introducing the named patterns fall-winter 2014 collection

Laura and Saara of Named Patterns have been very busy of late, and we’re happy to be able to share the results of their work with you.

Their new collection for Fall-Winter 2014, Ritual, is now out, and we’re excited to have ten new styles from the line available as digital patterns.


Magena fringe jumper


The collection was inspired by the Native American peoples: their culture, clothing, and myths. The simple structures and shapes, earthy materials, and interesting cuts combined with generous embellishment triggered Laura’s and Saara’s interest in researching Native American clothing which in turn led to the creation of this collection.

The team has produced an amazing inspirational look-book for the line that’s available by clicking through the see the full post.

I think it’s accurate to say that these are the first photos of wolves to appear on the Oliver + S blog. You can click any image for a full-sized view.

Named Patterns, Fall 2014 Lookbook, 1 Named Patterns, Fall 2014 Lookbook, 2 Named Patterns, Fall 2014 Lookbook, 3 Named Patterns, Fall 2014 Lookbook, 4 Named Patterns, Fall 2014 Lookbook, 5 Named Patterns, Fall 2014 Lookbook, 6 Named Patterns, Fall 2014 Lookbook, 7 Named Patterns, Fall 2014 Lookbook, 8 Named Patterns, Fall 2014 Lookbook, 9 Named Patterns, Fall 2014 Lookbook, 10

Ritual is most decorative of all Named collections so far. The collection challenges seamstresses of all skill levels to explore, mix, and match special materials and colors fearlessly. It encourages being creative and taking part in the design process, by giving a chance to modify, amend, and embellish the garments according to one’s own taste and skills.

You can see details on all ten new patterns in the Named Patterns section of the Oliver + S shop.




  1. Sarah Helene

    RITUALS, a new collection for Fall-Winter 2014 by Saara and Laura . . . I’m going to click on the Named Patterns section of your website to read about these 10 new patterns and see more AMAZING photos. THANKS for info. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

  2. JR

    This bothers me. There is no one Native American culture, there are hundreds of tribes with hundreds of traditions and rituals. Consider this comment an invitation to a dialogue rather than a criticism.

  3. Oh my, gorgeous, and me with a waist again…..

  4. I’m with JR here. I’d love to hear more about the specifics of the inspiration: which particular First Nation(s) is being referenced, what era, etc., and what the source materials were, e.g. were individual garments studied, that kind of thing. Without those kind of details it risks falling into the cultural appropriation/stereotyping sort of category…

  5. JR

    Nina, thank you, cultural appropriation is exactly the term I couldn’t bring to mind earlier.

  6. Fiona

    I really like the shirt/shirt waist dress, and the collarless blouse. They look roomy but the detailing on the shoulders, and sleeves makes the patterns seem very sophisticated. Seriously tempted.

  7. Jess

    I’m with the above commenters who are concerned about cultural appropriation. It really strikes me as odd.

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