celebrate the boy: sewing for boys

In honor of Celebrate the Boy week over at Made by Rae, I thought we would spend a little time today talking about sewing for boys.

At Oliver + S, we make patterns for boys and for girls. Not all other pattern companies do, but we are committed to this. We don’t make as many patterns for boys as we do for girls because, frankly, there is a much greater demand for girls’ patterns. Whenever we release a new collection that includes patterns for boys and girls, the girls’ patterns always outsell the boys’ patterns. I would really love for that to change, however, and I would be thrilled if in the future we can justify producing more items for boys. If you will buy them, we will make them!

As you’re no doubt already aware, boys’ clothing tends to be a bit more restrictive in terms of creative options. Most boys don’t wear pleats or ruffles, and tradition dictates that boys stick with shirts and pants. That narrows the options considerably. But I think the beauty is in the details when it comes to boys’ clothing.Β Here are a few examples, courtesy of our customers’ photos.

The Sandbox Pants pattern was one of our early patterns, intended for boys and girls. It has an elastic-back waist and a drawstring at the front (more for decoration than for function) as well as front and back pockets. The larger size range of this pattern (sizes 4-8) is still in print, and if you search around you can probably still find the small size range somewhere too.

I love this version of the pants, with striped fabric at the inside waistband and a brown ribbon for a drawstring.

photo by Corinnea’s Chaos

The Bedtime Story Pajamas have been a very popular patterns. This style recently went out of print, but never fear: we’ll be introducing new pajamas with some great details for fall! This style has been popular for boys and girls, and I suspect the boys like it because it’s somewhat reminiscent of a karate costume. The fun details here are in the neckband, ties and waistband. You can select from contrast or complimentary fabric as the trim for a little extra interest and fun.

photo by small dark and handsome

The Sailboat Top and Pants is a versatile boys’ pattern. The Sailboat Top can be made in woven or knit fabrics, and you can have all sorts of fun with your fabric choices as well as with the buttons at the shoulders and with the facings. I like the red buttons and facings in this classic (and classy) striped version.

photo by LouGrace

The Sailboat Pants (the pattern also includes a matching skirt for girls) have four buttons at the front and a cropped beachy style. This is a stylish twist on classic pants for boys.

photo by little birdy 3 chicks

Or make the pants in a fun print. Who can resist green and white elephants?

photo by sascharomeo

When we expanded our size range a while ago we released the classic Sketchbook Shirt and Shorts pattern, which is appropriate for boys of all ages. The shirt can be made with short or long sleeves as well as a convertible or a band collar. And the pull-on shorts include front pockets and a faux fly. I love the dressy combination of this classic white shirt with refined, striped shorts from Spool Sewing:

photo by spool sewing

Or use the same pattern to make a more casual, sporty shirt and shorts like this one:

photo by NoodlesHandmade

One of our most recent patterns, the Nature Walk Pullover and Knit Pants, is a very easy pattern. The kangaroo pocket at the front of the pullover, the piecing (great for color blocking!), and the collar and facing all offer lots of creative opportunities. Here is a classic striped option:

photo by the lovely nest

Here is a very fun version of the pullover, with rockets:

photo by nightknitter

So you can see some of the details that make boys’ clothing interesting. You can also find more inspiration for boys’ clothing in our Flickr group. (Thanks to all our customers who contributed these great photos of their work!)

In our newly released book, Oliver + S Little Things to Sew, you’ll find all sorts of things for boys, too: messenger bag, backpack, quilt, bucket hat, mittens, scarf, bento box carrier, explorer vest, and plenty of other items that will appeal. At least three-quarters of the 20 projects in the book are appropriate for boys!

In honor of Celebrate the Boy week, we’re giving away a three-pack of Oliver + S patterns: the Sailboat Top and Pants, the Sketchbook Shirt and Shorts, and the Nature Walk Pullover and Knit Pants. You pick the sizes. To enter the drawing for all three patterns, leave a comment telling us about your favorite thing to sew for boys. We’ll pick a winner on the morning of Friday, February 18. Once the drawing is complete, comments will close down, and we’ll post the winner’s name. If you’re the lucky winner, we’ll contact you by email to get your preferred size ranges and shipping information. Good luck!


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  1. Sarah

    I’m so happy with the School Days coats I made for my twin boys this fall. They love them and they look so great in them! I also like to sew flannel PJ’s for them too. Would love a chance to win those patterns – thanks so much!

  2. Stefanie Summerer

    My favorite thing to sew for boys are pajamas. So much fun and easy!

  3. Erin

    I love all of your patterns but the Sailboat Top and Pants are on the top of my list to buy. I always love a nautical look and they are so versatile…dressy, casual, short and long!
    Thanks so much for the great giveaway.

  4. Rachel

    Would LOVE these patterns! I actually have a hard time coming up with things to make for little boys-though I absolutely adore these two blogs for dedicating a whole month to them!! I have 3 very close friends who’ve just had/are about to have babies-2 boys and one girl-and I make so many more things for the girl…I need to fix this!!

  5. Av

    I started to sew when I found out that I was pregnant. I wanted to make something with my hands as a welcoming gift for my son, so I sew him a welcoming blanket – a blue toned stripey blankie. It wasn’t perfect but it carried all my love and affections for the little boy.

    My son is now almost 2 years and I can say that dressing for boys is no less fun than dressing girls… and sewing for boys can be as fun as sewing for little girls. As a matter of fact, sewing boy items is more fun because it requires a little more creativity and eye for fabric choice.

    My most favorite item to sew for boys is trousers. The simplest piece of clothing is also the most versatile!

  6. Elizabeth

    My favorite things to sew for boys are shirts. I tend to leave pants plain but shirts are another story. My nephews love to choose designs to applique and stencil on shirts.

  7. Heather

    I have 3 boys and am always looking for fun patterns for them. I love making summer shorts in wild prints, while they love it when I make super soft pj bottoms.

  8. mel

    My favorite pattern combo right now (it’s cold here!) is the Nature Walk pullover plus Sandbox Pants! And I recently purchased the Sketchbook pattern so I can sew more for my 2 year old nephew – I love hand made gifts!

  9. My favorite thing to sew for my boys was the Bedtime story pj’s – I have 8 sons and I got the pattern in both sizes and then graphed up for my oldest sons and just made the pants. Your directions are so wonderful that even I a novice seamstress for garments (but quilter)easily figured it all out!
    Your book arrived day before yesterday and I’ve decided to make the messenger bag for one of my handmade Christmas gifts next year, thank you for including small and large sizes!
    I certainly hope to win this awesome giveaway!

  10. I love your patterns!

  11. Aly S

    Pants! Pants are my favorite simply because it’s so hard to buy them to fit my son.

  12. My favorite thing to make for my son is PJ pants. He loves picking out the fabric, and asking every 5 minutes when they will be done.

    I haven’t seen the Nature Walk Pullover pattern before today, that is going on my list of things to sew.

  13. jessica

    i love to make my son pants in fun patterns, while he’s still little enough to let me. i’m looking forward to making him the bedtime story pajamas for next winter as well. thanks for the generous giveaway!

  14. Karen

    I love sewing overalls for little boys and putting embroidery on the bib. Now that my grandsons are getting a little older, I am looking forward to sewing them more mature fashions and I particularly like the Sketchbook Shirt and Shorts pattern.

  15. My little boy just turned one and my favorite things to sew are pants to fit over cloth diapers! So easy to make and they always seem comfy to wear!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. I love to sew pajama pants. They’re soft an comfy and always appreciated πŸ™‚

  17. I love to sew jammies for my little guys…in fact, they’d rather have mama made lounge pants and a tshirt to sleep in than anything else! (even those “cool” character pajamas) We like making costumes as well…out of all kinds of fabrics and materials.

    What a wonderful giveaway..thank you so much for the chance to win!

  18. For my skinny boys, pants are the thing you have to sew for them.

  19. anne

    I love sewing pants for my little guy – I can make them cute and warm which is great for the canadian winter.

  20. I love making recycled clothes for my sons. I especially love making the 90 minute shirt from Made and recycled hoodie from lil blue boo. Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. Kristen

    Pants are my favorite, Little Mister has quite a big belly these days his pants are tight! =0) Thanks for the chance to win!!

  22. Danielle

    I really enjoy making fun shirts for my son, oh and warm winter jammies!

  23. OMG! Liesl, I can’t tell you how excited I am to see my Nature Walk Pullover on this post (I actually squealed)! What a great surprise! I adore your patterns — they are my favorite thing to sew for my son. Thank you so much for making boy patterns. I don’t know what I would do without them! Sewing for boys is fun. I hope more and more people realize this. Maybe one day a boy pattern will be one of your best sellers. Fingers crossed!

  24. Messenger bags–for boys of all ages.

  25. I love making bags and little cases (for lego, star wars toys, etc) for my boy. I have not yet ventured to make him any clothes, but would love to try.

  26. Anna

    I’d love to sew some of your great patterns!

  27. Sarah

    My favorite things to sew for my little boys are SUPERHERO CAPES! πŸ™‚ That is all they want for me to make them. They like the other stuff, but they love capes. Thanks so much for the giveaway, I would love to make any of the things in those three patterns for my boys. πŸ™‚

  28. Pants and shorts. That is what I mostly sew for my three boys. Button Down shirts are a bit intimidating for me. Lining up all those buttons and button holes!

  29. My favorite things to sew for boys are baby pants and shoes… But I am excited to learn to sew more garments as my baby nephew and the other baby boys in my life get a bit bigger!

  30. Deb

    I love to make jackets for little boys.

  31. April

    I like sewing pants and Halloween/dress up costumes for my little boys!

  32. Pyjamas are always a hit. Thank you for the giveaway!

  33. Thank you for sharing the customers’ photos! I love being able to see what people have done with patterns before I try them. So far, the only think I have been brave enough to try sewing for my son is pants, which I love to make! Hopefully soon I’ll venture into shirts and jackets as well. Thanks for the generous giveaway!!

  34. I love to make T’s so they are long enough and fit well, and to avoid the boxiness of some store bought T’s. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  35. Bethany

    I love sewing pants for my son. I really want to win this giveaway! Thanks

  36. I just want to thank you for your boy patterns!! My son loves them as much as I do and is living in his Nature Walk Pants right now. More short sleeved Sketchbook Shirts and both the Sandbox pants and the Sailboat Pants are on my list for Spring sewing. Thanks!!

  37. I haven’t sewed any boy stuff! I’ve just recently started up again and have sewed for one little niece and would love to do something for my three nephews!

  38. So far its been pretty hard for me to find fun and exciting things that I want to sew for my boys. They love all the felt food I’ve made them, and their new truck & car themed blankets. Most recently I made them each a pair of fleece PJ pants, which is the first time I’ve made them anything wearable. They love the pants and I enjoyed making them. I would love to branch out and start making them more clothing!!

  39. Matthias

    I love making overalls for my boys. There are so many fun details that I can add to make them extra special.

  40. Emily

    I love to make pants for my son. The Sandbox pants are great, he loves the pockets. I have the smaller size pattern. Even though my son is almost 5, he is a skinny guy and I just keep making the 3T size longer!

  41. Abbey

    The only clothes I’ve sewn for my boy is pants, but I’d love to try some new things too! These patterns are adorable!!!

  42. Melissa

    I’ve just started to sew clothes for my kids, so far I’ve been pretty successful with pajama bottoms. Hopefully this giveaway will help me to branch out into clothes they can wear outside of the house. : )

  43. Jenny

    I LOVE that pullover. My favorite thing to sew for my boys are pajamas, I guess.

  44. heidi

    I love to sew pants and neck ties for my boys. Their favorite is handmade pj pants from warm, soft fleece. I LOVE o&s patterns!!!!!

  45. Jiannyia

    I love to sew costumes for my lil guy! His most recent dinosaur was a challenge, but it happened!

  46. Lindsay

    One thing I was really intimidated to try, but glad I did, were different styles of hats for boys. They’re easy to make as gifts, and so stylish!

  47. I love to sew soft toys for my boys – they are such softies and really appreciate something new to cuddle and play with. But I also enjoy sewing them baggy shorts – boys look so great and are so comfy when they can run around without restriction.

  48. I have two boys but have yet to sew clothing for them. Though I’ve had a lot of fun making plush toys for them. One of my favorites was the Eddie Doll from the Wee Wonderfuls book. I’ve always admired your patterns and would love to try my hand at sewing clothes for my little guys. Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. I love more formal wear on little boys! Who doesn’t like a polka dot bow tie on a little guy??? Plus a vest… SO cute!

    Thanks for the giveaway, I’ve always wanted to try your patterns!

  50. My favorite things to sew for my boys (so far) has been toys and bags. I haven’t tried clothes yet, but I am inspired to do so now! My 18 month old needs some new pants for Spring. Can’t wait to see the new book!

  51. Renee

    I’m really loving to sew baseball style tees for my boy out of old t-shirts.

  52. I’ve been on a simple yoga pant kick for my little man, but this has been mostly because he just got out of diapers and nothing fits his little bum now!

    I also love to do simple shirts with cool “boy” designs sewed or stenciled on the front.

  53. Casey

    My favorite thing to sew for my little guy so far has been hats and pants (that match). I love hats and I always have a blast trying new patterns and tutorial that I find. I also like to make matching pants using the same fabric as the hat!

  54. I love sewing little ties and vests for my boy. Can’t wait to see all of my options!

  55. My go-to gift for boys (mainly toddlers) has been the simple soft ball. Boys can’t get enough of them and since they don’t make noise or require batteries and only cause minimal damage, if any at all, Mom’s seem to really love them!

  56. Thanks for the great post! I just started my first pair of pants for my little guy – simple cords with a fun, contrasting trim. I’d love to win your patterns so I can keep on sewing for him!

  57. Kristen

    I’m new to the sewing, and so far my daughter has received a few more things than my son. But my favorite things are tied between a pair of linen pants and a quilt. I am looking forward to trying more things!

  58. Kathryn B

    Shorts and pants. My 4 yr old son loves to have something mommy-made, since I’m usually sewing for his sister. He told me he needed 20 pairs for spring!

  59. Ima

    The most rewarding projects I have made for my boy were the dress-up clothes.

  60. Juliana

    I love sewing for my kids, and my favorites are hats and pants. I LOVE those elephant pants!!!

  61. My favorite thing to sew for boys has to be waistcoats/vests. Even the most dressy waistcoat can have some fun lining inside. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  62. Corrie

    I love to sew pajama pants for my boys–they are super easy and my boys love the surprise of fun prints! It’s fun to see them wear something I made for them almost every day.

