introducing our new apparel sewing basics dvd

Earlier this summer, I alluded to a little filming we were planning to do. I’m very excited to finally be able to tell you all about this project!

This past July I had the pleasure of working with a team from Interweave, the folks who publish Stitch magazine, to record a couple of instructional videos right here in our studio in Brooklyn. The first of those videos, Apparel Sewing Basics, is now available for purchase as a download (it will be available as a DVD soon, too, if you prefer a hard copy) at the Interweave website.



In this video I introduce you to my favorite sewing tools, talk about selecting and preparing your fabric, and show you how to get your pattern ready to sew. Then I demonstrate how to sew curves, corners, gathers and ease-stitches, and edgestitching. I’ve included lots of little tips and tricks  that will help you as you sew and as you plan your sewing.

The 90-minute video also includes some interviews and other fun bits in between the serious sewing. Here’s a little preview of what you’ll see.



I had so much fun making this video! Tricia Waddell, the editor of Stitch, is a real professional and a pleasure to know. We bounced around a lot of ideas and had a great time preparing for the filming. Garrett and Caroline from the production team were fantastic, energetic and enthusiastic. They did a beautiful job bringing everything together.

I’ll tell you more about the whole process later, and I’ll let you know when the DVD is available. You’ll be able to purchase it on our website, too.



  1. looks great, and thanks for the pivot tip.

  2. Your pattern instructions are the best in the business so I bet that your sewing instructional video is wonderful. Congratulations on your new venture!
    – Liz

  3. I’m sure the DVD will be full of helpful hints. It’s been exciting to see all the new projects that you’ve come out with this year. It’s kind of funny to me to hear you explaining about the pivoting…I was working on a flower girl dress yesterday at my mom’s and was having difficulty making the tip of the v notch in the collar (Ottobre Design pattern)as sharp as I wanted it to be. She suggested I do just what you showed in the video clip!

  4. This is wonderful! I’m sure sewists of all skill levels will find something great here.

  5. Stacey

    This is perfect! My mum and Nana are to far away to help and having a one year old means not being able to get to classes, this is on my must get Christmas list!

  6. What an awesome video. Congrats on your continued success and new sewing ventures! I’m such a big fan of your work!

  7. The film looks great, Liesl, you explain things just as clearly in “real life” as you do in your patterns and I am overly excited by the “how to sew a sharp corner” tip.

  8. Mariko

    Looks wonderful! I’m a bit obsessed with your awesome construction techniques and attention to detail. That’s what makes sewing enjoyable for me. Please let us know when the DVD version is released.

  9. Jessica

    I’m downloading this this minute!

  10. sue Davis

    I would just wear Jeans to the fair. I like to see all the animals, so I would dress like I belong with them.
    Sue Davis

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