moda’s country fair blog hop

Welcome to the Oliver + S stop on the Moda Country Fair Blog Hop.


Moda Country Fair


I’m Liesl Gibson, designer of the Oliver + S line of fabrics for Moda and Oliver +S sewing patterns for children’s clothing.

My next collection of fabric for Moda, Cape Ann, will be out in October. Here’s a little video preview of the line filmed at last spring’s International Quilt Market.



And, now, thanks to the list of questions from our fearless blog hop leader Lissa Alexander at Moda, you get to learn more about me than you ever wanted to know.

What’s your favorite fair food?

I love cotton candy at the fair. It’s awful anyplace else, but it’s somehow perfect when you’re hot, sticky and tired after a day at the fairground, isn’t it?

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Oh, only one? I have two: ice cream and time spent alone at night when everyone else is asleep. That’s when I’m most creative and relaxed.

What’s on your bucket list?

I want to travel a lot more, and hopefully live in a few other countries as well. I’d like to spend more time in France and Japan especially, and take at least one trip to India. I’d also like to spend more time making things. I’d love to make at least one garment entirely by hand using couture methods, and I’m looking forward to having time to weave. But that’s all being saved for a different life stage, when I’m not concentrating on family and business quite so much.

What inspires your work?

So many things. New York (where we live) and its people are a huge inspiration to me. Also art, my daughter and her friends, and the books I read. I love to visit vintage stores and thrift shops and used book stores, too. I seem to find inspiration all over the place, really.

State fairs have become known for what they can fry?  What would you fry?

It’s all been done, hasn’t it? I saw a story earlier this summer about one fair that had a vendor selling deep-fried sticks of butter. After that, what’s left? Fried tubs of Crisco? I give up.

What’s on your night stand?

My daughter painted a little wooden family a few years ago. I still love it and steal the little people for my night stand whenever she isn’t playing with them. That, and an alarm clock I never use. I’m not a morning person, much as I’d like to be.


Little People


Do you sing when no one else is listening? If so, what is the song or artist?

I usually pride myself on being quite high-brow and out of touch with pop culture, but lately I’ve been obsessed with Katy Perry and her video for California Gurls. I think it’s such a great, catchy song, and the video has a completely over-the-top aesthetic. And I love it that she collaborated with the artist Will Cotton (whose paintings I’ve admired for years) on the video and the album cover. She’s very tongue-in-cheek, and I adore her for it. But I must warn you that if you’re offended by borderline-graphic material you probably won’t care for the song or the video. . . .

Tell us about your pet…picture?

We have a fabulous cat named Parker. She’s 14 now, and she is a real sweetheart. She puts up with an awful lot of shenanigans around our apartment. We like to think she’s so good about that because she’s still thankful to us that we rescued her from a very different fate.


Parker the Cat


If you could be any age again for one week, what age and why?

I’d love to go back and be a kid again for a short time. Maybe age 5 or 6. It would be so amazing to see everyone as they were back then. I’d love to check back with old neighbors who have moved away, to visit our old house. You know, the whole nostalgia thing.

But if I did go back in time, there’s no way my sisters and I would wear our matching dresses to the Wisconsin State Fair. I think I must have been 9 in this photo. I’m the one in the red tights–with sandals?!?– on the left.  (Sorry Mom. But the photo is too good not to share. Again.)



Are you related to anyone famous? Or infamous?

Not any big celebrities, but there is a mountain in Antarctica named after my dad in recognition of the 40 years of research he has done there. It’s called Mount Bockheim. And it even has its own Wikipedia entry. I still think that’s just amazing!

If you could go back in time and talk to yourself at the age of 12, what would it be and why?

Relax and don’t worry so much. I’m still telling myself this all the time!

If you could produce one free project to give away during the Country Fair Blog Hop, what would it be?

It would be the Popover Sundress and a matching doll dress, of course, because it’s the perfect dress for a little girl and her doll to wear to the country fair. (OK, that’s not one of Lissa’s questions, but I needed a transition.)

We don’t get many country fairs here in New York City. We often manage to come across a fair someplace during our summer travels, but this year it wasn’t meant to be. So we shot these photos near our studio in Brooklyn and hope that they have a bit of a county fair vibe. But come to think of it, I’ve never been to a country fair that featured graffiti-covered walls like these.






You can download a free PDF with the pattern pieces and instructions for making these matching dresses from our website.

If you were going to give away some fabric pre-cuts from your Cape Ann collection, what question would you make people answer for a chance to win?

Yeah, that’s not one of Lissa’s questions either.


Cape Ann Giveaway


But if you would like to be entered into a drawing for a jelly roll and a fat quarter bundle, leave a comment telling me what you would wear to your local Country Fair. We’ll pick our winners at random tomorrow morning. Once we do, we’ll notify the winners by email and will close down comments on this post. Good luck!

(Oh, by the way, whatever you do, do not check that little box below that says “Notify me of follow up comments via e-mail.” Trust me. You don’t want to get hundreds of emails today from strangers telling you what they would wear to the fair. Seriously.)

Who’s up for tomorrow?

That would be Joanna of Fig Tree. Be sure to pay her a visit!



  1. Ohh I would have to my new smaller size jeans and t shirt. Today I hit the minus 5 stone mark. yipeeeeeeee….

  2. Nan

    I always wear jeans and a t-shirt. The most important thing to wear is socks and sneakers!

  3. Whitney

    I would wear a Jean skirt and some cowgirl boots!!

  4. Donna

    It’s been many years since I went to a country fair, but I would definitely wear some flat and comfortable shoes and would love to have a cotton dress to keep cool. I remember how hot you get walking around under the sunshine! I love your Cape Ann collection – the colors and prints are lovely! Hope I win!

  5. Sue Bennett

    I forgot to ad what I would ware to the county fair. It is usually pretty warm when our fare is in town so I wear khaki shorts, a t-shirt and tennis shoes. My mother was a quilt maker and I dont ever remember her making us clothes. But I do love that photo..

  6. Judy S.

    Our state fair is going on now in TN. If I were going I would wear my “stretchy” jeans so I could eat kettle corn and funnel cakes!!!

  7. What I would wear? Probably Jeans and a nice T-Shirt. Just something nice and comfortable. The photo with the dresses is really cute!

  8. Living in the South, it’s hot at a country fair. I’d wear shorts and a T shirt. (A book series that I read was set in Cape Ann. I might not be able to resist your collection:)

  9. Connie F

    I would wear a tank top and shorts.
    What a cute pattern. I am going to have fun with that.

  10. Kerrynjane

    Can’t believe I could be the first comment!! I did go to the county fair this year and it was hotter than blazes that week…I wore shorts and one of my fave “life is good” tshirts, cause they are so light weight and comfy. thanks for the cute pattern,,,I think I can find a little girl who would be thrilled with them.

  11. Love the fabric! I have no fancy fair attire – comfy sneakers, light pants and t-shirt and sunscreen. And a backpack so my hands are free. And a big powdered sugar face after eating zeppoles 😉

  12. betty

    What would I wear to the fair? I would probably wear what everyone here would wear. I cool blouse, a blue jean capri, and sandals. We are so fortunate that this is country! It has to be comfortable. By the way, I love the picture of the three little girls and mama in their matching dresses.

  13. Nic

    My favourite shorts and sun top – and yes the good old sunscreen!

  14. rose

    something comfortable and cool!

  15. Mary

    Whenever I go to the fair part of the time is spent watching my sons and husband show cattle, so I make sure I wear comfortable but not the nicest shoes. Walking through cattle barns can be messy! For clothes, something cool and comfortable.
    Thanks for a fun interview.

  16. I am a country girl I wear my jeans or jean shorts and a t-shirt to the fair! I love your dress pattern, going to try it for my neice’s doll for Christmas!

  17. Adrienne

    Let’s see….in Louisiana where humidity reins king…..I’d have to wear my soft denim shorts and a white t-shirt….a cute pair of flip flops and a ponytail!

  18. Mary Kastner

    Definitely short sleeves and capris and a lot of sunscreen. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  19. Gingham. Its a country fair so either a gingham or plaid top, to get into the spirit of it! some comfy jeans and some flat pumps.

  20. Mary G

    I would wear my normal capris and tee shirt. A little jacket if cool as it is supposed to be for the weekend! Love Fall weather, just cool enough for a jacket and a thin quilt at night.

  21. The fabric looks beautiful! I’d have to wear wellies to our local fair in Ireland, as it always seem to rain!

  22. Amy

    In Australia Country Fairs are ALWAYS hot, so I would wear comfortable clothes and shoes, a nice big hat and plenty of bug spray!

  23. Erin

    I would wear something cool and comfortable. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a fair.

  24. Susan Jonak

    We always wore comfortable clothes to the fair, is always scorching at fair time. Love your matching red dress picture of you and your sisters!

  25. Pam L

    Sunscreen, t-shirt and shorts. Comfort is key.

  26. I would always wear a comfy pair of jeans and a pretty summer top. I love the Cape Ann fabrics.

  27. Maryjo

    Your fabric is beautiful! At the fair I would wear shorts a red and white check shirt and comfortable sneakers. There is a lot to see and do you need to be comfortable! Thank you so much for the chance. Maryjo

  28. Wenda

    I would wear something cool, it has been very hot in our part of the country this summer.

  29. Dee Johnson

    What I wore this year, jeans, t-shirt and flip flops:) Your dad must be very cool!

  30. Martine

    I would wear jeans, white blouse and comfortable shoes. Thanks for the lovely pattern.

  31. Linda L. in Maryville, IL

    I would wear a loose top so if it hot I can be cool, of course a great pair of jeans and a good pair of sport shoes for walking, and walking and walking!

  32. Nancy

    I usually wear capris with a lose fitting top and sneakers to the local Fairs. Comfy is the only way to go!
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  33. Lissa

    I would wear either shorts or jeans. I wish I was a sundress person, I keep buying them intending on being a dress person, but it just doesn’t work. I will try again next summer. I love love your patterns and the fabric!

  34. Jennifer W

    I am usually working in the 4-H petting barn so my outfit consists of jeans and a t-shirt with some older tennis shoes. Nothing too exciting, just comfortable.

  35. Amy

    We don’t have a county fair, but the nearest local one is in October. I’d have to wear jeans and sneakers to be comfortable! Love the picture with the matching sundresses – and you personalized yours by wearing the red tights! 😉

  36. I would wear a peasant dress and cowboy boots. Thanks!

  37. Sarah

    I wear comfortable shoes to a fair, and a bag that allows me to be hands free so I can keep track of my 3 small children!

  38. Patti J.

    Well, our fair was amonth ago and I wore shorts. And boots, because we had livestock there. You HAVE to wear boots.

  39. Debbie

    I’ve been to many fairs due to growing up with 4-H and living in a rural area. At this point in my life, I would go with a comfortable pair of capris t-shirt and my favorite sandals. In Wisconsin you don’t have to worry about a jacket or sweater as it is always hot and humid.

  40. Sue

    I would wear jean shorts, sneakers (for those dusty fields), and a red white and blue tshirt – and bring a sweater because it gets cool in the evening!

  41. What a fun blog hop! Thank you. Your Cape Ann line is so very cute!
    I love the fair and usually wear capri’s and a light weight Tshirt with sandals.

  42. Something light and comfortable and a big hat for sure.

  43. Janis

    Cooler weather here in Michigan and jeans, t-shirt and a hoody would be what I am wearing. Loved the summer dresses.

  44. Nancyz

    I would wear jeans and sneakers. Something comfortable for a lot of walking. Thanks for the giveaway.

  45. Strudy shoes! Not sure what else. Skirt and tee shirt maybe.

  46. Karen

    I would wear sneakers, a must as there is usually a lot of walking, jeans and a t-shirt. Interesting about your father and his mountain.

  47. Elizabeth Crooker

    comfortable shoes!!!!!

  48. Mary

    I would wear something I didn’t have to worry about spilling all that good fair food on.

  49. I would wear jeans and a comfy top. Oh, and a good pair of walking shoes! Loved the pic you shared of you and your sisters dressed alike…I remember one taken of my best friend and I dressed alike in purple dresses that our moms made for us to wear the first day of school. We were so proud to be dressed alike!

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  50. Marsha

    I would wear whatever is comfortable and it doesn’t hurt if it gets dirty. (Our county fairs take place when it is humid and very hot!) Thanks for the dress patterns! Love them and love your fabric!

  51. I would wear jeans and t-shirt of course, and my favourite Rieker’s shoes. Love the photo with your Mom and sisters!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  52. Red gingham for sure! So cute. Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. Jana

    I would wear comfortable, sturdy shoes, I think this is a must, because there is usually a lot of walking, jeans and a t-shirt.

  54. Sue M. in NM

    I always wear jeans and a T-shirt. Thats what I live in.

  55. Tiff Blakey

    I would wear overalls. Not because they’re country. Because the lack of waistband allows more room in my belly for fried fair food. 🙂

  56. daisygirl_78

    Jeans, a tee shirt, maybe a light sweater in case it got cool, and most importantly, a pair of comfy shoes that I don’t mind getting dirty if I step in “something” near the animals by accident… 🙂

  57. Every year I make my daughter a simple fair dress. I try to make myself a skirt that coordinates but isn’t too matchy, matchy (LOVE that pic of you and your sisters, BTW!). That plus a simple t-shrit and maybe a cardigan if it is cool

  58. Logan

    I wear cowgirl boots, jeans, and a favorite t-shirt!

  59. Janet

    My county fair’s in August, so shorts, tank top and tennies!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  60. I tend to wear scrubs or jeans to the fair- I like comfortable:) Thanks for the chance to get to know you better and to win some of your fun fabrics:)

  61. thank you so much for sharing the wonderful photograph, what you and your sisters wore to the fair, that photograph is priceless. Thank you also for the PDF file of the dress and doll dress. I think if I was going to the fair today, I would wear a larger brimmed hat, T-shirt, jeans shorts and flip-flops.

  62. Sarah

    I’d wear a jean skirt, a tank top, and sandals. And of course sunglasses.

  63. I’d wear jeans, which is what I wear about everywhere except church!

  64. Well I’d love to wear the same dress that I wore at 6 (larger size of course) to the state fair. I have a photo with my dad and he’s wearing a suit and tie!

  65. Shelia Burns

    I would wear something very comfortable and good walking shoes. Jeans and sneakers. Would love to win!

  66. rebecca

    Kid Rock t-shirt for me!!! We went to a concert at the local county fair last Sat!!

  67. I’d like to wear a comfortable Skirt and a Blouse 😀
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  68. Andrea

    I wear a western shirt, jeans, cowboy boots. Cute patern thanks so much for sharing.

  69. Tracy

    I’d wear something comfortable because one would be doing alot of walking. Definitely a pair of walking / comfy shoes! Would hate to miss anything because my feet were sore!

  70. Del

    Our fair is in January, so jeans and long sleeve shirt and jacket.

  71. Easy – something cool and machine washable with my walking shoes (but not my best ones because the animal barns can get messy)!

  72. Lisa from Texas

    What would I wear? Definitely shorts and a ‘cool’ top…not cool like Fonzie cool, but cool like cool I live in Texas and the heat is killing me cool! Love the picture…I am one of 3 girls and still have the picture my mom took of us in our purple polyester matching pantsuits…just gotta love the 70’s! Lisa in Texas

  73. Heidi

    I just love your photo Liesl! And I love, love, love your work, I do, I do!! What I would wear to the County Fair would be a tossup – fair says sundress to me or jeans with closed toe shoes because I love visiting all the farm animals.

  74. Eva

    Lo más cómoda posible, unos vaqueros y una camiseta con unos zapatos blanditos para andar y andar y andar.
    Besicos !!!

  75. Susan

    I’d wear a denim skirt and a fun, comfortable t-shirt. Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. I would wear a sundress and flip flops to our county fair. That is my “uniform” in the summer months to stay cool.

  77. Shawn

    What I would wear? Probably shorts and a cool top as it is usually very very hot. Thanks for the chance to win some cool fabric.

  78. Shasta Anderson

    Our fair is in late October. In south Louisiana it is not hot but cool and pleasant. So, I would wear jeans, t-shirt, light sweater and tennis shoes.

  79. Judy Starkey

    I would wear shorts and tennis shoes and a comfy shirt. Our fair is going on right now in Hutchinson, KS.
    Love your give away, thank you.

  80. Kris

    jeans and a tee, thanks for the chance!!

  81. Pam H.

    What cuties in red gingham!! I usually wear jean crop pants with a really cool shirt & a hat because it’s usually very hot at state fair time. The sun dress is so cute & just what every little girl would wear. Keep up the good work !

