the new weekend getaway blouse + dress sewing pattern

Truth be told, the Weekend Getaway Blouse + Dress is my favorite of our new patterns. I love how versatile it is, and I like how the details turn a very basic silhouette into a garment that’s interesting and fun to wear.

Weekend Getaway Blouse + Dress

This pattern started out as a relatively simple blouse, which is how we show it on the front cover. For this design I loved the idea of taking the front facing, which usually isn’t supposed to show, and turning it into a design detail. It’s a bit architectural in feel, the way the facing turns to the outside. If you make the entire blouse or dress from a single fabric, this detail is subtle and just adds the right amount of interest to the design. But if you cut the facing from a contrast color or fabric it suddenly becomes the focal point for a really neat effect. Like this.


The neckline is a flattering V that can easily be raised or lowered depending on your preference. And the pattern has kimono-style sleeves, meaning that even with the 3/4-length sleeves you won’t be wrestling a sleeve cap and armhole. And since this is a pull-on style there are no closures! See? Easy.

Here are a few more photos of the blouse.





You can probably imagine that this pattern made up in a simple cream-colored rayon or silk would be stunning, right? It’s on my sewing list; I want to wear it.

Once we were satisfied with the blouse pattern, we started to play with other details and options. The pockets are such a great shape, and they mimic the facing in a subtle way while adding a relaxed but tailored feel to the pattern. Then we decided to try making it into a dress, and that worked really well, too, so we added a 3/4-length sleeve to it as well. We loved the look of that, so now you can mix and match all those great details and make a wide variety of items from just one pattern. I think the dress is so chic.




We even tried a color-blocked version of the dress, where the back and front are two different colors! (I love this one.)




As you can imagine, with all this variety it was hard to decide which of the styles to feature on the envelope cover. I thought the blouse was the most versatile pattern, but the dresses were contenders, too.

This pattern works best with drapey fabrics like lawn, voile, rayon, silk, and linen. You can absolutely use other fabrics as well, but keep in mind that there is some design ease in the pattern so it has a looser fit and needs something with a bit of drape to it. (I’ll talk about this more soon.) That doesn’t mean that you need to use slinky, hard-to-manage fabrics, however! We made it in linen (below) and it looks terrific and was really easy to cut and sew. So were the wool challis and the rayon. Save the expensive slippery silks for later when you’re ready for a little more challenge, OK?



Do you see how the dress has a gently curved silhouette? It’s not straight; it flatters your curves, so even with the design ease it’s a very feminine, elegant shape. Don’t make this dress too tight! It needs that ease to look good and to have just a little bit of slouch to it.

Included in the instructions is a full explanation for adjusting the pattern to fit a fuller bust, and since that’s the first step toward getting a good fit you’ll be well on your way from the very start.

And of course I needed to play around with Polyvore again to style this one up a bit. Ready?

Girls’ night out:


Cool girl (the slouchy hat and edgy/classic accessory mix are the tip-off that she’s that girl):


Research at the library:


Do you have a favorite version of this pattern? Give it a try (you can get your copy right here), and let me know what you think!




  1. I love this design! I’ve never bought a digital sewing pattern, though, because the thought of printing out all those pages and fitting them together is just too daunting. Is there any chance you’ll be offering a paper version?

    1. Susan, no plans for paper at this point. But our digital patterns do contain a full-sized, 36″ pattern sheet that you can send to a place like Staples or Kinkos that can print a wide sheet. And, to be honest, the printing and tiling is not that much work. We came up with a unique way to put out patterns together that takes most of the pain out of the process.

  2. This blouse is exactly the kind of garment I want to wear at work! As a university lecturer, I need to wear tops that don’t look too relax. But I don’t want to look too strict in front of my students. I will definitly sew it! (and as I wear a lot of black pants, I will sew more than one blouse in more than one color!)
    Liesl, do you recommand to sew a muslin for this pattern? I was wondering, since it’s not so ajusted…

  3. Bernice

    I have to say this one is my favourite also. Liesl, do you think one could pair this blouse with the Everyday skirt?

