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We had a little brainstorm last year. It turned into a new brand, as our brainstorms sometimes do. We need to stop brainstorming.

We wanted to make some sewing patterns for little, fun projects. Projects that wouldn’t take a lot of fabric and might even allow you to use up some of your stash. (I know you have one.) Sewing patterns with an attitude (because I know you have one of those, too–don’t play all innocent with me). Sewing with the patterns would feel a little bit like attending a Friday night sewing club with your girlfriends. You know those nights when you get together, open a bottle of wine (or something a little stronger), and get busy making whatever excites you that week while you blow off a little steam.

These are projects that are fun and creative and get you out of a sewing rut. For not a lot of money and not a giant time commitment.

And that’s how Straight Stitch Society came to be.


Straight Stitch Society Patterns


Anyone can become a member of the Straight Stitch Society. You don’t even need to be able to sew a straight line to join. All it takes is an honest attempt (perfection is definitely not a requirement for membership) and an affirmation of the beliefs expressed in the society’s manifesto.

These are projects that we hope you’ll make as gifts for your friends and to keep for yourself. (It’s OK to make things for yourself and not feel guilty, you know.) We hope the project will help you re-discover the fun in sewing again. Sew them as we designed them by following the clear, detailed instructions, or make them your own and fly by the seat of your pants. Add your own little touches to them. You want to make a frog coin purse instead of the dog, cat, or monkey included in the pattern? Go for it. And if a seam is a little wonky, so what? It’s just fabric, after all.

Which reminds me, we thought our society needed a ridiculous manifesto. You can read it over on the new Straight Stitch Society website. We also created a monster glossary of sewing-related terms over there, just because we could (it’s fun to have your own website; you can do whatever you want!) and because we thought you might like to have all those terms in one place for quick reference, no matter what you’re sewing. Feel free to use it, print it out, link to it from your blog, or do with it whatever you want. It’s there for you.

Now, because you’ve been waiting for it, here’s a little introduction to each of the four patterns.

Apples to Oranges Sewing Kit

Comparing fruit to sewing is like comparing apples to oranges, right? Not exactly.

We’ve brought the two together in a fruity sewing kit that’s cute enough to eat. It’s got everything you need—a pincushion, a zipper pouch for notions, and an optional needle pad, all buttoned up in a tasty little package.


Apples to Oranges Sewing Kit


Choose from a red delicious apple with an embroidered core or a zesty orange with playful seed appliqué.

You can purchase the Apples to Oranges Sewing Kit pattern from the Oliver + S shop.

Split Personality Reversible Bag
We all have two sides to our personalities—a wild and crazy side and a quiet, thoughtful side—don’t we?

Make both sides happy with this supercute reversible slouch bag. Use an unexpected combination of colors and prints on one side for a bold look and a subtle mix of fabrics on the other side for a more sedate look.


Split Personality Reversible Bag


Simply flip the bag inside out when you want to change the side of your personality that’s on display.

The Split Personality Reversible Bag pattern is available in the Oliver + S shop.

Feed the Animals Coin Purses
Ever feel like something is eating up all your money? You’re right!

Let these supercute coin purses gobble up your change, cash, and credit cards. Choose from a mischievous menagerie of money-eating friends, including a monkey, cat, and dog.


Feed the Animals Coin Purses


They’re so irresistible you can’t make just one!

You can purchase your copy of the Feed the Animals Coin Purses pattern from the Oliver + S shop now.

Change Your Mind Slipcover Bag
We’re women. And everyone knows that it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind when the mood strikes, right?

That’s why you’ll love this stylish bag. Instantly alter its appearance to match every one of your moods—and anything in your closet—by choosing one of two different slipcover designs that can be sewn in a kaleidoscope of colors and prints.


Change Your Mind Slipcover Bag


The Change Your Mind Slipcover Bag pattern is also available now in the Oliver + S shop.

Now, go have some fun! And take it a little easy on the wine and chocolate while you’re sewing, will you?


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  1. Mel

    What a fun little addition to the O+S family! Perfect projects, indeed, for those nights when a glass (or two) of wine is just what the doctor ordered!

  2. I love the new patterns, especially the very cute coin purses. I do wish it was a PDF file though – it would be so much easier for me to buy the pattern.

  3. Karen


  4. sharon

    Oh I can’t wait to get my hands on these! They look like a load of Friday night fun with the girls!!

  5. Mel

    Will the patterns be available at other in-store or online retailers?

    1. Mel, yes they will be.

  6. I LOVE the change your mind bag. Now that is my kind of bag 🙂 I might even make a slipcover for it called the old bag! Just for days when I am feeling like one.

  7. Aynsley

    Yes a pdf of these patterns would be great…. no one stocks Oliver and S patterns where I live so I have to air freight them and that just takes too much time when the creative itch strikes!

  8. What adorable projects. CHEERS!

  9. Jamy

    Yes. Digital patterns please! I’d buy the lot of them on impulse right noe – if i could only have them right now.
    Thanks Liesl – Christmas solved!

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