  82. c vogel

    Our county fairs are in July, so shorts and something cool. The display building are always hot.

  83. Our County Fair is going on right now, and since today is cooler, I would wear jeans and comfortable tennis shoes. I really like you childrens patterns! I really like the family picture. 🙂

  84. Sue Rynex

    I would wear rolled up jeans, oxford shirt, and Keds.

  85. Donna

    I would wear my jeans and a good pair of walking shoes that have some wear on them – you just never know what you’ll step in and you certainly don’t want to wear something good! 😉
    Your new line is so precious – I’m thinking of something for my soon to be new grand daughter!
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  86. I would dress for comfort. Tennis shoes, a cute tee and shorts. Thank you for the chance to win this cute fabric. Take care and God bless, Cory

  87. I’d dress for the weather with loose fitting clothing to allow room for the funnel cake…and comfortable shoes for walking every square inch of the fair! ~*

  88. Joanne L.

    jeans, sneakers, and a chambray shirt…

  89. Heidi

    I always wear Keens, a tank top and shorts or a skirt to the state fair..have to be comfortable because we’re usually there the entire day enjoying shows and fried food on a stick! 🙂

  90. Jayne

    I’d wear jeans or shorts and a t-shirt. County Fairs in August are hot.

  91. Leslie

    I love the look of your new line Cape Ann. It looks like great fun. I would probably where blue jeans and comfortable shoes and cotton shirt. It’s all about comfort when you want to see and do everything. Thanks for the chance.

  92. Lynn Brown

    I would wear the usual…khaki shorts and a t-shirt. And my lawn-mowing tennis shoes…don’t want to wear flip flops to the barns!

  93. I will be going to fair in just a couple of weeks and I will be wearing jeans and probably a t-shirt. I’m hoping it will be cool enough that I will also be able to wear my zip hoodie.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter your great giveaway!!

  94. Syd

    I would wear a cute little sundress and sandals to the fair.

  95. Vicki

    My younger sisters and I had several matching outfits. At the age of twelve, our dress-up spring outfits were pastel polka-dot sailor tops with white pleated skirts. Not the perfect fair outfits, but eye-catching just the same.

  96. I would wear a 3-tiered skirt and peasant blouse with sandels..So fresh even now in style. I love your patterns but all my little ones and grand little ones are grown..But I recognize the doll clothes,, made many of those for 5 granddaughters American Dolls..Whew! Glad that is over..

  97. susan

    I would wear jeans, t-shirt and comfortable shoes for walking in barns and around the fair grounds.Thank you for the chance to win.

  98. Diane R.

    We have a great county fair here in Tulare County, CA, with a terrific, large display of quilts. Our quilt guild members all attend. Some of the ladies are hand quilting our opportunity quilt for the next year, and some of us are selling raffle tickets for the quilt. Most of us have denim shirts with our guild logo on it, so this is the perfect opportunity to wear those!

  99. I would wear shorts and a T shirt. Need to be comfortable and to try to stay cool.

  100. Connie

    Probably a 4-H t-shirt, shorts, and comfortable tennis shoes!

  101. cherie

    I’d wear shorts, short sleeve blouse and Keen sandals – good for lots of walking and you can spray them off if you step in anything. : )

  102. Denny Aleckson

    I would wear a sundress! Thanks for the chance!

  103. Lynn S

    First—I love your book! I plan on making the puppet stage and the smoke apron for my little grand daughter soon! What to wear: something sleeveless and peddlepushers! Comfortable shoes, sunglasses and a wide brim hat..and a light weight purse.

  104. Donna wilson

    I would wear jean shorts that don’t show the dust. Love the fabric and pattern.

  105. Laura

    Thinking back to the days when we waited all summer long for the county fair, I remember wearing cut off jean shorts, sandals and tank top. Those were the days!

  106. Cecilia

    Thank you for the dresss pattern. I would wear jeans, a Tshirt and sneakers. Thanks for the giveaway.

  107. Marika

    I’d wear something comfortable like a cute t-shirt and either jeans or shorts.

    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  108. WyseWoman

    Thank you for the pattern! What would I wear to a country fair? I would love to wear a very simple, off-white, short-sleeved shift with an eyelet border at the hem. Over it, I would wear a wrap-around apron (like Simplicity 5201) in a very feminine fabric. And my favorite sun hat. Not too specific, am I? LOL Thanks again for the opportunity!

  109. Elizabeth

    I would definitely wear shorts and a t-shirt. Thanks for the giveaway and the great tutorial.

  110. Noela

    Jeans, T-shirt and sneakers would be the norm. Thanks for the chance to win some of your great fabrics.

  111. I would wear a sundress to the fair. It’s light and airy and fairs are always hot. I would also wear a big floppy had to keep my face , neck, chest,and shoulders out of the sun. Sunscreen is a must for fairs. And since all of the fairs I have been to have had gravel to walk on, wearing sandals get your feet really dirty. So I would do something trendy and wear a pair of chucks or some other closed toed shoe that I don’t mind getting dirty with my sundress.

  112. Thanks for the great giveaway of your darling fabrics! I would wear my favorite baggy cotton slacks, sandals and a linen top. Comfort 🙂

  113. Ellen

    I’d have to wear something functional so that I could go on lots of rides with no worries, probably jeans and a tee. 🙂

  114. Pam

    My favorite capri’s[they are almost worn out, oh no] a T shirt, and walking shoes!

  115. I would forego the tights, LOL. Hey, I give props to your mom to letting you express yourself in some way even though you were all wearing a similar dress.

    What would I wear—tshirt, jean shorts and good walking tennis type shoes. You have to watch where you are stepping at the fair, after all!

  116. Rebecca S.

    My two girls would look super cute in that little dress! Since I live in Texas, fair attire would not only have to be something comfortable, but something that could stand the heat. Sandals, shorts, and t-shirt. I know not exciting, but truthful.

  117. heidi

    We live in the city, so no country fairs for us. But, I think if I did live in the country and had a country fair, I would have to wear a denim skirt, cowgirl boots and a fitted plaid button down shirt. If I had long hair I would put it in two braids and top it off with a cowgirl hat. Now I want to move to the country!
    Love your fabric and patterns!

  118. Janet Brill

    I would wear a pretty floral sundress and a floppy brimmed straw hat…something very retro and country! I enjoyed your site, and your patterns are adorable!

  119. Patti S.

    Thanks for the pattern. Going to the fair, I would wear shorts, a cotton shirt and tennis shoes, to stay comfortable. Thanks.

  120. I would probably wear my cut-off jean capris and an outside shirt so I could have two favorite things to eat at the fair. Homemade ice cream and funnel cake. Wonderful post and I love getting to know the designers. Keeping my fingers crossed. Judy C in NC

  121. I would be wearing my jean capris and an outside shirt so I could eat homemade ice cream and funnel cake. wonderful post and love getting to know everyone. Judy C in NC

  122. Erin

    Because it is still so warm when the State Fair is here I would probably wear a pair of walking shorts and either a tee shirt or tank top. Also, a ballcap to keep the sun off my face so I don’t get burned.

  123. Linda N.

    When we go to the county fair or to the state fair, I wear long pants, a loose men’s shirt with long sleeves, a big straw hat with a wide brim, and sunglasses. I try to avoid too much exposure to the sun. If we are going to something that is more like a festival fair, I do dress up a little.

  124. Jennifer

    What a great post! Can’t wait for Cape Ann! And I would wear
    walking shorts, cool blouse and sandals, all comfy clothes so we
    could spend the entire day enjoying everything about the fair!

    Thanks for a chance to win!


  125. I would wear a cute little sun dress. I love your fabric!

  126. Capris, a light weight shirt and comfy sandals. Definitely not tights and sandals! Too cute!

  127. Marilyn

    Comfortable shoes and a hat would be the most important part of my attire! thanks for the chance to win such beautiful fabric.

  128. As a former 4-Her and someone who has spent a LOT of time at county fairs, I have the perfect outfit down to a science: t-shirt from the local 4-H club that you support (or a tank top on really sunny days), denim capris, and close-toed shoes. The close-toed shoes are really important because the animals like to leave their calling cards all over the fairgrounds. The whole outfit needs to be clothes you don’t worry about too much because they will get dusty. And sunscreen!

  129. Marilyn

    Thanks for the chance to win such beautiful fabric. Comfortable shoes and a hat would be the most important part of my attire.

  130. Gwen

    I usually wear jeans and a short sleeve t-shirt and comfortable
    tennis shoes. We usually spend the entire day there so want to
    be comfortable.

  131. Christina

    I would wear jeans, a plaid shirt, and comfortable shoes. Enjoyed your post and can’t wait for your new line to sew an outfit for my granddaughter. Thanks.

  132. Carol C

    Since summer in my area of the US is almost too hot to even be outside, my attire to the fair would be something really cool and comfortable like a sundress or shorts and cotton shirt.

  133. Karen in Breezy Point

    For sure I would wear my most comfortable shoes since there is always a lot of walking at the fair!
    Karen in Breezy Point

  134. Ann

    I wear old jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes. My daughters show sheep at our County Fair in Nebraska! It is always miserably hot, dusty and dry every year!

  135. kathy h

    I would be wearing capris and a short sleeve shirt and definitely comfortable shoes and a big brim hat to keep the sun off.

  136. Torey

    I’d wear jeans and a short-sleeved top. It’s still hot in MS, but somehow the weather always seems to break by the state fair and we have a cool snap. Can’t wait!

  137. Janet

    This pattern will be perfect for my 5 year old and her baby. Can’t wait to put it together. janet

  138. Pattie C

    Capris and comfortable sandals for all the walking. And a shirt to avoid staring and pointing.

  139. I went to the Indiana State fair in August just to see Dr. Oz. I wore my blue Eddie Bauer capris and a white t-shirt. I didn’t put much thought into it. this is like my summer uniform.:)

  140. I would definitely wear capris or jeans, depending on the weather…..livining in Michigan it can be hot or cold…. and a very comfy pair of shoes….probably flip flops. Thanks for the pattern, my grandgirls will definitely luv the dress….and a matching dress for their dolls….perfect for their September birthdays. Thanks for the chance to win…luv your fabrics!!

  141. Paula

    Jeans and a t-shirt is my favorite outfit. Thanks for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  142. Even though the fair is in the fall, sunscreen would be a must as well as comfy clothes and shoes. The Cape Ann collection is lovely. Thanks for the chance and also the project sheet. A great project for those with American Girl dolls and their mommies!

  143. I love this interview and the sharing of the picture of everyone in matching dresses. 🙂

    I’d be wearing comfortable clothes — most likely shorts and a t-shirt.

    Thank you for a chance to win.

  144. Carol C.

    I would wear capris and a short sleeved shirt, and very comfortable shoes…Love the pattern, and your fabrics. Thanks for the opportunity

  145. Angela

    I wear something comfortable, cool, and easy to climb in and out of rides since my daughter and I will be on them! Thanks for the freebie and the chance to win some of your gorgeous fabric!

  146. Tammy

    Our state fair starts this week and it’s still pretty hot here so comfy, cool clothes would be my choice. We’re in an agriculture based state so if you go to people watch you’ll see mostly jeans and boots at our fair.

  147. I love that photo when you were a young girl with the matching outfits.
    thanks for a chance to win some lovely fabric.
    Our fair is usually in the fall so I would probably wear some blue jeans and a light shirt and carry a hoodie with me as it gets cooler in the evening.

  148. Bernie

    Our county fair is in January (Florida) so the temps can be all over the place….from 40’s (which is like sub-zero for us wimps) to a pleasant 70’s. So, I’d wear what we’ve named “Vatican Pants”. Pants where the legs zip off to make into shorts.(oh so stylish!) First named for our mid-summer trip to Rome, where the temps were beastly hot, but the men had to wear long pants in to the Vatican. Zip on, zip off. I’d pair it with a tank top, and a light weight sweater that can be tied around my waist. Oh, and sunscreen.

  149. Holly Marie

    What to wear to the fair? Well I’d wear a short,comfy jean skirt, short sleeve top, (cotton cause it’s cooler) and a pair of flip flops.

    And in a completely unrelated note, do you know what kind of cat Parker is? Because it looks to me as if you have a Forest cat. I myself own a Siberian Forest Cat(which is what I think Parker looks like, but can’t say for sure w/out seeing her tail. Lol), but there are also Norwegian Forest Cats. I realize that was a random question, but I think Forest Cats are amazing and am always excited when I encounter another one in blogland!

  150. Bonnie

    For a day at the fair I would be very comfortable in Jeans and a tank top, take a light sweater for cooler evening.

  151. Lei

    I normally wear jeans. I love jeans. Thanks for the give-away.

  152. Tammy R.

    I would never wear anything white to a county fair cuz it wouldn’t stay white. I am a denim person so I would probably wear jeans or capris and a loose t-shirt or cotton shirt. Thanks for the give-away!

  153. Deb

    I would wear a sundress and flip flops to the fair. Love you dress pattern. I think I will have to make one up for my niece for Christmas.

  154. Ginger

    I would probably just wear a nice comfy pair of good old denim jeans.

  155. Colette

    I would wear shorts and a t-shirt…comfort all the way. It is HOT here during fair season! OH…and tennis shoes….not sandals, your feet get dirty in the animal exhibits!!

  156. I’m a capris and t-shirt kind of girl, but I think I’d like to wdress up and wear a cute sundress to the fair. Either way, I’ll have Birkies on my feet.

  157. Karen M.

    I always wear comfortable shoes to the Fair! I love the sun dresses and I would love to win the fabric bundle!

  158. Pati

    Love your designs!
    Our Country Fair in Texas is coming soon and unless the weather gets cooler it’s summer clothes for us. 107 yesterday and expecting 100 today.
    Thanks for all you do! I appreciate you sharing your skill and talents with us.

  159. Karen M.

    I always wear comfortable shoes to the Fair! I love the sundresses, thank you for the pattern.

  160. Marilee

    Love the matching dresses, but at our fair it’s western wear, jeans and boots.

  161. I would wear my most comfortable pair of walking shoes, shorts or capris with a T-shirt and tie a hoodie around my waist just in case the weather turned! Thanks for a fun post and a great giveaway!

  162. Mary Beth

    Blue jeans capris and a t-shirt, with my hair pulled back in a ponytail. Given, of course, my hair will someday be long enough to pull back in a ponytail.

  163. Gloria

    My mother liked to dress us – 5 sisters with 16 years age difference from oldest to youngest – in the same frocks until I rebelled! Glad I wasn’t the only one to enjoy that experience.

    We don’t have anything quite the same as a County Fair in England, but if I was visiting one in the US I would wear comfortable shoes and an elastic waist! I would want to try some of the food that I am hearing about.

  164. Karin E

    Shorts and tan top and comfy flip flops ( r there any?) since is always hot. I remember when my mom would make matching clothes for myself and sister then our dolls too. I still have the doll clothes so much fun. Your line of fabric and patterns are sooooo
    cute and adorable. Karin E:)

  165. Lynda H

    Jeans all the way – I think that is the costume of choice in the NW – denim fits in everywhere. I have a couple of denim skirts but don’t wear much.

  166. Definitely a sundress. That way I could eat all day and still be comfortable! Thanks for the chance.

  167. Annmarie

    Country Fair time around here is usually HOT so I’d wear jean shorts & a tank top. What fun. Thanks for the chance to win some cool fabric.

  168. Darlene Staley

    I am a jeans and t-shirts gal when it comes to the fair and hopefully it is cool enough outside to add a cool jacket and boots!

  169. Linda Cates

    I would wear a sundress!

  170. Beth

    I would wear something with an elastic wasteline so I could eat more!

    Love your new fabric!

  171. Pattywacks

    I would dress up like a clown and have some fun …. Red rubber nose and all

  172. Karen

    I’d wear shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. My hubby would dig in his closet looking for a matching shirt, so I’d have to be sure and pick pink or purple. lol. No matching dresses here.

  173. Depending on the weather, I would either wear jeans or jean shorts, a cotton shirt and possibly a sweater if it’s cool and tennis shoes. Thank you!

  174. Yvonne B

    I guess it all depends on the weather. If it’s cool, I’d wear jeans and a cute t-shirt. If it’s warm, I’d wear khaki shorts and a cute t-shirt. Either way I’d make sure to be wearing very comfortable shoes!

  175. I would wear flip flops, capri pants, a tank top, hat and sunglasses. Nothing original that’s for sure!

  176. Phyllis

    If the weather is warm I’ll wear my capris and a short sleeve top. For cooler weather my jeans and a top and a jacket or sweater for the cooler evening. Definitely comfy shoes!
    Thanks for the chance to win the great it!

