details: colored thread

Here’s a cute detail to consider in your own sewing. Each button on this blouse was sewn using a different thread color.

This would be especially effective on a neutral-colored print (like the blouse shown) or on a solid color. It brightens up and highlights the mother-of-pearl buttons that were used, too.



  1. Hannah

    Great idea! What is this lovely fabric?

  2. Hannah

    Great idea! What is the fabric you used?

  3. cute!

  4. I’ve seen this done before on a skirt (with buttons up the front). I love the idea! It’s like adding a secret little rainbow to your clothes!

  5. Sharyn

    oh, and if it wasn’t too much you could also do the button holes in coordinating colours too! it could also be a self check for kids getting the right buttons in the right button holes.

  6. Great minds he he,I did that here I wanted to make a sophisticated top more girly.

  7. What a fun and playful little detail!

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