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Do you remember Marie-Michelle Melotte and all her amazing creations from our interview with her on the Oliver + S blog a couple years ago?

Well, the editorial team at Sew Beautiful was just as impressed with her work as we were, and they have given her and her amazing dresses a prominent feature in their September/October 2012 issue. Take a peek.





We were pleasantly surprised to see lots of other Oliver + S show up in this issue, too. Clarrisa Gossett customized a 2+2 Blouse and Pleated Skirt with incredible attention to detail and a lot of trims. And we even glimpsed a School Days Raincoat on page 75.

You can see the complete contents of this issue on the Sew Beautiful website, and you pick up your own copy of the issue from your favorite newsstand or from the Martha Pullen online store.


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  1. Sarvi

    Awesome and so very well deserved! Marie-Michelle’s combination of incredible workmanship and great taste is so inspiring.

  2. Oh congratulations! Their creations are so lovely! Now I’m jonesin’ to make a wool birthday party dress for fall!

  3. They are exquisite and inspiring. I suppose there’s no limit to what you can create when you don’t have to consider actual children wearing and dirtying them. But maybe once in a while it would be nice just to create something beautiful for the sake of it and not worry about the practicality. The very first dress makes me swoon.

  4. Wow! That’s fantastic! I’m so happy Marie-Michelle’s beautiful things were featured.

  5. Jennifer McCann

    What pattern is that jumper next to the brunch jacket?

    1. Jennifer, that’s the Birthday Party Dress.

  6. Sharon

    How wonderful! I just had to order a copy for myself.

  7. Wow!
    Oliver+S patterns are always beautiful (no matter which fabrics you pick), but these gorgeous fabrics really make them haute-couture for kids.
    My girl would wear that Birthday-Party dress for sure! Love it!
    Congratulations to Oliver + S and Marie-Michelle for sharing such exquisite creations!

  8. Jennifer McCann

    Todd, thank you. I love that jumper in the herringbone/tweed.

    That is one of those patterns that you make a million times over.

  9. Marie-Michelle Melotte

    Dear Todd & Liesl,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you so very, very much for having first showcased my work and for having put me in contact with Sew Beautiful Magazine. I am much indebted and very grateful!

  10. Ginny

    I’ve attened Martha Pullen’s School of Art Fashion many times. Each year my only recommendation is that they have you put on a school there. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed it will happen one day.

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