  63. Hayley Pickett

    I love making quilts/blankets for my boys, but have just recently attempted at making them clothing, and I’m addicted! Love your patterns!

  64. Sarah L.

    I want to sew pants and shirts for my boys. I am a little scared of apparel sewing, as I have mostly been a crafty-sewist to this point. But I have two little ones and an increasing stash of fabric. Some Oliver + S patterns would be the perfect start to my collection of boy patterns!

  65. Lisa K

    I love sewing pants and shorts for my son. When he was younger, I made him “jon-jons” or short-alls. Thank you making great patterns for boys!

  66. I love to sew pajama pants for my boys! They are useful, and my boys think they’re great. Win win!! πŸ™‚

  67. I usually like to sew quilts for boys. I’m not too experienced in making clothes for boys but would love to start!

  68. Melanie

    My favorite thing for my boys was the school days coat. It’s a wonderful pattern for boys and very sophisticated. Unlike the pants, it will last to be handed down. But I think that the nature walk pullover might become my favorite. Thanks for giving me the chance to win it! Go boy!

  69. I love to find unique fabrics and patterns to make clothing for boys. I love your patterns because they have such attention to detail that really make the clothes stand apart. And they are so easy to follow! I’ve learned so much from sewing some of your patterns! I would LOVE to win this giveaway! I’ve got some super cute fabric that would make an awesome sketchbook shirt or nature walk pullover! πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  70. I really love sewing shirts for my little guy. I’ve been amazed at the variation you can get just by changing up the little details like you say. I’m crossing my fingers!

  71. RGage

    I like sewing pants. They are quick and easy which is something I have time for!

  72. Danielle Lusk

    I have a sweet girl, but am expecting again and am eager to find some cute things to sew for boys. I love the sailboat pants, but I’ve recently made a few jumpers from ideas I’ve hijacked on line and love them! Snaps are no longer my enemy!

  73. Tracey G.

    I’ve been sticking to bags and little totes for my boys to carry all of their trinkets. I’ve been a little intimidated about making them clothes but I would love to give it a try with these patterns.

  74. I am often at a loss when is comes to sewing for my son. Sure I have made him blankets, sheets, pillowcases,and Halloween costumes. I am very excited about these patterns, they would be perfect for Easter.

  75. Leah

    That would be so great, I have been sewing some hooded t-shirts lately and really like how they turn out.

  76. Laura Read

    I love to make bow ties and suspenders for my boy. But it’s time to branch out…

  77. I really like sewing ties for my son. For some reason he is really into wearing them:) Thanks for doing such a fun giveaway!

  78. Misty

    I love sewing pillows for boys. I would love some new patterns for new ideas though!

  79. I really like sewing ties for my son. For some reason he is really into wearing them:) Thanks for doing such a fun giveaway!

  80. Kate

    I have mostly made pants for my 4 year old boy, but I have made him one button front shirt which he loved. I would love to be able to make him more shirts.

  81. I haven’t had much of an opportunity to sew for my 8mo DS yet, but I have enjoyed making him leggings πŸ™‚ I’m actually in the process of making a pattern and sewing a car-seat pillow so he won’t crick his little neck when he falls asleep in the car.

  82. megan

    I’ve sewn all sorts for my girls, but I think the only clothes I’ve made for my boys are jammies. I’d love to have some cute new patterns to sew up some darling outfits – at least for my littlest.

  83. Jodanna

    I love making little jammer pants with wide legs and contrasting hems. So fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. sarah

    I’m always sewing pajamas and blankets/quilts for my boys, but my favorite boy project is a button-down top I made out of Heather Ross’s dog print in orange. My little boy and I are both going to be sad the day he outgrows that one!

  85. Erika

    I love to try and sew ties for my little boy. I do want to venture into the world of pants next. I’m still a beginning with sewing clothes.

  86. I seem to sew a lot of pajama pants for my little guy. He is often with me at the fabric store and has developed a love of fabric. He loves to touch it and always seems to find flannel that he has to have. I think I need to venture outside of my pajama pant rut.

  87. I like sewing creative and unique toys for my boys–a tactilly diverse quiet book, a fabric barn, fish… I also love quilting, so I enjoy working in great boyish prints to make them special blankets. I’m excited to discover your pattern line for boys, though. I hope I win; I would LOVE to make the pullover. : )

  88. I hope I’m not leaving a duplicate comment – my internet is acting funny.

    I haven’t had much of an opportunity to sew for my 8mo. DS, but I am currently trying to make a pattern and sew a car seat pillow to keep his little neck from kinking when he falls asleep in the car!

  89. I sew pants, pants, and more pants for my two boys. Tiny linen pants when they were newborn, re-purposed sweater pants to keep them warm, and pinstriped wool pants for church.

  90. Carol H.

    My little boy just turned 6 mos, and I’m excited to make him the Sketchbook Shirt when the weather warms up!

  91. I love making pajamas for my little boy. Especially when they can be made into his (or my) favorite characters.

  92. Heather M

    I have 2 boys and the thing I sew the most for them is pyjamas

  93. Jocelyn

    I have 3 boys so I go through phases, right now my favorite thing to sew for them is hats and bow ties. Random I know, lol!

  94. Beth

    I love to sew pants for the little guys because all you can find at the store are jeans and khakis.

  95. My favorite thing to sew for my little man right now is Sunday ties! I can’t seem to get enough of them!

  96. Ilya

    I’ve got the book already at home! Yeah! And two new patterns I got at a sewing lounge. And I have a 1 yr old boy named Finn. MOst of all I love to sew the sailboat top and pants and the bedtime pajamas in funky fabrics!! LOVE THEM!

  97. liz

    I love lounge pants for my son, paired with a really cute polo (that i do not even try to make), and they have the perfect preppy style to melt my heart.

  98. It seems I sew pjs and pants the most for my little boy, and I love sewing those because they are quick and can be lots of fun with different prints!

  99. Denise

    I love sewing pajamas for boys, but also dress-ups and drawstring bags. You can go a little crazier with pajama prints than everyday clothes.

  100. jess

    I have mainly sewed pjs, but I’ve wanted to try some actual pants & button down shirts! These patterns are great!

  101. I’ve always loved your patterns and especially love the cute ones you have for boys! Its harder to find interesting patterns and things for boys. I like sewing shoes, hats and bowties for boys, I haven’t tried anything else yet but I want to!

  102. These are wonderful patterns – I’ve been sewing for my four year old daughter for a few years and love what I can do for her – but am just now starting to figure out what I can do for my 8 month old little guy. I’ve made him some basic knit pants, which are fun… but am anxious to branch out. I especially love the sketchbook shirt and shorts – what an awesome pattern!

  103. Jenny L

    I have just started sewing for my boys and have loved making them ties and bowties. I would love to branch out though and try to make more for them! Thanks for the giveaway!

  104. Stacy

    I love making pants for my two year old. I’d love to try my hand at button down shirts because the fabric options are endless!

  105. I made some shorts for my son last summer out of old men’s shirts and can’t wait to get started on more for this year. I love that pullover, it’s so cute!

  106. I love to qpplique things on basic tees for my 5-year old. A fun and quick way to either dress it up or personalize. I haven’t made any shorts/pants yet, I am ready though!! Thanks!!

  107. elise

    oh my lands, what a generous giveaway.
    I’m still a bit scared of clothing so i’ve only sewn baby items like bibs & quilts for boys, or pillowcases and little stuffed animals.
    This is it though- i’m going to try! i’d love to give it a go with an Oliver + S pattern, they are so classic but fresh.

  108. Anne S.

    I love making hats for my little dude. Thanks for the chance to win!

  109. Petra

    Anything from PJs, to bedcovers or curtains. Whatever you do for them is so cute an yummy!!!!

  110. Palina

    I love sewing comfortable clothes for my boy such as knit fabric sweaters and pyjamas.

  111. I honestly haven’t sewn for my little guy before, but Boys Week has been inspiring me to want to. πŸ™‚

  112. I love to make shorts for my little man, it’s nice to be able to find some lovely fabrics and patterns especially for the little men in our lives!

  113. Erica

    I love making little hats for boys!

  114. Jaime

    Room decor, bins and blankets have been my focus up until now. Celebrate the Boy is my motivation to start expanding my boy sewing skills. Your patterns are fabulous! Thank you for the chance!

  115. Ali

    I love to sew collared shirts for my boy because it makes him look like the little gentleman he is!

  116. Pjs and pants are what I have sewn most for my boys. I purchased the Sketchbook pattern and just received it. I am looking forward to producing nicely tailored shirts. πŸ™‚

    What a great giveaway!

  117. love sewing for my boys, since there is just not as much out there as is for girls. right now, I’m enjoying sewing retro coveralls. thinking of making some in a madras print for spring πŸ™‚

    here’s a photo…

  118. Cameron H

    I’ve only sewn quilts so far, but I’ve got the Bedtime Story PJ’s pattern and am working up the nerve to try it out! Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  119. I would love to try the pullover pattern!

  120. Karey Collins

    My favorite boy item so sew so far would have to be knit tees and hoodies. I would love to try something like the sketchbook shirt!

  121. I love to sew my lil’ guy button down collared shirts. He always looks so handsome in them!

  122. I make bags, shirts, and pants for my boy! I want to make the whole wardrobe for him πŸ™‚

  123. Kara H.

    I have a 4 yr old boy whom I’ve sewn pajamas and toys (capes, crowns, bean bags). I know he would love for me to sew some other things for him since his sister usually ends up the owner of newly sewn items. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  124. S. Bird

    So far, my favorite thing to sew for my boys has been shirts. And halloween costumes. πŸ™‚

  125. I love to try anything new for my boy that I can find. T-shirts and pants have been my most recent projects. I would love some new patterns!

  126. Bailey

    Oh how I would love to win! I am expecting a baby boy any day now. What I love to sew for boys is blankies. I know lame, but they are so great to customize with different fabrics, appliques, ect. I also love to crochet hats for little boys, silly crazy ones. hrobbins422 at yahoo dot com

  127. I love sewing caps for boys. I watch how much fun they have with them thinking they can fly and all there is nothing better.

  128. Ashley

    Our first child, a little boy, is due in just one week. I can’t say that I’ve sewn him any clothes yet, but I’ve been busy with bedding and curtains and other things to make his nursery just right. I can’t wait to sew him little pants!

  129. JJ

    I tend to sew pants for my little guy because they are relatively easy. I haven’t ventured into shirts too much other than revamping an already made one that doesn’t quite fit. These patterns would be a great boost to my confidence in sewing boy clothes!

  130. meg

    I love sewing pj’s for my nephew. They’re so easy and he loves them. Looking forward to sewing something new for him!

  131. Although it is a lot easier to find cute things to sew for my little lady, I love sewing for my boy, he always seems so happy when I made something specially for him. Lately it has been really amazing bedding, but I am about to make the cutest little man hat for him! Would love to try these Oliver & S patters!

  132. Nicole

    I haven’t sewn many clothes for my son, mostly I sew soft toys. He likes to throw everything, soft toys are great and easy so sew.

  133. Traci

    Knit shirts and easy-up, perfect-for-potty-training pants are my absolute favorite things to sew for my son.

  134. kalli

    love sewing for my son! I love making him toys and have been wanting to make clothes. These patterns look fantastic!

  135. Julie P. Gedalecia

    I don’t have kids and all of my friends have girls. I have made a few Oliver + S patterns for them. I can’t wait for someone to have a boy so I can make them some cute outfits.

  136. Megan

    So far, I’ve mostly made pants for my son, but I love all your patterns! Very inspiring!

  137. Adrienne

    I do not have boys, so I have never sewed for them. But I have a new nephew that I would love to start sewing for. I am itching to try some little boy trousers!

  138. Fenna

    I love sewing pjs for boys and sweaters–partly because those are the only patterns I have for boys right now–am working on building up my repertoire as I have two boys!!!

  139. Katie

    I’ve recently started sewing shirts for my almost 2 yr. old son, I love to mix knits and recycle old t-shirts.

  140. jennifer

    Little bow ties! Too fun!!

  141. I love sewing baby clothes for boys. I had a hard time finding cute, non-blue, non-sports etc baby clothes, so I just started sewing my own!

  142. Wendy

    I love sewing flannel blankies and pillowcases for my boys. They pick the fabric and their bed is all their own!

  143. I LOVE to sew for girls… and my husband always says how our son gets jipped when it comes to things for him. I’m really at a loss most of the time because I don’t know what to make him that’s unique and special. I am having boy #2 in a few weeks and I already feel bad because I have 10 things I’d like to make for my daughter but none for the boys. These patterns would definitely get me to start!! Thanks for the giveaway and chance to win!

  144. Sian

    I like to sew pajamas for my little boy, but I also really enjoy making him ties to wear for special occasion.

  145. roberta

    PJ’s! And bags to contain toys and other gear.

  146. I like to sew button down shirts for boys. I’d love to have these awesome patterns!

  147. Janetta

    I’ve had fun making hats/capes/mittens for my son. Thanks for the chance to win. And I have so looked forward to your book, glad it’s available!

  148. Bethany

    You are so right about sewing for boys. I really haven’t done that much yet, although I did decorate a onesie with an appliqued tie once! I have a boy’s shirt in my stack of projects to get started on, but I would love a few new patterns to add to said stack!
    P.S. I just made your hopscotch skirt pattern yesterday and I am in love with it! Planning to tackle the knit top today! Your patterns are truly wonderful and have totally changed sewing for me!

  149. I love your patterns! So fun! I love to make shirts for my son out of men’s shirts (as shown on dana-made-it.com). I am still getting the hang of it. I would love to try some of your patterns!

  150. Kathy

    I’ve discovered that I love sewing pants for boys… not as hard as I thought and DEFINITELY the thing they go through the most of!

    winterwrens at gmail dot com

  151. The only thing I have sewn for my little guy has been lounge pants. I’d love to win this so I can finally sew more than just lounge pant for him.

  152. Alison

    I would LOOOOVE to have these patterns to create for my two little boys! My oldest starts school this fall and I would love to sew him a few cute things for his school clothing!!! πŸ™‚

  153. please count me in, I am in need of some more patterns for my vintage boys material

  154. Cassie

    My favorite things to sew for boys: wool pants and embarrassing hats.

  155. Kristen

    My favorite thing to sew for boys is probably pants. I know, I know, don’t get too crazy! But baby boys seem to get a ton of onesies, so pants help balance the equation. My kids are still little, so who knows what will be my favorite as they grow!