  177. Mary F

    I would wear the apron I made for 4H when I was about 10. We had to model them then! I am sure it was “interesting”.

  178. Tahza

    My jeans and boots, of course. Lots of walking to see all the boths.

  179. Bonnie R

    My 16 yr old daughter and I live 3 blocks from the fairgrounds so we walk over there every day its open. We wear jeans or capris, T shirt, sneakers and a backpack with all the essentials,water bottle, wallet, camera for taking pictures of our entries and the fair book so we can figure out what to enter in next years fair. Perhaps next year we can enter a doll dress each!

  180. Nothing fancy either jeans or capris depending on weather, t’shirt, a cap for the sun (after all this is Texas we’re talking about!)and sneakers.

  181. Lynn M

    I’d wear long walking shorts, a nice t-shirt, comfortable sandals and plenty of sunscreen. Thanks for the chuckle this morning with the “matching outfits”…don’t you just love looking back at old photos? Thanks for the chance to win fabric from your adorable new line.

  182. Carolyn Crandall

    I would wear cotton shorts and a cotton top and comfortable shoes for sure. I live in Florida and although it may rain during the fair…its pretty warm. I’d love to win some of your newest fabric!! Thanks for sharing

  183. Erin Waters

    I would wear something very late 30’s or 40’s…very much in suit with The Notebook.

  184. Lisa H.

    I would wear comfortable clothes to a county fair. For me, comfortable means jeans and t-shirt. =)

  185. I would wear a light colored t-shirt, capris, and sandals with a big floppy hat to keep out the sun.

  186. Janice Mc Laren

    Jeans and boots. Is there a better choice?

  187. Alina Rodgers

    Well, I probably will wear my capris and T-shirt if the weather is warm. Otherwise, jeans and T-shirt. Thanks for the chance.

  188. I would wear something comfy, like jeans, a t-shirt and my running shoes, because I know I want to explore the whole fair and spend the day there.

    Thanks for your genersous giveaway, Liesl. Just recently I tried out one of your patterns (from your gorgeous book) for the first time and fell in love with your designs. Your patterns are brilliant!

  189. Lisa K.

    Ooh, sunscreen, next time! This summer I forgot to wear it, despite having slathered up the young ‘un. love the new collection, Liesl!

  190. Colleen

    I’d probably wear jeans, a t-shirt, and Converse All-Stars, because that’s pretty much all I ever wear. Thanks for the pattern and giveaway!

  191. Deborah

    I’d wear jeans and a t-shirt to the fair – that’s what I wear every day since I retired! Loved the photo of you and your sisters in your matching outfits!

  192. I’d wear jeans and light sweatshirt with boots. We always need to wear a sun hat, too. I’m a retired 4-H Agent and County Fair was such a wonderful time of year for all our families and community, including our urban county.
    Anita B.

  193. Kd

    I love this Moda Country Fair! I would wear jeans and a sweater since the weather is cooling. You can never be too comfortable at the fair. Thanks for the great giveaway. Kd

  194. Here it’s usually still warm so probably shorts and definitely tennis shoes, and if I win a ribbon, maybe I wear a big smile!

  195. Toni Anne

    Jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt all good for a long day. Thanks for participating, good luck to everyone. ;->

  196. mkproff

    I would wear something comfortable, like jeans, t-shirt and tennies.

  197. Stephanie

    I would wear jeans to my county fair so all the dust and dirt would not be on my legs but my jeans.

  198. Lee

    I would wear jeasn, white cotton shirt and cowboy hat! thanks!

  199. candy

    I would wear something comfortable since it is always hot during our state fair.

  200. Pam Davis

    Today I would wear something very cool and comfortable, I live in AZ. Love cotton that can breath, Ha? I have to say I love the family your daughter painted. These are the things in life that bring such joy. Have a wonderful day and thank you for your blog. I smile when I read it.
    Pam in AZ.

  201. Gale, Ky quilter

    I would wear denim shorts, white t-shirt and flip flops! Love this fabric! Thanks for the chance to win.


  202. Chris

    cowboy boots and jeans for sure! Probably a tank top. thanks for the cute patterns and giveaway.

  203. Maria Grazia

    ohh! I love country. I’m italian, so I don’t know your country fair but i think that probably i would wear jeans and a cotton shirt (probably a little plaid shirt)… I’m dreaming about a trip in the Usa ….
    with love form Italy

  204. cocoquilts

    Of course capri jeans & a blouse because of the heat at our fair that is on right now. I also have to tell you that I love your whole booth and your designs! Looking forward to using your fabric for a friend’s first granddaughter!

  205. Twyla

    I would wear jeans and cowboy boots what else would a farm girl wear?? Love your fabrics and could certainly make something cute from them!!!!

  206. Toni

    Overalls 🙂

  207. Connie Martin

    I always wear a white blouse and jeans. This year I wore my running shoes and was so glad I did.

    I love the Cape Ann collection and those cute PJ’s.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  208. Sheila S

    Cute fabric! What would I wear to the Fair? Well, jeans, of course! To me, the most important part of the fair is the livestock and baby animals and who wants to dress up-be comfortable!

  209. I would definately wear a t-shirt, capris, and sandals. But then again if I wanted to go through the animal areas sneakers would definately be required.

  210. KarenSueY

    A pair of broken in shoes,a cozy sweater,and jeans.

  211. Our County fair is a country fair. . .and a very big one! I’d wear blue jeans and a nice blouse, sandals. . .and a sunhat!

  212. Sandy N

    I live in N. California and our fair is in August so I wear shorts and a tank top. Thanks for the opportunity to win!=)

  213. Robbin

    I would wear comfortable clothing, lots of elastic so as to enjoy all the Fried stuff.

  214. If I could find something with a funky apple print on it, I’d be all over that. We just went apple picking on the weekend and I’m feeling quite autumny today 🙂

  215. Joan cantwell

    I love the matching dresses..but I would wear jeans and a t-shirt
    thanks for the great giveaway

  216. Amy McA

    I’d wear a nice cotton skirt, tank top and lightweight cardigan to a local Country Fair.

  217. Sue Petersen

    I would wear comfy clothes and sturdy shoes for all the walking around that I do looking at all the exhibits. Boring, I know.

  218. I would wear shorts and t-shirt…and tennis shoes! love all the matching dresses (both the new and the old!)

  219. Hildy

    I’m from munich, germany, and this week starts Oktoberfest. Every four years thers’s also a country fair next to the fest. What I would wear to it? Of course a dirndl, the bavarian costume;-)
    Greetings from germany

  220. Brenda

    A pretty summer dress with cowboy boots- if it would look good on me. Since it wouldn’t, I might just have to wear shorts & a cool top :).

  221. Kathe G

    I’d be wearing comfortable walking shorts or jeans, comfortable shoes and a light cotton top – gets really warm here.

  222. Shae

    A light skirt and t-shirt.

  223. Becca L

    I would definitely wear my Keen shoes with jeans and a T shirt.

  224. donna

    i would wear a comfy sundress to stay cool.

  225. Maria G

    I am from Argentina, and the only fair I used to go was the annual show of cattle and agricultural machinery. In the middle of the capital city! I needed pants, comfy shoes for all the walking and nothing red (for the bulls, you know?, just in case).

  226. PDXPam

    COMFORT is all…. since I love to do rides, I couldn’t wear a dress, so it would be jeans or capris and a nice comfy cotton top. If I was NOT doing rides, a nice flowy dress would be nice…

    LOVE your patterns!

    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  227. I would definitely wear something comfy…probably capris, sketcher shoes (they are sooo comfy) and a patterned top (so that stains won’t show up when I dribble mustard on it!!)…and bring a sweater just in case I stay into the evening!
    Thanks for the chance to win this GORGEOUS fabric!! Very generous of you! Take care!

  228. Katja Magus

    My new lisette blouse in the red lawn of course, with denim capris!

  229. Tammy F

    I am fortunate enough to live in a small town that has a free fair every year with the food, rides, livestock shows and exibit buildings (albeit it is on a very small scale). My attire is usually something cool, like shorts and tees because being from here, I may end up running the stand that makes that cotton candy that you like so well. LOL !!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  230. Patty

    All the gifts I’ve made from your book have been so well received. Thanks for making me look good! Our town has a youth livestock show: boots & jeans.

  231. Four dogs and one quilter

    Jeans and a T-shirt and good shoes.

  232. Sandy

    Jeans and a T shirt. Good walking shoes.

  233. To the fair? a light breezy skirt and a tanktop. Nothing fancy, probably something upcycled out of soft, worn old Tshirts like I did this year. There’s no better air conditioning on the planet like a cotton skirt during hot, sticky fair months!

  234. Lou

    I would wear a pair of shorts and a tank top to the fair here in TX as it is always HOT!!!!! Thank you for the sundress pattern…I ahve a 5 mo old gdaughter that will love one of these when she gets a bit bigger:)

  235. I have worn both a swim suit and a ball gown at my county fair! I was in the queen pageant (1st runner up!). Thanks for the chance to win!

  236. Jamie

    I would wear a comfortable, breezy sundress and very comfortable flats. Dresses are so versatile, and on a hot summer day they really do keep you cooler than any other ensemble.

  237. Sandy Gravelle

    Your sundress is so cute, I know a couple of little girls who will love it. When our fair is here it’s usually very hot, so I would wear a tank top and shorts to keep cool.

  238. Jan

    Interestingly enough I have never been to a state fair. But, I live in Dallas so plan to remedy that later this month. As for what I’ll wear, probably shorts since we have an abundance of hot weather.

  239. Connie Morgan

    Our local county fair is the end of July, first part of August…so it’s hot hot hot! So I wear shorts and t-shirts…would love to wear sandals, but tennis shoes are a must as you never know what you are gonna step in!
    Love you fabrics…too cute!

  240. Jennifer S

    I’m a capri pant and t-shirt kind of girl.

  241. Terry P

    I would wear capris and light weight top. Love the fabric. I have 4 granddaughters that would love something made of that wonderful fabric

  242. Andrea Lui

    shorts and a v neck t-shirt! my standard go-to “uniform”. 🙂

  243. Karen

    A cute little sundress and flip flops!

  244. Violeta

    I live in Seattle, so our fair weather can be all over the place: hot, rainy, chilly even. I need to wear tennis shoes to the fair! The Puyallup fair grounds are pretty big, and plain ol’ flip flops will not be my best friends by the end of the day. :o)

  245. jen

    our fair is in summertime and so I would wear my navy/white striped jersey mini dress. it has a circle skirt bottom and very fitted ruched top and I look awesome in it 🙂

  246. Kim Q

    I dress for comfort…Crocs on my feet and knit clothing.

  247. Pat

    I would wear something cool and pretty. You never know who you might meet at the fair.

  248. SWarren

    Since the Fair is not always the cleanest place in the world to sit down (drippy ice cream, mustard from a corndog…etc) I always wear jeans and comfy shoes. I just love the sweet model for your cute sundress! And the fabric too 🙂

  249. Sundresses are a must for the fair.

  250. Peggy W.

    I would wear jeans and probably a flouncy airy top. Definitely sandals. Thanks for the giveaway and the fun pattern.

  251. sndy1

    It would have to be something comfortable–jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes.

  252. Jan Geiser

    I love your website….. I will soon be a grandmother of my first granddaughter…..certainly will be checking into this site again!!

    I would probably wear to a fair some jeans and something checkered for a cotton blouse…..sounds fair like…yes?

  253. I would wear something comfortable for sure. Shorts or jeans, a tshirt and comfy sneakers!

  254. Janice

    If I were going to the fair I would enlarge your girl’s popover pattern for a top to fit me, then chose a smart fabric duo to make the top. Add a pair of linen shorts and and sandals and off we go! Your fabric and patterns are delightful. Thanks for the giveaway.

  255. I’d wear jeans, a T-shirt, and tennis shoes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  256. Kate

    Standard fall fair going attire = t-shirt, jeans, shoes/handknit socks (no sandals in the animal barns for this country girl) and I always take along a handknit cardigan for the blissfully cool evening (yay).

  257. Linda C

    I always wear shorts and a comfy tee shirt to our county fair because it is always really, really hot.

  258. Well, having been to the fair numerous times, I usually wear jeans and a top (a cool top, not something that will keep me warm)

    That’s what I’d wear again, I’m too old, my shorts days have passed me by 🙂

  259. I would wear my tightest tank top that shows off my own jelly rolls and my tramp stamp! And closed-toe shoes for sure…watch out for manure!

  260. I would wear capris and a t-shirt, but not flip-flops, because my feet would be killing me by the end of the day. It’s too hot here to wear anything cute to the fair. It was 108 yesterday. For like the 70th day this summer — or maybe it’s more than that.

  261. Sue Bone

    I’d wear trousers so I could do the rides without sharing a look of my underwear.

  262. Caroline Lewis

    I’m pretty sure we don’t have a county fair here in Narberth, PA but when I lived in NC and we went to the state fair it was jeans, danskos and a cute top – maybe a sweater for chilly fall nights!

  263. Jo Ann

    I’d wear my classic jeans and a white shirt and flip-flops. Love your patterns and fabric!

  264. Mary

    I would wear a khaki skirt, t-shirt and jean jacket. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  265. Colleen

    I would wear a nice pair of jeans and a t shirt!

  266. linda crosby

    I know what is was like to dress the same as I had an identical twin sister whom I lost to cancer at age 30; but I would love to have her here today to enjoy all of what life has to offer. If we were to go to the county fair which is in the fall here in Nova Scotia; we would dress for comfort in jeans and layers for the top as it cools off in the evenings and sneakers for the feet. Thank you for the chance to win

  267. Joan

    I would wear a sundress to the fair! They are so comfy! I would also love to win the awesome fabrics!

  268. Colleen

    A nice pair of jeans and t shirt

  269. Colleen

    Jeans and t shirt

  270. We miss the MN State Fair – such a great experience where you can get pretty much anything deep fried and on a stick. I would definitely wear comfortable shoes. My kids are 5 and 7 and do. not. stay. still. So sneakers are great for chasing after them – as they disappear into the crowd… Thanks!

  271. Nicole

    In would wear shorts and a cute top. Too hot in the South for anything else! Love Cape Ann by the way. Such lovely, calming colors.

  272. Sally

    I’d wear comfortable shoes for lots of walking. And jeans or shorts, plus a colorful top. I love your clothing designs for children!

  273. Shelley

    Our country fair is going on right now and since it has cooled down I’ll wear my jeans and a t-shirt and the most comfortable walking shoes I own.

  274. Jeanne

    I would wear t-shirt and jeans to the fair. Thanks for the chance to win.

  275. Melissa

    I would wear a shirt made using the Simplicity 3835 pattern in a lightweight floral with some khaki shorts. And flip flops of course. Or maybe I’d whip up a red dress like you and your sisters wore. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the Cape Ann fabric in person, Liesl. It looks beautiful!

  276. Kristi

    I wear a pair of capris and a t-shirt and really comfy (but old) shoes to our county fair. Thanks for the giveaway and I love your cat, Parker.

  277. Oh…I am a casual girl so I would definately wear jean shorts and a sleeveless top…it is hot here at our County Fair!

  278. Cori

    I wore jeans, flip flops, and a tshirt to our fair this year! Nice and comfy!

  279. Nicole H

    I love a breezy skirt, as it is always at least 100 degrees. My girls have super cute patriotic shirts, so perhaps we would go with the Americana theme. My twins like to match big sister too!

  280. Jennifer

    comfy shoes, capris and a t-shirt. Thanks for the chance to win!

  281. Di

    Darling fabrics! Cute patterns!
    Love summer!

  282. If I was going to the fair I would wear a simple jean skirt and T-shirt. And I would want light up gym shoes, that way my husband could find me when I wondered off. Great giveaway, thank you for including me.

  283. Tonie K.

    comfortable shoes are a must and when in a large group matching shirts make sure no one gets lost

  284. liz

    Definitely capris and t-shirt. It’s harder to go on the rides in a dress! By the way, I love the little family of dolls. So sweet.

  285. Angela

    Something comfortable,Jeans and a T-Shirt with flip flops 🙂

  286. Janell B

    Well I’d like to say that I’d wearing an outfit to match my sister but I’ve ‘been there, done that!’ as a child! Our fairs are always on the hottest days of the year, so I’d wear a sundress and comfortable shoes – your sundress pattern is the best idea for a fair where temps soar into the 90s!

