introducing kristin. yes, skirt as top kristin.

From time to time here on the blog we’ve featured the work of our friend Kristin from Skirt as Top, who makes all sorts of adorable clothing for her kids. Kristin is also one of the responsible parties for Film Petit, for which she has created ridiculously cute and clever outfits. I sort of love everything Kristin makes and look forward to seeing how she sews up our patterns for each release.

Kristin lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and two adorable kids. When we were in Portland for Quilt Market last spring, Kristin helped us out a lot with setting up our booth, and we got to hang out during our visit. While we were there, she told me that she learned to sew from our patterns, which just thrills me because her results are always amazing.




We’ve asked Kristin to join us by contributing some occasional blogging, and tomorrow she’ll get started with a photo tutorial for the welt pocket from our Art Museum Vest and Trousers. If you’ve been feeling at all intimidated by this pattern, fear not! Kristin will lead you through all the steps, with photos and extra tips and information to help you along.

Tune in tomorrow for Kristin’s first post! It’s going to be great.



  1. Oh, I do love everything Kristin makes as well!
    Looks like a great match 🙂
    And yes, I can’t wait to see Kristin’s post tomorrow. I do have the Art Museum Trousers in the pipeline …

  2. Fantastic! I’m a huge fan of Kristin! Now, two of my all-time favorites are joining together! The internet just got even better.

  3. yay! i love kristin so much and i plan to make these pants for my 8 year old boy soon. i read that transferring the pocket instructions from the vest to the pants can be tricky (i do not plan to make the vest), so i will very much appreciate saving those extra brain cells for something else. thanks kristin! xx

  4. Aw you gals are so nice, thank you so much! And thank you for the sweet intro, Liesl! I’m super excited to be doing this! 🙂

    Rachel – yes, though the written instructions are for the vest, my photo tutorial actually shows it as if you’re sewing the pants (with the little dart at the top of the pocket). I’m hoping it helps eliminate any confusion or hesitation people might have, because I just love how Liesl’s instructions turn out such a perfect welt pocket!

  5. thats so great! I was just sent the art museum pattern as part of the sew bossy initiative (check out my blog if you dont know what that is), and Those pockets are so adorable, but daunting!
    Cant wait

  6. Awesome!! Can’t wait to keep learning more from Kristin! 🙂

  7. ooooo, this can only be good!! very exciting news indeed! 🙂

  8. I keep drooling over that pattern! I cannot wait to see the tutorials!!!

  9. Kristin is all sorts of awesome! What a great addition to the O+S blog – love it!

  10. Yes, isn’t she great!? She has lots of wonderful ideas for us, too!

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