spring 2012 quilt market recap

It’s taken a few days to recover and to unpack all our materials, but we’re finally back from Quilt Market. It was a great show.

Some of you have already seen a few photos on our Facebook page and on Twitter. Here are some additional shots of our booth just before the show opened. I really should do a better job of photographing it, shouldn’t I? I was just too busy thinking about the final set-up and all those people who were about to descend on our booth to worry about getting anything other than a couple of snapshots.

Half of our space was devoted to Oliver + S. The other half was used to introduce Straight Stitch Society to store owners.


Straight Stitch Society Booth


Straight Stitch Society Booth


Straight Stitch Society Booth


Straight Stitch Society Booth


Straight Stitch Society Booth


We were absolutely inundated on the first day, and all our cute “Life is hard. Sewing is easy.” pins and postcards and other schwag to introduce Straight Stitch Society were gone by the early afternoon. It was fun to introduce people to the new brand and to see their faces light up when they read the manifesto. Lots of chuckles and guffaws in our booth during this show. My cheeks hurt by the end of the weekend. Too much smiling!

Thank to everyone who dropped by. My favorite part of Quilt Market is meeting new friends and catching up with long-time friends. It’s definitely a trade show, but seeing so many dear friends makes it feel less business-y and more like a big reunion! To show you what I mean, here’s a picture that Denyse Schmidt took one afternoon when she stopped by our booth. There’s Todd taking a photo of Ellen March, editor of Sew News, and me holding a copy of Ellen’s most recent issue which features my Lisette mixing print article on the cover.


Sew News at Quilt Market


And, finally, here’s a little Moda video from the booth. Can you tell I had some coffee that morning? And that I don’t usually drink coffee? Whew.



Now it’s time to get a little rest.



  1. Wow! Liesl, your booth looks amazing! I loved seeing you walk and talk in the video and introduce the Straight Stitch Society, I can only imagine the laughs while everyone read the manifesto. 🙂

  2. Hi Liesl! Love the photos of your booth; hope you’ve recuperated fully. Shows are exhausting, right? If you go to any shows where you think Mood should be there too, let me know, ok? It’s something we are considering for the future. —Meg

  3. Cute! Wish I was there. Can’t wait for the new fabrics.

  4. LOVE it all Liesl! as always. look forward to the possibility of seeing you in NYC in a few weeks

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