secret agent trench coat fabric options

After we launched the spring Oliver + S patterns we heard from quite a few of you who wanted to know about the fabrics we used for the Secret Agent Trench Coat. We were already in the process of working on this for you (we know you pretty well!), but it’s taken a while to get more of the fabric. At last, I have an update.

The exactly fabric we used for S’s trench coat (a coated natural flax-color linen) that appears in this blog post doesn’t seem to be available any more, but the tan-colored linen our little size 3 model wore is now back in stock at Mood! Actually, Mood has three great coated linens that I think you’ll like:



The top swatch in this scan is linen that seems to be printed with a bright yellow, which is then coated with a white laminate. The process gives a very cool result–sort of a weathered yellow color. Swatch number 2 above is our tan-colored linen from the photo shoot. And the bottom swatch is a coated white.

All these are really nice fabrics with a great hand, perfect for kids’ trench coats. And you’ll be excited to hear that they’re $14/yard. To purchase, you need to call my friend Todd at Mood Fabrics (212-730-5003). He’s in the woolens department on the fourth floor and can hook you up. Be forewarned: there isn’t a lot of any of these fabrics on the roll, so don’t delay. Mood is always getting new interesting fabrics in stock, so I’ll let you know if I see anything else I think you’d like for this pattern.

Next up, some laminated linen from the terrific folks at Gray Line Linen:



This coated linen comes in one more color in addition to the navy and red in the scan, and S swears that it’s yellow. I thought I remembered a blue, but we were power shopping that morning, so I can’t say for sure. (We hit seven stores in one hour before we had to go to a meeting! There was a lot to keep track of that morning, including S, who was on a hunt for Swatch, the dog, at Mood.) Anyway, these fabrics are lighter and a bit more papery in feel than the linens from Mood. I think this is their handkerchief linen, which is why they’re so light, but I was in too much of a rush to ask at the time. You can contact Gray Line by phone at 866-585-4636 for details and to purchase the fabric which is selling for $13/ yard. (Can you believe these great prices?)

So if you’ve actually been waiting for this information, here it is at last. I hope it helps!




  1. I am obsessing now about making a big person trench coat. Must head upstairs in the store and ask Todd for fabric suggestions…

  2. kay

    Where is the actual pattern? I can’t find it!

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