  287. Karen Sikes

    I would wear shorts, T-shirt and the most comfortable shoes I own. Thanks for the pattern and the chance to win some beautiful fabric…

  288. Michelle Balletti

    If I was going to the fair, I would definitely be wearing a nice pair of broken-in jeans, sneakers and a comfy tee…If my husband wear to dress me, he would want me to wear some heels, nice slacks and top….I’m not lying either!! For a birthday party in the park, I had to wear a semi-heavy top, black pants and boots with high heels (which was an adventure because I kept sinking into the grass)

  289. I’d wear a plaid or gingham western inspired shirt, Levi’s jeans, brown leather sandals and silver bracelets.

  290. martha

    I wear comfy shorts and a comfy t-shirt and a must is really comfy shoes:) Lots of walking, looking and my favorite are the rides and food:) Thanks for the contest!!!

  291. Sally Williams

    I would wear capris and a T shirt. And of course a comfy pair of sandals.

  292. Meredith F.

    I would wear something comfortable! Probably jeans, a t-shirt and tennis shoes!

  293. KZK

    The fair always seems to come here when it’s in the 110’s temperature-wise… so shorts and a tee is the only way to go!
    Thanks for the opportunity – just LOVE your fabs!

  294. lynn

    comfy jeans, comfy tee, comfy shoes, stylish hat.

  295. Linda Vinson

    I’d wear comfy jeans and shirt and shoes I could walk in all day!

  296. I would wear navy Chinos and a red polo shirt. In fact, that is what I wore on my second date with the guy who became my husband too many years ago to remember!!!!

  297. Aimee Mikl

    I would wear a dress that has a country flair!

  298. MollyP

    I like to wear a cool cotton skirt for air conditioning purposes and pull all my hair up to cut back on the sweat production. Thanks for the tutorial. Love it!

  299. jmniffer

    Comfy jeans, broken in sneakers and a bright t-shirt so my husband can spot me easier if we get seperated. Lots of walking, snacking and people watching. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  300. It would depend where the fair was, but here in GA, I would wear a skort and tank top. Hmmm, must find out if we’ve missed all the fairs…

  301. Thank you for the free pattern! That is awesome!!!

  302. Enjoyed your interview, but I wonder if your dad knows my Uncle…Retired Col. Alexanger Gozur, US Air Force. He has a Mountain named after him in Antarctica too and I have the map to prove it.
    as a kid growing up we always thought that was the coolest thing ever!

  303. melissa sullivan

    I would wear a raincoat! The Oklahoma State Fair comes along hand-in-hand with rain!!!

  304. Ann

    With the fall weather approaching I would wear a t-shirt and comfy jeans and of course I would have a sweatshirt for when the sun goes down and the air begins to cool.

  305. Elnora

    Thanks for that wonderful set of patterns! So, so sweet, just like your other patterns!

    Thanks, too, for the chance to win the goodies.

    Your comment about not checking that little box cracked me up, but it’s probably a real good idea that you mentioned it. I’m sure some people have gotten time-consuming surprises after posting on these popular Moda blogs.

  306. Cindy

    I will wear jeans and a t-shirt – something that I won’t care if I dribble fair food down the front! Thanks for all that you do!

  307. I love a pair of blue jeans…and a GREAT pair of tennies to support all the walking!!!!

  308. Linda


  309. Margaret

    I live in a very urban area, so I’m afraid we don’t have a country fair. But if we did,I would wear a cute cotton sundress and a big straw hat and some flat sandals.

  310. Holly Tolman

    Ok, so this year was a little cheesy, my family wore matching overalls, all 6 of us form daddy down to the baby. I love your patterns.

  311. I’d wear jeans and a t-shirt. And good walking shoes!

    Thanks for the chance to win that pretty fabric.

  312. Joan

    I would wear capris, a t-shirt and comfortable sandals. Thank you for the lovely pattern. What a cute idea! Many thanks for the generous giveaway. I’d love to win.

  313. Julie

    Your new fabric line is SO cute! I’d wear capris and a T-shirt, it can get hot where we live!

  314. I like wearing capris and t-shirt. It is a little and I mean little better than blue jeans, which are HOT, HOT, when you are at the fair.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  315. Sharon M

    Cute dresses but I would wear jean shorts to the fair.

  316. Robyn Brown

    umm probably shorts and t-shirt.

  317. I would wear shorts and a tank top to beat the heat with tevas for happy feet! My daughter would wear a cute sundress.:)

  318. I would wear shorts and a tank top to beat the heat with tevas for happy feet! My daughter would wear a cute sundress.:)

  319. Julie

    Your new fabric line is SO cute! I’d wear capris and a T-shirt~it can get hot where we live.

  320. Deb

    It is always so hot when the fair in in my county! The clothing of choice is a cool cotton dress and comfortable shoes!!

  321. Andra

    I would wear capris, a tank and tennis shoes! Thanks for the chance!

  322. Jamie

    Proper fair wear: Jeans, t-shirt and moccasins. So comfy and ready to have fun and eat funnel cake or elephant ears. YUM. Thanks for the chance to win!

  323. I would wear a pear of capri’s and a cotton top to the fair. It’s hot and humid here when the fair is going on. Love the dress pattern it would look so cute on my granddaughter! Thank you.

  324. Jeans, t-shirt, sweater….basically my “uniform” =) Goes with anything….cotton candy, funnel cake, pie, corn dogs..

  325. Becky S.

    Love the cute dress pattern.
    I would wear capris and a shirt to my fair if I was going.

  326. Lil

    I would wear pants for sure, this august I went with my nieces to our country fair wearing a dress, I can tell you, not very cool as I couldn’t go to some of the exiting fairground carrusels in fear that my dress would be lifted by the air, ;o)))

    thanks for the pattern

  327. Nothing is more important than wearing the right pair of shoes; otherwise your day will be ruined!

  328. Susan W

    Crawford County Fair is one of the biggest in Pennsylvania. I wear jeans & white t-shirt and usually get them pretty dirty. Favorite foods is the ice cream samples the Dairy Princess hands out to all.

  329. It would have to be jeans and a t-shirt — so I wouldn’t stand out in the crowd.

  330. Patty V.

    I would wear capri pants a t shirt and my keen sandals(comfy and if they get dirty easily cleaned).

  331. Great project–thank you! 🙂 To our county fair, I’d wear jeans, a cute top, and my polka dot muck boots! 😉

  332. I like to be comfortable (all that fried food and all), so some lightweight capris or comfy jeans and a tank top. Good sturdy shoes that will keep up the dirt and straw! Thanks-I love the matching outfit photo!

  333. Denise

    I would wear jeans and a shirt. I love the animals and the needlecraft exhibits and of course funnel cakes.

  334. Terrie

    OMG I love that picture !!!! My mom used to make matching outfits for us !!! Such a fun lookback really. These days we live in the california desert and therefore only go for cool attire to the fair as it can be seriously HOT. We did however have a group of teenage girls going in right in front of us this year. And one of them was limping with what must have been at least 4 inch heels. Really who does that???? and how will you survive if you are already limping going in ???
    Before I turn this into a novel, let me just say that I LOVE
    Cape Ann !!!! Am finishing up one quilt top, just waiting for yardage to piece the back but would love to make a few coordinates !! SOooo sweet !!

  335. Rose

    I would wear capris and a tshirt as I would want to be comfy. It’s usually quite warm weather at the time of our fairs.

  336. christina

    Actually, you’ve been to our county fair (Addison Fair & Field Days in VT) and as you know it can be hot there. I wear shorts, tho I detest them, so that my daughter can play in the corn boxes as long as she likes whilst her dad and I eat a Skinny Pancake crepe or two.

  337. Probably capris and a tea shirt. I’d have to be comfortable to be able to eat the treats and walk around a zillion times. Love your post.

  338. Kathleen Shortell

    I would wear my jeans and a shirt… I guess I am boring.

  339. Judi

    I would wear something really light weight…it’s always so hot here in Wisconsin at our fair. Just love your pattern….I have to grand girls that this would be perfect for! Thank-you!

  340. Sherry Ferber

    I love your fabrics. I will be having a new granddaughter soon and cannot wait to start sewing for her. I will be wearing my jean shorts and a tee-shirt.

  341. Colleen M

    When I go to the fair I wear shorts and a comfortable top and good walking shoes! Your fabric is adorable and your daughter is too. She looks about the same age as my daughter. I love the fact you have a matching doll dress as I’m making lots of American doll clothes as we speak. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  342. Lisa L

    Love this question!!! I’m not the bravest soul around, but if I were, I would wear one of those HUGE foam cowboy hats!!! And a rocking pair of cowgirl boots!! 🙂


  343. When I go to a country fair (fete in France) it depends on the weather but usually it’s nice T shirt and cut-offs and the most comfy sandals I can find!! Thanks for the giveaway. Linda

  344. Country and Jeans! They just go together! So Jeans and my favorite tee shirt! Smiles! M

  345. Comfort comfort comfort ! Old jeans, tee shirt n maybe a flannel if cool weather. Sneakers n socks. Thank you very much for the sweet little pattern and the great chance to win some happy fabric!

  346. Dana

    I would wear a cute top, capris and good walking shoes!

  347. Paula Klaassen

    Jeans for me – always! And a new top made from your gorgeous fabric! OMG – love the kitty, can I keep a copy of the picture? What a beauty!

  348. Mah

    Great post. Love all the items for little people. Thank you for sharing.

  349. Susan

    I have been drooling over Cape Ann….I love that Moda kit that has been put together for that, and I am hoping the magic generator of numbers picks me, those are the colors of 5 rooms in my house, but, not to be hoard-y or anything like that, please oh please, can I have the fat quarter bundle, I can make so much more out of that!!! Went to NY for the very first time in March and LOVED every ounce of it, by the last day tho, I sure was wishing for a car rather than my feet to take me to where I wanted to go……Susan

  350. Dawn W

    Good old jeans and a comfy t-shirt for me. I know, practical all the way, but I’d pair that comfort with flip flops and just enjoy the day. 🙂

  351. Jennyroo

    That picture is classic! We have some similar ones in my family… and always my sister and I are wearing coloured knee socks with our sandals…. why oh why?!? I like to think I’ve come a long way since those days… In 1980 I would have gone to the fair wearing some terrycloth shorts with striped sides that were cut and fit like a pair of granny panties! Today, maybe a simple cotton calico printed sundress and wide brimmed hat.

  352. Laura

    Your fabrics and patterns are just adorable. Thank you for the contest.

  353. montse

    Considering it’s 28º celsius (83ºF) right now in Barcelona I would wear something comfortable and light. Probably a dress and somre comfortable shoes for walking.
    Terrific giveaway. Love your fabric!

  354. I’d wear shorts and a soft flowy shirt- because fairs are always hot. Thanks for the darling giveaway and info about you.

  355. I would wear jeans, a comfy t-shirt and a pair of sneakers with lots of arch support!

  356. I LOVE cotton candy. you’re right. It doesn’t taste right if it isn’t purchased and eaten outside!

    When I’ve gone to the county fair I always make sure I wear good shoes-no sandals. And I wear clothes that I don’t mind my kids smearing with cotton candy!

  357. Always jeans and a light t-shirt. Must be comfy!

  358. Debbie H

    Love the matching dresses. My grandmother did them for both my cousins and my sister and I for family reunions. One was a sailing print and and one had chickens. 3 generations worth of dresses.

    From a Wisconsin resident: we love our state fair; don’t you miss it?

  359. We don’t have a Counry Fair here in Washoe County…we USED to have a Nevada State Fair, but our state’s economy has tanked and they stopped funding for it.

    When our State Fair was up and running it was smack-dab in the middle of summer…so shorts, t-shirt, sandals, and sunglasses….and a huge cup of sun-brewed iced tea with lemon and lots of ice.

  360. something comfy, and good shoes, and sunblock! Love your patterns and fabric!

  361. Linda

    My best walking shoes would be on my feet at the Fair—probably with running pants–and a shell top-some fun earrings—-and all in black—-no light colors…Ha…everything super comfortable….

  362. Carolyn H.

    Why I would wear that sundress for sure!!! Love your answers to the questions and LOVE the picture of your matching dresses!

  363. Ladybug

    I usually wear bluejean shorts and a tanktop since our statefair falls in late August.

  364. Thank you for sharing a piece of you. I love your free pattern and can’t wait to make it. Thanks again.

  365. Cathie

    Jeans and a t-shirt. It’s hot and dusty at our county fair.

  366. Rhonda

    Our county fair is in mid-July so it is hot. Short, t-shirt and sandles would be the way to dress. Love the fabric. My two granddaughters love the clothes fabric too. THanks.

  367. Carolyn

    thanks for the chance to win some fab(ric).

  368. Kris

    jeans and a tee, beautiful fabric thanks for the chance!

  369. I would wear jeans, a print shirt(so it would show stains from food on a stick)and walking shoes. Yes I like to be comfortable!

  370. Jayne Moore

    Since I live in Texas it would have to be shorts and a sleeveless top. Also, comfy sandals (everything is big in Texas and that means lots of walking).

  371. emily

    Oh, I just love your newest collection! I would (will, it is coming up here) definitely wear my light green eyelet sundress and short-sleeve black shrug to our country fair. 🙂

  372. Julie

    Something comfy for sure! And good walking shoes.

  373. SuzyMcQ

    Hmm. Something to keep me cool, comfortable shoes, maybe a pretty backpack, a sun hat and a big smile! That’s what I’d wear!

  374. I would wear jeans or shorts depending on the temp and a t shirt with sneakers.

  375. I would wear a jeans and t-shirt to a country fair.

  376. Karen T.

    I’d wear crop jeans and a tee, and comfortable sandals. And of course, sun glasses.

  377. Mandy

    I would have to make myself a popover sundress too! (Not in the same print as my kids’ dresses, of course.) 😉 Such perfect county fair attire.

  378. Depending on how hot it was, I’d wear either jeans or shorts…..some kind of plain top, and have a sweater in my big. All the crazy stuff there is to do at a fair, you don’t want a skirt on. 🙂

    Thx for the chance to win some great fabric.

  379. I usually do a comfy skirt and a t-shirt 🙂

  380. Carol Sc

    I would probably wear jeans and a sweatshirt or t-shirt — so I could get close to the various animal pens and not worry about getting dirty. Also love to see all the craft displays and eat the “fair” food.

  381. Doreen B

    Well I guess it’d be capris, a comfy t-shirt and runners for all the walking. Thanks for the giveaway and freebie pattern.

  382. Vidya

    I would sew a simple pillowcase dress and cinch it with a leather belt, wear a big floppy hat, flip flops & sunglasses and I’m ready to hit my local country fair 🙂

  383. Laurel

    I would wear capri jeans,a cotton shirt to stay cool and sneakers (for all the walking). Love your fabric.

  384. Bonnie Nyquist

    I would wear jeans and a T-shirt! Comfy ! Love the popover dress and dolly dress to match!

  385. Um, I’m going to have to agree with you on the matching dresses photo, though it is sweet that your mom made them all 🙂 My Grandma made my sister and me matching dresses but they were always different colors for each. Wish my mom had kept them all.

    Our County Fair is held at grounds right on the ocean so long pants are a must for when the fog and wind come up in the evening, plus the always necessary jacket! I always wear closed shoes because, well, there are large animals walked in the streets, ya know 🙂 and the concert venue is open air on dirt!

    Thanks for the chance to win some of your beautiful fabric, and for the adorable matching dresses. My girls are grown but I look forward to sewing for another little girl grandchild someday.

  386. Anita

    I would wear shorts and sandals, our fair is held in July and it is hot!

  387. Mary Jo

    I love your matching red dresses AND your red tights!! I bet your Mom worked really hard to make those cute little dresses to match! Thank you for sharing the picture with us!!

  388. wow, with the weather cooling (a bit) here in Western OKlahoma, it always makes me reminisce to my 1st pregnancy. It was county fair time and I finally had a need for “maternity”jeans, the old kind with the knit panel to your chest, I had a new pair and a woven plaid shirt. dont know if its the weather, the perfect outfit, that would be considered vintage now-lol, or the fact that I was beginning the best role of a lifetime, mommy. I would gladly go back and pick that time and outfit for the fair, that girl is now the 31 yr mother of 4. love this time of year, the fair is coming up this weekend, its a way bigger deal these days.

  389. Katie

    Shorts (or skirt) and a tank top because August is HOT!

  390. Mary Peters

    awesome fabric giveaway.
    I always wear comfy shoes, and the rest of the outfit depends on weather.
    Always check out the craft entries – love to see all that.