  156. Cassie

    My favorite things to sew for boys: embarrassing hats and wool pants.

  157. Melissa Davis

    I am just learning to sew, I am working on a quite book for my little guy. Would love to be able to make him so clothes, the patterns would be a great start for me!

  158. Kehlar

    I make a ton of superman capes and cropped pants for my boys!

  159. Leslie

    I love to sew Sleep and Play Pants for my kids with matching appliqued shirts.
    lesliewilliams at hotmail dot com

  160. I just got a serger for Christmas!!!! I love to sew pants for my son. So far we’ve only made two pairs that have worked out and can be worn. They are his favorite pants, I can’t do laundry fast enough for this kid! I would really like to try the Nature Walk Pullover. I think he’d love it!

  161. So far I haven’t sewn any boy clothes since my boy is growing out of sizes every week it seems. I do love making blankets for him. If I won, I’d pick a toddler size to start getting his wardrobe ready for next year.

  162. Mel

    I have sewed pjs and stuffed stuff for boys mostly. Would love to make some fun clothes for boys!

  163. AliceH

    The favorite thing I’ve made for my boys are costumes – but I love little toddler ties. I’d love to learn how to make that. Thanks!

  164. Stephanie

    My son is only 4 months old, so I’ve mostly made him pants to go with his long-sleeved onesies. However, as he gets older I really want to make him lots of clothes

  165. Michelle P

    So far my boy sewing has been limited to pjs but I did recently make a Star Wars quilt for my son that was a big hit. Love that pullover.

  166. Heather

    I love making my boys matching ties and winter hats….My husband bought me a serger for christmas and I can’t wait to make more things with it…Love the patterns! πŸ™‚

  167. Marin'

    I made my first button up shirt for my then 5 month old son for Easter last year and would love to learn how to do more!

  168. Erin Waters

    I love to make pants for boys, but really want to learn to make pullover knit t shirts & such. They seem so comfy! Love all of your patterns btw.

  169. Deirdre

    i like to sew capes, quilts, pants and onsies for the little guys in my life!

  170. Jennifer Frick

    I love making my little guy shirts of all kinds, tees, polos, button down’s, jammies, etc. I would love to start making him some shorts too!

  171. As a mom of an older boy (almost 10!), PJs would be my favorite thing to sew for him. I can go a little crazy with patterns and colors and not have to worry about them being too babyish.

  172. My oldest is 9 and still thinks everything I make is cool. I’d have to say my favorite thing to make for little boys is an applique tie shirt. Fun and easy, they only take 15 minutes to make a cute gift! And bow ties, they just seem a bit less functional at the moment.

  173. Grandma G

    I would love to make that pullover!

  174. Michelle M.

    I’ve used the Sandbox pant pattern for a pair of pants that my 3-year-old son ADORES. It’s the only handmade thing my picky pre-schooler will wear! I would love the chance to try out some of the other patterns!

  175. I like to sew shoes for my boys, they need some inside slippers to stay warm! I love the sailboat pants, so cute!

  176. Danielle

    I have never actually sewn for boys. I am having my 2nd boy and figure it is about time I learn. I love the pants.

  177. Malorie

    I would love to win this! I love those sailor pants.

  178. I love the sew pants for my son, although I do home to expand to making shirts/sweatshirts for him too.

  179. Well, my little one is 4 months old, so I haven’t sewed much for him, but I love making pants. It makes me feel so clever.

  180. Jamie

    We’re expecting a little boy in June and I’ve just begun diving into sewing for boys. Before it’s been all about girl, so it’s fun to see all the great options out there for little guys!

  181. Wow! Super generous giveaway. I have been loving the many darling versions of the sandbox pants that I’ve seen folks sew. Great design!

    I love to sew jammie pants and finger puppets for my boy. A cape is next on my list. πŸ™‚

  182. I love making PJ bottoms for my boys!

  183. Krista Hansen

    I haven’t sewn any clothes for my little boy. I would really like to try sewing clothes and following a pattern. I have just been doing quilts and am ready to try something new. I’d LOVE to try some of your patterns. And I can’t wait for the new pjs!

  184. Kate Williams

    Hi! I love to sew and have two boys. I would love to sew some things for them. Up until this point I haven’t made them one piece of clothing. This must change!


  185. Woo-hoo! This would be so exciting to win!

    I love to sew pajama pants for my little guy! He loves picking out his own fabrics and seeing them become something cozy for him!

  186. Elyse Kinard

    I love sewing jon jons for my little boys!!


    i love making jammies and little storage bags for my boy. I’m dying to try the school days jacket pattern for a spring raincoat. I just get paralyzed by indecision when it comes to choosing fabric. i’d love to win these patterns!!!

  188. I don’t yet have a favorite thing to sew for boys, because I’ve only just barely started sewing for kids at all (my twins are 18 months), and have only made my little guy a jacket so far. I love the Sailboat Top though, and it’s definitely going on my to-sew list!

  189. Kris

    The only things I have managed to sew for my 10 month old twin boys are pajama pants, an activity mat, and blankets, but I would love to sew a pullover, t-shirts, and other tops and shirts for them as well :).

  190. Monica Sanderson

    I am just beginning to sew. Blankets are so far my favorite thing to sew for a boy. I would love to try the naturewalk pullover though!


    I love making bow-ties for my boy. They are easy, and don’t use much fabric.

  192. i haven’t sewn many clothes for my son, but i did sew him a blanket and some shoes – i’m hoping to sew him more πŸ™‚

  193. Heidi

    My favorite thing to sew for boys has got to be clothes. They are so cute, and I love making my little boy look like a little man. πŸ™‚

  194. Karen

    so far, aprons for kitchen play. would love to try pants too! patterns are beautiful, thanks for the giveaway.

  195. Angie

    No little boys in my life right now, but I have designs to make a set of dinosaur hat/mittens for the nephews. πŸ™‚

  196. Laura

    I have sewn a few shirts, a pair of shorts, and now a pair of pants for my 18-month old boy… I think I like sewing the shorts and pants the best! You’ve got beautiful patterns here! I have a 3 1/2 yr old girl that I have sewn a lot more for… you are right, girls clothing has a lot more options — but your patterns show me that there are so many more options for boys than I had realized! πŸ™‚

  197. Kristin O

    I like to make hoodies for my boys, but I definitely make more for my girl. It’s just so easy to crank out a quick dress! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  198. Emily

    I’ve only made pj pants for my boys, but they turned out so nice and the boys love them!

  199. I love making my boys shirts. It’s so fun when people ask where I got it and I get to say I made it πŸ™‚

  200. I love love love sewing button up shirts for my toddler son…I’ve sewn them so much, its a quick project and the smallest details can result in a completely unique look for him!

  201. My favorite thing to sew for boys are toys. I’ve not sewn clothing for boys, but I would LOVE to win these patterns and get started;)

  202. Heather

    My favorite thing to sew for my little boy is pants–because while you can buy cute boy shirts, it seems like all of the pants are cargo pants, jeans, etc. They just don’t seem really comfy for a toddler, and I think knits are cuter too!

  203. I have only ever sewn pants for boys, but am so excited about Rae’s CTB week!

  204. Tammy

    I have never sewn for my son. I’ve made my neiceces and daughters loads of stuff but not my son. I’d love to try out some boy things for him.

  205. Kathleen P

    Right now I’m sewing toys: 3D stuffies, a memory game, movable road pieces for carpet construction sites, etc. But I do my fair share of clothes too when we need them. I don’t miss having a girl to sew for at all. I swear.

  206. With three boys I make quilts, toys, and pj’s mostly. I love making baby things, too!

  207. Michele S

    These patterns are so cute! This all is giving me hope that boy’s clothes don’t have to be drab and boring!

  208. Marissa

    I have not sewed anything for my son yet, but I have been planning on sewing him some pants. I love all your patterns, but that pullover is darling! I really want to make that for my son. He would love to stick things in the kangaroo pocket!

  209. Janet Langley

    I love making pants/shorts. They are quick and easy.

  210. Sadly, the only things I’ve sewn for my son is a pirate costume and a play cape. I had fun making them, but wish I could find inspiration to make actual clothes for him. I’ve never tried an Oliver + S pattern, so I’d love to win & give them a go.

  211. Syd

    I’ve sewn for my granddaughters but it would be fun to try making clothes for my grandsons. Love all your fabric. Thanks for sharing.

  212. Shantel

    I love boys stuff! Thanks for the giveaway!
    shantelhjones at gmail dot com

  213. Kjerste

    So far I’ve reallyenjoyed pants, but would love to learn to make tops like these! Thanks for the giveaway!

  214. nursegirl

    My precious son is only five months old. I have yet to sew anything for him, but I can’t wait to get started. My first project is going to be a newsboy cap. πŸ™‚

  215. Melissa S

    We have the Sandbox pattern (fantastic), so we would absolutely love to add the other patterns to our collection. My son is very into dress-up play so I’ve been sewing super hero capes, masks, chefs hats and other costume goodies. Not super practical but so very fun for creative play.

  216. Hilary

    Bathrobes, quilts and Halloween costumes!!

  217. Kristie

    I have wanted to try your patterns for a while now. I think my sewing skills are finally getting there. I just ordered your book and would love to win some patterns. My little guy’s birthday is a few weeks away and he’d love some handmade clothes. Thank you!

  218. I have made superhero capes for boys, but most of my sewing has been for girls; it would be fun to branch out a little!

  219. angela

    I actually have only sewn boy things for baby showers – bibs, booties, blankets, etc. One day maybe we’ll have a little brother to sew for. Right now it’s all princesses and flowers.

  220. Caroline

    My favorite thing to sew for my older son is costumes and dress up clothes. he decides what he wants and together we come up with a design…last Halloween it was “the skeleton of a spider bat.”. awesome.

  221. I’ve mostly made pajamas for my sons, and would love to expand my sewing for them. Thank you so very much for the chance to win. I’m really looking forward to CTB with Rae and Dana.

  222. Tia

    I have gotten into sewing my almost 2 year old son hoodies and such, he is actually more excited to try on his new clothes then his 3 year old sister. I plan on making some shorts and things for the summer, my biggest frustration is finding material that is cute for boys, it’s all geared towards girls it seems! I love the patterns and will have to check out the new book, I love sewing books because I’m a visual learner!

  223. Amber

    My favorite thing to sew for little boys is bow ties! They’re pretty simple and utterly satisfying to see on my 10-month-old (and he doesn’t mind them at all!).

  224. Alex Butterfield

    I love to sew shirts and pants for my little man! The patterns are amazing! I would love to win!

  225. Erin

    My favorite thing to sew for my little guys are pants. I would love to try the sailboat pattern. Sooo cute.

  226. michelle

    Right now my little one wants to identify everything – so sewing for him means adding knee patches with a monkey fabric, or appliquΓ© of a “dino!”. Of course I also love sewing simple pants with cuffs that can be let out as he grows (sniff sniff).

  227. Sarah

    I have been wanting to attempt sewing for my 2 year old boy for a while but it just isn’t as exciting as sewing for my daughter. I would love to try these patterns out – they look very cute.

  228. hollie

    Love your patterns, my little man would look pretty good in the sailboat outfit πŸ™‚

  229. aeno

    Love to sew anything and everything for boys. But if I had to pick, I’d choose trousers. They give you endless possibilities with choise of fabric, pattern and lenght.

  230. At this point I have only sewn pants and shorts for my little guy. But, I love those patterns and think it would be fun to make him some shirts and pullovers!

  231. Kat

    I am a bit addicted to making simple corduroy pants with elastic waist bands and patches on the knees.I guess I might be ready to make one of your awesome shirts! Wish me luck!

  232. Amber

    I would LOVE some more of your patterns! When my oldest said Mommy, you NEVER sew for me (he’ll be 7), I immediatly went and bought the new pattern in the larger sizes! But then I love the pants, and I want the pattern for my younger son (3) too! Would love to win this!

  233. Right now I love making my boy pants. Although he’s desperately in need of some good quilts. And more pants. πŸ™‚ Would love to make him some new pj’s in a fun print too!

  234. Rachel

    My favorite thing to sew for boys so far has been pillow pets, man cuffs, and a t-shirt. I just got started sewing and basically have been practicing on my girls. Love to win!

  235. donna gr

    I’ve never sewn for boys, but I’m hoping to change that!

  236. Krista

    I would love to have a little boy to sew some pants and a hoodie for! I have two girls and my oldest will only wear skirts and dresses. Preferably with ruffles, ribbon and trim. It’s actually getting a bit dull. Thankfully, her little sister doesn’t seem to mind that I picked an adorable blue striped fabric for the school days coat I’m working on.

  237. i made a really cute sweater for my son! i would like to sew more things for him but i’m just not sure where to begin when it comes to making clothing for boys, so it would be great to win these patterns!

  238. Caitlin

    My son has been sadly left out in my sewing, but I am planning many pairs of plaid shorts for summer for him in my head!

  239. The only things I’ve made for my son are 2 minky blankets. I’d love to start making shirts and pants for him.

  240. I haven’t sewn much for my boys, but I’m currently getting back into the swing of sewing. I did make 3 upcycled tshirt hats for 2 boys plus a nephew for Christmas that I thought were super cute. They haven’t been worn too much, so regular clothes would get more traction out of my boys πŸ™‚

  241. Lisa

    So far my favorite thing to sew for my little guy has been pajamas and pants/shorts. I love your designs and am very exicited about your new book! thanks for such a great giveaway! would love to attempt some shirts!

  242. Tamara

    I haven’t made too many things for my boys, its so hard to find cute ideas or fabric, but I want to start and your patterns are perfect!!

  243. Ilene

    It is so hard to find clothes that fit my son. He is taller than most and definately skinnier than the department stores think he should be. It’s easier just to make his clothes. I would love a cute new pattern!!!

  244. Heidi K

    My favorite thing to sew for boys is baby bibs. I haven’t sewn many clothes yet.

  245. Amber B

    My favorite thing to sew for my boy is shorts. He’s tall and thing and a toddler, so finding shorts that are long enough and adjustable can be quite a (frustrating, expensive) venture. Sewing them is much easier!

  246. I like making pants for boys. Nothing like a simple top with flashy pants!

  247. I have a little girl but I have two nephews that I would like to do more sewing for. So I have been looking for some good ideas. Yes – it is hard to find sewing projects for boys!! Thank you for making such nice, elegant and classic looks for boys (and girls!)

