introducing our new women’s patterns

Over the past few years we’ve received many, many requests from you for women’s patterns, and I’m so pleased to say that–at long last–we have developed a small collection in response to your requests! And, best of all, they are available for you to purchase in digital format starting today.


New Liesl + Co. sewing patterns


Last spring you might remember that we quietly released our Woodland Stroll Cape pattern under the Liesl + Co. brand. We’re now adding three more digital patterns to that collection, and I really hope you’ll like them!

These are styles that are flattering on a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Our testers loved them, and they’re designed to be quite versatile. They’re also very quick and easy to sew. These styles are slightly relaxed in fit and are designed to skim the body rather than hug, so you don’t need to worry as much about getting a precise fit. I think that takes a little bit of the pressure off when you’re new to sewing for yourself, don’t you? I’ll talk more about this soon, but each style is forgiving so you have a much better chance of actually wearing it rather than feeling uncomfortable or stressing about what you did or didn’t do perfectly. Our testers all loved these patterns, no matter what size they wore, and I hope these will become the wardrobe basics you’ll reach for again and again.

And most importantly (from my perspective, anyway), the sewing instructions are written in the same style as our Oliver + S patterns! In fact, we’ve included instructions for adjusting to your bust size as the first step in the two top patterns, since with women’s wear that’s the most crucial component in getting a good fit. From there, we include our usual detailed sewing instructions, with tips and tricks along the way.

I’ll tell you more about each of these styles in greater detail over the next few days, but since the patterns are available right now and you’ve been really eager to get them (I’ve been giving a few hints and sneak peaks along the way), here is a quick summary of each pattern.

The first style is one you may already know, now with a nice new cover: the Woodland Stroll Cape. This pattern is quick, easy to sew, fully lined, darling for fall or spring, requires a minimal amount of fabric, and doesn’t make you feel like a superhero wannabe when you put it on. This cape is like a mash-up of a jacket and a cape, so the name capelet would be appropriate, I guess, but I prefer to say cape. This style is so hugely popular right now. I’m seeing capes all over New York! And now the pattern has a pretty new cover just in time for fall cape-wearing weather.




Next up, the Weekend Getaway Blouse + Dress. This is a pull-on style (no closures) with a flattering V-neck, an architecture-inspired facing/placket detail, and a kimono sleeve. This pattern works exceptionally well in drapey fabrics like rayon, silk, linen, and wool challis (my favorite). It also makes a fantastic dress! Between the blouse and dress lengths, a really interesting pocket detail, and a three-quarter sleeve pattern piece, you’ve got tons of options with this dress. And yes, the dress looks great belted, too, for those of you who prefer a cinched waist.




The Late Lunch Tunic is another kimono sleeve pattern (don’t you love that there are no set-in sleeves for these patterns?) with a great-looking collar and placket and a gently gathered empire waist that’s flat at the sides to give a smooth silhouette, with no added bulk. The subtle high-low hem gives a little extra coverage in the back. This tunic is really cute in stable knits (best if they’re not too stretchy) as well as lightweight woven fabrics like quilting cotton, chambray, etc.




And the final pattern is our Everyday Skirt, which really is as versatile as it sounds. This is the grown-up equivalent of the Lazy Days Skirt, made to flatter grown-up bodies (because the Lazy Days Skirt really isn’t so flattering once you have hips). It includes nearly-hidden front pockets, a flat side panel (again, no extra bulk for a smooth silhouette) and an elasticized back waist so you don’t have any fancy closures. This makes a great summer skirt in linen or cotton, but it’s also fantastic in fall and winter, and it dresses up beautifully in wool, worn with tights and boots or flats.




I had so much fun designing and developing these styles, and I’m so pleased that I can introduce you to sewing for yourself with low-stress, easy-fit patterns. Who knows, maybe we can develop this collection and include more involved styles while simultaneously growing your skills and confidence as we go. I think we’d all like that. Right?

I’ll tell you about each of the styles in greater detail over the next few days, so stay tuned and I’ll try to answer any questions you have. I can’t wait to see what you make with these patterns!


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  1. I am so happy today! Thank you for these new patterns, I love the weekend getaway blouse and the late lunch tunic! Thank you, thank you!

  2. alexis

    These are simply fabulous! A request — can you talk a bit about sizing and fit when you review each pattern? Can’t wait to make some of these!

  3. dianelyons

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Thank you so much for designing women’s clothes with patterns written in true O+S style. I’m very excited to get started! Would you consider creating a Flickr group so we can start sharing these?

  4. Sarvi

    SO SO excited, I LOVE these!

  5. Needlewoman2

    Thank you so very much Liesl. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the blog since you sent your email hinting at new designs to come, but I never guessed adult patterns with the beautifully clear O+S instructions, and easy to trace patterns. The Late Lunch tunic looks perfect for cool and easy wear in an Australian summer. A dedicated Flickr group sounds like a great idea!

  6. Lisa K.

    Oh, Liesl, thank you! I’ve recently lost a significant amount of weight due to surgery for cancer and am in desperate need of both clothing and a therapeutic pastime. I can’t wait to start sewing for myself. (good news is that surgery was curative: no chemo or radiation treatments needed: what a blessing!)

  7. They look great! I’m about to start the child version of the cape for KCW – now I’m tempted to make us all matchy-matchy! Can’t wait to check them all out. x

  8. I loooooove the tunic!!!! Absolute divine

  9. kate

    I love the tunic too — the length is great. I’m wondering how it looks on someone with a bigger bust than the model in the picture. Any insight and/or picture?

