buy a digital pattern, help new york hurricane victims

Those of us who live in New York are still working to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

Throughout the last week, it has been heartwarming to see so many New Yorkers whose lives have experienced only minor disruption traveling into ravaged neighborhoods and volunteering their efforts to assist those whose situation is much more precarious.

Many, many people, however, are still in great need. An estimated 30,000-40,000 in the city are without homes right now, and many of those with homes are still lacking basic services.

If you would like to contribute to assist hurricane victims, we recommend donating to The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York. This is from the Fund’s website:

The Mayor’s Fund is accepting financial donations from organizations and individuals to support hurricane relief efforts. One hundred percent of donations are being dispersed to relief efforts and organizations. The City is currently identifying immediate aid needs, including food, water and hygiene supplies, as well as long-term relief and restoration efforts. To donate by mail, make checks payable to Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City and send to 253 Broadway, 8th Floor, New York City, New York 10007 (in memo line: Hurricane Sandy Relief).  For any questions or to donate over the phone call 311 (212-NEW-YORK outside New York City).

Not convinced to donate yet? Here’s a little incentive. For today, November 6 2012, we will donate 100% of all digital pattern sales to The Mayor’s Fund. Buy one or more digital patterns, and the full price of your purchase will be donated to support hurricane relief efforts in New York City. It couldn’t be much easier, could it?

Already have all the digital patterns you need but still want to help? You can make a donation directly to The Mayor’s Fund by mailing a check to the address above or by using your credit card on the Fund’s donation page.

Update, November 7: Thanks to those of you who participated in our fund raiser, we are sending a check to The Mayor’s Fund for $1,362.95 today.



  1. Sandy

    Thank you for the reminder and setting up a positive way to support the Hurricane victims

  2. This is a really lovely gesture, and a great way for those of us who live further away to help our friends in the US.
    Will this include the Straight Stitch Society patterns too?

  3. Beth

    What a generous way for you to help, Liesl! I’m glad to buy a pattern and contribute!

  4. Sarvi

    Done! Thanks for the great chance to help out and get a great treat into the bargain.

  5. What a great initiative on your part, and thanks for sharing the information about the Mayor’s fund. I had the opportunity to live in New York for a year, so it is dear to my heart.
    I placed an order, but miscalculated the time difference, so unfortunately it wasn’t until the 7th. 🙁

  6. mel

    I supported and applaud your efforts!

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