  248. Anne

    I have made one shirt for my little guy, but I would love to sew more – I’ve been looking for some other creative tops and pants for him.

  249. I have a little girl but I have two nephews that I would like to do more sewing for. So I have been looking for some good ideas. Yes – it is hard to find sewing projects for boys!! Thank you for making such nice, elegant and classic looks for boys (and girls!)

  250. kitty

    Favorite thing to sew for boys? Accessories! Belts, mittens, hats, and the always loved superhero cape.

  251. charity

    My favorite thing to sew for my little boy is pants. Mostly out of necessity, because he is such a little bean pole, but it yields great results. I am going to try my hand at quilting very soon though, so we’ll see! Thanks!!

  252. Cinnamon

    I love your patterns. They make it so easy to get a professional looking finish. Thank you for the giveaway.

  253. Esther

    I just finished a dragon costume for my son. He loves it, and runs around in it throwing fireballs at all of us. I also made him an apron for painting and making cookies it. Right now pajamas are in the works.

  254. ramy

    pajama pants and hats!

  255. Lisa

    First of all, I love your patterns! So classic yet modern. As with many other commenters, I love making boy pants. So many options with pockets, facings, turn up cuffs, etc. I’d love to try the nature walk pullover!

  256. First, I have to tell you how much I love the patterns you have made for little girls – I’ve used a few for my daughter and friends’ girls already – but I just had a boy – and so there hasn’t been much boy sewing going on around here – though I have done a romper in argyle for a sweet little boy of a friend’s. Up first is mastering the perfect pair of pants – and your patterns are probably exactly where I’ll start! Thanks for having a giveaway!

  257. Julia

    I love sewing play pants out of my husband’s old t-shirts. I embellish the leg with fun embroidery like pirate flags. I love your patterns and hope to make more things for my boys.

  258. Tammy

    I would love to sew some pants and shirts for my son. I like him to wear things that he likes and the only way to make that happen is to make them myself.

  259. I love sewing t-shirts and pants. Basics that can be worn everyday. I’ve been really surprised how much fun sewing for boys is!

  260. dora

    My favorie things to sew for my boys have been pajama psnts, pillow cases, and their all time favorite soft fabric beach balls.

  261. Caroline

    I don’t have a boy (yet)- but I think I will start with pants once we hopefully have a boy in the future… I am a fairly new sewer and those seem like a good place to start! πŸ™‚

  262. Kasey

    I love sewing my boys pants, and I’ve been wanting to try your patterns!

  263. What I like best about your patterns are that you advertise them via the drawings in plain colors. Usually people use wild fabrics which really cloud my thinking about the shape and design of the pattern. Good work!

  264. I love sewing pants for my little man. There are so many different styles and ways to personalize them. I love your patterns! So fun and easy. Thanks!

  265. Erin

    I’ve never actually sewn any clothes for my son, but I’d like to start! The shirts appeal to me most. I love those button-down shirts.

  266. Marci

    Pants and other fun items for my nephew, there are so many great prints to choose from to make an adorable outfit.

  267. I just found out I’m expecting a boy, and have not made him anything yet — though I cut out a little elephant drool bib. πŸ˜› Love your beautiful patterns and wonderful insight on boyish details!

  268. Pant, it has to be pants, well and costumes. I would love to venture into unknown Boy’s sewing territory, like jackets and pullovers. And since I am sporting three little boys, new patterns are always welcome. I love yours! Thanks!

  269. Robyn

    My favorite thing to sew for my 3 boys are the little “John-johns” or AKA shorts jumpers. These are perfect for our hot Texas climate an fun to individualize them with appliques, monograms & cool boy fabrics! Boys rock! I love being a boy mom!

  270. Celine Miller

    OOH!! What an exciting Giveaway! I LOOOOVE to sew pants for my little man who will be coming to this world in a few months! and I loooove your patterns!!!!!

  271. Definitely pants! I have two boys and my oldest must have a razor blade for a left knee! All of his jeans have holes in the left knees. He just recently “designed” his own pair of pants and requested me to make them!

  272. Lisa O

    I’m just learning to sew and I would love to make my skinny little boy some pants that fit! He is almost 3 and can still wear 12-18 month sizes in the waist.

  273. Morgan

    I like making fun shirts for boys! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  274. Laura W.

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite “boy” thing to sew are the little things, like bags for treasures or stuffed animals. However, I’d really love to branch out a little and try to sew our toddler some clothing.

  275. I’ve been in a sewing rut for the boys, but I do love to make pants for them . . They are so skinny that the ones from the store just fall off! lol

  276. I love making clothes for my two little boys. Some of my favorite pieces I’ve made have been the one-piece rompers from old sweaters. Warm, practical, and very cute…
    I’d love to try all of these patterns!

  277. I’ve mostly made storytime pajamas for my boys (I’ve got three of them) but I’ve been eyeing the nature walk pullover for a while now! I also love making sandbox pants. I’ve made a bunch in different plaids and they are such a nice change to the usual blue jeans.

  278. Eileen

    I have not mad clothes yet, but was thinking of making pjs for my son and his stuffed monkey. I love making backpacks since they are functional and they don’t get outgrown.

  279. Charlene

    I have twin boys and I like to sew them their jammies in fun prints. Thanks for a chance to win!

  280. I haven’t ventured beyond jammies for my boys, which is a bit embarrassing when you see how much I sew for myself. I love your coat pattern, too!

  281. I love sewing anything with knits for my boys. They are comfy and can go, go, go, with my boys.

  282. Sandhya

    I love sewing pants for my little guy – I would love to try some of your patterns!

  283. Souffle

    I love to sew pants and hoodies for my little boy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  284. I LOVE making toys or accessories… backpacks, etc. for boys. I need to get into the making of pants for boys – so many possibilities. Thanks for the great tips on details, makes me excited to give it a try.

  285. Aubs

    My boy is only 18 months so I haven’t made alot for him. Just a cople of shirts. They were fun I even took one pattern and made one shirt like it then tweeked it a bit and made something a little different.

  286. Cathy Hazelwood

    I love to sew fully lined shorts for boys. I make them long, so they can be rolled and a fun print can be on display. I’ve also made the sailboat pants several times and have even won a blue ribbon at the state fair for a pair!

  287. Maude LagacΓ©

    I sew for both my 5 years old girl and my 2 years old boy… and I have to admit that I prefer to sew boys clothes. I like to sew different kind of pockets, make collars, sew some “pattes indΓ©chirables” and “pattes polo”. I already have the Sailboat top and pant pattern, and it’s one of my favorite. Hoping to win the walk pullover and the sketchbook shirt patterns to complete my collection!

  288. Andrea Hogan

    My son loves new jammies and his most recent fav thing that I made for him would be his superhero costume.

  289. Liz

    Honestly, I have not sewn anything for boys yet, but given the adorable patterns, I would sure sew something for a couple little boys I know! I love the Nature Walk Pullover!

  290. So far the only sewing for boy clothes I have done are adding applique’s to onesies but I would love to learn to actually make some really cute clothes for my son. I think pants would be a great place to start!

  291. Jeni

    Love your patterns, though I’ve never bought one for a boy. I have, however, sewed for my nephews. For Christmas I made a roll-up car play mat with appliqued roads, houses, trees, etc. Adorable, if I do say so myself!

  292. Amy

    Easy peasy to make knit pants out of tshirts for my little guy.

  293. grace

    pants so far. expecting a baby boy, but our neighbor has a boy (toddler). i make him pants and he goes through them like crazy, between the mud and sidewalk chalk!

  294. cari

    My boy is only 3 months old so I haven’t done a lot of sewing for him yet. I did applique a tie onto a onesie that turned out cute. I’d LOVE to get my hands on these patterns and start sewing for him (and my girls! We are all big Oliver+S fans!) Thanks for the giveaway!

  295. Emily Ames

    I love making gentlemens ties for my little boy! And pants/shorts are always fun (and gratifying!)

  296. I love making pants for my boys, it’s the first thing I learned to sew! But recently I have started making shirts too. I get frustrated with the limited options but these patterns look wonderful!

  297. I would like to sew more for my two little grandsons. I sew a lot for my granddaughter but the boys get left out. Your patterns are so cute and definitely inspire me to want to make some summer outfits for the boys.

  298. Cynthia Ramos

    I have only started sewing a little bit ago but would love to experiment with your patterns…They are absolutely lovely!

  299. Christine

    I am jsut now taking a sewing classes so that i can sew clothes for my boy and girl. I can’t wait for your new book to arrive–it’s in the mail!

  300. Holly

    My favorite things so far to sew for boys are blankets and bibs. I haven’t sewn any clothes yet, but that’s next!

  301. Hannah

    I would love to sew more for mt sweet boy. He is older so the only thing I have sewn are ties and some toys. I would love to try out some of your wonderful patterns!

  302. So far, my favorite thing to sew for boys has been pants. They don’t intimidate me much anymore. (This is huge for me.)

  303. Lindsay

    I’ve just returned to sewing after a long hiatus…but am inspired by my little boy and these great sewing blogs! thank you for your inspiration.

  304. I love to sew pants for boys, it is something that will be used day in day out.

  305. Key

    I would love to make my boy some of your styles. they would be perfect! Thank you for hosting a give away!

  306. Brooke

    I sew very little clothing for my son, but that needs to change. He loves it when I knit him a hat or sew him a bag to take to school. New patterns would be the perfect excuse to sew him some new clothes (and buy new fabric!)

  307. I love to make tie shirts! I’ve also made pants, shorts, toys, pacifier clips…

  308. Lindsay

    oops! i forgot to say what i like to sew…
    i just made a playhouse out of duck cloth…i like to sew playthings…but want to try pants next!

  309. Andria


  310. Jenn Sturtevant

    I haven’t had the privelege of sewing for boys yet… We are in the process of adopting our first boy (we’ve adopted two girls already!) and I can’t wait to start sewing boys clothes!!

  311. My favorite thing to sew for boys is pj pants. I’d like to start sewing more clothes for my boys. I love your patterns!

  312. Kathryn

    My favorite thing that I have made are the superhero capes I make for my oldest and his best friend.

  313. So far I’ve mostly sewn diapers for my little boys. I’d love to start sewing clothes for them too.

  314. Patsy

    I love sewing pants for the little guys in my life.

  315. I love to sew costumes for my boys, that has been the most fun so far. We did Bowser and Mario one year, and Sonic and Friends the next. I love how excited my 3 boys are to wear what I make them. I also love to sew them special birthday and holiday shirts and am always looking for new ideas.

    cynspiration (at) gmail (dot) com

  316. I mostly sew pajamas for my boys. I think my favorite has been making them Halloween costumes though. I would like to try to sew them more shirts, but button holes still scare me!

  317. Melissa

    Love sewing PJ’s and cute little pants for my little man.

  318. So far, the only thing I’ve sewn for the upcoming baby (who may be a boy or a girl) is a pair of pants, so I guess that’s my favorite until I get something else finished!

  319. I love to sew knee pad pants for boys. I also have a drooler so cute bibs is a must!


  320. Janet McG

    I sew softies for all the boys in my life. I do a lot of clothes sewing for my girls, time to try some boy sewing. I love your patterns. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  321. I started out sewing pants…mostly little flannel pj pants. Since then I’ve made some toys and other silly things. My next step is some sort of shirt. Sleeves terrify me so it’s time to get over it and get sewing!!!

  322. Michelle

    I love making my boys matching Big Butt Baby Pants. They were the only pants my 18month old would wear! There are so many ways to customize them. Now that he is starting to wear undies (also mama-made with the Little Fishies pattern)I can’t wait to try some new pants patterns πŸ™‚

  323. Thus far my favorite thing to sew for boys has been messenger bags. So much easier than trying to make clothe that fit them right. But that would sure be different with your fun patterns at hand!


  324. So far I’m mostly a diaper sewer but over the last two days I pulled off some pretty fantastic pants in my opinion and I’m hungry for more! Thanks for all the info!

  325. Pants are definitely my favorite! Simple, easy and they nearly always fit.

  326. Tracy

    The Sandbox Pants are my absolute favorite pants. I have both size ranges and have made many a pair. Funny you have the green elephants in the Sailboat Pants because my son just chose that the other day for a new pair of Sandboxes!

  327. Kelly P

    I’ve made capes, slippers, costumes (think Jedi robes), and pants for my five little guys. I think my favorite thing I’ve made so far is the pants — though I’d love to start sewing shirts (I’m just chicken!).

  328. Amy

    Pajama pants and baby booties.

  329. Maria

    Until recently I’ve really only sewn for boys. With 4 brothers, 1 husband and 1 son- I was surrounded! Their favorite item has always been lounge pants. All of them, including my six-year-old ask for them. I actually like making bowling style shirts better. Oh well.

  330. I mostly knit for my little guy, feeding my sweater vest addiction. And costumes, too.

  331. katiekat

    I love to sew pajamas for my son. He loves to pick out the fabric. We have used the “Bedtime Story Pajamas” pattern for quite a few sets now. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see your future jammies.

  332. I love your patterns! I have 3 boys so I always need cute ideas for things to sew for boys. I love to sew dress up things for my kids and they love for me to make accessories for their toys. Bags, sleeping bags for the Playmobil guys, that kind of thing. But mostly I make pants. More and more pants! Boys go through pants like water! I’ve also made a lot of underwear. That is some serious fun. πŸ™‚

  333. Buffy

    I have four boys and I think my favorite thing to make for them is shirts and then bags/backpacks. I love seeing them in the shirts I’ve made for them out of a favorite fabric of their choice. I’m really getting into snaps instead of buttons (love not making buttonholes) but I’m also making more things with knits.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  334. Erin H

    Oh, wow! What a great giveaway! I have to say I’m guilty of not sewing enough for my son, but I made him a backpack that we both love and I’ve done some t-shirt appliques by request as well. I’d love to do more and these designs are great!

  335. I adore your all your patterns, but especially for boys because good boy patterns are hard to come by! I love sewing special shirts for my little guy. I have a sketchbook shirt in the works now and a nature walk pullover in his new favorite, orange, that I hope to have done for his birthday.

  336. Emily

    For the boys in my life I have been sewing lots of Rea’s BBB Pants paired with a matching appliquΓ©d t-shirt. Also, I have been loving the bed time story pjs. I can’t wait to try some new stuff!

  337. Jessica H

    I loved this hat and scarf set I made for my son. I moved up to a vest, but wasn’t thrilled over it. Perhaps if I had cuter fabric. Excited for new patterns!

