memorable gift, etc.

I’m really glad I asked you about your most memorable gift for our book give-away! Your comments have been inspiring, laugh-out-loud funny, and touching. I’ll admit to tearing up while reading several of them, but I tend to get a little weepy when it comes to things like this. And it sounds like many of you have enjoyed reading them, as well, so keep them coming and we’ll draw two winners tomorrow. It’s been fun to connect with you this way!

I’m doing everything I can to distract myself from finishing the spring patterns right now, and this week I’m doing a little guest blogging and pinning for Coats & Clark, with lots of handmade holiday inspiration and ideas.



Join me, will you? And keep those book give-away entries coming! We’ll draw our winners tomorrow.


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  1. Rae

    That plaid apple-picking dress is one of my favorites!! I just love it.


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