little things to sew: it’s here!

Oliver +S Little Things to Sew is ready to ship! You can now order an autographed copy for yourself on the book page of our website.

I thought it would be fun to leave you with a few favorite behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot. This is the juggling balls and drawstring bag, shot from above using moss instead of grass:

S “helped” with this shot and was pleased to tell us that she is just outside the frame of the photo that is in the book. I can just imagine her off to the left when I look at that page in the book. Here she is helping to set up the shot.

Our model for this project is a friend and former classmate of S who signed with a major modeling agency just days after these photos were taken. He and his sister (who also makes a couple appearances in the book) can now be seen in nationwide advertisements and in-store display photographs. We feel really lucky that we got to work with them, especially now that they’re stars. And about the nicest kids you can meet, to boot.

By the way, I’ve made many of these drawstring bags. I use them for my camera, my drawing tablet, toys, gifts, and other things. Everyone loves them, so don’t limit their use to the juggling balls.

OK, now go get your copy of the book and start sewing! Have fun with the book. I can’t wait to see what you make with it.




  1. Oh how cute!
    My husband has often struggled with casting kids (he writes/produces commercials and music videos)and he says a talented good looking kid can get A LOT of work. How cool that you have these sweet kids in your book!
    Can’t WAIT to get sewing little things!

  2. daisygirl_78

    My book arrived at the door today, and I was so excited to crack the cover! It’s a beautiful book, you should be very proud of it. It makes me happy 🙂

  3. i received the book today too. IT’S ADORABLE! my husband even commented how much he loved the artistic shots in it. the photographer did an awesome job! i want to make everything in it. can’t wait

  4. Inspirational shots!! Love the moss. Does anyone know if I can get a pattern for the khaki, linen-looking skirt that the little girl is wearing? Saw one just like it in a store yesterday but would love to make it for my daughter instead. Thanks in advance!

  5. got the book on Monday and LOVE it. I can’t wait to get to the fabric store this weekend and start sewing. If all goes as planned, I’ll see you @ the Cloth & Bobbin in Ardmore next month and just hopefully one or two (or three!) of my peanuts will accompany me decked out in something from the book.

  6. it seemed to take forever for my book to arrive but it finally did today! It was a nice treat for a sick mama in not so sunny san diego! Tomorrow I will start on the messenger bag, I already have fabrics for all the projects you highlighted in advance. Thank you so much for a wonderful, inspirational and adorable book!

  7. Hillary

    I received my book yesterday! Can’t wait to get started. Quick question, is the red riding hood reversible?

  8. This is my absolute favorite book of sewing projects! It’s a beautiful book to look through, and the projects are adorable. I so appreciate the writing of your patterns. I am enjoying my sewing machine again! I have made three of the projects from this book so far and plan on making more. I posted a link to your website in the sidebar of my blog, and linked to your pattern page in my recent post. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

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