tool tuesday: clear plastic graph rulers

I love these clear plastic graph rulers. I first started using them in design school when we needed to be constantly adding seam allowances to our paper patterns and muslins. I’ve been using them ever since.

Clear plastic ruler

These rulers are great because they’re so easy to read, especially when you need to measure or mark anything with eighths or even sixteenths of an inch.

Since they’re small (one inch by six inches), they come in handy for measuring all sorts of smaller items.




But the real advantage is the clear plastic, which allows you to see through the ruler so it’s easy to add a stitching line or a seam allowance. But you’ll find many, many other uses for this ruler, too.




This is another one of those small, inexpensive items that I buy in bulk and keep stashes of all over. I keep one or two on the desk at home, I keep a few at each sewing machine, and I carry one in my handbag all the time because you never know when you’re going to need to measure a button or check the length of something or other. I’m constantly reaching for one.

I’m happy that we have been able to source these clear plastic graph rulers for you. We’ve now made them available in the shop.


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