  338. My favourite is pants, but I have a serger so would love to try out some knit fabric leggings and t-shirts for my son. Love your patterns, thanks for the chance to win!

  339. Deb

    I used to make smocked rompers for baby boys by the truckload. They are just so expected by my granny friends looking for something heirloom to give. Snore.
    But since I’ve discovered Oliver + S I’ve become obsessed making outfits from the patterns I do have. The styles are fresh, innovative and just plain cool. Heirloom meet Indie!
    I don’t have the Sketchbook or Nature Walk patterns in my growing collection as yet. And whether I win the giveaway or not, I intend to get them and follow on with my O+S obsession!

  340. wyndy t

    Awww… great giveaway, I usually make my son a new jacket every winter and I love making him PJs and halloween costumes!

  341. Kristi Ray

    I haven’t made a lot of things for my son, but I would love to start making him and clothes. To have cute new patterns, I think I could be very motivated to sew for him.

  342. I would love to win, and I have three little boys, so I could put those patterns to good use.

    Thanks so much

    thericebabies (at) ymail (dot) com

  343. Grace

    So far I have only made a Hallowe’en costume for Henry. He was a skunk. Looking forward to expanding the mama-made choices!

  344. My favorite thing to make for boys are pants. They are the only thing I am really good at.

  345. Sara Santti

    Your patterns are fantastic! Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚ I have only recently started sewing for my boys. I started with PJ pants which seem to be the easiest. I am wanting to venture out and try sewing pants and shorts. They are tall and thin and I have a hard time finding pairs in stores that fot them well.

  346. Kay Jones

    I love sewing pants for my little bubba… It’s hard to find plaid dress pants for boys, so I love repurposing my husband’s old shorts into pants for my little man. They become one of a kind! I love Oliver+S and am keeping my fingers crossed!

  347. marielle

    Love your patterns so much, most of them the sailboat top and pants, but the other patterns are also beautyful! I made some shirts for my son for special occasions like his birthdays.

  348. Nikkee

    My favorite thing to sew, for boys, is pants. there are many options for customization that make them truly adorable =)

  349. I love to make pants! When my boy was a baby, it was so hard to find soft knit pants for boys – all boy pants were either jeans or camo pants. So I made lots of soft stretcy pants for him. Now when I make a skirt or something for myself, I like to make a pair of boy pants for my son. I mean how long can I get away with dressing him like his mom? Oh well.

  350. Laurel

    I love to make Dana from Made’s 90 minute shirts for my little guy. They are very simple and very cozy and make great tops for jammies! I also love to make him little ties to match his sister’s fancy dresses.

  351. Would love a chance to win these patterns. I am new to sewing for boys and the only thing I’ve made for them strangely is shoes or slippers!

  352. The thing I find myself sewing the most for my little boy is shirts- he’s little for his age in height and weight but has a large head so regular t-shirts usually won’t work for him. The favorite thing I ever sewed for him though is a fleecy robe, monogrammed and everything… He looks so stinkin’ cute in it!

  353. Jackie H

    I love making pants for little boys and then reinforcing them at the knees to make them last! πŸ™‚

  354. sarah

    i love sewing shirts for my little guy, but dont have a pattern that i love. i think that sketchbook shirt would be perfect!

  355. Carolyn

    I’ve just recently been making things for my boys, and what I’ve liked most so far is adding a fabric applique to t-shirt, but I want to make them a vest and pants for Easter.

  356. Kylie

    Well I am new to the boy sewing realm, but it turns out our little one due in June is a man-cub! So far, I have been having a ton of fun embellishing onesies. I love all of the Oliver + S patterns!

  357. Alice S

    Yea!!! I would LOVE to win these patterns. I have a young son and am expecting another in May. It would be so nice to make them stylish, classic looking clothes.

    I’m off to order the new book!

  358. darci

    i like to make baby blankets for little boys. There are some really fun prints in flannels.

  359. Ashleigh

    I am loving making little taggies and comfy pants for little boys. Thanks for the giveaway.

  360. Valerie

    My little man gets plenty of mama-sewn trousers and knit tops. The trousers are normal made out of recycled trousers from the thrift shop (just because I can!).

  361. allison

    I love to sew pants for my 8 month old boy, although I am still a beginner at sewing for little ones (he’s my first child). He outgrows pants so quickly that I love that I can sew them myself. Sewing little hats are darling too- I recently made a pale blue cordoroy sunhat that was tons of fun. I can’t wait to expand my little boy clothing repertoire and try the darling pullover! Great patterns!!

  362. I really enjoy making bottoms – PJs, pants, shorts. It’s so simple, but I always feel clever. :o)

  363. Kim Shaffer

    I haven’t sewn for my little guy nearly as much as my little girl but he has had quite the array of bibs, burpcloths, blankets, paci holders, and diaper pouches. I would love to start sewing clothes for him too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  364. I love to make knit shirts (and hoodies) for my son. I have two of the Oliver + S patterns for my daughter. I’d love to get some for my son so he can be stylish too! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  365. Natalie buffkin

    I’ve only made pants so far but would love to make all kinds of goodies for my guy!

  366. I love to make knit shirts (and hoodies) for my son. I have two of the Oliver + S patterns for my daughter. I’d love to get some for my son so he can be stylish too! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  367. Annie

    I’m mostly a quilter, but I want to start sewing more clothes. I am more forgiving of my mistakes on clothes for my kids. My boy is still little, so most of my sewing for him has been blankets, and nursery things. But those are some cute clothes!

  368. I haven’t sewn much other than toys and diapers for my son. I am dying to start trying some shirts though, and your patterns are great!

  369. shirley

    I’m not the best sewer yet, but I the one thing I have found that I can make in no time is pants, particularly pajama pants. My boys have several and in the winter time it is what the hang out in.

  370. I’ve only made stuffed animals and blocks for friend’s baby boys, but I would love to make him more stuff πŸ™‚

  371. I’ve loved making the Sandbox Pants for my boys, and they still love their bedtime story P.J.’s. The Nature walk pants have been great for more active work- like gymnastics class. I think the one that gets used the most has been the Sandbox pants in denim. It has lost all of its “new” look, and has been washed and worn enough that it has lots of faded spots, making it look very unique.

  372. Noel

    I love to sew pants and hats for my boys.

  373. This would be awesome! My favorite thing is probably quilts. I don’t enjoy sewing button-down shirts, but it is very satisfying.

  374. I’ve got two boys and find I do most of my sewing for girls! However, I’ve got a knack for pjs!

  375. I have 3 boys ages 5, 3 and 1. I LOVE sewing anything for them! I have recently started using knit more and would love to try the knit pant pattern!!

  376. K

    Pajama pants b/c that’s all I’ve had time for lately! I’ve got the Sandbox pants pattern on deck for my next project.

  377. Kristianna

    Those are wonderful designs! I think my favorite thing to sew for boys are pants! You can never have too many pants!

  378. Catherine

    I like sewing trousers – so satisfying to make!

  379. I really wish I had a good answer regarding my favorite thing to sew for boys, but my family has been all girls. At least until this May when I will get a nephew!!! I’ve learned a lot from your patterns and would love to sew some pants, tops and jammies for my sweet little nephew Asa.

  380. Celeste

    I made a messenger bag for my little guy that I adore. Lots of pants, too, since they’re so forgiving. And I have a tie on my sewing list for Easter!

  381. Jen H.

    I just sewed the sandbox pants for my little boy and they turned out awesome. the instructions so clear and construction brilliant. i hope to win these other boy patterns! Thanks for the inspiration.

  382. I have a GIRL and a BOY, and it is SOOO easy to sew for her…
    He, on the other hand, is much harder.
    My favorite thing to make for him (and her) are felted sewn crowns. They get worn the most out of anything I make. It’s a daily wear. You can see them at my blog:


  383. I am loving boy month what fun:) I have 2 boys…. 2yrs & 3.5yrs I have to become more adventurous as I have not made any clothes but I have just finished mades comfy trousers and am feeling way more confident !! Fingers crossed I win so I can get to work!!! thanx for the chance πŸ™‚

  384. I need to start sewing for my boy πŸ™‚ he’s 6 mo now.

  385. Becca

    I’d love more Oliver & S patterns! They are my favorite!

  386. I don’t have any little boys to sew for but I made a messenger bag for my brother for Christmas.

  387. Well I would love to sew more for my nephews but I’m super intimidated about if it’s boyish enough. I’ve only done a few pants. I would adore to do more. I love the patterns and can’t wait to find this book in a local store.

  388. April

    I love to sew pjs for boys. So quick and fun!

  389. megan

    I love sewing little coats and hats for boys. They are so cute.

  390. Jill

    My favorite thing to sew for my little man are his Halloween costumes – where I can transport him to another place with some fabric and stitches. I’d love to try some every day stuff for him too, he does get a big jealous that his sister gets most of the mom-made wears.

  391. wendy

    I am a lover of pants & sewing on top of those kind of cutesy t-shirts that you get from the box stores, that we always seem to get as gifts. such a great giveaway and the book looks fabulous.

  392. My favorite thing to sew for boys is pants, but that’s probably because I haven’t tried anything cuter! I probably should!

  393. Joelle

    I’m new to sewing and haven’t had the chance to sew anything for my boys, yet. However, these patterns are so cute that these may be the next on my list!

  394. Laura

    I love to sew pants for my boys. They are a quick, easy sew for an updated wardrobe.

  395. Beckysue

    I love making pajamas for my little guys!

  396. Jessica

    I love to sew pants and pj’s for my little boy. It’s so fun to come up with different ways to make them. Thanks for the giveaway. Can’t wait to see the book too.

  397. Joby

    I love sewing pants and costumes for my little guy. He is really imaginative, and comes up with some great ideas. He also LOVES to go shopping for fabric with me…what a great son!

  398. SuzyQ

    Love to sew bags for my little guy – book bags, messenger bags, etc… So many options!

  399. Kara

    The only thing I have ever sewn for my boys are pj pants. I would love to expand my horizons!

  400. How exciting, I think I might just have to buy the book! So far I’ve only sewn big butt baby pants for my boy, but now he’s not growing so fast I’m planning on more trousers. Thanks for the giveaway.

  401. ali

    You must have read my mind! I was just thinking I wanted to sew more for my sons. My favorite thing to make for them thus far is pajamas, but I really want to branch out.

  402. Megan

    I’ve hardly done any sewing for boys, so I don’t have a favorite. But I just found out that I’m expecting a boy in June, so I think that will change! I’ve made several Oliver + S patterns for my daughter, so I’d love to win these.

  403. Elaine

    I love to make Rae’s Big Butt Baby pants! I also like to make hats. Thanks for the opportunity!

  404. Debra

    I love making my boy the bedtime pjs and he loves them! I’ve also made him cute shorts, a chef hat and a quilt. Luckily I have a very grateful little boy. I would love to make that little pullover–so adorable. I just love the O+S patterns, can’t say enough good things about them.

  405. Deb

    With three boys in the house, I could sew up a storm with all of your patterny goodness! I loved making pants for my youngest from all of my husband’s old shirts…but he’s getting too tall for those now, so trying out some new patterns would be great!

  406. Carrie

    I longed for a girl to sew for for the past 7 years. I have 3 boys instead! I think the options for boy sewing have improved drastically in those 7 years and I am so thankful! I love sewing pants and T’s for my guys.

  407. rf

    i’m a beginner sewer and i’ve made a shirt and shorts for my son. we just found out we’re have a second son so i’d love to learn more about sewing for boys!!

    thanks for the chance to win!

  408. i love sewing accessories for boys, this year i made my son a backpack and matching lunchbox!

    livingmysweetlife (at) gmail (dot) com

  409. Molly

    I have a 2-year old boy (and a 2-year old girl-twins!) and it’s so hard to find things to sew for the boy (and he loves things his mummy makes!) I love the Nature Walk Pullover- I hope I win so I can make it for him (or else I’ll get the book, which I may do anyway!) Liesel, you are an inspiration- I started reading your blog years ago and it really got me into sewing! Thank you!

  410. christy davis

    sleep pants. My son LOVES to wear pajama bottoms just like his daddy.

  411. tara

    I love to make little pants for little boys. would love to expand on my basic version.
    twrightgirl at hotmail.com

  412. Katja Magus

    The answer of course is everything…except the socks and sweaters…I have to knit those! We sew undies, jammies, dress shirts, formal wear, t shirts, hoodies, jeans and coats! But teh Oliver + s is the cutest!

  413. I don’t do much sewing for boys but my sister has three and she sews a lot. I am sure that she would love to have new patterns for her little guys.

  414. Yeah ! justement je me disais qu’il fallait que j’habille mes 2 garΓ§ons πŸ˜‰

  415. My boy is getting to the age (8) where I have to be careful what I sew for him. The very cool red twill overalls I started for him, with the pirate buttons, were too small by the time I got around to finishing them. I turned them into a jumper for his sister, and made a denim pair for him instead. But I ran out of denim, so I added a nautical map fabric for the patch pockets and hip yoke pocket linings…He won’t wear them in public. He’s ok with bathrobes and pjs, and I’m starting some tshirts soon, I think. I need a good pants pattern for him, mostly so I can add the double linings to the knees BEFORE I need to patch them!

  416. Renee

    I’m just a newby when it comes to sewing, so all I’ve done for my son is a pillowcase! I definitely want some great things to do for boys because there is so much girly stuff out there! (I found you through MADE)

  417. Laura

    I enjoy sewing pants for my 2 boys. They are so picky about what they want to wear – especially my older son who is 7 yrs old, that shopping for pants is a huge chore. But making them is so much fun and seeing how much they love wearing them and how they almost always pick the clothes I’ve sewn to wear over store bought makes me feel so good about sewing for them.

  418. Angela

    The birthday party dress that I made for my two year old niece out of butterfly corduroy was a huge hit. I can’t wait to try out the sketchbook shirt and shorts for my four year old nephew. I already have the rocket ship fabric picked out!

  419. Jamie

    I love these patterns. I love sewing pants and shorts for my son, so simple and classic.

  420. Lora J

    I have just started sewing and I made all of my family pajamas for Christmas. I look forward to trying new things and I LOVE everything in this post!! πŸ™‚

  421. My little boy loves for me to sew him shorts. Always asks for another pair of shorts!

  422. Hillary

    Mostly, I’ve sewn costumes and pajama pants for my little guy. Love Oliver + S patterns πŸ™‚

  423. krystina

    I love sewing my little boy pajama pants. They’re quick and easy and they’re so comfy and nice.

