it’s February, which means it’s Little Town month

Jessica over at A Little Gray has been hosting a year-long sew-along for Little Things to Sew. She’s been posting lovely tutorials for the selected project each month. If you’ve been interested in sewing projects from our book, you might be interested in joining along. This month’s project is Play Town.



When S was younger we spent a lot of time building little cities on our living room floor. Those cities inspired this little town, and my favorite part about them is the versatility of the brownstone building. For the photo shoot we made a parking garage and a yarn store. I still want to make an apartment building (with a little garbage can in the back) and maybe a brownstone or a townhouse. The little houses are so much fun to decorate. I made a pink one that we didn’t use for the book that was inspired by a Victorian house with an elaborate covered porch and fancy windows.

Anyway, upcoming project for the sew-along include the Explorer Vest or the Red Riding Hood in March, and the Travel Quilt in April. If you look back through the archives you’ll find the previous featured projects: the Bucket Hat, Penguin Backpack, Bias-Trimmed Apron, Puppet Theater, Cozy Winter Hood, and the Bear Carrier.




  1. Liv

    Yes! It has been so much fun. Join us.

  2. little town 🙂 i might need to finally jump in on Jessica’s LTTSA this month!

  3. Sarvi

    Oh man, I didn’t realize there was an ongoing sew-along — I need to go back to the apron and theater, especially.

  4. Eilidh

    Thank you for letting us know this as I hadn’t heard. I’ll be checking this out as I was planning to make the red riding hood next!

  5. The sew along has been so much fun! It’s just the little push I needed to get those projects I really wanted to make finally done!

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