introducing our seams, closures + hems dvd

I’m happy to let you know that Seams, Closures + Hems, the second of the two DVDs I filmed with Interweave this summer, is now available for purchase.

Seams, Closures, and Hems

This new video is intended as a companion to the first, Apparel Sewing Basics. As the title implies, this video focus on the techniques that you can use to give your garments a professional finish. In it I walk you through four different types of seam finishes, button holes and zippers, and three different styles of hemming (including some hand hemming techniques that will give your sewing projects a beautiful finish). I also share some information about my design process and give you some other tips for improving your sewing and making it more enjoyable.

Here’s a short preview of what you’ll see in the 107-minute video.



Seams, Closures + Hems is now available as a download on the Interweave website. They are also taking pre-orders for those who prefer to wait to receive a DVD version. We will have DVDs for sale on our website later this fall.

I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed making it!



  1. OH Liesl! I’m so happy for you and everything that has come your way. The video clip looks like this will be an amazing DVD to own.

    All my best to NY from MT-

  2. Congratulations!
    I’m really loving your videos preview! It’s always so nice to have a great video to help us in the basic sewing techniques.
    From the preview, they look like a lot of fun and I am loving the opening soundtrack (lol).

  3. Jane Sheetz

    Oh my!!! I can hardly wait!!
    I would like to know what fabric you used on the dress shown at :22 (seconds) in this preview. I WANT IT!!!!!! 🙂 And which pattern is it?
    Thank you so much!!!

  4. Jane, I’m glad you like it! That fabric is part of my next fabric collection, Cape Ann, which will be available in a week or two. I’ll introduce it very soon.

    The pattern is the Family Reunion dress:


  5. amy

    what is that background music? it’s so cute!

  6. This is wonderful! You are so natural (and gorgeous!) on camera!
    You inspire so many…I’m SO glad you are doing this….this is JUST what people need. Can’t wait to see you in houston!

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