  424. Oh, I love all of these patterns so much! My little guy needs a new wardrobe for spring and summer! My favorite boy thing to sew would be PJs. My little guy loves all things PJs. I recently made a men’s wear type shirt and shorts for him since he likes shorts and short sleeves to sleep in, even in the middle of winter. He looked so cute and loved it!

  425. Mahara

    I love to sew rompers for baby boys ! They are easy to sew, comfortable and SO cute πŸ™‚

  426. Jes

    I love to make pants! It was the reason I started sewing, to make pants to fit over my son’s diapers.

  427. My favorite thing to sew for my son is hawaiian shirts. I would love to sew more for him, but I only have one decent boys pattern. I would love your boy patterns, but haven’t worked up the nerve to buy them yet. They are so sophisticated and adorable at the same time.

  428. Kristin

    Pants, definitely pants! My son is tall and thin, so we have never been able to wear pants off the rack for him. I either alter purchased pants, or make my own for him. I have a huge crush on all Oliver+S patterns! I’m super stoked you guys are doing this giveaway!

  429. An

    I loved making a backpack for my eldest to go to school. And I like making shirts in beautiful prints and with little details.

  430. I’m still learning, so all I’ve done is pants and I’m not satisfied with the pattern I used. I’d love to try one (or three) of these adorable patterns!

  431. I love to sew toy items for son right now, but I think I’m ready to make the leap and start sewing more clothing for him. I’d really like to start off with some great pants and shorts for the summer.

  432. I like sewing pants, so easy and a lot of opportunities to embellish them!

  433. I am expecting a boy in a few days and I canΒ΄t wait to begin sewing for him!

  434. Ann

    When my own boys were small I used to make them pants, shorts, shirts, pj’s, sweatshirts, jackets and t-shirts. They were tall, skinny guys and we had a hard time finding clothes that fit properly, especially pants. Now we have a small grandson and I am excited about sewing clothes for him!

  435. Andi

    Right now I love making pillowcases for my little guys. The possibilities are endless and they love having their favorite superheroes or robots, etc. to sleep on.

  436. My favorite thing to sew for boys would have to be pants because that is pretty much all I have been brave enough to tackle!

  437. Kellie Steen

    I’m new to this sewing for boys thing, but recently I made my husband and son fleeces hats. I would love to try out these patterns…they are amazing!

  438. Kellie Steen

    *fleece πŸ™‚

  439. I like making my boys pants and making their t-shirts more fun. Would love to make that nature pullover for them!

  440. Tanya B

    Right now I ONLY use the Sandbox pants pattern for my 8 year old son. I’ve used a variety of different fabrics and they always turn out great. I just made a pair this past Sunday because Monday was pajama day at school. Pants and shorts in the summer are so easy to make I love to embellish w/fabric my son loves.

  441. DebbieKL

    I love to make pants for my son although honestly it’s been awhile since I have! Love the pullover!

  442. Carolyn

    I love to sew nightclothes for kids… the fabric choices can be outrageous, and it’s stress-free sewing. When my guy was little, he and his daddy always had matching jammies. Now I sew for my grandson!

  443. Kristin

    I am new to sewing for boys but I think that pants could get addicting.

  444. I often draw a blank when it comes to boy sewing projects which is why my daughter has a ton of things I have sewed especially for her and the only thing I have ever made my son is Halloween costumes. I am loving all of this inspiration though and I might have to invest in a few boy patterns if I don’t win!

  445. Sarah

    Since my little boy is only 5 months old, my favorite thing to make for him so far is a few pairs of baby pants, a softie to chew on and a quilt (in progress). I am currently trying to decide on an overalls pattern for his Easter outfit. I would just love to make some of the Oliver & S clothes for him as he grows!!

  446. Tia

    I love shirts for boys, there are just so many variations for their broad range of likes to embellish with. I’m loving the striped shorts and white button up, so “little man”.

  447. Pants! My eldest son (now 17) and my youngest son (2 1/2) are both skinny as rakes and if I didn’t sew I’d never have found pants to fit either of them. Not to suck up (much) but it is so great to see children’s pattern with neat details – they add immeasurably to the finished garment!

  448. I love to sew t-shirts for my boys. They come together so fast.

  449. I love sewing little pants for little men…so adorable and so much fun! I’m crossing my fingers for the win and congrats on the book!!!!!! Fabulous – can’t wait to get one!

  450. SabineC

    My favorite boy things to sew are… summer shirts! There are some reallly good fabrics out now for just this purpose – my sons (aged 4 and almost 6) picked out several and, well, their mama added some too (I couldn’t resist! πŸ˜‰ ) So the plan is to “mass produce” their entire summer shirt collection, come the month of March. (I am a little awed here by my own resolution, but hey, one has to set goals, right? πŸ™‚ )
    Thank you Liesl, for all the great patterns.

  451. Christine

    My favorite thing to sew, and the only thing I’ve attempted for boys is PJs. Thanks for the giveaway.

  452. Brenda

    Sadly my girl gets most of the sewing, would love to try some of these patterns! I guess my favorite things to sew for boys is super hero capes πŸ™‚

  453. Becky

    I like making pajamas for my two boys. And have been doing some fleece hats/neckwarmers for our cold Minnesota winters! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  454. I have not made anything for my baby boy yet… but I am excited to start making him things. It’s not easy finding cute things for boys, so I can’t wait to try my hand at making things for him!

  455. Elizabeth

    I am loving the simplicity of sewing for a boy. I have a 9 mo old boy and two daughters (6 & 4). After years of sewing for my girls, the clean design of boy garments and simple graphic fabrics are like a breath of fresh air! Simple elastic waistband pants are my favorite. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  456. Kim

    I love little boy pants with pockets. Especially pockets on the tush.

  457. bec

    my favorite thing to sew for boys: probably quilts, because they love to cuddle with them, and to me they are easier!

  458. beth

    When my son was little (he is now 25)I made many john-john suits for him. I just became a grandma to a precious little boy. His Mom doesn’t like the traditional way I dressed her brother and would love these cute clothes for her boy. So I thought these patterns would be a great way for me to make something for him that Mom would let him wear! She will like ALL these patterns but I especially like the sketchbook shirt and shorts!

  459. jennifer

    i mainly sew pants for my son, but now that i have an embroidery machine, i can embroider on shirts for him too!

  460. Darla

    I have not made any thing for my baby boy yet, but would love to try some of your patterns.

  461. Misty

    I’m new to sewing, so I havent made anything for my boy yet, but he’s a 3yo that is going through clothes like crazy, so I’ld love to start making things for him.

  462. carriem

    Jammie pants, also fleece hats, and of course blankets.

  463. Helen Farden

    i enjoy sewing boys shorts the most, or little rucksacks. My favourite thing to do with shorts, is just a very straight forward elasticated waistband with some pockets. You have so many options with them, pockets on the front in a different fabric, or on the back, belt loops, no pockets, anything really! it’s much more enjoyable to make lots of different types! x

  464. Margie

    Having a girl and a boy is tricky when it comes to sewing. A always make more for my daughter! My son gets loads of pj pants and pillowcases (his request!). I find that one of my biggest challenges is finding fabric that he likes.

  465. sara b

    Pants are my favorite thing to sew for my boy. Comfy play clothes are the best!

  466. Meg

    My favorite thing to sew for my little boy, so far, is a superhero cape! But I would love, love, love to make him the sailboat pants in blue and white striped seersucker for Easter! How cute would my little toe-head be?

  467. Catherine

    Pyjamas! – they always look so sweet in their pjs, all clean and fresh after the longest day!

  468. Meg

    I enjoy making dresses for my toddler girl, but have yet to make any boy clothes for my baby boy…Love your patterns!

  469. Ann G

    I love to sew menswear style pjs for my son. I did a matching pair for my son and one for my Dad one year for Christmas. Dad was the only 60 something year old with race car jammies under the tree!

  470. Kim M

    I’m new to sewing, and the only thing I have ventured to make is a Bam Bam costume for Halloween. But I want to try more!

  471. DanaF

    I have just begun to sew clothing and I dream of whipping up cute pairs of pants and sweet little sacks to hold all their found treasures for the two boys I love.

    I just discovered your Nature Walk Pullover and Pants today and that would be a perfect place to start!

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  472. I have a favorite hooded jacket & bib overall pattern circa 1978. I love using corduroy. I made it for my nephew in 1978 & my grandson in 2009!

  473. Anu

    I love sewing pajamas for my two boys, especially the bedtime story pajama pattern!

  474. I don’t know if this counts but my favorite item to sew for boys is a personalized apron. Every boy I’ve made one for has loved it.

  475. I LOVE to sew accessories for my little boy. Bow ties, suspenders, hats and scarves are my favorite things.

  476. Tiffany

    I haven’t had the chance to sew a lot of things for boys, since I have just recently started to sew, but I really like making baby pants for my nephew.

  477. Laura Baker

    My favorite has always been pj’s even as my son grew up, I made lounge pants for both him and my DH.

  478. Windy

    I have just started sewing for my little boy. I am just learning about the world of sewing for a boy! I would love to win these patterns, they are awesome!!

  479. Meg

    These patterns are so darling!

  480. I mostly sew toys for my son but I’m dying to get started with some clothes for him!

  481. Layla

    Liesl, I love your patterns.

    My favorite thing to sew for boys is Ts. Button blackets, applique, there’s a ton of room to customize, and I love to send my sons out in stuff I’ve made. Infinitely rewarding.

  482. my favourite thing to sew for boys is fleecy leopard pants with a tail (for 6 months old mind you not for big kids!!!) and bowties (http://littleincowes.blogspot.com/2010/12/in-which-i-get-tipsy-and-we-eat-polar.html). I wish there was more choice in boys patterns.

  483. I love sewing little pants for my baby boy.

  484. Jana

    Other than Halloween costumes, I have not sewed anything for either of my sons. But, I would love try the sailboat top and pants. Thanks for the giveaway!

  485. Camian

    I’ve made very basic shirts and pants for my Max, but I would love to try something more dressy.

  486. Vicky

    The only things I’ve sewed for my boys clothing-wise are simple t-shirts from adult size shirts and a pair of stretchy pants (also from an adult t-shirt) for a Halloween costume. My other sewing is limited to the crafts department, but I’d love to make more clothes for them, especially since they go through (the knees of their) pants like nothing else!

  487. sahmcolorado

    Oh, it’s hard to choose. I think my favorites are the sailboat top and the nature walk pullover. Thanks for the fun give away!

  488. Alison H

    My favorite thing to sew for boys is Pj’s! I love kimono tops and pj pants πŸ™‚

  489. Jessica

    I’m totally obsessed with sewing boys ties. Now if I could only get my son to be as excited about wearing them, we’d be in business!

  490. I have a daughter who I sew for, so when my sister had a son, I was excited to try my hand at making boys clothing. The first thing I sewed was a shirt and I must admit, I loved the challenge (onto the 3rd one now in the space of 3 weeks!). They are so adorable especially when very cute and colourful prints are involved.

  491. Susan

    I love your Sailboat pants as I can jazz them up or keep them classic!

  492. Margaret

    I have to start sewing pants for my guy–he is a little too round and short for most commercial pants!

  493. reva

    my favorite thing to sew for my son right now is pants/leggings made out recycled sweaters. so cozy for winter!

  494. Jen

    My favorite thing to sew for boys are hats. My 6 year old loves mohawks, spikes, dragon/dinosaur looking headwear. So for me, the embelishments make the look. (Not to mention, make him actually WANT to wear what I make him)


  495. Liesl, My doodlebug was so excited to see his picture on here!!!! I loved making the sketchbook set for him, and the fact that he chose all the fabric and loves them makes it even better.

    Sandbox pants are also a favourite. Black cord with Skulls and crossbones for pockets are the go at the moment.

    Thanks so much for such great patterns.

  496. Catherine

    I’ve had a lot of fun sewing pants for my little guy and would love to expand into shirts and jackets. What beautiful patterns!

  497. jannyml

    I love you patterns! I would love to win and sew some cute stuff for my little grandson. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  498. I’m just learning how to sew shirts and clothes for my boys. So far I’ve managed a few embellished t-shirts and some shorts, but I’d like to learn something a bit more challenging.

  499. My fav thing to sew for boys is just plain old shorts and pants…Boring, I know, but if you can find cute material, it can be sooooo cute!

  500. Iva

    The only thing I’ve sewn for my son is a halloween costume, but I’d love to try more!

  501. Iris

    I love sewing pants for my little boy. And shirts. And hats. Haven’t dared a sweater yet, but will if I win this drawing πŸ™‚ Cheers Iris

  502. Kim

    i make lots and lots of pants and shorts for my son. but i love to make him t-shirts because he gets so excited about wearing t-shirts with things he loves on them. his favorite shirt for the winter is his sports shirt with a baseball & bat, basket ball and soccer ball.

    i would love to have more options to sew for him! i have patterns and patterns for my girls, but my poor son gets the same thing over and over.

  503. Can you believe it? I’ve never sewn clothes for my boys. Why? I knit them a few things that were actually cool but they wouldn’t wear them. I just didn’t bother but now they’re quilting so they’re a bit more interested in choosing the fabrics and making my machine go fast! I want to sew boys pants this summer!! I can’t wait to see your book! Congrats!

  504. I have 2 girls but am excited to sew my first set of boy pants for a friends baby. Boy patterns are so cute- I often dress my girl in them. Here’s to more boy(ish) projects!

  505. I am new to sewing for boys (I have 2 girls) but would love to take what I know (pants and shirts) and adjust them for boys. I have a friend having a boy soon- I think its time to get going! I could sure use some of your patterns to help!

  506. Catherine

    I love to sew pants. They’re so simple to sew and essential as they’re hard to buy at the right size.

  507. I love sewing and having my littlest one wear my own pattern of longalls. They are super cute and a big hit as they have knot straps and roll up cuffs… They have the bubble effect in the back to and I LOVE that! Thanks! Check out my Charming-Ollie for pics!

  508. I like making pjs but also button down shirts since I get so tired of finding only plaid shirts in stores.

  509. Jennifer S.

    What an amazing giveaway! I love to sew pants/shorts for my little guy. Your patterns are just awesome….I would venture to do the Sketchbook Shirt and Shorts for sure!!!

  510. Srey Khoy

    I love sewing capes and shirts for my son. They’re very easy for a beginner like me, and I love adding the details and clever sayings that you rarely find in stores. I hope I win so I can make more stuff for him and overcome my fear of making pants that split when he sits (I’m still traumatized from my childhood.)

