    I love the rhythm of the sea!

  92. Emily

    I love the smell of the air at the beach. And the line of shells and seaweed left behind from hightide. I love that my kids can play for hours while at the beach. We love it so much we moved to a coastal town so our children could enjoy growing up by the ocean.

  93. Lisa Cowell

    I have never been to the ocean, but like to hear the sounds. I live on Lake Erie, but have difficulty actually going on the lake because of seasickness. I do like all the little things that signify the sea, though…the rope-wrapped pilings, the anchors, sailor dresses, the boat wheel, and all the little crabby, starfishy sea creatures!

  94. Ruth

    I love the salty sea smell of the ocean.

  95. LL

    I love the sound of the waves. I love the colors that you only find on the beach. And I love the constant movement.

  96. Thank you so much for including my quilt in your post =) This was a great collection to work with and I hope everyone picks some up =)

  97. Peggy Gibbs

    We live in NW Florida, where we are fortunate to be able to nea the Gulf of Mexico. It is a beautiful beach area, white sand, blue-green water, with many places to swim, have picnics and just walk on the beach.

  98. Jennifer P

    Okay, here is my favorite sea joke:

    Q: Why is the sand by the ocean wet?

    A: Because the sea weed.

    I’m sure you can tell that I’m the mom of 2 elementary aged kids by the joke. It is cute, though, and I would love to make them something cute out of the gorgeous Tidal Lace collection!

  99. Sea shells by the seashore!

  100. Laurie

    Love how this fabric takes me to the beach! It’s a favorite family vacation destination.

  101. auschick

    Favorite thing about the sea is that looking at it means I’m on vacation!

  102. The ocean is a very special place for relaxing and letting creative juices run free. Thank you for your sharing new line of fabric with all of us and good luck to all that have entered.


  103. Jenni

    I love the feel of sand!

  104. Cindy Dahlgren

    Never been to the sea or the ocean, so lace it will be. I love lace, the many patterns, from delicate and lacy to more chunky and solid. Creamy or white, colored or not, lace has so many beautiful qualities. To be able to make lace would be divine. Using lace makes anything beautiful. Now I’m wanting to use lace on a quilt, curious idea to imagine. cdahlgren at live dot com

  105. Karen

    I enjoy the femininity of lace.

  106. Gail

    I love the look and feel of lace as it takes me back to my first sewing experiences with my mom and grandmother. They loved adding adding the finishing touches to a garment with lace. The style of lace can give the project it’s own personality and charm. I have saved scraps from my projects over the years and now incorporate them into my granddaughter’s dresses.

  107. Kathy E.

    My favorite thing about the sea is the mysteries that lie beneath it. Thinking of the creatures and life below just amazes me.

  108. The winner is #4! Congratulations Kristen! Someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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