  391. Kathy R

    I would wear blue jeans, cowboy shirt and boots!
    I love all of your patterns and fabric and so wish my girls were small again. I can only hope for grandchildren now!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  392. I would wear jeans and a t-shirt. Probably one of our youth camp t-shirts. I love the fair. Your fabic and patterns are super, it was nice to read a little about you.

  393. I’ve never been to a fair, but I expect I would wear comfortable closed shoes, and clothes that I wasn’t worried about getting stained!

    The dress is very sweet, and your new fabric is fabulous!

  394. Karli

    Oh, how I LOVE the fair. Especially the seeing the animals, eating funnel cakes, and checking out the incredible quilts. Comfortable shoes are a must however this year I changed up my usual t-shirt & jeans for a white eyelet dress paired with an aqua cardigan, tan cowgirl boots, and a beige cowgirl hat with a pink rose tucked into the brim. It was fun to dress so country at our county fair! Next year, I think I will, too!

  395. Marianne

    I so relate to that matching dresses photo! My Mom was a seamstress and used to make matching dresses for us. I would wear my capri jeans and a t-shirt to my country fair.

  396. Lillian

    Our fair is in the fall, so I’d just be in jeans, sweater maybe. Comfort for walking. Thanks.

  397. Sarina

    I love the matching popover and dolly dresses! So, cute. Maybe I’ll give it a try. I’d probably just wear jeans and a short-sleeve shirt with a light-weight sweater tucked in my purse just in-case. But my little girl… she’d wear a cute sundress! Thanks for the giveaway!

  398. I have to say that when I was younger we would go on family trips. We didn’t have a “large family”, actually we have a small family but we would see all these big families where they were all wearing matching shirts. I assume it was first FUN and then second PRACTICAL so you could find all your family easily. Anyway, I was always secretly in envy and really I am pretty sure that I mentioned it to my parents that we should do that. SO it is really great that you put that matching dress picture up. To answer the question I will say that I would definitely wear something matching like you did. How awesome is that. Thanks for the giveaway. It always makes things exciting when we have a chance to win some adorable fabric so I have my fingers crossed. Thanks again.

  399. Amanda

    The closest thing we’ll get this year is our Lemon Festival in October. For that I would like to wear a cozy sweater and jeans but it’ll probably be too hot. So maybe a sundress?

  400. I would wear something cool and light since our fairs nearly always come in the hottest time of the year. Oh, and shoes, well not sandals as it is usually dusty walking!

  401. Kristin O

    I would wear a tshirt, shorts, and comfy sandals to the fair! Not that aweful tube top I wore one year, yikes… I love this new fabric line of yours and would be in heaven to win!! Thanks for a chance!

  402. Ree

    Since it’s still hot around here during our county fair (in Oct.), I’d wear shoes that don’t hurt to walk in, shorts and a loose fitting tank top.
    Such cute fabric

  403. Nancy

    Jeans, T shirt or tank, and walking shoes. Have to be comfy and loose fitting cool clothes. Better to see everything and taste all those yummy treats!

  404. Charlene

    cutoffs poplin smocked tube top and red cowboy boots and a time machine to make me young

  405. Julianne

    It is still hot in August during our county fair here is Southern Utah so I would wear shorts and comfy sandals 🙂

  406. Stephanie W

    ooh I haven’t been to the fair in years. I need to go as my daughter has been wanting to go. I would wear a pair of capris and a cool top, and put my daughter in a sundress. The whole family would wear comfy shoes. Thanks for the free pattern and the generous giveaway!

  407. Lisa Estrada

    I definitely would wear shorts, a hat, and very comfortable shoes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  408. Polly Hada

    OMG, loved the pic of matching dresses. I have one of my husband our two oldest boys all in matching, striped (blue and white) t-shirts and me in a dress. Everytime I see it I think, what was I thinking? Seeing you and your mom helps realize back then it was cool. I think. ‘-)
    I would wear capris, a shirt and take a sweater, just in case.

  409. I’d wear jeans and a t-shirt. And definitely shoes and socks. Thanks for the patterns. Love the doll one. My girls would love it!

  410. Oh that picture of you and your family in matching dresses nearly made me pee my pants. I can tell you with absolute certainty that I would NOT coordinate my outfit with anyone else’s for the county fair. I would probably wear comfortable shorts or a skirt and a t-shirt…that is, if we had county fairs here.

  411. The usual, jeans & sneakers. I live in Washington state & it seems we always get rain for the fair!

  412. Kathy MacKie

    It would be a cotton T and a jean skirt.

  413. Shirley

    I would wear jean capri’s, my visor and walking shoes…. I just love the doll and little girl pic.. to sweet..

  414. Diana

    Well since it is almost fair time in Texas and it is still quite warm I will be wearing capri’s and a t shirt… I am hoping for some wonderful rain which usually occurs during the State Fair of Texas… Thanks!

  415. The usual, jeans & sneakers. I live in Washington state & it always seems to rain for the fair.

  416. Maureen Walsh

    A t-shirt and jean shorts or capri’s! Love your work.

  417. Well… I suppose I would just wear a pair of jeans, and a T-shirt!

  418. Annette

    Comfortable shoes! Love the new Cape Ann fabrics.

  419. I haven’t been to a country fair before. If it was here where I live at this time of year, I’d be wearing a pair of comfortable but warm pants, a tee shirt and a nice fleece jacket. And maybe a toque depending on the temperature for the day.

  420. Sara N.

    I live in a town that was once voted Worst-Dressed in the Nation. We’re pretty proud of that. The joke in town is that getting dressed up is ironing your jeans. So I would wear jeans and a t-shirt to the fair, but my jeans would be un-ironed.

  421. I would wear my favorite jeans and an orange cotton T-shirt. It would be nice for the warm weather we’re having.

  422. Nelle Frostad

    If I were going to the fair (which is going on right now in our area…) I would wear jeans, cotton t-shirt, and good walking shoes. I would take a bag with plenty of room for a sweater, and for the information freebies that seem to make it home with me.
    I absolutely love the pattern that you so kindly made available to us (for free!!!). I have several little granddaughters who love their dollies, and it will be so fun to make up some dresses for next summer. And thank you too for the chance to win some of that beautiful fabric! I just love your designs!

  423. Erin

    jeans and a t-shirt and comfy shoes for sure!
    Thanks for a chance to win – such lovely fabric!!

  424. Emily R

    I would have to say that I would be breaking out the sneakers for a fair. Lots of walking, a few rides and definitely FAIR FOOD!!

  425. Phyllis

    I’d wear my usual uniform of jeans and a cotton shirt and walking shoes. Of course I’ll spill whatever I eat and drink on my shirt, so I’ll also be wearing food!

  426. Erin M.

    I would wear this cute popover sundress, if it only came in my size!

  427. Susan McAuliffe

    I would wear a comfy sundress that had pockets to hold money so I was ready to buy the kind of fair food I love…..corn dogs and elephant ears to name a few. I would also wear the most comfortable sandals I have so I could walk all day and enjoy the fair. Maybe a sunvisor and sun glasses.

    Love your fabrics and patterns.


  428. Comfy sweat pants, t-shirt, sweatshirt. If it is a typical cool damp day, a beanie for the ears and gloves for my fingers. I can’t stand shivering.

  429. I would wear bermuda shorts and a comfy tee.

  430. I would definitely wear a cotton sundress or a pair of shorts and tank top as it’s still in the 90’s here (and our fair is actually starting this week). I wish I had a little girl to use the dress pattern. I’ll save it just in case my step-daughter gives me a granddaughter next time.

  431. Rebecca S

    I like to wear comfortable clothes to the fair, but I also always bring a poncho. Once, when I was little, I went to the fair with my uncle, and it poured, so I had to wear trashbags to stay dry. I’d like to never have to repeat that! 🙂

  432. Sue Swick

    Capri’s and a t shirt. Love the sun dresses. In fact I think I have some matching ones in green and a photo with my girls from the 80’s.

  433. Well I had the chance not only to attend to work a booth at our county fair this year. I wore my dressy jeans, peasant blouse, and my favorite rose quartz necklace…all to serve up nachos and cotton candy!

  434. Molly

    I’d wear anything that fits at this point (I’m 40 weeks pregnant)!!

  435. Jennifer

    Capris, tshirt and comfy shoes. And bring along hand wipes for the kiddos!

  436. Diana H

    County fairs are so much fun mingling with friends and neighbors. Comfort is key so I wear capris, a T-shirt, tennis shoes, and shades. Your fabric line is really cute! Thanks

  437. Shorts, a t and flip flops, as usual. Thanks for the op!

  438. Denise T

    I would wear my handy, dandy overalls to the county fair. Just like my Grandpa and I did when I was a child in Nebraska.

  439. Arlis Myhre

    I’d be wearing my comfortable jeans to spend the entire evening and watch my son compete in the demo derby.

  440. Dana

    Since I live in San Francisco, my outfit would have to accommodate wild swings in temperature, so probably lightweight pants + shirt, plus a fleece jacket, a knit cap and a spare pare of shorts!

  441. Sonia B

    I think it’s a requirement that you wear overalls to the fair, isn’t it? Thanks for the chance!

  442. sue

    Something stretchy, so I can eat a lot…kettle corn, fried dough. And something multi-colored, so a little dirt (or ketchup, or ice cream) won’t show.

  443. Mary

    I’m from the west and we wear our jeans and boots to the fair. Thanks for the opportunity to win some of your fabric.

  444. Same think I wear every where….jeans, T-shirt, and tennies.

  445. Comfortable, well worn shoes! Nothing takes away from the fun of a fair more than ouchy feet.

  446. Same thing I wear every where…..jeans….t-shirt and tennies

    I keep getting an error message…if you get more than one…delete.

    I can’t read these words

  447. Karen

    I was just at the Mn. State Fair and wore jeans and a knit top. Very comfortable since it was actually a cooler, clouder day. Which was very nice as it’s usually very hot. My favorite building to visit is Creative Arts. (Just had to add that comment)

  448. Comfortable shoes!!! Also a cardigan – here in the PNW, the weather necessitates layering, especially in the early fall.

  449. I would wear vintage short, tshirt and shoes so it will be easier for me to run around and have fun. I will take lots of pictures too.

  450. Ginger

    I would wear a peasant-style top made out of bandana fabric–maybe a patchwork bandana top with different colors.

  451. Diane

    We have had this wicked hot summer this year, yet, when I went to the Minnesota State Fair the day before Labor Day, it was only 50 degrees and I wore a sweatshirt and long pants! Thanks for the giveaway!

  452. Since it’s usually warm weather I’d wear shorts, a sleeveless shirt and sandals

  453. Janice

    A cotton shirt and blue jean capri’s usually it is quite warm during our fair.

  454. Cindy

    Hmmmm…what would I wear to the fair! Well I am assuming it will be a beautiful sunny day!! So I will wear my jean shorts and a tank top!! Nothing fancy, just comfy!!

  455. Sarah

    Always a cardigan – I collect them in just about every color that I can get. On a cool day, jeans and a t-shirt; on a warm – a cotton dress and sandals.
    Your daughter and her doll look darling together… makes me remember back to the days when my daughter and I played with our 18″ dolls.

  456. Janice Regier

    Jeans and T-shirt , the uniform !

  457. Sharla

    Comfortable shoes!!! There’s always lots of walking involved at the fair. Thanks!

  458. Linda Guzman

    I would wear jeans and a country style shirt. Wanting to get into the swing of things! I love the matching outfits on you and your family. You couldn’t get lost, because you would look for an outfit!

  459. Mickey

    I would wear jean capri’s, t-shirt and tennis shoes. Have to have comfortable shoes.


    Ahh you make me wish that there were Country Fairs where i live ,as there is not i will dream there is one and its a beautiful day and i would wear a sundress , a hat ,and sandles Mary Ellen

  461. Jeannette

    I always wear jeans & a sweater (usually cool at that time of year here).

  462. Amanda Herron

    If my county fair was going on right now at the beginning of fall,I know I would be wearing my favorite worn jeans along with a warm cream sweater that was knitted by a friend or family member. The sweater would actually be one that wrapped around and tied with a belt. I know I would have on one my favorite pair of brown fall shoes. This is the outfit I would hope to wear on a cool sunny fall day here in Michigan at our county fair.

  463. Becky S

    I would wear shorts, my favorite aqua blue t-shirt and sunscreen. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  464. Jacqueline

    Well. Normally I wear jeans, tennies, and a tank with a ball cap – if I could wear anything, Id love to be sophisticated enough to wear something like Jackie O. She was always so classy and neat. *sigh* (yes, my mamma named me after Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis)

  465. Irma M.

    We’ve already had our country fair, and I wore shorts, t-shirt, and comfortable shoes. The doll and little girl dress is just adorable. Thank you for sharing!

  466. DianeY

    I’d be wearing my usual costume of shorts (knee-length) and a Tee-shirt. That’s what I wear about 360 days per year!

  467. amberca

    I usually wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Oh, and some really comfy shoes. Our County Fair is in May, so not too hot.

  468. I would love to say a me made dress, but honestly: toms, jeans, t-shirt 😉

    greetings, tina

    PS love the collection!

  469. Amy

    For a stroll down the fairway, I’d wear my trusty LL Bean khaki shorts, a tank top and lots of sunscreen!

  470. Laura K

    I would wear my standard jeans and T-shirt. It’s what I wear most of the time. And of course my sandals. That is the only thing I like about summer. It is warm enough to wear sandals!

  471. Sally

    T-shirt, long sleeved shirt (our summer just ended), jeans & good walking shoes. Everything washable in case there is too much raspberry jam on the scones!

  472. We just went to our fair and all wore matching shirts – brilliant rainbow-colored tye dyes. With two four year-olds and a two year-old, the bright colors really helped us keep track of them all!

  473. Kellie

    jeans, cute blouse, good walking shoes and a baseball cap

  474. Amy

    My county fair was in the beginning of August, and it was HOT. I wore flip flops and a very thin summer dress.

    Thanks for everything!

  475. Nicole

    What would I wear? Seeing as any fair I’ve ever been to is in the hot sweltery summer, as little as possible. Well, without being indecent. I was once in a the Fair Queen Pagent so i was willing to wear a crown and heels with the dusty farm animals. But I’m over that phase of my life…

  476. Lucille

    I wear my 4-H t-shirt and help the 4-H kids at the local fair!

  477. I would wear shorts, a t shirt and comfortable shoes. My family shows our horses at our local county fair so we are there the whole week which makes for a long but fun week! So I usually try to dress comfortably. 😉


  478. Overalls sound like a great thing to wear to the fair, but since I don’t own any, probably jeans and a plaid shirt.

  479. I would defiantly wear closed toed shoes, as we would visit the animals in the barns.

  480. Olivia Drake

    I would wear jeans, sweater, and jean jacket. Sunglasses, hat, boots, It gets cold in PA during the town fair.

  481. Leslie

    I also grew up in Wisconsin and loved going to the state fair (for the cream puffs!) and to the little country fairs around our home town. And my sister and I had a bedspread and curtains our mother had made in red and white with stripes. When it was time to replace them, she made them into dress-up dresses for us and a play cape for our brother. Your dresses remind me of them. These days, it’s all about comfort for me. Depending on the weather, it would shorts and T-shirt or capris and T-shirt with a jacket.

  482. i would wear gym shoes. and comfy cozy pants, with layers of shirts…im always cold!

  483. darby

    I would wear comfy clothes going to the fair, shorts and a tank top. It’s still hot in my neck of woods when we have our fair in October. Thanks for the chance to win the yummy fabric!

  484. i would wear gym shoes. comfy clothes that were layered…im always cold!

  485. Romy

    I would wear shorts and a brightly colored sleeveless top. Nice and cool and I want my kids to be able to find me easily in the crowd. For shoes, I would wear my Keens because they’re the only shoes that don’t hurt my recently broken toe!

  486. Aggiequilter

    ABSOLUTELY LOVED your “matching dresses for the fair” photo !! I only had brothers so I guess was safe from that happening ! However I do have a few doozie “solo” photos courtesy of a dear aunt who kept sending me holiday dresses that were at least 5 years too young for me ! Oh the horror …
    Our County fair is 2 weeks away and it’s STILL as HOT as H*LL here in Texas, so I’ll be wearing capris and a nice cool top. Thanks for the cute pattern and the giveaway !

  487. Margaret

    I would wear a cotton dress with sandals, hat and sunglasses to try to keep some of the sun out. I love your preview video on turning corners and of course your blog. It is very inspirational.

  488. Delores

    I would wear something cool and comfortable and of course running shoes for all that walking.
    Of course a big sunhat is a must and an easy to carry purse tote.
    Love to win your fabric!

