and we all sewed for Project HOPE Art

Saturday was a great day for a sewing party. The weather held up so it wasn’t so nice outside that we all wanted to go the park but not so awful that everyone wanted to stay home. And lots of people joined us!  Here is our energetic morning crew.



We were joined by a second group in the afternoon, all of whom chipped in to make the day memorable and fun.

We wanted to make each dress different, so we mixed and matched the fabrics and added a little rickrack or ribbon to the front yoke of each dress. It didn’t take a lot of time to do this, since we pre-cut bias strips and yokes from four different fabrics and had several colors of rickrack and ribbon to choose from.

In the end, we turned some of our stacks of fabric:



Into lots of pretty sundresses. Sorry, but my photo, below, isn’t quite up to the same standard as Lesley Colvin’s. She took all the other photos of the day. You can see more of Lesley’s photos in our Facebook photo album documenting the morning session. (We had just as much fun during the afternoon session, but we don’t have equally great photos to prove it. Sorry about that, for those of you who showed up to sew after lunch.)



I’m so inspired to see creative women get together to help people in need. We can do lots of wonderful things for our communities and for others when we put our minds to it, can’t we? And in the process we find community, ourselves.

I think we’ll hold another sewing party soon.

In the meantime, there are lots of other ways you can contribute. Project HOPE Art is in need of shoes and underwear for these children, too, so please consider donating in whatever ways you are able.



  1. How wonderful and heart warming,I wish I could have been there too!

  2. Lilian

    It feels great to have been able to participate in this. Thanks for hosting, Liesl, and posting the follow-up.

  3. Jamie

    I agree, Lilian! What a great thing– to work together with such a fantastic group of women, for such a worthy cause. A big thank you to Liesl & S for having us!!!

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