  10. I adore these!!! What a fun turn in direction for your patterns!

  11. Wahoo! Each and every one looks amazing! I can’t wait to stitch them up and then laze around looking sophisticated!

  12. Dinah

    These look lovely – exactly what I expect from you! I am particularly glad the instructions are done like the Oliver and S patterns, because I have learned so much about sewing well from them. ..Now if you’re planning to move into men’s patterns, I’d love a man-size version of the button-up shirt for boys!

  13. Teresa

    hello I meet you at Heather Ross’s weekend sewing group last year and I learned quite a lot in only a few hours so I can imagine how these patterns are going to turn out. I just have one annoying question – Will these be in “regular patterns” to purchase soon ? (sorry)

  14. lynn

    congrats and yahoo! i can’t wait to get started on that skirt!

  15. What nice designs! And yes, loving the kimono sleeves (discovered them recently with the Lisette Portfolio top). I have a piece of beautiful checked wool twill, quite thick but drapy, that I want to use for a winter tunic – do you think the Getaway dress would work in this heavier fabric?

  16. I love these! Thank you so much Liesl!

  17. I love all these patterns !

  18. These are all beautiful! I can see each one becoming a wardrobe staple.

  19. Tamara

    I will be looking forward to filling my wardrobe with these!

  20. Absolutely perfect!
    Thank you so very much for such a flattering range of patterns.

  21. I just found out that Oliver + S now carries adult patterns! I always read reviews about how great the Oliver + S children’s patterns, but since I don’t have kids I have never had an reason to try one. I’m so excited to try out these adult patterns!!!

  22. This is exciting! Really exciting. The styling of all these is wonderful. In fact, I have been on the fence about the cape, thinking it would be bulky on me, but gosh, in pink? I’m rethinking. The skirt looks very much like one I bought from Jcrew this summer and wore all. The. Time. Just when I was trying to figure out how to copy the pattern, you saved me the trouble! Leave it to you, Liesl to take find a way to make easy to sew things stylish and sophisticated!

  23. Carey

    I would just LOVE to make the skirt. Been looking for something to go with my boots. I hope I can find time to do a little sewing this fall!

  24. Yaaaaay! Thank you for these, Liesl, using your teaching talents to help us adult ladies gain confidence in sewing for ourselves is a very much appreciated. I’m so excited to see the inspiration that starts cropping up in the flickr group! And excited to finish sewing and post one myself soon! 🙂

  25. Congrats Liesl!!!!!!!! What wonderful news….

  26. Needlewoman2

    Hi again, Liesl; I second Kate, and Teresa about bigger busts, and paper patterns. Seems churlish to query your ‘gift’ to your devoted fans but I would love to see the tunic made up for a size 14 bust, and I love paper patterns. Easier to store.

    Dear Lisa K; so glad you escaped chemo and radio – been there and wouldn’t recommend it – ever!! I imagine you still feel pretty tired a lot of the time, but the weight loss is quite exciting, isn’t it?? Good luck, dear lady, and make a good recovery.

  27. Love it!
    Finally, if I manage to find some selfish sewing time, I might be able to start sewing for myself 🙂
    Congratulations for this new venture – looks like you’re heading in the right direction!

  28. Needlewoman, Kate and Theresa,

    We’d love to go to paper patterns if the demand is there. At present, we’re doing just digital until we can determine whether it makes sense to print paper–print minimums are high and we can’t sit on a lot of inventory. With regard to seeing other sizes, keep an eye on the new Flickr group! Our budget and time allowed us to shoot one size, but I’m hoping some of our testers and other blogging friends will start posting photos of their sewn patterns soon.

  29. Nicole

    I could not be more excited about your new line for adults!! I’ve been looking for just the right tunic and the Late Lunch top seems perfect. When I printed it today I noticed that there are several places where the size 4 line is missing or doesn’t connect. It doesn’t make a a major difference for tracing your size but I thought you might want to know. Thanks so much for women’s sizing! I can’t wait to starts this tunic tonight!

    1. Nicole, I’m not sure what the issue is you’re experiencing. We tested this before releasing it, and I’ve just reprinted and assembled the Late Lunch Tunic pattern again. I saw no issues with the size 4 or with any other sizes. I would suggest looking at what your printer produced vs. the file on screen to see if you have the same thing. As far as I can tell, and I have double checked the whole thing this morning, there’s not an issue with the file.

  30. Jeanne

    Would it be difficult for me to bump up the size to an 18? I have some experience in enlarging patterns?

  31. Robin

    Jeanne, make a muslin of the 16. You might be pleasantly surprised. I sucked it up and posted the tunic I made in the flickr group. My measurements likely put me in the 18/20 range. I did do a FBA on the tunic. The blouse does not have as much ease as the tunic, but it’s pretty roomy too. I did not do a FBA on the blouse.

  32. Needlewoman2

    Dear Liesl,
    thank you so much for your quick response about your new designs on bigger bodies, and producing them as paper patterns. Hear what you saying about not wanting an over stocked inventory, and I will keep an eye on the Flickr group for inspiration. Thank you also for your kind and informative posts on fitting etc.

  33. Rachel

    When will you be releasing on for the portfolio dress? I have been looking everywhere for it with no luck. From what I can tell, everyone else is looking for it as well. PLEASE make this into a digital pattern!!!

  34. Cathryn

    Oh my goodness, I am so happy! I made the Everyday Skirt this afternoon. The pattern was straightforward and professionally written, and the tips were invaluable. I love, love, love the skirt. The fit is so flattering. Thank you! I will definitely make more of these fantastic skirts.

  35. Cyndi

    Please make the adult patterns in paper! I can not print the patterns out, but would love to buy some. 🙂

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