introducing t-shirt patterns for the whole family

A few months ago I mentioned that we were working on a basic T-shirt pattern, since we’ve never done one and so many of you have asked for it. When the spring patterns came out last month, quite a few of you wondered where it was. Well, as we were working on the kids’ T-shirt we started thinking that it might be nice to have a women’s T-shirt as well. Which made us think that a men’s T-shirt might also be a good idea. And before we knew it we had a whole family of T-shirt patterns: women, men, big kids, and small kids.




So here they are: four new digital T-Shirt patterns. We named the kids’ patterns the School Bus T-Shirt, and since grown ups don’t usually ride the school bus we chose another method of mass transportation and called theirs the Men’s Metro T-Shirt and the Women’s Metro T-Shirt.




These are the basic T-shirts you reach for, day in and day out. The women’s T-shirt has a slim, flattering fit with a neckline that’s not too high and not too low. The men’s T-shirt isn’t too loose or too tight. And the men’s and women’s patterns include both short and long sleeve options.




The kids get even more options for their T-shirt pattern. In addition to classic unisex short and long sleeves, we’ve also added aย more feminine short capped sleeve version that has a narrower neckband for the girls. So the kids get three views, lucky them!








If you’ve never sewn with knits before, this is a great pattern to get you started. Knits are much easier to sew than you might think, and you honestly don’t need a serger to get good results. These patterns (like all our knit patterns) explain how to sew knits using both a regular sewing machine and a serger, and we give lots of tips and tricks to help you along, from the very start to the finishing details.




And if you’re wondering about where to buy knit fabrics, which are notoriously difficult to find in many fabric stores, we have lots of good resources for you! Stay tuned for all the options. We’ve got the scoop on quite a few exciting new collections and choices for you.

Since we have T-shirt patterns for everyone, we thought it might be nice to offer a family pack of patterns. Of course you can purchase each of the T-shirt individually, but we’ve also put together a package that includes all four patterns for a special price that’s a significant savings over purchasing all the individual patterns. Call it the economy pack if you like.




I know you’re going to get a lot of use out of these patterns. I’ll be showing you all sorts of things you can do with them, much as we did for the Raglan T-Shirt pattern, as well as lots of ideas for styling your T-shirts for extra versatility. Because in addition to being really comfortable, we love T-shirts because they can be worn so many ways. That’s why they’re considered basics, right?

P.S. Many thanks to our models: our own S and our little friend N as well as our friends and studio neighbors, Brian and Payton of Flat Vernacular, who make some really fantastic wallpapers and home furnishings. We just used one of their fabulous prints for a wall in our apartment. I’ll show that to you soon.


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  1. Sarvi

    Fantastic pattern bundle and S is killing me she’s so cute!

  2. Violaosabelle

    Well done! Perfect in every way. Congratulations.

  3. Heidi

    Thank you, Liesl! Particularly for the mens patterns! I was wondering what I was going to do when my 10y old boy outgrows the raglan in the next year, but now there’s this! And my husband desperately needs new tshirts too. Thank again for your foresight ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Oh dear, not another must-have (and the family pack looks awesome)!
    Now, all I need are your shopping tips for knits ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait!

  5. Katja magus

    They look awesome! And what an amazing deal! Great work!

  6. T-shirts-Perfect!

  7. Woot, Woot!!

  8. Jenny


  9. Yay!

  10. woohoo!! so exciting! thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Yey for the man’s pattern! my husband keeps asking me when I’ll finally sew something for him. Well, I guess soon…

  12. On behalf of my husband – thank you! A men’s pattern!
    The whole bundle is brilliant.

  13. I haven’t been this excited about a new pattern in a long time. My little man informed me he doesn’t want pictures on his t-shirts anymore because that’s for babies. (he an old man of 7). Now he can just choose what he wants and grandma will just sew it up. I need new t-shirts too. Thank you for all you do for home sewest.

  14. Ashley

    Will the bundle be offered for a limited time period or is it here to stay?

    1. Ashley, it’s here to stay.

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