spring 2013 quilt market recap

I feel like I should say something about Quilt Market since so many of you have asked about it after the show.




I usually forget to take photos of our booth, and this trip was no exception. There were a few photos taken as we were setting up, but when I’m standing in the booth I always forget to take photos. (Somehow I manage to remember when I’m walking around the show, however!)

My favorite part of Market is meeting and talking with everyone who drops by our exhibit. We’ve been doing this show for about five years now, so we’ve made a lot of friends during that time. It’s always wonderful to both catch up with those friends and to make new friends.

Some of the new friends we met this trip were Kristin of Skirt as Top, who lives in Portland and who helped us enormously with setting up and taking down the booth. We had time to chat while we worked and over a few meals. We also had the great pleasure of meeting Cherie of You and Mie and Gail from Probably Actually at the show. It’s wonderful to meet internet friends in real life, isn’t it?




Our good friends from Creativebug were there, as well, and they produced a nice little film about the fabric design process featuring some of our favorite people at Market.



In between days spent on the floor, there were dinners with old and new friends (during at least one of which we laughed so hard we could hardly eat!), a few parties here and there, and walks along the pretty streets of Portland. At these shows we don’t have much time to relax or explore, I’m sorry to report.




Our self-imposed challenge for this show was to mail our booth. We usually ship a big pallet via freight, but this time we wanted to just send a few boxes. Above is my inspiration board for the booth. Tissue paper flowers, striped chevron floor, and the bright color palette. Initially I wanted to have mostly white tissue paper flowers and walls, but Quilt Market is all about color, so color is what we brought. And Todd had a great time opening up the paper flowers the day before the show began. At least he got to sit down for the job.


Todd Opening Flowers


Considering that everything got shipped in nine boxes, I think it turned out pretty well. And it looks quite a bit like the sketch that S and I drew on the iPad beforehand when we were planning, doesn’t it?




I love it when things turn out that way.



  1. What a beautiful and fun booth. Love that floor! And, that outfit, Liesl. (:

    Can you share where you found that triangle quilt posted as your inspiration?

  2. Hi Julie,

    Thanks so much! Here is a link to my pinterest board for the booth. You can find the photo there, and if you click on it you’ll get the link to the original Flickr photo.


    I’ll try to remember to add the rest of my inspiration photos later on, when I have time!

  3. it was such an incredible honor to meet you, liesl! i’m so glad i got the chance to stop by your beautiful booth and say hello. hope you make it back to portland someday to relax and explore a bit!!

  4. Karen

    Lovely, simple, eye catching, and a touch of unexpected. Perfectly O+S.

  5. probably one of the best weekends of my life. thank you so much for including me in it, i had a really amazing time! like gail said, i hope you can come back and really explore the city one day, there’s a lot of fun stuff to see and do when you’re not stuck in a convention center all day. 🙂

  6. Quilt Market looks like so much fun (I’m jealous!). I love the cheerful colors in your booth. The video is great!

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