  489. Becky Weimer

    What I wore to a country fair here in Pennsylvania this summer was jeans and a white blouse (we went to a Trace Adkins/Kellie Pickler concert that night at the fair, too!). 🙂

  490. Gill watson

    Jeans.check shirt and cowboy boots of course!

  491. Jessica C

    i would wear shorts and a t-shirt. and shoes of course 🙂

    love the new line!

  492. It’s always super hot at the State Fair here in Utah so probably a pair of Capri’s and a nice cool t-shirt. Nothing too fitting of course so I will have room too eat all the food I shouldn’t, like the deep fried Twinkies, I have to admit I’ve always wanted to try one.

  493. Dede

    Fair is over here and shorts and a tank top were the things to wear. Daytime temps were 100 in the shade! I worked in the church fair stand (4 afternoons) and wore as little as possible and still be presentable–even ditched the church apron as just to darn hot. The saying in the stand this year was “We’ve been to hell and it was hot!” LOL
    Would love to win your prize!

  494. Chrissi

    I live in Texas also, so it would be whatever is cool! Actually, I would wear just about anything if it could guarantee some rain!

  495. Allison C

    I don’t own many tops besides t-shirts so I would wear a t-shirt and either capri shorts or jeans depending on the weather.

  496. reenie burke

    i would wear my khaki shorts and walmart summer 2011 t- shirt – my summer uniform :). thanks

  497. Your patterns are not only classic – they’re also classy. I really making them for and seeing them on my grandchildren. What do I wear to the fair? My most comfortable jeans! Our fair is in the country, not the city, and they fit in perfectly. So, my most comfortable jeans and a cool top. Cool both in looks and for the hot weather!

  498. Melissa

    I’d probably wear a skirt and tank top – don’t really do shorts, and dresses are hard for me to come by, so skirts are the way to go. Plus, way comfy and super cute!

  499. Sharon

    Our Kern County Fair starts on 9/21 so I will be wearing jeans and a fun t-shirt. I have made the pop-over sundress for my 5-yr old grand daughter and she loves it. Would love to win some of that Cape Ann to make another one, or two. Thanks!

  500. Bonnie

    Well, since I have never been to a county fair, I am not sure just what people wear but I guess my jeans and a t-shirt would look OK! Since I now live in Texas I think I ought to try attending a fair this year…

  501. Marcia K

    I’m in Tx where it is still to hot for me to go. I tried to go out the other day when the weather was a bit more comfortable and even with an umbrella to shade me, I got overheated. I would go with the capris (no short shorts for this girl), and a tank top.

  502. Jennifer O.

    I would wear a sundress and sandals, something breathable. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a fair, but I remember being crazy hot.

  503. Laine

    Well depending on the temperature outside I would either wear a pair of cropped jeans and a nice t-shirt or a pair of jeans and a nice t-shirt along with taking a sweatshirt along.

  504. Carla G

    I would wear a light cotton button up shirt, capris & my runners – my usual comfy outfit. What a cute dress tutorial! Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  505. Vickey

    Well, our county fair is not very nice… but the county next to us is awesome so we will be attending it next wekk 🙂 I will wear jeans or capris as it is already getting a little chili here in Ohio 🙁
    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  506. It’s perfect weather today for a fall fair – the sky is the blue-est of blues and there is a coolness in the air that means that fall has arrived, so I think I would do the western thing with blue jeans and cowboy boots – maybe a cowboy hat to boot! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  507. Heather

    Country fair. I can tell you what I wouldn’t wear if my Mom and I were going to the fair together. I sure wouldn’t wear matching outfits. With me being 50 and my being almost 80, I think we’d be a bit of a spectacle! HA! I don’t think I need that much attention.

  508. I`d wear Jeans and comfortable shoes!!

  509. Melisa

    You really can’t one-up the red gingham entourage. Classic. 🙂 If I didn’t care about getting dirty, I would wear cute little sandals with a fun cotton sundress and pretend I am ten going to the fair!

  510. Laura

    Ohhhh, something cool and some really comfortable shoes, for sure.

  511. Laurie

    I’m originally from MO, and I’d have to visit the state fair in Sedalia wearing my jeans, sandals, and my Kansas City Royals t-shirt–even though they are having a terrible season! Now, my daughter would be sporting a darling Playdate dress. 🙂

  512. Caroline

    I would wear t-shirt and shorts to the fair. I love your pattern. I now have 2 granddaughters and will love making them dresses with matching doll dresses.

  513. VickiT

    I loved seeing the new and super cute things you have coming in the video. And that fabric is just gorgeous. Any trip to the fair means comfy pants and a tshirt with tennies for me. It’s been a few years since I’ve gone to any of the fairs around me but I keep saying I want to go so maybe next year we’ll finally do it.

  514. sandy f

    It is usually warm during our county fair, so capri’s and white sleeveless cotton blouse for me. Throw on some flip flops and watch were you walk!

  515. Patricia Hersl

    I’ve never been to a country fair but I would probably wear something very comfortable. Perhaps jeans and a sweater.

  516. I would wear my “stretch” denim capri’s..gotta have a little room to expand, when you go to the fair!! I love the red dresses that your mother and sister wore,,cute.

  517. I would wear jeans and a cute shirt and comfortable shoes because we walk for miles at our state fair.

  518. Lorri

    WOW! so meny comments! Well, my answer would be: jeans, blouse and comfy shoes.

  519. Judy P

    I’d wear comfortable shoes and something cool and loose–so I can eat lots of good food. Thanks for the chance to win.

  520. Carol H.

    It has turned cool here so I think jeans and a sweatshirt and comfortable shoes.

  521. Patty C.

    A new pair of dark blue denim jeans, white T-shirt and red boots. Add a snazzy belt and maybe a cowboy-looking hat. Bandanna optional!

  522. susan

    Love your patterns – so cute! Am enjoying the Moda Country Fair blog each day. It’s fun to read about all of the creative people that inspire us! Thank you!

  523. Gwen Windham

    What would I wear to the County Fair?…. Well, something comfortable for sure! Probably a pair of jeans and a Crimson Tide tee shirt! 🙂 Roll Tide!

  524. janet chrzanowski

    jeans and a tee

  525. Deb

    I’d wear red/white/blue…my knock-around navy skirt, white tee, and red sweater.

  526. Jen

    I would wear a darling floppy sun hat. not really. In real life, they look silly on me. But if I could get away with it one day…

  527. I sure would like to make a cute summery dress probably with some red and and brown in a kind of floral design. And, maybe wear a big floppy white hat. love these prints.

  528. Jeanne

    I’d wear my usual: sandals (& then my feet hurt and everyone says, “I told you so!”), capris, & a comfy t-shirt. And I’d forget sunscreen (just like I always do).

  529. Kate / Orlando

    I’m certain I would wear jeans to the Fair and my favorite dragonfly t-shirt. I would plan to wear a hat but I would forget to bring it! Comfy short boots on my feet and sparkly earrings to catch the sunshine. Over my shoulder I would have my newest homemade tote, made with vinyl fabric in a vintage cherry print.
    Thanks for participating in the Moda Fair!!!

  530. Mary

    I would wear bluejeans and a T shirt.

  531. I would wear jeans and t-shirt. Good shoes. I would also take a sweeter for when it starts to cool down. You dress patterns are so cute. Thank you for such a wonderful give away!

  532. katie

    I would wear my sneakers and pedalpushers. Plus I would be carrying my quilty purse in one hand and cotton candy in the other!

  533. selleck

    Comfort is key. I’d wear jeans, a loose fitting top, and crocks on my feet – and I do trust you thanks for the hint.

  534. Tamie

    I would hopefully wear jeans and a sweater but seeing as it is almost 90 degrees today and the fair is in a couple of weeks it may be too warm. Thanks for sharing.

  535. I typically wear a Jean skirt and plaid shirt…and take a sweater/sweater shirt along for when it cools off.
    Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  536. Char S.

    I would wear shorts, sandles, my sun hat, and lots of sunscreen!

  537. I would wear jeans and a cute top, along with the required socks and sneakers! Thanks for the chance to win.

  538. Jenn Vallimont

    I would wear jeans (to keep fair germs off of my legs) and a tank top if it’s warm enough.

  539. Sally

    What to wear to the fair..hmmm. First good supportive sneakers and socks.(yes, I enjoy an ankle length farmers tan.)Then, just in case I run into someone I know, a light colored top and khaki colored capri pants. Our fair is known(at least by me) to be one of the hottest, dustiest and sweatiest places on earth. After I get home I would immediately be in the shower and the clothes in the washer.

  540. Jan

    It’s always hot, here, when it’s time for the county fairs. I wear jeans and T’s to be comfortable and avoid sunburn.

  541. Cathlyn

    Thank you for offering your giveaway.
    To wear for the fair would be; twills, blouse, tennies & turquoise.

  542. jennyy

    I would wear tennis shoes for all that walking!

  543. Tami

    I would wear a nice cotton sundress, cool and breezy for the warm weather! Thanks for the chance to win such great fabric!

  544. emily

    Jeans, walking shoes and a hat!!

    Btw, love the awesome photo of the red matching dresses! haha

  545. Rosemary

    I would be wearing shorts and flip flops. I have to comfy because it always hot a fair time!

  546. I always threaten my kids with matching shirts. You them from time to time & I love to tease everybody that they’ll be looking like that the next time we leave the house 🙂

  547. Mary Ellen H.

    I’d wear jeans with a shirt over a tank top. Thank you for the patterns; especially thoughtful of you to include the doll’s dress.

  548. Julee

    Mom used to dress me and my sister alike ….and I would wear capris and dress shirt. Thanks for taking part in the Moda great giveaway.

  549. Kris

    I would wear shorts and a light cotton shirt, since we live in TX and it is darn hot this year!!

  550. amorette

    i would wear comfy shorts and a tank top but sturdy shoes- its hot in california (as katy perry knows) but there is some funky stuff to step in at a fair, even outside the livestock barns!

  551. Heidi

    I would wear something comfortable and cool and lots of sunscreen.
    Love the matching dresses!

  552. Pamella

    It’s always hot during the fair so we wear jeans, tank tops and sandals and lots of sunscreen. I mean a lot of sunscreen. Then we watched the horses parade around the the alpaca and llama show.

  553. I would wear my bib overalls! Oh and a t-shirt underneath.

  554. Patty K

    My attire for the fair would be jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes and a light sweater. In can get chilly on those fair rides.Thanks for the chance to win a prize.

  555. Caroline

    I’d probably wear what I always do: t-shirt, jeans, flip-flops. Hard to get me out of the flip-flops, actually. My KIDS on the other hand would be totally decked out like the little wild-wild-west kids they are. 🙂

  556. Linda ~ Madamquiltsalot

    Oh let me see, I would wear a very summery sun dress and good shoes ( lots of walking to be done ) And I wouldn’t forget a sweater in case I stay late and it gets cool
    Thanks for a chance to win some wonderful fabric.

  557. Liza S

    The dress and doll pattern are great. I used to produce all kinds of dresses with matching doll dresses in triplicate when our daughters were little. As for going to the fair I like to wear a casual sleeveless dress so I stay cool and non constricted. Thanks for opportunity to win fabric.

  558. Bev Silvestre

    Sunscreen!! My most comfortable shoes, a cool dress, maybe an apron in case I want to try some of amazing food processing products or some fair food!

  559. Comfort is the key: comfy walking sandals, cool capri pants, sleeveless top (not skimpy), waist pouch, and a daypack. We stay all day so in my daypack I carry socks if it really cools down at night and a sweatshirt or jacket.
    We’ll to going to our local county fair this Saturday.
    Can’t wait! 🙂

  560. Catie

    I would wear comy clothes and tennies
    Thanks for the opportunity

  561. WandaFish

    Hmm, here in the UK our weather is so unpredictable. I’d probably wear a long tshirt top (and maybe a cardigan) with linen trousers and either sandals or wellies! I’d probably be carrying a pac-a-mac too 🙂
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway – I’m a big fan of yours!

  562. Peggy Mead

    It is very hot where I live(FL), so it would be shorts and a cool cotton blouse and a good pair of sneakers to do lots of walking. Love your fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win some.

  563. Amy

    I would wear shorts, t-shirts, and lots of sunscreen. It is very hot and sunny in Texas.

  564. Thanks for hosting a giveaway !
    I don’t know what I would wear !!! It’s so far away where I live ! Perhaps sun dress and comfortable shoes !

  565. CJ

    I would wear some denim capris and a gingham button up shirt and of course my Birkenstok sandals. Our fair is DINKY – no rides, just a few food booths but we love it and go every year.

  566. Monica

    I would wear capris and a short sleeve vintage looking shirt with cami and sandals or flats. Thank you for such wonderful patterns and fabrics!

  567. Linda in PA

    It is usually really hot here at fair time so I would wear shorts, a short sleeve shirt, sunscreen and my Birkenstock sandals. Thanks for the giveaway.

  568. I would wear a romantic selfmade dress and my Dubarry boots, you can walk through anything with them…

  569. I would wear a romantic selfmade dress together with my Dubarry boots, you can walk through anything with them…

  570. Paula G

    My first thought of what I would wear is something comfortable and fun. A fair should be about having a good time and being comfortable is key to having fun.

  571. Amy

    I would wear jeans, I always walk thru the barns and I don’t want all that dirt on my bare legs! Then probably just a tank top.

  572. Tina Osborne

    I went to the Fair on Mon. night and I wore my capri jeans with rolup cuff a seersucker shirt and sandals. It was a Great fair I had to try the footlong corn dog and a funnel cake,Great. Your Fabris is just the cutest.

  573. I’d wear my usual sneakers and jeans….or tennis shoes and dungarees, depending on what you call them!

  574. Madeline Watson

    Well when I was a young girl we wore shorts, sandals or pedal pushers and sandals and little tops. Now that I am older I wear sun dresses or skirts with a little top to be cool in the Missouri heat. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a delightful line

  575. Allison

    I usually wear light comfortable cotton dress. Thanks for the giveaway!

  576. Megan

    Summer dress!

  577. Peta

    It ALWAYS rains at our country fair so it’s gumboots all the way. They’re also good for all those surprises the animals leave behind.

  578. Sue D

    I am rather casual–usually jeans or jean shorts/capris depending on the weather and a 4H shirt from one of my kids.

  579. I’m totally unsure what I would wear, as I’ve never been to a county fair ! But I have watched Charlottes Web, haha yes that is as close as it gets for me, however if there were to be such a fair in sunny Australia, it would probably be a jeans and tshirt kinda affair. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of the Cape Ann fabrics… stunning… beautiful colors as usual.

  580. Anna

    What would I wear to the fair… My favourite 3/4 denim jeans, my beloved Birkenstocks and a top that I have have sewn from the gorgeous Lisette range (it’s so hard to choose which one, because they are all gorgeous and sew up really well).

    My daughter loves the popover dress for both her and her dolly 🙂 Thanks.

  581. KarenQ

    I would wear a red and white summer top with jean pedal-pushers!

  582. Janelle

    Thank you for hosting the giving, and an even bigger thank you for the pattern! It will definitely be one that is made, as I have two daughters.
    Here in Aussie, we would be going to the “Show” or up here in Brissie the “Ekka”. For some reason our fairs are all held in the winter (???) so we dress warm. Normally a pair of jeans, cute top (in the hop that the sun appears), and a big jacket to beat the winds we call the Westerly’s.

  583. Lesliebee

    Capri’s and a cool shirt. And a hat too, the cutest one I could find. Hmmm, maybe I could make one from your new CapeMay for next year….

  584. Sandy parsons

    I would probably wear capri pants and a loose top, but MOST importantly, very comfy shoes. 🙂

  585. Melissa Clifford

    Oh my prom dress!


    Shorts, sandals. It’s usually hot during fair time here.

  586. Suzanne M

    What would I wear to the country fair? Something cool and casual. I have to be ready for the walking and the rides. 🙂 Bumper cars would be my favorite ride.

    Thank you for sharing your new fabric line…very cute.

  587. AnnieMac

    Khaki capris and a tshirt with sneakers and since I don’t go during the day (heat gets me quick) a sweatshirt just in case it gets chilly after dark as it often does here (NC) in September.

    Love your patterns, wish I had someone to sew them for!

  588. Sue Schultz

    I have several long skirts that I like to wear. Comfy, elastic waist, cool, they go well with sandals and t-shirts. Dressier than jeans, more comfortable, and casual.

  589. Well I have never been to a country fair and although your pattern for a little girl dress look lovely I think I would wear comfy clothes like a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a sweatshirt

  590. Melisa M

    Definitely jeans. With a comfy but pretty blouse.

