the sunny day shorts sewing pattern

It’s been a long time since we’ve released a new shorts pattern hasn’t it? Well, now that spring is upon us and minds are turning to warm weather sewing, we thought one would be in order. So please welcome the Sunny Day Shorts!


Sunny Day Shorts Free Sewing Pattern


We like our Oliver + S Singles patterns to be quick and easy-to-sew so that you can whip out one (or two, or three) fully functional garments in a single sitting. That’s the idea with these shorts. They are basic pull-on, elastic-waist shorts that are good for both boys and girls. The pattern is a really easy one to follow, and it’s a perfect introduction to apparel sewing for beginners. (Have a friend who has expressed an interest in sewing? Here’s a great opportunity to give a lesson and have some fun in the process!)

Sunny Day Shorts Free Sewing Pattern


You know I’m all about how you customize our patterns, right? Well, this one serves as a great launching pad for customizing. I can image them made with pockets, with cute applique details (like this Roller Skate Dress), and embellished with ribbon or embroidery. You could even do some color-blocking to provide visual interest.

These shorts can serve as a basic foundation garment in any kid’s summer wardrobe. Pair them with a t-shirt (like our School Bus T-Shirt) for days playing outside, or match them with a button-front shirt for going out to dinner. Choose a fun, colorful print for everyday wear or a subdued solid for more of a dressed up look. The shorts can be made in quilting cottons or in heavier fabrics (canvas, twill, denim, duck) for sturdier shorts that will last through all the rough-and-tumble of summer.


Sunny Day Shorts Free Sewing Pattern


Let’s see what you can do with this pattern. Make a pair of these shorts, take some photos, and share them online. It doesn’t matter how. Write a blog post, pin them with Pinterest, post them on Instragram, create an album in Facebook, tweet them, add them to the Flickr group. Tag your photos of a pair of Sunny Day Shorts with @oliverands #SunnyDayShorts. And then leave a link to your post in the comments here. On June 2, 2014 (three weeks from today), we’ll choose two comments at random from all those who have shared their links in the comments. The winners will receive two free Oliver + S digital patterns of their choice. We’ll notify the winners via email once the drawing is complete.

Let the Sunny Day Shorts sewing begin!




  1. Iliyana Nedkova-Byrne

    I reckon this will be my second best pattern of yours after the Lazy Days Skirt. Thank you. Already pinned to my to sew board. Iliyana

  2. Sharon

    It really is a fun, quick and easy pattern to make! I made a pair in knit over the weekend.

  3. Katja magus

    They look great! I’ve gotto recommend them as summer pj shorts! Perfect for using up leftover pieces of fabric from larger projects!

  4. Sharon

    I am working on five pairs of pj shorts for all my kiddos right now, They are perfect for this!

  5. thank you so much for this pattern. I’m gonna whip up a few asap 🙂

  6. Got my first of many (to come) done. Thanks for another excellent pattern!! Blogged about them here:

  7. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! This looks wonderful, and I so appreciate that it went up to size 12!

  8. Fabulous!
    Everyone loves shorts.

  9. Janell

    Thank you! I’ve had it on my list “find 3 more pairs of pull-up, denim shorts for totlet at a reasonable price.” I have the perfect denim in my stash for this project 🙂 At 39 weeks pregnant I don’t think I have energy for any cute applique or embroidery, but I should be able to whip out a staright-up pair of these shorts in no time. (Especially given my sewing machine, serger, and iron are already set up with a pair of pj pants on them.) Thank you!

  10. nicki

    Thanks so much! Really thrilled it goes up to age 12:-)

  11. Thank you again for a pattern that came along just in time. I was planning new pajamas for both kids this weekend, and the new pattern helped me finish up the job more quickly. This will be much used and appreciated!

  12. I tried to edit my post with the link:

  13. Sharon K

    I made five pairs for my kids for pj, thanks for the great idea Mel! and thanks Liesl for the wonderful pattern!

  14. Made and pinned!

    Thank you for this pattern 🙂

  15. Roberta Burkey

    I reviewed the pattern, along with the Ruffled Halter Top and the Reversible Bucket Hat, this morning for “The Straight Stitch” at Sew and Tell on Facebook. Then I was cleaning out my email and saw your contest. I hope some of our readers will join in.

  16. Love this pattern. Thanks!
    I sewed up one…

  17. Summer

    I posted mine to Instagram. Thanks for the pattern!

  18. Allison P

    These shorts are a hit with my 3 year old son!

  19. Carlin F

    My Sunny Day Shorts! Thanks for the pattern!

