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If you’ve been a fan of Oliver + S for a while, you might remember a couple of years ago when we introduced you to the fantastically talented Hillary Frank and her podcast, The Longest Shortest Time. Hillary is an author and radio producer who contributes frequently to shows like This American Life. In fact, just yesterday I was listening to a recent This American Life podcast and heard a piece from Hillary.

Hillary created The Longest Shortest Time after her daughter was born. Her intention was to create “a bedside companion for new parents who want to hear in the middle of the night (or day—what’s the difference, really?) that they are not alone. And that as never-ending as those first months seem, they don’t last forever.” And she’s been tremendously successful at doing just that.


Longest Shortest Time


Each Longest Shortest podcast features a parent who ran into some sort of parenting issue. The episodes are funny, touching, and really help to bring us together as parents. Sometimes it’s just nice to know that you’re not alone in struggling with a problem or an emotion, isn’t it?  A couple of years ago I was even privileged to participate in one of Hillary’s podcasts, if you want the to hear the real story behind the start of Oliver + S. And here’s a short example of Hillary’s work for you; this delightful animated segment was taken from a podcast and developed by a wonderful team.



Over the past few years Hillary has been working on her podcast part-time, as a side project. But it’s difficult to balance motherhood, work, and time-consuming hobbies like this, and because so many people love what she does, Hillary has decided to take this wonderful project to the next level. And she needs our help! Through Kickstarter, she’s working to raise enough money to produce the second season of this great project. She only gets the money if she raises the full amount. Won’t you please consider contributing to this great project?

In addition to our own financial contribution, we’ve put a little incentive into the pot to help it along. If you contribute $75 to the project you’ll get a host of goodies, including an Oliver + S digital pattern of your choice. But if this is a little too steep for you, I hope you’ll consider contributing even a small amount. Help support this great project so Hillary can reach other parents and build this community.

And you know what else is cool about this project? Some of my personal favorite radio and podcast personalities have gotten behind it to lend their support. I mean, if Jad Abumrad and Roman Mars like it you know it’s good, right?



  1. I remember your podcast well Liesl and I think this is a very worthwhile cause.

  2. Wow- thank you for sharing about this podcast! I had never heard of it before but have now listened to the entire first season (mostly whie nursing my newborn) and can’t wait for seaon two to start.

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