modern tote

To make this tote, I selected these prints from Modern Workshop because I thought the saturated colors, combined with the chocolate brown, make a nice transitional palette as we start to think about fall. But it still looks pretty OK hanging out at the pool at the height of summer, doesn’t it?

In fact, it looks even better in the pool with all that blue surrounding it. (I took its place on this air mattress shortly after shooting this photo.)

Maybe I like it there because the lining reminds me of water.

You can find the free instructions for making this bag right here. We call it the Mother-Daughter Tote because it’s great for grown-ups to carry along just a few essentials (it’s big enough for a book but small enough to work more like a handbag) and because children like it too. Maybe because they want to be like their moms? I don’t know, but S certainly manages to find all sorts of uses for hers.

We still have some fabric packs available if you’d like to sew your own bag with Modern Workshop.


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