introducing the field trip cargo pants and raglan t-shirt sewing pattern

When you’re going on a field trip, or even just out to the backyard to play, you need a lot of pockets for storing all your treasures.

We’ve got you covered here with six pockets in the cargo pants pattern: two front pockets, two back pockets, and two big roomy three-dimensional cargo pockets at the side seams with flaps to help protect their precious contents. (Which probably means rocks, right? Or Legos? Or maybe some fabric scraps?)


Field Trip Cargo Pants and Raglan T-Shirt Sewing Pattern


This pattern includes lots of great details, too. The knees are articulated to make movement easy and comfortable. “Articulated,” like I mentioned yesterday, means that they have darts to give extra space at the knees. This is a detail that originated with work wear and active wear (once upon a time I designed outdoor gear for men, so I’ve worked with lots of articulated elbows and knees) and is great for kids’ clothing, too.

And here’s an idea for those of you who are hesitant to sew for boys because they always wear out the knees of the pants you make them. If you want to, you can cut and assemble the knee panel with two layers of fabric so they’re extra durable where pants usually wear out the fastest. Since the knee is a separate panel, it would be an easy change to make.


Field Trip Cargo Pants Knee and Cargo Pocket Detail


There are also lots of great seams and places for topstitching on these pants. I think topstitched seams can make all the difference when it comes to something like this. A little extra effort can go a long way. It can make the pants look incredible if you’re willing to take the extra time. But if you want to keep them simpler and cleaner looking, that can also be done and might even give the pants a dressy feel.

Other reasons to like these pants? We gave them a nice interior waistband facing instead of an applied exterior waistband so they look really neat outside and you can include a little contrast fabric or pop of color at the inside waistband. The back and sides of the waistband have a hidden elastic for a great, comfortable fit, but the front waistband is flat. We also included belt loops so you can add a belt if you want. And just because belt loops look great.


Field Trip Cargo Pants Waistband Detail


The raglan T-shirt is very simple and quick to sew. Like I said, I’m a big fan of the classic baseball raglan T with contrast sleeves and neckband, and we took inspiration from that style for this design.You can do all sorts of fun things with this piece. And here’s where I get to show you that this pattern can be as appropriate for girls as it is for boys. For S’s version here, we used a pink striped jersey for the sleeves and neckband.


Field Trip Cargo Pants and Raglan T-Shirt for the girls


But what about color blocking the shirt with two different solids instead of color and white? Or maybe you’d like to try a printed knit with a solid knit? We also added a simple chest pocket to the shirt, just for the fun of it and because the theme of this pattern is definitely pockets.


Field Trip Raglan T-Shirt


In terms of fabric choices, the cargo pants pattern is great with light- to medium-weight woven fabrics like quilting cottons, broadcloth, chambray, denim, poplin, linen, lightweight twill, and fine wale corduroy. I selected a printed quilting cotton for S’s more feminine version of the cargo pants and a lightweight twill for the boy’s version. The raglan T-shirt can be made with knits that have at least 25% stretch like jersey and interlock. For our T’s I chose simple cotton jersey.

This pattern is rated two of four scissors in difficulty and will be available here by this time next week. I hope you’ll get lots of use out of it.




  1. Jennifer

    I LOVE your daughter’s outfit. I am going to get this pattern first. I want to find a lightweight floral denim.

  2. My big girls adore this look!
    Evidently we size back on the top and up on the pants!
    Black cotton lycra and coral drill has already been pulled out and pre-washed!

  3. mel

    I’ve planned to get this pattern anyway for my daughter, as she loves nature adventures so pockets are A MUST. Glad to see S looking cute as a button in her version.
    Always looking forward to the beauties coming out of Chez Nicole!

  4. I love love love this. I have been hoping for an Oliver+S cargo pant pattern for ages! It’s like Christmas. So glad to have another option for my little boy.

  5. Sandi

    Perfect timing on this pattern, Liesl!! I’m just about to start sewing pants for Oliver and he is currently obsessed with belts so they need to have belt loops. Love the pockets – he will fill them with rocks daily. Looking forward to getting my copy πŸ™‚

  6. Perfect!! This is the pattern I’m most looking forward to of the new three, mainly because it has so much versatility (boys AND girls, lengthen and a-line out the shirt for a comfy dress, all sorts of options on those pants). Thanks for being awesome!

  7. Peta

    Perfect for my chaps. Can’t wait for next week!

  8. Love it!
    This pattern is just perfect – I’ll, of course, start sewing it for the boys (they are always left behind with mum’s sewing), but I’m pretty sure my girl will get her first ever cargo pants (in pink, of course)!

  9. Tamara

    Pink drill for the pants is already aside ready to go. My son loves this and can’t wait to have me make it for him.

  10. Darci

    Good call making a version for S. who woulda thunk?

  11. Talk about ask and you shall receive! It’s nice that there’s finally a pattern out there that can yield some professional boy looking results. Does this mean that if I ask for a suit there will be one in the spring line up in time for my oldest son’s first Holy communion? πŸ˜‰

  12. These are fabulous! So excited to place my order!

  13. Jen B

    Love it! The boy needs some new pants. Looking forward to making these!

  14. Yay! A pattern for boys! The details on the pants look great πŸ™‚

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