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We always love to hear your suggestions for styles you would like to see us develop.

And we especially love it when we get suggestions from the people who actually wear our designs–like this one from Lidia who would like to see us develop a Bocce Dress and Leggings Pattern.


The Bocce Dress and Leggings


Thanks so much for the suggestion Lidia. We love the idea of a dress with leggings for the fall, and the name is just perfect!



  1. mel

    I love this! What a clever girl!

  2. Susanne

    It’s perfect, Lidia! Maybe you have a future in design?

  3. Oh my goodness!
    I know a little girl that is going to be very excited in the morning!
    Liesl,you are a kind soul and a good sport!

  4. Love this!
    I immediately thought of Nicole’s sweet “Lidia” as soon as this post popped on my reader. I also loved to draw my “ideal” wardrobe as well when I was little (too bad there wasn’t a Mrs. Gibson available at the time).
    Little girls always know what they need, right?

  5. Ohhh, it’s Nicole’s Lidia! How exciting!!! What a wonderful design, too! 🙂

  6. I would love to see a pattern for leggings, especially if there were two cuts to choose how tight/or loose they are. My pet peeve with leggings we’ve bought is the low rise. I don’t want my little girl’s underwear hanging out of her pants!

  7. What a darling girl for sending in a design suggestion!

  8. Karen

    Oh that Lidia, I adore her!!!! So glad you shared this.

  9. Amy K

    Too adorable! Time for Oliver and S to “make it work”?

  10. KerryQ

    So sweet! I’m sure you made Lidia’s day!

  11. I love your design Lidia! (well named too!)

  12. Ellen

    I would love to see more styles for bigger kids. Like, pants with a real fly and cool detailing. Honestly, mostly because the instructions would be so amazing I could get it right the first time.

    Oh! And we need cute things that are really warm. Cute knit tops (I can make a knit top, but I am always looking for some interesting details to make it special and unique), cord pants and skirts, leggings, cozy sweater jackets, dresses that drape well in heavy knits (we have DOZENS of Farbenmix Olivias – we need more ideas).

  13. Millie

    Clever, clever Lidia! What a wonderful design!

  14. Very cute! I know my little one would just love to have a dress like that and leggings (we just go through the leggings)!

  15. Brenda

    I’d love to see an overalls pattern with an overalls style jumper option, with some nice details. The only decent one out there is the one by Kwik Sew and that only goes to size 4 (and does not have a jumper option). A rugged kids’ size overalls with double knee options and flannel/fleece lined options and growth sized options (two button holes or buttons on each side, adjustable shoulder straps, pants length with cuff options to let down for growth) would get lots of use. I also love the idea of weaving the straps with elastic in the back,similar to the details on Pointer Brand overalls on their low back option overalls. I actually had my own overalls with that elastic strap detailing, by UFO brand, waaay back in 1970 and that detail made them more comfortable when bending and sitting.

  16. What a wonderful letter, Lidia! You’ve inspired my 8yo daughter to go do some dress sketching of her own!

  17. Lisa

    A unisex blazer would be fab. Short puff sleeves in seersucker / cotton in the warmer months for girls or a warm wool fabric, long sleeves for winter for boys or girls.

  18. Erin

    What an imaginative and talented little girl, and the name is great to boot! I’m not as good an artist, so I won’t draw my wish out, but I’d love a little boys spring suit. A blazer with shorts or pants…it’s pretty classic and something I’d love to make before my little Noah is old and can protest! 🙂 BTW…my girls and I do love all your patterns, and I can’t wait until they are old enough to start helping cut them out and sew bits of them. Thanks for all the hard work you put in to your patterns

  19. pollywog

    Wow, this is so creative – she’s a genius!!! It’s really modern and it sounds trendy, too. The name is FABULOUS.

  20. Liddy has been asking daily if there are any new comments,Thank you all so much.

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