we’re hiring! part-time blog help wanted

Over the past few months, since our beloved Giulia moved to India with her family, we’ve been making some changes around the studio. We’ve decided that instead of growing our little company to take on more full-time help, we’d like to stay small and lean. We work really hard, but that’s offset somewhat by the flexibility that running a business like this allows us. And we’ve decided that we don’t want to grow too large too fast and lose that flexibility just now!

So rather than hire more people, we’re hoping to involve some of you on a part-time basis. We’ve just found a wonderful graphic artist to help with illustrating and laying out the patterns. That will free up more time for me to do the pattern making and instruction writing that you appreciate so much, and it will allow Todd to continue to work on some exciting upcoming projects as well.




Blogging and social media is an important part of our business, and I love doing it. It’s a great way to connect with you, and it gives me a chance to show you things you want to learn as well as letting us inspire each other. But blogging also takes an enormous amount of time, and if we’re going to continue to produce all the women’s and children’s (and hopefully plus-size) patterns you want from us I need to spend less time blogging and more time doing the work behind the scenes. Which means that we could use some help from an experienced blogger.

We’re looking for someone who would like to blog  for us 15-20 hours a week. While it would be great if that person lived near New York (hello, tutorial collaborations!), that’s not strictly necessary. These are the skills that we’re looking for:

  • You should have experience blogging and you should love to do it
  • You should be able to take excellent photos and edit them effectively for illustrating blog posts
  • You should have a good sense of style
  • You should understand and enjoy sewing
  • You should know our brand and want to be part of it

I have a very lengthy list of blog post ideas I want to share with you, so I’m hoping that with this new person we’ll be able to collaborate to do more tutorials, show you more inspirational ideas, and involve you more in this little business of ours. This is a great opportunity for someone who is creative and has a lot of ideas as well as a great eye. And while I have a lot of ideas myself, I’m very open to your ideas too! Want to join our little team? This would be a great position for someone whose children are in school because it allows some schedule flexibility.

If you’re interested, please contact us. Send a resume, share a link to your blog, tell us about yourself and why you want to blog for us. Let’s talk! I’m excited about all these new changes and look forward to all the fun and inspiring ideas that will be coming to fruition in the future.

And now that I’m getting some help around here, I may just have the time for a trip to India: look out, Giulia!



  1. Mel

    This sounds like a blast, and such an opportunity for an O+S lover! I wish I had the free time to inquire about it, but unfortunately not now with grad school and a FT job. However, and I hope I’m not out of line, I recommend Nicole. Her sewing is pristine, and she’s been so helpful and inspirational over the years.

  2. Oh Mel, I am super flattered, thank you!

    It would be a dream job but I am no where near computer literate enough and my time is disappearing before this baby comes.

    But I am thrilled you thought of me!

  3. Oh my goodness, I would love this job so much! I have been sewing clothes for my girls for 2 years and blogging for 1. I love everything Oliver+S and would absolutely jump at this chance! anwyn.rowberry@googlemail.com

  4. Amy

    I’d love this so much but it sounds like you need someone in America 🙂

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