a plethora of playtime

Today seems to be Playtime day! A whole group of our favorite bloggers have just posted some beautiful and inspiring photos of this pattern, each one made up in the unique style of each blogger.

I think it’s so fun to see how each person gives the pattern their own look, simply by choice of fabric or by adding interesting details. And the Playtime pattern is one of those patterns that lends itself really well to customizing like this. It’s a little like the Roller Skate Dress in that regard (as Rachel pointed out in her post), allowing you plenty of room for creative interpretation. And since it’s such an easy pattern, there’s plenty of time for adding details, too.

OK, so here we go! I can hardly believe our good fortune, with all this blogging beauty! Click through to see more photos of each creation, and to read what each blogger has to say about it.

Over at A Nest Full of Eggs, Rachel has done it again. This time she used the Strawberry print from Heather Ross’s newest collection for a really cute dress (and matching Popover Sundresses for the dolls, too).




Meanwhile, the ladies at Frances Suzanne tried their hand at knits for the very first time. And I think they’ve been convinced that sewing with knits is easy and fun! The results are pretty cute, too.




Ana Sofia at S is for Sewing is blowing me away with her Liberty print version of the dress. So, so cute and timeless! And she sewed this really quickly, too! She purchased the pattern when we released it, speedy girl.




And Jessica at A Little Gray got all creative and moved the neck facing on the dress to the outside, making a faux Peter Pan collar in the process. Jessica also explains how she did this in her post. (And guess what!?! Stay tuned, because tomorrow I have a special guest who will tell you how to add a full Peter Pan collar to a Family Reunion Dress that’s been getting lots of attention on the Flickr group. I hope some of you will try these techniques yourselves!) I love how this Playtime Dress looks so completely different with the addition of the faux collar and the ribbon trim at the bottom. (And yes, she does look like a little doll, doesn’t she?)




Finally, don’t miss Cherie’s darling version of the tunic and leggings for her little cutie at You and Mie. I love the combination of the striped tunic and the polka dotted leggings, and the gold dots are such a fun detail! (Cherie, best wishes with the arrival of the new baby! I can’t believe you’re still sewing, with your due date looming so closely.)




Fun, yes? I love to see all these versions of the same pattern. Are you getting inspired yet? And isn’t it fun that this pattern works with both knits and woven fabrics?




  1. Masha

    Aaaah, this is the worst kind of torture. I am waiting for my own pattern to arrive in the mail. I can’t wait to get started!

  2. Thank you so much for adding my version to this lovely group!
    I really love how this design can be translated into many different (fashion) styles.
    Congratulations (again) for presenting such a “wearable” collection 🙂

  3. Brenda

    I wasn’t terribly taken with this pattern at first, but seeing all these cute outfits has changed my mind. If my 12 mo. old baby boy was a girl I would so be getting it.

  4. suz

    They are all gorgeous!!

  5. Ok, these examples have won me round on the pattern. I’m blown away by Ana Sofia’s version too, but then, I usually am. 🙂 I didn’t see it right away, but I can see now this is one that will suit all kinds of fabrics.

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