  511. kathy

    I tend to make my son “comfy pants” but I really enjoy making costumes and dress up clothes.

  512. I love sewing my little dude some pants. so easy, so comfy, so satisfying!

  513. Nicolette

    I am still new to sewing so I have yet to actually construct clothes with a pattern. But that new pullover is calling my name, I want to start with something like that πŸ™‚

  514. Helen

    I love to sew little pants!

  515. My favorite little boy project so far has been a toddler backpack. But now that I’ve got two little guys of my own, I’m planning to start making some cute pants and tops for them!

  516. Emily

    I’m just getting back into sewing, but I’ve made my son a couple pair of pants. So far so good! Next up is a beanbag chair!

  517. I’m a mom to 3 boys ages 5,4 and 1. I love to sew them dressy clothes for church such as blazers and suit jackets. Those items are next to impossible to find in stores even though there is always an abundance of little girl dresses. Why shouldn’t boys get to dress up just like little girls?

  518. Jennifer Valadez

    Mostly making pajamas for my little guy, but would lovee to start making more of his clothes as I make most of his sister’s.

  519. My favorite thing to sew for my boy (and the most useful in our home) is pants. My little guy seems to outgrow (or tear, wear out, etc) pants at a ridiculous pace!!!

  520. Annwen

    I love to sew for my nephew. Not only is he always so very appreciative I just love sewing boys clothes! My favourite things to sew for him at the moment are pants….but he probably has enough for now so I might move onto some sweaters and shirts!

  521. my favorite thing to sew for my boys is pants, because they are pretty quick and i can customize them to fit my dudes.


  522. I just had my little boy three weeks ago and so haven’t had much of a chance to sew for him yet – but I am excited to! I love both quilting and clothes sewing – my favorite thing I have made him so far is a quilt. But I need to make him some comfy little pants, and can’t wait til he is big enough to sport some of the stylish patterns shown here!

  523. Jennifer

    I love making my 19 month old pj’s, but would be really thrilled to try my hand at some of the awesome patterns you’ve created. Yay boys!

  524. My favourite things to sew so far for boys have been kimono tops. And trousers. So basically pyjamas. πŸ™‚

  525. I just started sewing a few months ago and have made only pants and embellished the shirts. I would love to try a shirt now!


  526. amy

    I do more sewing for my girls, but for the boys the things I sew the most is probably PJ pants. I would love to branch out a bit though and I think they would like to have more “mommy made” things too.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I ordered the new book and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival- hopefully this weekend!

  527. I have four nephews and so far, my favorite things to sew for them are toys. I’ve always been a little scared of garments, but I’d like to give them a try!

  528. Lorie

    I love sewing pants and shorts for my son. If there were more boutique-style clothing patterns for boys, I would snatch them up. I love the details that make drab boys basics fabulous and interesting!

  529. Liz

    I love sewing pants for my boy… he goes through at least 2 pairs a day and we never seem to have enough clean!

  530. I love making my 6 year-old son costumes. He loves Halloween almost as much as I do. I like to make it with the coming year in mind, so that he can use it for dress up after Halloween. Last year he was a knight: http://varinasgardencraft.blogspot.com/2011/02/i-love-costumes.html

    Thanks for the giveaway! Your patterns are beautiful!

  531. I love to sew my little guy all sorts of different things. I make his clothe diapers, bibs, pants and I’ve done a few knit shirts as well. I have so much fun sewing for all my kids!

  532. Tiffany

    I like making my boys fun shorts to wear. They (and me) have started liking the button down shirts to wear, so the sketchbook shirt and pants pattern is great!

  533. I haven’t done much sewing for my son yet, mostly just tie onesies:)

    Please help me out with a few patterns! πŸ˜‰

  534. Im pregnant with a little boy, due in may, so haven’t made anything for a boy before, but sure plan to do that. His sister can’t have all the fun πŸ™‚

    I think pants will be a big thing for me, I love those sailorpants in one of the patterns you give away.
    Hope to win that cute one.

  535. Brenda

    I have two nephews and have recently began making them gifts. I just finished knitting my newborn nephew a blanket, and would love to sew both of the cuties some pants!

  536. Toni

    I think sewing pants and shirts are the basic things that every boy wears – its finding the cool twist or the fun addition that make boys clothes stand out. I have an 11 month old boy who I have yet to sew for but my list is becoming larger and larger with help from Celebrate the Boy with Made By Rae and Made.

  537. Ana Sofia

    Although I have 2 boys and “only” 1 girl, I do sew a lot more for her than I do for my 2 boys… (shame on me)
    I know it has to do with how much fun it is to sew ruffles and precious dress details.
    Still, I do sew for my boys: mostly PJs (bedtime story has been done so many times now) and the school days coat/jacket, which is so easy to sew (really) and I always love the final result (and it’s by far their favorite coat in the world).
    On a side note, one must add that boys (at least mine) really love all the sewing I do for them. Truly a motivation for more boy’s sewing…

  538. Valerie McCarley

    Haven’t sewed for little boys in many years. All but one of my ten grandchildren are little girls. But thirty years ago I made matching outfits for my sons (who are now the fathers of seven of those grands). They were 7 months old and three years old at the time. I made them matching plaid button down shirts and robin’s egg blue polyester vests and slacks. Sounds weird now, I know, but they sure looked cute then. And they thought they were something!

  539. I loved making cute little bandito bibs for my boy, having fun with all the awesome boyish prints I found online (pistols and lassos being my all time fave!). Now he no longer needs bibs, and I’d like to venture into clothes for him…

  540. Rachael

    I like to sew bow ties for my little boy. He loves to wear them and he looks so cute in a bow tie. I also like to sew pajama pants for him. He always proudly wears what I sew for him.

  541. tracy

    I don’t really sew much for boys, but for boy gifts I usually whip up a messenger bag filled with cars and/or books. Hopefully boy month will give me more ideas!


  542. FP Wear

    Having only recently acquired a boy (he’s 8 weeks old!) I’m sure that I’ll learn to love making more than pants, but I have some plants that are a go-to when I sew for my Hubby – he’s 6’5″ and can’t find cozy flannel pants unless I make them!

  543. Elizabeth

    I am just diving into the world of sewing pants, and pants may become my favorite thing to sew for boys. I love the green and white elephant pants in this post. Might have to give that a try.

  544. I love all of your patterns and am so excite for your new book! I found a hoodie pattern from the Heidi and Finn Etsy site that is so adorable and fun to make. My sister-in-law is having a little boy and I can’t wait to make him one.

  545. Dana

    I just learned how to sew this summer. I haven’t made any clothing yet, but I have two boys (4 years and 18 months) and would love to try it. Your patterns are so cute! Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  546. Tessa

    I struggle with being creative when it comes to sewing for boys, but I love making “outfits”. Pants and a shirt that can be worn together (or of course separately). I love that sailor pants and top and hope to get my hands on the pattern!

  547. Jenn

    So far I’ve mostly made or embelished shirts for my son but I’m looking forward to making more clothing items this month, especially some fun pants!

  548. Chris

    I am very traditional. So I always make little bubble or Jon-Jon’s, button on pants – smocked up until the age of 5 or 6.
    Down here in the deep South we think it is strange to see boys dressed like men.

  549. Erin Hase

    I haven’t made too many things for boys other than burp cloths and bibs, but would love to start sewing clothing for my sweet baby boy.

  550. Heather L

    I have two girls, so don’t get too much boy sewing in…but all my friends are having boys! I just made a newsboy style hat for a little friend of mine and it was so cute and so much fun! I used some old corduroy maternity pants and a vibrant green print for the inside. I think boys should definitely have more nice/fun sewing patterns! Thanks!

  551. Beth

    I love sewing outfits for our little boy that show his personality – tractors, fire trucks, dogs! I made him an outfit with the nature walk pullover and sandbox pants and he loves it!
    By the way, your book came in the mail today – I had pre-ordered it from Amazon. Loving looking through it! It is beautiful!

  552. radiya

    lovely! i would love to make some for my 3 yr old!

    radiyas at gmail dot com

  553. What a great giveaway!! I love to make comfy lounge/pj pants for my 3 boys to wear around the house. Thank you for the needed post on sewing for boys!

  554. Kim

    I love to make t shirts with freezer paper stencils for my 3 boys! They are fun and great for many ages – who can have to many t shirts?

  555. Sarah

    I haven’t had the oppurtunity to sew much for boys because I have a daughter and only have a few friends with boys. I usually will sew them lounge pants. I would love to start sewing more for boys because I think handmade gifts are so much better than store bought when you can manage it.


  556. EHC

    I have loved repurposing Daddy’s old t-shirts into knit items for our little guy (size 2-3T, by the way). Raglan shirts, pajamas, comfy pants…it’s so much fun and sentimental to see old t-shirts get a second life.

  557. Leigh

    I love to sew shirts for boys, but i really want to venture into woven fabric pants as well. Something my 8 year old would like to wear!

  558. My son is almost 8 so not a super little boy anymore. I like to sew things I think he will really like. I made a pokemon hoodie this winter.

  559. What a fab post. I hadn’t been inspired to sew for my nephew but things could change now πŸ™‚ the trousers pictured are gorgeous!

  560. Amanda

    I love to sew hats and shirts for my boy. I am looking for a great overalls pattern… hint, hint!

  561. Jamie

    I love making pants and shorts for my boys.

  562. Christy

    We seem to sew a lot of little bags, the kind you can carry around a couple of cars in, a box of raisins and a few special rocks! Would love to sew more clothes, these patterns look like he might actually wear them!

  563. I love making fun clothes for my son, especial since most store bought clothes, in his words, are boring. You are so right that it is the little details that make them special for boys clothing.

  564. Jamie

    I love making pants and shorts for my boys. Easy yet functiOnal!!

  565. Cindi P.

    It’s a toss up between pants and jackets for my grandsons. But whatever I make, they are so cute in them πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win the patterns.

  566. Michelle

    Wow! What darling patterns and ideas! My wheels are cranking. The most favorite thing I’ve sewn for my son is a belt that he calls his “spaceman belt.” It was a blast to sew something that simple that he loves so much. I’m working on some ideas for shorts for spring/summer too, so I’m excited about that. Hope he will be too.

  567. Kristen Trappett

    I have only really made pajamas for my 3 y.o. due to lack of patterns and maybe some bravery for tops. So I guess Pants would be my favorite but I am ready to branch out. Besides after a frilly dress for my girl boy clothes are relaxing and easy and quick!!!

  568. Marta

    I haven’t even made a pair of pants for my 18-month-old, but I just got your book and I can’t wait to start on the explorer vest! I would love to win these great boy patterns!

  569. Stephanie

    I love making jackets. They have so many options. Heavy, light, just for fun. So great!

  570. I love sewing pants for my boy (although any sewing for him is fun)! My husband always picks out the clothes I’ve made first when he dresses him, and it makes me feel so special!

  571. Sarah

    Would love to win a pattern! I love sewing pants for my little guy πŸ™‚

  572. Katie

    I haven’t done a lot of sewing for my boys, but I love to make sunhats and appliqued onesies for them. As the baby grows, though, I’m starting to have more time to sew, and I’d love to make them some great pants!

  573. I love making pj’s and any accesories for boys! I need to start making pants for my littlest since he is so tall and skinny! These patterns would be a great way to start.

  574. Lourdes Aleman

    I love decorating onesies with fabric for my 8 month old. I am so looking forward for him to grow up so that I can start making some PJ, pants, etc – specially if I am picked with those wonderful patterns from Oliver + S. I have made clothing for girls using your patterns and I think they are fabulous. Detail and very clear! Love your stuff.

  575. I just love making pjs and fun little accessories! I need to start sewing for my littlest guy since he is so tall and skinny, I can’t find pants that fit him good.

  576. I really enjoyed making my son a messanger bag and an art smock. Looking forward to your book!

  577. I enjoy making ties for my boys. My oldest son age 6 loves ties so he always makes special orders. Both my boys also enjoy hats so I make those often. The items that makes me most proud to make is pants with lots of pockets for all their little action figures. Thanks for giving us a little boy inspiration and the wonderful giveaway!

  578. Laurie Orr

    I like to sew PJ’s for my 3 boys. Those really busy boy prints which might be kind of tacky on actual school clothes are perfect for PJ’s!

  579. Jen B.

    Thank you for having such wonderful patterns. When sewing is in the budget (both money and time) I like to sew PJs, shirts and pants for my 3-year-old. He’s got long arms so it’s nice to be able to make shirts that fit him through the arms!

  580. So far, all I’ve made for my two boys (and one on the way) is blankets because they are the only thing that seemed to allow some creativity in the fabric choices and style. I love these 3 patterns for boys though and think they would be ADORABLE to make for them.

  581. I love the oliver and S patterns. Can’t wait to make something for my three boys with these patterns. Hope I win. Thanks for the give away! So far, I’ve made bags, belts, stuffies, and blankets for them. Button holes intemidate me and it seems like most clothing options for boys kind of require them once the kid turns three. Sure these patterns will inspire me to get on with tackling those button holes.

  582. Gretchen

    I love making pants. I can’t wait for the book!

  583. Stephanie

    PJ pants! My skinny 5.5 year old needs a 4T waist and about a 6 in length…custom made is the way to go!

  584. I have been eying these patterns for awhile, and with three boys, I have some serious need for boy things! My favorite thing so far to sew for boys are bow ties. Not the perma-tied kind, but the kind that can dangle around a little neck ala James Bond. So handsome.

  585. Chandra

    I’ve sewn a lot for my son. his favorite is the curious george backpack. My favorite is…I can’t pick. He looks so cute in almost anything I make!

  586. Becky

    Thanks so much for the post, so many creative ideas here! Right now my favorite things to sew are pants, as have a cloth-diapered butt around, so I either do fun, whimsy pants with a contrast butt or more tailored wool or denim with vests for the old grandpa look that is so adorable on little toddler boys

  587. Janie

    The only thing I’ve really made for my 1 year old is pants, but I’d love to branch out and start making other things too!

  588. I love making hats for my son. Something about a little boy in a hat I can’t resist

  589. I think the only thing I’ve sewn for my boys is a pair of pajamas and wizard’s robes. I’ve been too scared to try anything else, but maybe your patterns can help me out.

  590. KT

    I love making superhero capes for little boys…fun,fun,fun!

  591. Bridgid

    So far I’ve only made quilts and wraps (he’s only 3 months old today!) but I’m very keen to start on some pants and tees for him. Those green elephant pants are quite the inspiration! Thank you.

