pom-pom crafting

This week we’ve abandoned any real work (cooking, cleaning, etc.) at our house and are focusing all creative energies on pom-poms! Why? Because last weekend I was inspired by Pinterest and decided to make a pom-pom Christmas garland. I taught S and her friend how to make them during a play date, and they had a great time trying various sizes, colors,  and yarns. They’re easy to make. See here and here for some good instructions. And then have fun!

Some of these projects make great holiday decorations and others would be terrific gifts or gift wrapping. And some are just fun for any time.






There are lots more pom-pom projects and ideas on my pom-pom Pinterest board, too. Enjoy!



  1. yeah for the pom-pom roundup!! i’ve been wanting to make them but you’ve done all the sorting for me and now i just get to pick which type!

  2. aprilshowers

    Don’t forget these awesome legwarmers! http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring08/PATTmosey.html

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