  591. I would wear whatever is most comfortable (for the weather that day) and very comfortable shoes! 🙂 I’m not a super fashion-sensed individual!

  592. Wendy P

    Probably would wear something very comfortable like capris and a T-shirt top. No sandals cause sometimes the exhibit areas have dirt pathways. Love your cute fabrics and patterns. Thanks for the dress pattern and a chance to win.

  593. I would probably wear my normal jean attire with a pretty shirt and a new stitched bag.

  594. Cheryl Greenleaf

    I would wear layers. You never know what the weather will be like an hour from now. Wearing layers allows you to be prepared no matter what.

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!


  595. I would wear jeans and tennis shoes. My favorite things to wear. I love the dresses. Thanks for sharing.

  596. Lesley

    I would definitely wear denim…denim and fairs are a perfect combination!

  597. Beth

    What I would, and do, wear: Jeans or jean shorts. An old T shirt. And various animal fur/animal fluids!
    We take animals to the fair. And it is messy! So I walk around with bunny fur, hay and other barn items stuck to me. Guess I am just down to earth!
    I would love to win some of your lovely fabric. And thanks for the pattern. My 10 yr old daughter is fascinated by fabric and sewing. She would love to make a dress for her doll!

  598. We live in Florida and our county fail is in the winter time. Even though Florida is warm most of the year, by Fair time it is cool. So I would wear jeans and a light jean jacket.

  599. Valerie

    Country fair, eh? Gotta wear jeans … capris tho because it’ll be hot. A nice comfy shirt, preferably something I made and comfy shoes. Top it off with a floppy straw hat complete with a sunflower on the brim! Thanks for the give away!

  600. Becky

    Jeans – when it is finally cool in the desert Southwest.
    I am eager to see you patterns. I am just beginning to make clothes for my 3 year old granddaughter. I love fabrics with a soft hand and beautiful colors.

  601. Something inside me wants to wear red gingham to a country fair! Such a lovely fabric range you have there, and a cute doll’s dress 😉

  602. kathleen

    Our fair is in late August and it’s hotter than blazes. I’d wear a big hat, light cotton or linen sun dress, and my Air Walk tennies.

  603. Sue in MI

    I’d wear a plaid shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. I would love to win your fabric…I’d make something for my granddaughter. Thanks for the cute dress pattern. Will be making several for my granddaughter.

  604. Amanda Thompson

    I usually wear elastic waisted slacks for the comfort and since fairs are usually outdoor affairs, I’d likely wear something lightweight. And of course sneakers for all that walking! Thanks for the pattern; I now have some Christmas gifts I’ll HAVE to make for some precious little girls. 😀

  605. definitely a hat and sunscreen. I burn like crazy. After that a pretty pink (my favourite colour)floral sundress and sandals with bling. Always have to have the bling on.

  606. Julie

    Denim for sure! And definetly would be eating cotton candy!

  607. Hi ho.. off to the fair. I’d be wearing denim and a shirt or tee that resembles patchwork. And it would be loose fitting because I’d be visiting the food vendors. Lovely fabric!

  608. Fairs around here are in September.

    I would wear jeans, a comfortable sweater, sneakers and socks.

    My mum used to do our dresses; I have a picture where we (3 sisters) had the same pattern dresses, but in our favorite color.

  609. Terry Powers

    I really like your pattern. This will be very cute to make for my twin 4 year old granddaughters. Thanks.

  610. Jennifer

    I’d wear anything that’s comfortable, especially shoes. I’d love to use your fabrics in a quilt for my little niece.

  611. Elizabeth

    I would wear my cowboy boots, blue jeans and white tank top. I love the dresses. My grandbaby is going to love the dress pattern. Thank you

  612. JO Isaac

    I would definetly wear a sleeveless cotton top and cotton aline skirt. Lots of sunscreen. I love candied apples at the fair. Your pajamas are really cute as is the model. Thanks for the dress pattern.

  613. I would wear jeans, t-shirt, jumper & boots.

  614. Mimi

    I’m a simple country gal and would wear capri jeans and a t-shirt!

  615. christine

    I always wear capri pants, a t-shirt, sunglasses and a big floppy hat!

  616. Marilyn

    I’d wear the usual, blue jeans and a t-shirt.

  617. Lib

    I would wear my most comfortable shoes (for sprinting between bargains) and the largest bag I could find to store all my goodies in! Love the photo of you and your family, I only had brothers and a mother who didn’t sew so guess I always wore jeans.

  618. MarciaW

    Our fair includes lots of animal shows and walking through manure areas, so boots, jeans, and a Western shirt of some kind are in order — with my RFD denim cap.

  619. Cleo

    When I was a kid and we went to the county fair, we wore “crop tops” and “pedal pushers” and today I wear somewhat the same only a tunic tee shirt and capris. Loved your red and red gingham dresses!

  620. Laurie

    I would wear cut-off denim overalls, a red and white gingham shirt, straw hat and blue keds – thanks for a chance to win. Laurie

  621. MoeWest

    I would wear western duds and my cowboy hat. Thanks for a super giveaway.

  622. Comfortable shoes would be the first I would choose to wear to the fair, then something comfortable and cool for an outfit. I’ve not been to too many county fairs though.

  623. Leslie M.P.

    Our local state fair (don’t know about county fair) is in the autumn. We generally are there until late in the evening, so we have to make sure we are prepared for when it turns chilly. Jeans and short sleeves to start, and a sweater/hoodie in the backpack for later on. Ha! Your gingham dresses remind me of a photo of my best friend and I (and yes, we are still best friends) when we were about 10 and 11. We still blackmail each other with those photos!

  624. Terry

    I’d jean capris and a t-shirt to our fair last week….

  625. Comfortable shoes, loose fitting pants and top because it is uually hot. I too love the picture of you and your family, I use to make my girls dresses to match.

  626. I’m getting ready to go to the State Fair of Texas and I’ll be wearing comfortable shoes, a hat, and sunglasses. Not so sure about the rest of the outfit but it will be for comfort.

  627. Donna

    I wear comfortable shoes, a belly bag and carry a qulty shopping bag for Fair giveaways.

  628. Keri F

    I would wear cut off jean shorts, a hankerchief-style tank top with spaghetti straps (remember those from the 70s?) and a cowgirl hat. Yee haw and bring me a funnel cake!

  629. Deb

    I’d have to wear jeans (because there is never anywhere lady-like to sit at the fair), comfy shoes and a patriotic t-shirt.

  630. I’d wear a comfy blouse, jeans, and maybe my ergo baby sling so I could carry my little one. I love the idea of matching dresses for a girl and her doll–so cute!

  631. Erica Sheehan

    I would proabablt wear my denim capris with my colette sorbetto tank and my toms. Thanks for the giveaway!

  632. Dawn

    I would wear jeans, tshirt and comfy shoes. Carry a big bag and eat funnel cake. Thanks for the giveaway.

  633. Jessie

    well, actually, I’m kinda loving the red gingham look. I’m thinking a little bit more 1950s and a crisp white cotton blouse – and I’m good to go!

  634. Lonetta Ingram

    I would probably wear jeans and a T shirt. Love you pattern for little girl and her doll

  635. Jennie T.

    As much as I love those matchy dresses you and your sisters were sporting, I’ll dream a little here. I want a real pair of Wranglers, a great belt buckle and a cowgirl shirt with mother of pearl buttons. And a cowgirl hat and boots. Have I ever worn this? No, but I’d love to someday!

  636. KrisD

    Since it’s always hot during fair time, I would wear capris, sandals and an oversized T-shirt — nothing that would constrict me after eating all of that yummy, bad-for-you fair food.

  637. Andrea

    I would wear a simple white t-shirt and a bright, breezy skirt. Now I want a funnel cake…

  638. Oh the outfit for the country fair, well for us it is the town show, but the concept is the same. Her in Australia the jeans are obligitory accompanied by the newest shirt in the wardrobe and matching/accessorising hat.

    Thanks for being part of the blog hop. It is fascinating reading the ‘inner thoughts’ of the designers.

  639. Gidget

    Be prepared for a long hot day,
    I wore shorts and a tank-top and walking shoes,
    walked and walked and walked very fun!

  640. Laura

    i’ve never been to a state fair but i’d probably lean towards comfort instead of fashion.

  641. janet chrzanowski

    I will wear my shorts and tee and be sure to ride the tilt-a-whirl!

  642. CathyC in Alberta

    Cowboy wear from head to toe..a must for the fair! I also have one of those precious pictures..Mom, me and 3 sisters at Christmas..all in red velvet dresses, white fake fur pill box hats and our new high heels..We thought Mom had made us the best thing possible for Christmas!

  643. Kate

    Our local fair is in Sept- so what to wear depends on the weather. Jeans and sneakers if it is cool or capris and sneakers if it is warm! Comfortable sneakers are a must!
    thanks for the chance to win

  644. I’ve never been to a county fair but I like to think I’d wear a dreamy summer dress and a sunhat!

  645. Clara Chandler

    I do enjoy the children’s patterns that Oliver + S publishes. Thanks for the chance to win some of your new fabric “Cape Ann”.

    When we attend a fair, we are sure to wear “tennies” for all the walking that is required.

  646. Katie S.

    Thanks for sharing! I’m pretty boring when going to the fair… just jeans and t-shirt for this girl. Oh, and I LOVE cotton candy at the fair too! It’s the best!

  647. Patty D

    I would wear jeans to a county fair. Thanks for a chance to win.

  648. kay G

    cape ann looks great! If I were going to the county fair, I’d wear a big flowing ‘broomstick’ dress in bright colors – you couldn’t miss me.

  649. Linda Levesque

    I wouldn’t wear a dress, tooo airy. Bluejeans are my choice with a white shirt.And I’d borrow my son’s cowboy hat to keep the sun off.

  650. Kathy Hawkes

    Sweet post. I love the mother/daughter’s photo. I have one similar where my mom and I have matching dresses and hats! Oh, how I loved that dress and hat!!! You would find me in simple jeans and a buttoned down blouse, comfy and classic…with a pair of Crocs on my feet for lots of walking!! Be blessed.

  651. I think I wear the same as I always do…. jeans with a bright tshirt and I have my smiley face on 🙂

  652. Gail

    I think the way the weather is here today..I would wear slacks and a sweatshirt and my ever faithful runners to a country fair.

  653. Emily

    hmmm well I would love to say that I would wear a cute dress but I usually go with the ever practical jeans and t 🙂

  654. I would love to wear a cute sundress, but somehow it doesn’t seem practical. Did your mom make all those dresses or did you? 🙂

  655. Patty

    Jeans, t-shirt, sunglasses, and walking shoes. It’s sort of a uniform for me.

  656. Mama z

    Since it’s always hot when I go to the fair I would wear shorts/capris and a t shirt with flip flops.

  657. sweet dresses! I love the pic of y’all wearing matching dresses! don’t be offended, but that looks like something you would wee on awkward family photos website! those are a riot. I miss going to the county fairs – I would wear shorts, t-shirt and flip flops-my normal summer attire (even at work in an office!) thanks for the chance to win

  658. Kate

    I’d be wearing Jeans and a 4-H t shirt, because I’ll be working in the 4-H building when I go to the Fair this year. Love the popover dresses!

  659. diessa

    comfortable footwear and jeans.but i am going to miss the stroller this year.

  660. cotton shorts and a t-shirt! Or jeans if it is chilly. Why get fancy..that’s just silly!

  661. Jo

    I would wear something light and comfortable, maybe a peasant-style top like your Mom! Thanks for the giveaway! j-j-s AT juno DOT com

  662. I would wear cotton shorts and a t-shirt and jeans. I want to be comfy and not have to worry about getting dirty. 🙂

  663. I would go for comfort for sure. Capri jeans and a t-shirt with my rainbow sandals. Thanks for the chance to win.

  664. Oh, my gosh! I love that photo of your mom, you and your sisters! Adorable. 🙂 What would I wear to the fair? Probably what I wear every day- a pair of capris and a white blouse. I’m so boring.

  665. JoAnn May

    I love country fairs! I would wear my tennis shoes, jeans and a cute top!

  666. Joan

    I would wear jeans, a t shirt and my new short cowboy boots.

  667. Maryellen

    Your designs are adorable. I wish I had a little one to sew for! What I wear to Country Fairs is all about comfort, so I can enjoy some fudge or/and! ice cream, and comfortable shoes for walking and seeing everything. Usually a bright colored shirt so everyone can find me (I get lost in the 4H and sewing competitions!lol)

  668. Judy B

    Hi – state fair attire depends on the weather – t-shirt and either shorts or blue jeans, and always very comfortable walking shoes. And carry the absolute lightest weight purse that will hold the things I need to carry.

    Thanks for all that you share in your writing and designing, fabric, projects, etc… You are appreciated.

  669. Kylie C

    I always spend most of the time in the animal arena with the 4-H kids so boots, jeans, and t-shirts for me.

  670. Our Fair is in August. Cool clothes are always best.

  671. Therese

    I would wear jeans and a t-shirt. And sunglasses. I would carry a hand crafted tote to carry water and other necessities. And, to be a little different from everyone else in their jeans and tees!

  672. Sandy Neff

    Jeans, tee shirt and very comfy shoes.

  673. Betty Andriano

    It has been so hot in SC that it definitely would be capris, t-shirt and comfy sandals. Thanks for the cute pattern. It would look cute on my granddaughter, who is four.

  674. Sara M

    I would wear a sundress of some fun print with my cowgirl boots! We live in TX, you can’t do anything without boots!

  675. Jackie

    I would wear jeans (capris) and a t-shirt and comfy shoes! I love your new line of fabrics, Cape Ann is such a great name also! Hope to be the winner!

  676. I usually wear jeans or capris, t-shirt or tank top and good walking shoes to the State Fair that I go to. It’s usually super hot and there’s a a lot to see!

  677. Ann Marie Kesler

    I’d wear some capri pants, a tunic top…sleeveless one on a hot day and my favorite comfy sandals.

  678. Cheryl

    Our “little” local fair is the Los Angeles County Fair. It’s huge, always fun, always interesting and delicious, and always HOT. Accordingly, I wear as little as modestly possible, and expect to be hot, sticky, and drippy the whole time 🙂

    Love the dresses!

  679. Becky R.

    I think I would wear a fun sundress. Thanks for the patterns

  680. Jamie S

    Turquoise gingham camp shirt and a denim skirt (with an elastic waist for pie-eating purposes).

  681. Pat S.

    I live in 4H country so it would be jeans and a casual shirt for me,also comfy shoes, tote and sunscreen. Thanks for the chance to win. Love the fabric! The dresses are darling.

  682. MuttiRuth

    I would be wearing my band uniform if it was the night our band played for the horseraces! We always took a roll of pennies and bet on the horses…upsetting the band director terribly but adding such fun for all of us! One could make 20 cents a night!

  683. Debbie

    The state fairs in Missouri are hot and sticky so a pair of shorts, a soft tank and some sturdy shoes are in order. I love your new fabric line and your patterns.

  684. Sara

    probably shorts and top since it will be so hot.
    thanks for the giveaway!!

  685. Patty

    I would wear a sundress with lots of sunscreen. I love waking around state fairs and watching other people also.

  686. Ng Lay Yen

    Well, in our country, Singapore, we don’t have country fair. What we have is mini fun fair organized during festive seasons, like Mid-Autumn Festival…. I usually wear my comfy clothes like T-shirt, bermuda shorts and sandals. Thanks for the giveaway !

  687. Sheri

    A gingham shirt, cut offs and cowboy boots. What else? LOL

  688. Denise

    I like to be comfortable. I’d wear my Birkies! I’d eat Italian Sausage and listen to all the old bands playing at the Chevrolet Court!

  689. Elizabeth

    I would wear my Lisette gingham traveller dress because I love that dress and wear it everywhere!

  690. Our fair starts on Saturday. I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt and, of course, tennis shoes for all the walking around.

  691. Sheryl F.

    I believe our date fair is in August so I would wear Shorts and a t-shirt.

  692. Betty Byland

    I definitely would wear something bright and matching everyone else in my group so when we wander we can still find each other!!!!!

  693. Mary. H

    Shorts and a t-shirt. It is still really hot in Texas.

  694. It was stinkin’ hot here during our county fair so, I would have worn a skirt or skort and a sleeveless top or tank top and some kind of sandals.

  695. mary fiori

    White capris, navy knit top, white tennis…and a great hat!

  696. Shana

    I would wear pigtails, a red gingham blouse, jeans and really comfy shoes for lots of walking.