  20. Made my first pair and pinned them here:

    Such a practical quick sew–thanks for the pattern!

  21. Ariell Rose

    Just whipped up a pair before starting to study for the bar–they were so fast to make, I might actually find time to make a few more pairs!

  22. Stephanie
  23. Stephanie

    Made a second pair the other day. Pepto Pink!!!

  24. Vicki Hibbins

    Great pattern – I’ve made 3 pairs already (two for my daughter and one for my friend’s son)

  25. I made two pairs of these for my son. They are wonderful! Thanks so much for the pattern.

  26. Caenes

    Very fun and easy pattern !!! Thank you so much !!

  27. Beth

    These are great! The first of many!

  28. It’s another version with flat felled seam. Thanks for the pattern!

  29. Super easy cute pattern. Sizing was spot on! Here’s (I think!) the link to my Instagram pictures…

  30. Thank you so much for another great pattern! I’ve just made my first pair and put it on Flickr:

  31. Thanks for the pattern! I will definitely be making more this summer.

  32. Sarah Berseth

    I made these for my three year old. I have a really hard time finding shorts for her that fit and I’m so happy to have this awesome pattern now. Thanks so much!

  33. These were so fast and easy! Thank you so much for this pattern! I am having fun coming up with a few modifications.
    I haven’t blogged in a LONG time but here are a couple photos.

  34. Thank you for the pattern. A wardrobe staple indeed. I made a couple and blogged about them here:

  35. I added my versions made from vintage crib sheets to the flickr pool. They are sleep shorts for my almost 2 year old. Thanks for the wonderful pattern!

  36. I just made my first pair for my older son and I love how they turned out. Thanks for a great pattern!

  37. I love this pattern the fit is just perfect on both of my little ones!

  38. Deepa Thomas

    A nice versatile pattern at the right time ! Thank you very much. A pair of school uniform shorts for my four year old son .

  39. Nice pattern, as usual! The first Sunny Day Shorts of many… Here is what i’ve done!

  40. Some copycat shorts using the Sunny Day pattern as a base. Thank you so much!

  41. This pattern is great! Thanks so much. I blogged about a pair I made here:

  42. Such a cute and fun pattern to sew, love all the ways it can be customized!

  43. danielle

    love this pattern! thank you so much! posted a pic of my 5 yo wearing his new shorts on IG

  44. Love this pattern! I added pockets to mine, and some dark gold topstitching! I blogged about it here:

  45. Deepa Thomas

    Looks like I commented twice on my first pair of shorts. Somehow I thought I didn’t get through the first time.
    Anyway, here is another pair! 18-24 months size, for my 21 month old daughter. The fit is awesome, I have to say. Thanks once again ! On Flickr at

  46. Lea

    Thanks for this great pattern! Here’s a photo of my first pair:

  47. Here’s my second pair!

  48. I made a third pair; this time they are pajama shorts.

  49. auschick

    Yay, mine are done! I have had this floral screen printed denim sitting around my sewing room for about 5 years now! I picked it up at an “Aladdin’s Cave” in NYC one day (store has since closed down). I added piping along the side seams and pockets. I used the pocket from another Oliver+S pattern. I had never done piping before, and was tempted to put some at the top as well as along the hemline (and turning the hem into cuffs instead) but in the end I thought it would be overkill (ahem, got lazy), and didn’t do it. Here’s the link!

  50. THanks for the pattern–and in so many sizes. My first pair was for my 2 daughters. Link here:/

  51. Next up, some for my son! Here is the first of three:

  52. The second pair was a plaid upcycled version with contrasting waistband:

  53. Last, but not least a basic fun pair. The fit is great on all of these shorts–perfect for summer, and SO quick. Thanks so much!

  54. So fun! This will be a great go-to pattern. I got my first pair finished up just in time. My post here:

  55. Heidi
  56. I can’t stop making these! They are so quick and fun. Here’s my 4th pair.

  57. danielle

    I turned this awesome pattern into capris for our 5 year old! more skin coverage =less sunscreen = happy mama! 🙂

  58. Sarah

    I made these yesterday before I knew about the contest. Sweet coincidence!

  59. Last pair for the weekend (but definitely not my last pair!)

  60. Really great pattern! My daughter loves her new shorts. I had to take them back from her to get a photo!

  61. Congratulations to Janice and Elizabeth whose comments were selected as our winners with help from We’ll be reaching out to them by email to get them their prizes.

    And thanks to everyone else who sewed up a pair (or four!) of these shorts and posted a photo. We hope there are many more pair in your future. Enjoy!

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