introducing two new straight stitch society patterns

I’m so pleased to introduce you to our newest Straight Stitch Society patterns, the Have It All Wallet and the Keep Your Cool Smartphone Case.


Fall 2012 Straight Stitch Society Patterns


Both of these little projects are fun and easy to sew and would make great holidays gifts. That is, if you can bring yourself to give them away when you’ve finished making them. You’re going to want them for yourself, too!

The Have It All Wallet is designed to help you get organized and carry it all with style. Pick your favorite fabrics and have fun with this pattern! It includes lots of pockets for credit cards, your checkbook, an expanding pocket for coupons, and even a cute little zippered pocket for coins and loose items.


Have It All Wallet


Choose from two different styles: a classic rounded edge or a scalloped edge. Attach the cute little bow at the front for an extra sweet detail.


Have It All Wallet


You might even want to make coordinating wallets for all your handbags, and it also makes a cute little clutch for an evening out.

The Keep Your Cool Smartphone Case can be made in three different styles: an ice cream sandwich, a solid-colored ice pop, and a striped ice pop.


Keep Your Cool Smartphone Case


This is a fun little project that’s large enough to fit pretty much every smartphone on the market today, even if you use a protective case on your phone. In addition to the key loop, we also included a little card pocket at the inside of the case, so if you’re running a quick errand or just want to carry the essentials you’ll have everything you need: smartphone, credit cards or driver’s license, and your keys. And it all snaps shut in a cool little package.


Keep Your Cool Smartphone Case


Want a little color inspiration for your ice cream case? I’ve been saving all sorts of images of sweet treats for you on Pinterest.

These new patterns are now available on our website in both paper and digital format. And they will be available at your favorite local independent fabric shop shortly. I hope you enjoy sewing these cute little projects as much as we enjoyed developing them for you.


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  1. The phone case is just too cute! How clever! The wallet looks like it would carry everything I want it to also! (And how cute would a wallet in your Lisette ice pop fabric and a coordinating ice pop phone case would be?)

  2. Elizabeth

    These are so cute, and now I have something to make with the Little Lisette ice cream fabric that I love! – excited to make these for Christmas gifts!

  3. i LOVE the smartphone cases! i’m putting this pattern on my christmas list. if santa falls through, i’m breaking open my piggy bank and paying with nickels!

  4. Paola

    I’m a fan of all O+S patterns and learning to sew with each one of them(don’t have them all but I would love to!). The first dress i ever made was the popover sun dress and thanks to the great results, my little girl now wears the tea party dress and the apple picking dress. These straight stitch patterns are perfect as family presents for christmas, can’t wait to find fabrics to start sewing and keep learning! Thank you Liesl and greetings from Spain

  5. Tamara

    I can see the these will be a hit with my teenage niece and nephew. Will have to chat to Santa about slipping these into the kids stockings I think. Once again fabulous Liesl!

  6. I like so much the phone case! Good idea to sew as a christmaspresent!
    Thanks a lot!

  7. Brittany

    So happy for this wallet pattern! I needed just the very thing because my BFF needs a birthday gift and this is going to be it! Thanks again and I LOVE LOVE all your patterns!

  8. Stefanie

    I made the wallet for Christmas in a purple exterior fabric with birds and flowers and a lavender dot for the interior and it turned out beautifully! The directions were excellent and very easy to follow. I embroidered an initial for a special touch and filled it with gift cards. It didn’t take the recipient long to switch her cards and cash over to their new home. Thanks for a great pattern and inspiration. I’m looking forward to sewing up a few of those phone cases this spring.

  9. michelle

    Hi, I just bought the wallet pattern and am trying to make the first one. I’ve used several Oliver+S patterns before,so I’m generally familar with the layout, style, etc. However, the digital version of this pattern does not have any pattern piece layout instructions. I’m wondering which way I should place the “on fold” pattern pieces? with the grain or against – folding the fabric lengthwise or partial/crosswise?
    Maybe it doesn’t really matter – they pieces will be interfaced and stabilized, but I just don’t want to waste fabric.

    (My apologies for posting here – I’ve tried to register for the forum and ask the question, but for some reason I never received the email with a password when I registered.)
    Thanks – michelle

  10. Michelle, sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the forums!

    To answer your question, we don’t usually include a cutting layout for small patterns like this because they are designed for scraps of fabric (stash busters), so we don’t designate a cutting layout in order to allow you to use whatever fabric you have in whatever shape it comes. You can really cut in either direction, as long as you’re on one grain or the other. (Follow a thread or a fabric edge to find the grain: either across the fabric or down the length of the fabric.) The “cut on fold” designation allows us to save space on the pattern sheet, so you could also simply flip the pattern piece to get the entire piece. Does that make sense? I hope it helps!

  11. michelle

    Thanks for the reply! That is what I figured, but I just was uncertain enought to go ahead and check. The wallet turned out beautiful and I’m so impressed with how easily it cam together. I love it!

  12. Nancy

    Hello! I just purchased your ice cream pop phone case digital pattern. I was wondering if you can do a tutorial on this?

  13. Angela

    I’m trying to figure out pattern directions for wallet. Reading thru the directions, I’m not confident on the zippered pocket with pleat and what type of thicker interfacing I should use. (How do I not sew the zipper pocket / lining w/o sewing shut?

    Going to start tonight..

  14. Robin

    Hi Angela. I used Pellon Shape Flex 101 for my wallet and used linen for the exterior and quilting cotton for the interior. I found with this pattern that if I took it slowly and step by step, it all worked out.

  15. Angela

    Thank u. So excited to start. Everything is cut and ready to assemble. (- snap). Im lookingat great HS graduation gifts for nieces!!

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