holiday sewing for yourself

We’ve already talked about holiday sewing for the kids, but what about making something festive for yourself? Here are a few quick ideas for you, since time is flying by this month and you’re probably feeling the time crunch by now. Right? (I am!)

Our Lisette Attache peplum top (Simplicity 1666) would be perfect for special occasions like the office holiday party! It’s a quick and easy top to make, and I swear it’s flattering on every body shape. I’m serious.




This top would look festive and cute for the holidays if you made it in a brocade or silk shantung for a little sparkle and shine.

Pair it with some slim trousers or a pencil skirt (the pencil skirt pattern included in the package would be perfect, of course) and heels for a great outfit like this one from the December issue of InStyle magazine.




And speaking of brocade, you could also use it to make a fantastic Everyday Skirt! I’m hoping to finish one I’m making in time for a party later this week, and I’m using this laminated brocade tweed from Chanel for my skirt. (Which just goes to prove that fancy designer fabrics don’t always require elaborate, complicated patterns. Don’t be intimidated!) Kind of like this:


brocade-skirt 1, 2


I also selected a few Mood fabrics that would be great for your holiday sewing. You can find details here, and I think you could use all of these fabrics for both the peplum top and the skirt, believe it or not. (But don’t wear them together, ok?)




Are you sewing for yourself for the holidays? If so, what are you making?



  1. We are super casual this year (Elsa says she is wearing pyjamas all day). I was thinking about a black linen top (Continental or Late lunch) white shorts (maybe Souvenir, I tracked down a larger pattern) and …… bare feet!

    Perfect for a lunch of seafood and bubbly!

  2. Well now know where to get Chanel fabric. Thanks, I guess?! 🙂

  3. Melanie

    This is fantastic! I love these posts with your styling ideas. I’ve actually ordered one of the fabrics you recomended from B+J and will definately continue to use your ideas. It’s really helpful, thanks!

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