  4. Margo

    I really love this blouse pattern. Thank you for designing something unique but also very wearable! I would love to sew it up in a silk.

  5. Melanie

    I would like this in a sheer, I think, with a shaping cami so there’s still the hint of shape underneath. Rayon challis, silk georgette.

  6. Good grief, that stripe-y linen one!! I keep throwing money at the screen, but nothing’s happening. I would wear that until the rags fell off my body–delicious!

  7. NanouQc, I don’t think you’ll need a muslin. That’s the goal for these patterns, anyway. And muslin won’t have the same drape, so it wouldn’t tell you very much.

    Bernice, absolutely! We didn’t do it because we didn’t want to confuse people about what was included in the pattern, but I was tempted!

    Melanie, it would be so pretty!

    And Deborah, thanks for the laugh! I’m going to try to track down the fabric for you. I bought it at Gray Line Linen in NYC, but I’ll see if I can get some sort of identification for it so you can easily order. Hold, please!

  8. Oooh, you wicked enabler! Alright, bring it on. Linen me. Just bought my copy of the pattern, downloading now! Woot!

  9. Rebecca

    @Deborah I’m with you…that linen is amazing, but I also love the soft sheer with the dots!!! That’s the one I want! 🙂 I haven’t been this excited to sew for myself in a LONG!!! time.

  10. I thought that the cape was my favourite of your new patterns, but now I’m not so sure!! Yup. I’ll just have to buy both 🙂

  11. As the number one Portfolio tunic fan I am thrilled to see another kimono sleeve.
    Gorgeous Liesl, you are so clever!

  12. Heidi

    I love the simplicity of the basic blouse. I looks like it would be ever so comfortable to wear.

  13. Thank you, Todd. I think you might have me convinced to try it!
    I’m not really opposed to digital patterns (I have tons for knitting); I just have never tried it with sewing.
    Thanks for all these lovely women’s patterns!

  14. Kristen

    I love the soft, comfortable femininity of the blouse. Will definitely give it a try. What is the pretty small floral fabric? The one in bright colors?

  15. Robin

    Do you have any recommendations for adjusting this pattern for a pear-shaped body? My measurements put me at a size 8 in the bust and a size 12 (or maybe a smidge bigger in the hips) in the waist and hips.

  16. Robin, I’ll do a blog post about this just as soon as I get a chance, ok? It’s a great question, and I really want to cover it so it’s clear and understandable.

    1. Ava

      Was there a post for Robin’s pear shaped adjustment for this, the tI missed. I really like the open coat option on this but I have the same issue petite and pear shaped

  17. Robin

    The pears of the world thank you, Liesl! This is always my problem when it comes to sewing for myself, and I so appreciate your taking the time to do this.

  18. Hello, regarding the weekend getaway blouse, can you let me know where you sourced the fabric for the blouse with spots down the bottom – green/grey colour? Or what the name of the fabric is please?
    Many thanks.

    1. I’m sorry to report that the paint splash satin was something I picked up in a dusty fabric store in the garment center here in NYC a while ago. I haven’t seen any more since I bought it, but I’ll look for it again when I’m back and let you know if I find it!

  19. Heather


    I’m new to this and trying to assemble the blouse now. I’ve gotten to step 3 in the blouse view and am completely stumped. Are there any tutorials or sew alongs I could follow? I just can’t seem to make sense of the diagrams and what I’m supposed to do with the facings.

    Thank you so much for your help!

    1. Heather, I’m not sure about the answer to your question, but I would imagine if you posted it in the discussion forums someone would be able to help.

  20. Heather

    Thank you Todd!

  21. Janet

    Love this pattern! The blouse has been my go to pattern for the summer. I have made it three times!
    The last is my favorite made out of a lovely lawn from Cotton and Steel. Thanks for the great pattern. Looking forward to your new patterns….

  22. Lisa

    I LOVE this pattern but a paper version would be perfect. I much prefer them to downloading one. Gorgeous design – so chic

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