inspiration: prague, part 2

On our way back to the train station in Prague last week, when we were fully exhausted from walking all those beautiful streets, admiring the spectacular architecture, and drinking way too much delicious Czech beer (and Todd loved eating pig’s knee, a local delicacy which I will admit tastes much better than it sounds), we passed this spectacular synagogue.




We were so busy admiring all the colors and patterns of the building that we nearly missed the little sign on the opposite side of the street. (Thanks, Todd, for your eagle eyes!)




As it turns out, the building houses an art school with a strong focus on textiles and apparel, and the sign was advertising an  exhibit of national costume. I snapped loads of photos to share with you. They’re just iPhone pics, but I think you can still see a lot of details, can’t you?


























I think I need to learn Czech! I really want to go back again and spend more time learning about these pieces and the techniques used to make them. I kept thinking about the fabrics themselves, many of which were so simple and plain. Yes, there were a few silks and jacquards in the mix, but most of the fabrics were cotton and linen, and nearly all the decoration was done by hand.

And did you notice all those accordion pleats? And the hand-made lace? We often think that spending ten or twelve hours sewing something is a lot of time, but when I think about the number of hours spent constructing and embellishing these pieces it makes me really want to slow down when I make my own clothing. Why not invest more time in making fewer pieces, and really make those pieces to last and to be worn and loved for years?

We also had a few minutes to look around the school before we left. It was all so inspiring! Here is one of the classrooms, with a table loom for each student. Doesn’t this look like a wonderful place to study?








What do you think? Do you see anything you really love? Anything that inspires you? Have you booked your ticket to Prague yet?



  1. The accordion pleats caught my eye immediately. I imagined a paper fan. Very beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing the photos. Everything is so beautiful and richly colored.

  2. Greetings from Prague:) Any time you come to Prague, send me a message and I will guide you through the city. And well, if you want to learn Czech, good luck!

    P.S. – the art school is BTW one place where traditional artistic market (November and June) takes place – this is truly a must-see occasion.

    1. curt thege

      Hi Dominica, I am from Lincoln Nebraska and I attend the Czech days in Wilber Nebraska on a yearly basis and would love to have a true Czech vest. My ancestors were from a small town just southwest of Praha. Could you send me pictures of a true Authentic Czech vest so I could have one made. I would greatly appreciate it, Thank. You Curt Thege USA

  3. Tamara

    The embroidery is certainly breathtaking. But would be one of those things that would require a degree of dedication I should think. I love all forms of embroidery. I especially love how there is no end to the colour spectrum that is included. I mean who would have thought to add colour to cutwork. It’s truly amazing.

  4. Thanks for sharing all this, Liesl! It’s amazing to look at and think about.

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