color palette: butterfly blues

A tropical ocean.  A cloudless sky.  A deep lake.  The color blue is pure summer to me, and the variations on azure and blue-gray in this butterfly image are complimentary to many different skin tones and eye colors. (Of course those of us with blue eyes are especially flattered by these and often seek them out to wear.)

color palette: butterfly blues  Image: Tumblr (couldn’t locate original)
Fabrics: chambray, solid, butterflies, x dots, scallopswoodgrain

Sew a pair of sailboat pants in blue chambray with contrast facings, a hide-and-seek dress in x dots, combine prints on a pair of class picnic shorts. There are so many fun ways to mix and match!

All of these and more color inspiration images and fabrics can be found on our color palettes and fabric Pinterest board.



  1. Did you look inside my closet? These are all my favourite colours with a wardrobe to match (eyes too).


  2. I love these colors, Kristin!

  3. Thanks, Liesl! I do too. 🙂

  4. Can you please explain how to do a blog post like this? – specifically the presentation of the color squares and fabric swatches. I see them on a variety of blogs, but can’t figure out how to do one myself. Also, how do you find these fabrics to put the sample swatch together? Just lots of looking, or is there more of a one-stop resource to find things like this? Thanks!

  5. Treen, Liesl puts together the collages but I’m not sure what tool she uses for that. As for the fabric/image, I started with the photo and then went to a bunch of my favorite online fabric shops to find fabrics that went with it. I have a bit of a weird memory for fabrics, so I sort of knew what I was looking for, but a lot of it is trial and error. I pinned a bunch of fabrics to a secret pinterest board and then curated it to the six I thought worked best. 🙂

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