  697. Theresa

    Here in Florida, I would wear my favorite blue jean capris and a t-shirt.

  698. Allison

    Well, if it’s a local fair, then I would wear my Florida heat survival gear–light weight t-shirt and skirt with sandals.

  699. Sherry J.

    I would wear my jeans and a t-shirt to the County fair, wait that is what i did wear. except the first day, it was 106 at our fair so i wore my shorts and a tank top. lovely fabric. thanks.

  700. Lyn

    Living in Texas, of course I’d wear jeans. And, since I’m from NYC, I’d wear a polo shirt instead of a cowboy shirt! 🙂

  701. We had a great time at our hometown Williamson County Fair this year! I wore a gingham top in a hot-pink check with jeans & boots, but I sure wish I could find a straw cowboy hat that looked right on me! Then I’d wear braids, too. I l-o-v-e a good county fair.

  702. A comfy skirt and t-shirt. Course fairs seem to always be during the hottest months so I would probably be uncomfortable in whatever I wore!

  703. Paula in NE OH

    Gee, what would I wear to the county fair? First, my Columbia sport sandals so I could do lots of walking. Next I would wear capri jeans, a loose fitting tee shirt (to absorb the sweat). I’d wear a hat with a large brim. I’ve had skin cancer so no sun for me. Finally, I’d wear a watch, so I can keep track of the time while I am looking at the quilts in the arts and crafts building.

  704. There is a local County Fair going on now. Though we missed the greased pig contest tonight.

    I prefer to wear shorts and a T-shirt.

  705. Mary Beth

    It’s HOT…cool and light…t-shirt and shorts or flowy skirt…although that doesn’t work so well on the rides 🙂

  706. Toni Arnold

    I would wear the bright yellow volunteer tee shirt I wore for 9 days to the Nebraska State Fair. It was laundered between wearings!

  707. SewLindaAnn

    County Fair wear to me is a cotton lacy flowy shirt over a comfy soft skirt and sneakers and socks (lots of dirt and crud) Great interview, that picture is a hoot!

  708. Jane

    I would wear denim shorts, a bright t-shirt and comfy shoes since our fair is at the end of July!

  709. Linda Vitzthum

    Well, since I’ll be going to the No. CA Rennaisance Faire this weekend, I’d say I’ will be wearing a peasant’s dress!

  710. Joyce Mitchell

    I would wear really comfortable shoes ’cause there’s always lots of walking at a fair & I’d want to see everything. Thanks for the giveaway.

  711. Liz

    I would wear denim capris with a comfy knit shirt. Thanks for the chance to win some great fabrics.

  712. I would be wearing my jeans, comfy shoes and fair t-shirt! Whoohoo! Thanks for the fun!

  713. regina chronister

    I would wear blue jeans t-shirt and tennis shoes.

  714. Julie

    Going to the fair, I would wear what I wear every day. The “mom uniform”. An inexpensive t-shirt from target (must be inexpensive because it will be ruined in some way after only a few wearings) and capris. The joke around here is my friends and I have to call each other to make sure we’re not wearing the same color shirt to the same function.

  715. Kristy

    I would wear what I affectionately call my buffet pants….then I could eat all that fried food and still be comfy to enjoy the fair.

  716. Dawn N.

    To the fair I would go wearing Wrangler jeans, a bandana print shirt, cowboy hat and cowboy boots! What else is there???!!! lol

  717. sara

    I would think a simple dress, peasant style, bright colors 🙂

  718. Beverly

    I would wear capri pants and comfortable shoes to the county fair.

  719. Shannon F

    We went to our county fair every day this year! And I unfailingly wore a t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes. But never flip flops or sandals. Open-toed anything is a bad idea when tromping thru the barns. lol 🙂

  720. Judy D

    Blue jeans and t-shirt. Want to be comfy at the fair. Thanks for the chance in you giveaway.

  721. Long sundress & sandals!

  722. carol thomas

    faded jeans and a soft Tee

  723. Susan A

    I live in Az and its very warm in October yet, so I would wear something cool and comfy!!

  724. Sheila M/FL

    I love singing and they range from Billy Idol, Elvis, Journey or my favrotie silly made up song.

  725. Penny Holliday

    I would wear my boots, jeans & a bright t shirt so I could always be found by my family in the crowd of others enjoying the fair 🙂

  726. Jodi Guerrero

    Well I’d dress comfortably because I’d be there all day walking around looking at all the exhibits and animals. I’d wear a pair of shorts, walking shoes and a short sleeve shirt. It’s hot here during the summer.

    Thanks for the interview and giveaway.


  727. Robin

    I grew up in Wyoming and the fair was a big deal. Being as I was also in 4-H I would wear my 4-H shirt and jeans. I also showed lambs at the fair. Thanks for the pattern (so darn cute) and for the giveaway…fingers crossed!

  728. Jessica R.

    I live in Minnesota and so it is normally very hot in August when the fairs are going on so I wear a tank top and skirt or shorts. Thanks for sharing and I think a few of my little cousins would love your dress!!

  729. grace

    haha… i’d wear a maternity dress. just had my second baby and the extra room in a maternity dress would help hide the funnel cake i’m sure i’d abscond.

  730. Althemese B

    I would wear capris,cotton shirt, and comfy sandals.

  731. caralee

    I did wear capri’s a t-shirt and sandals to our county fair just this year.

  732. Kate

    I would wear something cool, like a skirt and sleeveless top,or capris and a sleeveless top because it’s always so hot during our county fair.

  733. MaryEllenLaughary

    I would love to make the popover dress for my Granddaughters and their dolls.

  734. sara

    Oh, I would for sure wear jeans, cowboy shirt, and boots…

    nhsarab at yahoo dot com

  735. I’m a jeans & t-shirt girl. Thanks for the pattern and the wonderful giveaway!!!

  736. Our fair is in the summer, so definitely shorts and a tshirt.
    I love those matching red dresses:)


  737. SueAnn W

    Oh thank you for letting us know NOT to check the box! I love the fabric line and can’t wait to make the sundress for my Grand daughters

  738. Sue P

    What would I do with the fabric well probably make my niece some doll clothes for her doll Kit!

  739. hmmm….what would I wear to the county fair? A sun dress of course! And I would wear my cowboy boots!
    Love your line of fabric…so fresh!

  740. Sue P

    What would I do with the fabric? Easy make my niece some doll clothes for her doll Kitt.

  741. Oooh… a big breezy tank )belted), shorts and some fabulous sandal. Of course, a cardigan would be in the bag for back-up!

  742. Cheryl

    I would like to say I’d wear something very cute, but the truth is I’d wear a t-shirt, jeans, sandals and a hat to keep the sun off of my head.

  743. I usually wear a denim skirt with a top to the fair. thanks for much for a chance to win some of your adorable fabric.

  744. Ann Post

    Would wear jeans and a t-shirt. The whole idea is to be comfy and have a great time. Love your free pattern.


  745. Patsy Jensen

    Love the fabric. Always wore 4-H clothing-white shirt and black jeans.

  746. daisy

    a flowery skirt – don’t know why but they always remind me of fairs – and its also very hot when ours is on.

  747. Meg

    I am sure I’d wear my uniform of jeans (or capris) and a tee or polo, and lots of sunscreen! The fair is always an overload of guilty pleasures for me, and not just the edible kind—love the demolition derby!! Thanks for the fun question and great giveaway!

  748. I would wear a comfortable pair of jeans with a cotton blouse. Gotta be able to move and not worry about getting dirty. Oh, and some cushy sandals! Thanks for the giveaway.

  749. DeDe

    Comfy shoes and a hair clip. The rest is irrelevant.

  750. Vickie

    Comfortable shoes

  751. I would wear a small print sundress with straps that tie at the shoulder to my country fair.

  752. jeans and a t-shirt. gotta love your go-to-the -fair outfits! my mother had a dress just like that back in the forties … thank goodness my sisters and i didn’t have matching dresses!

  753. Lisa F.

    I would wear shorts and a Texas tshirt (I have now transplanted to TN but my heart stayed in TX)
    I love your free pattern – I have already forwarded the link to a friend with two granddaughters and she is busy sewing matching outfits for the girls and their dolls.
    Thanks for such a great project.

  754. Celine K.

    I would probably wear jeans & a t-shirt. Despite my intentions to “dress better” that is what I often wear!

  755. Jody

    I just spent five days at our local county fair. This year due to the heat, I wore a cool summer shirt along with a pair of capris. I love the look of your fabric!

  756. Mary Ellen

    Comfy shoes would be a must and layers for sure as you never know about fair weather. My daughter was playing in the band in wool uniforms on a 90 degree plus day at the fair and a couple of the band members fainted from the heat!

  757. cathy payne

    i’d wear capri jeans and a tank top! Great fabric! thanks for the opportunity to win!!!!! Love the Wisconsin fair pic! Nurse Payne

  758. I would wear something cool (temperature not hip) because it is hot here in the south. It would probably be shorts and a tank with some flips. Simple and southern…that’s me! Oh and some gaudy jewelry!

  759. Jeans, a t-shirt and my made for walking running shoes. And of course, my camera to take pictures of all the wonderful sights!

  760. Sheila F.

    Our county fair is the end of July and it is HOT. I would wear shorts and a fitted t-shirt. This year my granddaughters wore cute dresses.

  761. Margaret B.

    I usually like to wear something comfortable like jeans and a tee so if you need to sit on the ground or a bale of hay your butt doesn’t show the dirt as much.

  762. nancy seitz

    I wore bermuda shorts and t-shirt when I went to fair this summer. We had a hot, dry summer. It was cooler the day we went–low 90’s instead of 100.
    Love the dress pattern for my grands
    Thank you

  763. Jan Richards

    I would wear comfortable shoes and clothes to enjoy myself at the fair. Love your patterns and new fabric line too.

  764. Deanna Carpenter

    I would typically wear jeans (it’s only about 65 here in western washington) and a shirt that won’t show stains. My girls (5 and 3) love to rub their sticky little mitts all over me! 🙂

  765. Marcia

    First and foremost- I would wear comfy shoes!!! Then I would wear a nontypical colored t-shirt and ask my hubby to do the same. That way we can easily spot each other in the crowd of fair goers when we split up (like when I go to view the quilts while he views the farm machinery)!!!
    BTW- your matching dresses were darling! When I was 6 years old my mother made a dress for me in the same fabric she had made a dress for herself and I thought that was SO COOL wearing matching dresses!!!

  766. therealfrannie

    Capris, t-shirt, comfy shoes and of course a small crossbody bag to carry my important stuff – gotta have free hands! Thanks for the giveaway!

  767. bruinbr

    It gets pretty hot here when the fair is in town, so I would definitely wear shorts, flip flops, and a very light t-shirt (got to have some wiggle room for all that yummy artery clogging food! 😉

  768. Carol E

    Hello, I would wear something light and cool! Maybe a gauzy type hippie dress….something from when I was young! 🙂

  769. I’d wear a red skirt with big white polka dots!

  770. geany

    something confortable and made of cotton but good and confortable shoes are a must hava. The maching dresses are darling, thanks for the free pattern!

  771. Corinne

    Definitely comfortable shoes! We cover the fairgrounds from top to bottom and good shoes are a must.

  772. Inger

    I would wear jean capris and a flowy top! And some really comfortable sandels.

  773. I would wear my best jean skirt and cotton shirt or a sundress to the country fair.
    What a lovely piece of fabric that you are sharing with someone. They will love it when they are chosen as your winner.
    Warmest regards,

  774. I’d probably wear jeans – I always wear jeans, it’s my mum-uniform!

    I did, however, get a kick out of your matching red outfits – bit like the picture of S with her doll in matching pop-over sundress!!

  775. jean

    Your designs make me want to sew for my little girl!

    I would wear something comfy, comfy, comfy! Short, breathable cotton t-shirt, and some leather flip-flops… and maybe a straw hat to finish the look 😀

  776. Laurie Petersen

    I would wear a comfortable pair of blue jean capris, a bright shirt, and comfortable walking shoes.

  777. Laurie Petersen

    I would wear a comfortable pair of blue jean capris, a bright shirt, and comfortable walking shoes.

  778. LolaT

    Comfy jeans, beige platform leather boots, white shirt.

  779. Pretty boring; however, I’d wear jeans and a t-shirt with comfortable shoes! Thanks for the opportunity to win Cape Ann pre-cuts.

  780. Kirsten

    cowboy boots and denim cutoff shorts? Perhaps in my younger days, they’d be REALLY short. 🙂

  781. diana

    shorts and a t shirt, comfortable shoes, have to be comfortable, thanks for the giveaway

  782. Pat LaMarsh

    Since our local ‘country fair’ is The Calgary Stampede, I would wear a white cowboy hat. That’s the symbol for Calgary, and every traveling dignitary gets one, including the Queen of England.

  783. Chris

    Jeans, T-shirt and a great hat because I’m in the South.

  784. I always a good pair of jeans and my cowgirl boots. I like a lightweigt snap shirt as well. WOW I am sure giving away what part of the country I am from. Kansas girl FOREVER!

  785. Ellen Eastrer

    Here in Australia I would wear something bright (so people can find me) and something cool. Love your fabric and patterns.

  786. Thanks so much for the pattern !!
    I would wear a romantic dress with my boots and a lovely hat.

  787. Kate R

    Definitely a dress! Very country. Very fair. Perhaps inspired by your family shot above 🙂 Love it!!

    And thanks for the pattern – I’ve saved it ready to go!

  788. Tania

    Any pants which have elastic in the waist!!! And we all know why………

    Thanks Leisl

  789. Tania

    Any pants with an elastic waist!!! And we all know why…..

  790. As simple cotton skirt (homemade of course, with a sweet summery, flowery print) and a cool breezy white top, sandals and a big floppy hat.

  791. Joan

    I’m all about comfort so my county fair attire would be jeans, or shorts depending on the weather, and a tee shire.

  792. I wear jeans and a t-shirt. My mom used to dress the three of us alike like that too. So funny to think about that now.

  793. Ada Shave

    something cotton just in case it is warm, our fair is the end of September.

  794. I’m lazy, so it would probably be jeans/capri pants and a top. But I did love the matching dresses your mom made for you and your sisters… perhaps I should stop being lazy and make matching dresses for me and my daughter to wear to our local agricultural show next month.

  795. Deborah - Valparaiso, IN

    Jeans and a big floppy hat!

  796. Suzie

    a pair of jeans, a crsip white shirt, a coloured cotton sweater knotted arnd my shoulders and a pair of R.M. Williams riding boots.

  797. What a lovely relax cat is Parker. I would wear a simple dress in green from tricot with a tie at the neck that I just have made with a nice vest.

  798. Aster Cody

    I’d probably wear jeans and a t-shirt. And a good pair of walking shoes.

  799. Cassandra

    I would wear a summer skirt and singlet! Love the colours in your new line!!!

  800. Sarah Marshall

    I hope I am not too late. I am a big fan of the sundress, so that is what i would wear. Thanks for the giveaway!

  801. Nicola

    Living in Britain, I’m afraid that whatever I wore would have to be accessorised with a matching umbrella and wellies: our county show seems to attract rain like a magnet! x

  802. Barb

    Comfy shoes are top on my list…capris, T-shirt and a hat!

  803. Holley

    I would wear my big brown hat to keep the sun out of my eyes. And a comfy t-shirt and capris. No sandals. That is just asking for trouble at a fair.

  804. jenne

    i am a jeans, t-shirt and a baseball hat kind of a girl.

  805. Leianne McCallum

    OMG, I can remember my sister and I wearing matching cowboy outfits to the Calgary Stampede! Not today…

  806. Loved your blog – and cannot wait to make the American Girl dress!!!

  807. Sue M. in NM

    Jeans and a T-shirt. Got to be comfy.

  808. Loved your blog AND those red/check dresses. If I were going to the country fair I would wear my favorite crop jeans and a pink t-shirt with an American Flag on it.

  809. Bobbie Muscarella

    Thanks for the pattern! Really inspirational and so cute.

  810. Nothing special–it’s about the animals, rides, and food. 🙂

  811. lauraluvsloons

    jeans, tshirt and a flannel shirt for me. It gets chilly here in NH at our fairs.

  812. Laura Wensmann

    I would wear something comfortable to walk around it and depending on the weather. Thank you for the chance to win!

  813. NQuinn

    Here in Texas we wear jeans, button-up shirt, large buckle on our belts, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat!

  814. With the help of, we’ve selected our two winners and notified them by email.

    Congratulations to Joan who won the fat quarter pack and Susan who won the jelly roll.

    Thanks to everyone who entered.

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