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We’re happy to announce that we are now carrying the complete Betz White line of digital patterns in the Oliver + S shop. To launch the collection, we asked Betz to write a short guest post introducing herself and her work.

Betz WhiteHello! My name is Betz White, and I am honored to be guest posting on the Oliver + S Blog.

I have a long history of sewing and playing with fabric, so I feel right at home here. Having grown up in a crafty family with a mom who sewed much of my clothing, it was not a surprise that I ended up pursuing a degree in fashion design. I went on to work in the apparel industry, designing kids and baby clothes for companies such as Carter’s and Lands’ End.

After designing my own children (a.k.a. becoming a mother), I left the corporate world for a career of part-time freelance design work and full-time toddler chasing. In 2006 I started my craft blog which allowed me to regain some of the community and grown-up interaction that I had lost when I gave up my corporate job.

Since then I have become the author of two craft books, Warm Fuzzies and Sewing Green and am working on a third. I’ve designed a print collection of fabrics, called Stitch, for the Robert Kaufman company, produced on organic cotton.


Betz White Books


Green crafting, meaning making things with organic, sustainable and repurposed materials, is central to my design philosophy. In step with this is my sewing pattern collection called Make New or Make Do™. I’ve designed each project to be made with either new or reused materials. I share tips and techniques for repurposing items such as felted wool sweaters, vintage linens, pillow cases and neckties. One of my favorite things is hearing from people that have made projects from my patterns using what I call “materials with meaning,” such as a loved one’s favorite (but out of date) shirt or their late grandfather’s necktie collection.

The Caitlyn Handbag was inspired by the tapered shape of a necktie and looks adorable made with a variety of stripes and textures. It’s also a very popular bag made with a showcase fabric combined with accent fabrics inside the reverse pleats.


Caitlyn HadbagCaitlyn Hadbag


The Reversible Bucket Hat is a tried and true style, great for all family members. I love the one I made for my son out of a pair of his outgrown cargo pants! And the print canvas version is great for me to wear.


Reversible Bucket Hat


This past fall I introduced a brand new pattern collection called Wildlife with Love™, featuring endangered species. The concept for this collection was directly inspired by my 11 year old son. He’s got a tender heart and is a true animal lover through and through. Last year he donated some of his own money to the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). He’s concerned about climate change and loss of habitat for animals. And by donating, he feels helpful instead of helpless. I’m so inspired by him and his compassion. As a result, I created Wildlife with Love™ with all children in mind, to raise awareness and to support NWF.

The Wildlife with Love™ collection includes three patterns for mom and baby stuffed animals, a quilt and pillow set and an embroidered appliqué set. For this first collection I featured polar animals, such as seals, polar bears and penguins.


Poppy And Pip


For my follow up collection in 2013, I will be featuring aquatic animals!

I’m excited that all of my digital patterns are now available for purchase on the Oliver + S website! I’m flattered to be included with their high quality patterns and timeless designs. I couldn’t ask to hang out with better company.




  1. That polar animals quilt is just adorable – I my just know of a little girl who would think it the best thing ever!

  2. Sandi

    I like your designs a lot. So happy for you to be working with Liesl. She is a great gal, as I’m sure you know. I hope you’ll be doing a dolphin stuffed animal pattern!

  3. I know I would love to sew some Australian native stuff toys.
    Welcome Betz!

  4. ali

    Love that the two of you are working together! So fun!! ~x

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