apron and helper

Now that school is out for the summer, S is keeping busy for a couple of weeks with play dates and her summer reading list before she gets on a plane to spend time at the lake with her grandparents.

In the meantime, we’re renovating the studio to get ready for some filming we’ll be doing there later this month (more on that soon). S stopped by the other day and offered to chip in by sweeping up some sawdust.

The apron is from Little Things to Sew, made up in prints from Modern Workshop. This was left over from a class I taught at Farmhouse Fabrics a few months ago and, like most of my sewing these days, I never took the time to photograph it afterwards.

It’s clearly getting some good use, however; just before school ended it also served as a paleontologist uniform for some kindergarten dinosaur digging!




  1. Amazingly Cute! Liesl, everytime I see that darling daughter of yours I just can’t help but smile. It’s so wonderful to see the things you create being put to use in real life! I love your book and patterns. I just got done making the bucket hat and have gotten so many compliments from complete strangers. My husband loved it so much that he’s asked me to try to grade up the pattern and make one to fit him!

  2. The most stylish housekeeping paleontologist ever! It looks great in the Brown and pink….so cute!

  3. Hi Liesel!

    I am in the midst of making the little Red HidingHood cape for my daughter, Too Cute! I noticed that you were trying to give others sources for wool fabric for the school days coat and cape. I have a shameless plug… Heavens to Betsy ! the website is listed above. We have 100% wool fabric milled and our wools are available wholesale and retail 🙂

    I love the book !!! can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  4. That reminds me of my child playing like a painter and how much she enjoyed that apron.

  5. Sheila

    I just ordered your book. It looks great. Will you be re-printing some of the out of print patterns in your collection?

  6. She’s adorable!

  7. what a cutie! I just wanted to pass on that i’m loving your book and just featured it on my blog.


    made the hat and have more to make!

  8. Made the cape ! Excellent instructions and pieced together quickly, Thank you.
    I do have one question: Do you have any suggestions for lining up plaids while cutting pattern pieces?
    I attempted to do so with the wool by looking whereabouts the first or next piece would attatch, Without much luck. Although the cape looks beautiful and my daughter loves it ( and of course now wants more, One for each day of the week! ), I would love to hear ideas on how to better the outcome.
    I have photos up on our blog, If you would like to see:


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