help wanted

It’s busy here! So busy, in fact, that we’re in need of a little sewing help over the next couple of weeks.

We’re looking for someone in the New York area who would like some short-term, part-time work to help us meet a few impending deadlines. You’ll be assisting us with finishing a few projects, sewing some samples from our new fall styles, and making swap-outs for an upcoming video shoot. There’s lots of fun work to be done!

Sound interesting to you? You’ll need to be  a conscientious, detail-oriented seamstress who can commit to spending some time working in our Brooklyn studio over the next few weeks.

If you’re interested, have the time available, know how to sew, and would like to spend a little time working with us in the Oliver + S studio, drop us a line at Tell us something about yourself and how much time you will have available to work with us over the next couple weeks! We would love to hear from you.



  1. darci

    Sounds awesome, if only I didn’t have a full time job and kids to take care of!

  2. Oh, If only I could – living abroad + 3 kids + full time job, really doesn’t help 🙂
    Yet, I love to hear that you’re all so busy!
    I know there will be some gorgeous patterns (and surprises) coming soon …

  3. Mary V. Mench

    Oh my gosh!!! How EXCITING would that be??? Unfortunately I live in Phila but would almost stay in a hotel, paying my own way, just to do this. I used to be a legal secretary so I am VERY detail oriented but tho I sewed my children’s clothes 40 years ago, just go back into sewing 3 years ago with the birth of my first granddaughter.

  4. Summer

    What a fantastic opportunity for someone. I’m totally bummed that I live in North Carolina and not New York.

  5. Lisa

    I wish NYC weren’t five hours away. I would love to take advantage of this opportunity if I could.

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