tool tuesday: loop turner

The loop turner, a handy little gadget, is indispensable for turning narrow tubes, like belt loops and button loops.

Loop Turner

To use it, you insert the long wire with the hook end into one end of the sewn tube, latch the hook onto the fabric at the other end, and close the latch.

Loop Turner in Use

Then pull the wire all the way through the tube, turning it right side out in the process. It’s so much easier than a safety pin or a bodkin!

Loop Turner in Use

Presto! Cute little spaghetti straps magically materialize before your eyes!

Loop Turner in Use

That little latch hook is genius, and the slim size of the loop turner means it fits tubes of all sizes. You can also use it to help pull elastic through a waistband casing if your safety pin or bodkin gets stuck at a seam. The little hook can reach into the waistband where your fingers simply can’t. And I’m sure there are other uses for this tool as well. It’s one of those little, inexpensive gadgets that you take for granted and are so glad to have around when you need it.



  1. I just bought one of these on a whim a couple of months ago. I don’t know how I ever lived without it! After reading this post today, I lost my elastic while I was threading and I remembered your suggestion. It worked like a charm!

  2. Liesl

    Bernadette, that’s so great! Sometimes it helps just to be reminded what’s in our toolkits, doesn’t it?

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