too good not to share

No further comment necessary. Enjoy!



  1. Much eye rolling from The Twins after being forced to watch listening to their cackling mother.

  2. Laura

    Laughed all day to myself after hearing this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Robin

    I’m sensing a theme with this post and the use of the word entropy on Twitter. Same theme happening at our house by the way.

  4. tara

    hahaha, so great.

  5. There was no link, but I was curious enough to go digging and found the complete talk on… precious and just far enough away (my kids are 9 and 5) to be funny for real.

  6. My kids aren’t that close to 17 but I loved this. Ha!

  7. Meg@Mood

    Hah! I heard him reading this on NPR on Saturday and promptly went to Barnes & Noble to buy his latest collection. Love this one especially as the parent of a 17+4-year-old daughter.

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