sewing for Oklahoma

Our hearts to out to the many tornado victims in Oklahoma, and I know many of you would like to do something to help. In addition to any financial assistance you can offer to the Red Cross, etc., I thought you might like to do something with your hands to help, too. (Somehow, making things also helps us to feel more useful, doesn’t it? Even if we can’t be there in person.) Here are a few links that might help you with sewing donations:


tornado photo from Quiltville blog


If you’re a quilter (or want to become a quilter in short order!) you can send quilts or blankets here.

This is a nice story about an 83-year-old woman who sews and donates clothing to causes like this one. If you’d like to sew clothing for children who were effected, you might consider making a Lazy Days Skirt or a Popover Sundress and sending them to Sewing to Rebuild.

Project Linus is also contributing to the effort! Here is a story with links.

If you’re aware of any other services, please feel free to leave them in the comments of this post. And thanks for helping out!



  1. Olivia

    The Sewing to Rebuild link doesn’t work. Try this one:

    1. Thanks, Olivia! I fixed it now.

  2. Needlewoman2

    Dear Liesl,
    thank you for links and suggestions for helping people devastated by the tornado.

  3. Robin Hill

    Thank you for supporting Sewing to Rebuild! Much love from

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