flickr features: your holiday sewing

It’s always so fun to check out the amazing creations that pop into the Oliver + S Flickr Group around a holiday, especially as we draw closer to Christmas!  You’ve been busy whipping up beautiful holiday wear for your little ones, and we thought it’d be fun to feature some of your hard work today.  Click the links below the images to go to the creators’ project details.

First up, I love these sister dresses. I remember my mom making my sisters and me matching clothes at Christmastime and it was so fun to line us up for a photo.  Check out these green and red coordinating cuties!  Playtime Dresses on the left, Library Dresses on the right!

holiday sister dresses

mh2t // stash for good

Christmastime is the best time for fancy fabrics and special touches, as these little ladies clearly show–so pretty in sequins, worsted wool, and lace!  Patterns used are the Fairy Tale Dress (with modified sleeves and skirt, tutorial here), Apple Picking Dress, and Pinwheel Dress.

three dresses

Nest Full of Eggs // Amanda Hartman // megamora16

This extra Christmasy Library Dress hits all the right notes.

christmas library dress

Patricia Lowry

And check out this dapper young fella in his Art Museum set!

art museum for christmas

Donna Haskins

But let’s not forget…pajamas!  So fun.  Here we’ve got two Sleepover Pajamas and a pair of fantastic Fair Isle Hopscotch Dresses, which can be either nightgowns or comfy festive dresses.


emptybobbin // mrskanuckles // Five and Counting

This is just a small taste of the wonderful sewing you’ve been up to–great stuff, everyone!  And there’s more showing up every day in the Flickr Group. Please be sure to add your projects; we really love to see them!



  1. Oh my word! I’ve been so busy, I had missed a lot of these in the Flickr group. Must go back and have a close look, what wonderful sewing! Everyone looks spectacular.

  2. Christmas sewing is so much fun.

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