happy mail

Don’t you love getting packages in the mail? We opened our mail the other day and were delighted to find this little book from Katie Prange, whom we’ve never met before. But I can tell that I like her already.




She included a note that, if you can’t read it in the photo, says “I found this little book at a thrift store and it makes me think of the little guy on your patterns! I love his mis-buttoned sweater. I hope you enjoy it!”

Here is a page from inside the book. S and I loved reading and giggling over the poems:



And even the endpapers are cute:



Thank you, Katie. A little package is making its way back to you. We hope it makes your day like you made ours!



  1. mel

    What a cute and thoughtful gift!

  2. How sweet is that? Gosh some people are thoughtful!

  3. emilia

    that just makes me smile. what a cute book, and the boy awfully resembles your paper doll boy.

  4. Katie Prange

    hello! I know we never met but I knew that book had to be yours as soon as I found it! I received your package the other day and it was so sweet!! I am so happy I made your day! You made mine as well and again now! I wish I would have gotten on here sooner, lol! Happy Holidays!!

  5. We had this book when I was a child. In Danish it’s called Bind min sko – which does mean the exact same as in English, believe it or not. 🙂 I haven’t seen it for decades. I think ours was a very small version from a series called Pixie books.

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