customizing with oliver + s: a rugby shirt from the jump rope dress

I recently saw a photo of this adorable ruby shirt that Peta made and was surprised that she had created it by starting with the Jump Rope Dress pattern.


Rugby Top from Jump Rope Dress


I asked Peta if she would share how she customized the pattern. Here’s what she wrote:

When I made this shirt back in 2011, my little girl and I had very different taste in style, very different. I liked her in dresses, skirts, blouses, and tailored shorts. She liked shorts and t-shirts and shorts and t-shirts only. I liked pretty florals, Liberty and small prints. She liked leopard skin, skulls, and black. There was constant discussion. Most times I persuaded her, sometimes the Threenager persuaded me. I tried really hard to make her things that she liked without encouraging her inner Goth.

I had made her eldest brother a Nature Walk Pullover  using some rugby knit a lovely friend had sent me, and my girl had commented on how much she liked it. That was my cue. I used the Jump Rope’s view A bodice, lengthened it by 4.5 inches (in hindsight I’d add another inch or so), added view B’s sleeves, and voila a girly rugby top! Nothing to it. I really recommend using lots and lots of pins when pinning the knit to the woven placket and collar and to sew slowly to avoid any tucks.

It’s not black, there are no skulls and not a leopard in sight but she loved it. She and I are much more in tune these days although she nearly fainted when she saw some leopard skin and lace leggings at the shop the other day….

I’m ready to give it a try. Are you?




  1. I loved (and love) this jumper.
    Peta is so clever and her sewing is always just right!

  2. Ihave just finished my first jumprope and this will be my next project. Great idea! Thanks.

  3. Great top, Peta! This is one of my faves.:)

  4. Mel

    This is still fantastic Peta. Loved the post. Congrats on your feature!

  5. Shelley

    Such a great idea, I’ve already made my copy. Thanks for the inspiration and congrats on teh blog feature.

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