  592. Laura

    I have made very little for my son yet – I do so much more for my girls :(, but so far my favorite is pants! I just had a new little guy yesterday and am looking forward to sewing for him too! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fantastic giveaway!

  593. I love to sew, but sadly, don’t do very much for my two little boys, for lack of time, but also for lack of patterns! I have only recently discovered Oliver + S and haven’t tried any of the patterns yet. The best thing I made for my boys were retro Batman and Robin costumes last Halloween. I made everything, masks, capes, tights, belts, etc. They were so cute! I hope I win!

  594. I like to make elastic-waist trousers for my little boy – quick and easy to make, comfy and always useful.
    I’d love to have a go at these patterns though, and would be thrilled to win!

  595. Bridgid

    So far my boy sewing has been limited to quilts and wraps (he’s only 3 months old today!) but I’m very keen to start on some pants and tees, and maybe a jacket when I’m feeling truly adventurous. Those green elephant pants are quite the inspiration! Thank you.

  596. caroline

    I love to make my little man shorts. we play around with the details and pocket and try to add a knew twist to them every time. he just loves them and would wear them all year round if i let him.

  597. Shari

    Boxer shorts! My boys love to sleep in boxer shorts and I allow them to choose prints which reflect their interests.

  598. Antonia

    I like to try and to make elastic-waist trousers.
    I’d love to have a go at these patterns though, and would be thrilled to win!

  599. Lisa S

    Right now I love to sew my little man super hero capes, which you can never have too many of, and cozy pajamas. Hats are always fun too:)

  600. Alexis

    I love to sew anything for my 2 year old that puts a smile on his face! He and I especially love the miniature uniform I sewed him out of one of his dad’s for halloween!

  601. abbey hays

    I’d love to branch out and make more for boys. So far I’ve made a few baby quilts and embellished some onesies. I’d love to have some of these patterns to branch out and try more πŸ™‚

  602. So far I’ve only made pants but I would LOVE to have a go at making a Sailboat top! It’s so classic looking.

  603. Do you know that just the other day I was trying to work out in my head how to make sailor pants for my little man? I am so excited to see that you (of course) already have this covered! Whether I win or not, this pattern will be mine!

  604. Emily W.

    Oooo. I love making PJ pants for boys!!! πŸ™‚ You can use whatever fun and crazy material you want!!! πŸ˜›
    I also would love to try some fun shirts.

  605. Marita

    I am a HUGE fan of your patterns and just received your book in the mail yesterday. WOW how excited I am to try out all these great projects. Wonderfully styled, and beautifully photographed. Can’t wait, can’t wait.

    Thanks for the great give away. Although I love sewing for my daughter I would love to try these pattern on my son too.

  606. Tineke

    My prefered pattern for boys is the Nature Walk. The shirt is very nice on slim boys, not too formal but much better than a (too) large sweat. And the pants make perfect sport pants.

  607. I like to sew pants for my boys…especially my oldest because he’s so tall and skinny – it’s much easier to make pants for him than to try to buy ones that actually fit!

  608. Elizabeth

    I am sad to say I have not sewn anything for my boy. He is 15 months and I hope that will change soon!

  609. Kristin

    I haven’t made much for my little boy since he was very small, I hope to make him some pants and shorts for this spring and summer.

  610. Yes please!!!!

  611. Kristen Waltz

    My little boy Gus is arriving in May, so my list of things sewn is short. My favorite thing so far would probably be a pair of booties with suede soles and star appliques! Can’t wait to bring him home in them! Thanks for a nice giveaway!

  612. My favorite things to sew for little guys is outfits. Be it pants and shirt, shorts and shirt, one piece, I just love the whole outfit.
    These patterns are adorable, of course! They would be so fun to work with!

  613. Vanessa

    I love making hooded shirts out of mine and the hubby’s old clothes for my two little dudes. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  614. Ooh I would so love some of your boiy patterns! I have set myself your raincoat to make for my eldest 4.5yo and I really want to get some of your other patterns for my newest boy 8mo – hope I win!

  615. Valaried

    I haven’t sewn much for my boys, but am hoping to make several pairs of shorts for them soon!

  616. Julie Santerre

    Love love to make cute pants, looking like grown up but so much more confortable

  617. I love your pattern/clothing line for little boys.
    I espically love the sailboat top and pants!
    That’s a pattern I would like to try someday.
    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!
    I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  618. I love your clothes. I have made a few outfits for my daughter but would love to try some for my son!

  619. Angie

    So far I have sewn a lot of accessories – bibs and blankets and toys and burp clothes, etc. Now my little man is looking more like a little man (soon to turn 2), so I’m excited to make him some all out adorable clothes!

  620. My favorite thing to sew for my little guy is costumes. He loves to dress up and seems to have a different idea for a costume each day. πŸ™‚


  621. AmandaL

    Now my little fella is old enough to make requests, he asks me to sew more pockets onto things. He loves wandering around with his hands in pockets. I am going to have to make the pullover–he’ll love how much stuff he can fit in it!

  622. Amanda Tamayo

    I like sewing pants…my son was a preemie so it’s hard to find pants that fit his waist and legnth…

  623. Jennwith4

    My favorite thing to make for my little guy has been his ties!

  624. I’ve made a couple quilts for my little guy and am in the middle of making him a Spring coat. THANKS for the chance at some of your patterns ~ I’d love to do some more sewing for him!

  625. Janelle

    I enjoy making toys, hats, and PJs for my boys. It wasn’t until the “celebrate the boy” event that I even imagined more would be as fun as sewing for my girls. Thanks for the opportunity to get some really cute patterns.

  626. Kim

    I really, really want to make clothes for my twin boys, but have only dared try quilts so far…:)

  627. I have a 10 month old little boy and I am sad to admit that I haven’t sewn much for him outside of cloth wipes. I did crochet him a blanket. I think making boys clothes is very intimidating–you have to have accurate measurements as opposed to making something like a pillowcase dress for a little girl. I want to make my son some cute things though! I would love to see your book and have thorough instructions so that I can try.

  628. Janet

    I enjoy sewing pajamas and boxer shorts for little boys. Thanks for the give away!

  629. My favorite thing to sew for my little guy is pants! He’s super tall and skinny for his age, so it’s so hard to find store-bought ones that fit!

  630. Heather D

    I love sewing pants for my little guy. They are so quick and easy. Next I want to try a hood or pullover.

  631. I hate to admit this, but the last time I sewed for my son, he was a baby! These patterns look like a great place to start sewing again for my 5 year old.

  632. Courtney

    I Love to make pants for my son. I know it’s simple and easy but he has very large thighs and jeans don’t fit so creating new styles are always a fun challenge!!!

  633. I am pregnant with my first boy and am THRILLED with all the fun things to make for boys. I was a little nervous at first, since we had a girl first and there so SO MANY things to make for girls, I thought our little man was going to be left out – NOT SO! Since he is not here yet, I have made him a very manly boppy cover and diaper bag that match which has been fun. I look forward to making him clothes, but want to see what kind of a shape he has first. Thanks for all the great pictures and ideas. Can’t wait to try some boys clothes patterns!

  634. I love making pajama pants/shorts along with a shirt with matching applique applied to it. They are just so cute and quick to make! It beats going to the store and buying them when I can customize them to my sons favorite things at the moment.

  635. Amy

    So far the bedtime story pjs have been my favourite to sew, mainly because of how much my son LOVES them. I made them around Christmas, out of car flannel that he chose, and he wears them EVERY NIGHT, until I can pry them off for a wash.
    Brilliant pattern, can’t wait to make more!

  636. Christina

    I love making toys and clothes for my spunky guy. I love to make him pants and coordinating tops. He enjoys wearing/playing with what I make and now more often than not will ask me if I can make him what he wants rather then asking me to buy it. Love it!!

  637. Deanna

    Would love to have some good boy patterns! Thanks for the chance.

  638. That pullover is ADORABLE!!

    I haven’t actually made any boy stuff, yet. My baby is just 4 months old and I’ve been making things for his room. But it’s time to make him some clothes!

  639. Brooke

    I’ve never sewn anything for a boy (not of the clothing variety anyways), and have been wanting to try for quite a while! I have girls, but 3 of my closest friends have had boys in the last 6 months and I would love to make clothes for them!

  640. Kimberly

    thanks for the giveaway. for boys I love to sew pj’s and hats…and of course toys, toys, toys.

  641. I haven’t done any boy sewing really, but now I have a 5 month old boy and I think I’ll really enjoy sewing him pants.

  642. love your patterns.. they are inspiring me to sew again. ( I have only sewn for my daughter so far ..sounds fun to sew for my son too) Thanks for sharing your work. Blessings, Barbara

  643. Holly T.

    My boys love when mommy makes them shirts from the fabrics the have picked themselves.

  644. Cherlyn

    I have started with only a few things for my 21-month-old son, such as a bathrobe and shorts. I would really like a good portion of his wardrobe to be homemade.

  645. Danielle

    I have made things for my son’s room and pillowcases in fun prints (I am a beginner at sewing) but would love to branch out to clothes. Fabric is so much fun. Love the pics you shared and would love the patterns!

  646. Favorite thing: whatever he asks for, i make whatever as long as he is interested! ( But I really love PJ pants)

  647. Amy

    PJ pants…yep I have only worked my boy sewing up to jammie pants πŸ™‚

  648. Nicole

    My favourite thing to sew for my son at the moment is the sketchbook shorts pattern in linen or seersucker. So light and they look great with a polo t-shirt and Birkenstocks.

  649. AP

    It’s great that you keep boys in mind for patterns. It’s so hard to find cute ones.

  650. Payal

    I am very excited about the giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to enter. I would love to make the PJs for my son. It has been hard to find a pattern for his size in stores.

  651. Barb

    I’ve gotten into sewing my little guy refashioned t-shirts from daddy’s discarded shirts.

  652. I love making boys pants. My son seems to need lots of them as he a typical 4 year old who loves mud, playing outside and jumping in puddles! But is all good fun – so I don’t mind.

  653. Mariah

    Overalls! Thanks for the giveaway.

  654. I love making PJ bottoms!

  655. I have a daughter but I have 3 nephews ranging from age 1 to 3, I would love to make clothes as presents for them. Thank you!

  656. Kim

    I started sewing as a way to make pants that will stay put on my super skinny boy. He loves dressing up and would look great in your designs!

  657. daisygirl_78

    I’ve had great success with pants for boys – both with a pattern (yay, Sandbox pants!) and without. I do most of my sewing for my baby daughter, but lately my 4-year old boy has taken an interest in my sewing, even standing so close to me and my machine that I can hardly see what I’m sewing! The other day he asked me, “Mommy, if I grow up to be an astronaut, will you sew me a spacesuit?” Too cute. Thanks for the chance to win these patterns.

  658. Amie

    I’m not sure I can pick just one favorite but at the top of the list would be the things my 8-year-old son dreams up himself. “Mom, my frog needs a blanket. Can you make him one?” or “Mom, I need a bag that’s big enough to hold my sword with a strap that goes across my back so I can carry it around.”
    Hooray for boys!

  659. nopinkhere

    My son seems to think outfits are magical. So while my tendency is just to make him a shirt or some pants, now that I’ve figured the outfit thing out, I try to make more sets. I really need to try your pajama pattern (very dissatisfied with the pattern I tried from a big pattern company) because my boy needs some pj’s for spring/summer.

  660. Laura

    So far I’ve only tried sewing pants and accessories. But I can’t wait to start branching out.

  661. Pants, shirts, jackets, PJs, … I just love to make clothes for my boys, it would be too hard to limit myself to one thing!

  662. Sarah

    I love pants, though I’m ready to branch out! I’ve got a little man who’s growing out of clothes everyday and I’d love to try some of your fantastic patterns! Thanks for the giveaway!

  663. Monica

    Pajamas for both boys, a 5 year old and 11 month old. Fleecie pjs pants in fun prints. Also, fleece “monkey pants” for the littlest one.

  664. Nikki

    More patterns for boys sounds great. For some reason, my boy seems to take more notice of what he wears to bed than during the day! So I have been getting lots of approval from the funky PJ pants I have made him.

  665. Kellie

    I love sewing quilts as there are lots of options with this. However, I can’t wait to make some things from these great patterns. I am ordering the book as well. Thanks for offering this up, and celebrating the boy! I have two little gentlemen and love this month!

  666. Trish

    I love sewing dress up costumes for my grandsons. Thanks for the giveaway.

  667. Anna Downen

    I love to sew pajama pants for my two older boys and diapers for my baby boy!

  668. I love to sew match-a-roni clothes for my boy. Although he will never wear them on the same day as whomever he is supposed to match. Oh, and tents, tents are sooooo fun for boys and moms and little sisters!

  669. christine

    A birthday hat for my little guy. Pathetic I know. Am now inspired to try out pants. Your girl clothes (and easy patterns) gave me the confidence to sew. I bet I could make some nice clothes for him. Thank you.

  670. Caroline

    Little pants get me every time! There’s something so cute about miniature masculine clothing.

    I love the Nature Walk pullover, too.

  671. Bronwen

    My boy is brand new, but so far I have been keen on knitting sweaters. First sewing project: Made by Rae’s newborn pants!

  672. One of my favorite things that I’ve created for my son was a pair of pajamas out of a couple of old soccer tees of my husbands. I think they turned out pretty cute.

  673. I just started sewing boys things (ours is due very soon) but love newborn pajama pants.

  674. I enjoy sewing pajamas for the boys and the nature walk pullover.

  675. jamie

    I made some knit pants that are plain black but a favorite by everyone. I would love to make more with these great patterns.

  676. My favorite thing to make for my sons has been capes – as they “fly” around pretending to be a superhero, I smile at how easy it was to make them happy.
    Clothing wise, I love making p.j.’s and shirts and pants.
    I love you line of patterns and look forward to trying some of them out.

  677. Lacey

    I’m just starting to sew, and have only made a robot and blankets for my son. It’s hard to find cute boy patterns, I’m SO excited to see your line of boy patterns for my little stud.

  678. I haven’t sewn much for my son (other than his baptismal dress) but I would love to make him some funky pants!

  679. Stephanie

    Love your patterns! My favorite thing to sew for boys are PJ pants!

  680. Holly

    I haven’t sewn nearly enough for my two sons, but so far the biggest hit has been a sock monkey for my two year old. I would love these patterns, they are incredible!

  681. Elizabeth

    I haven’t sewn anything for my little man yet, but “Celebrate the Boy” has already got me excited about making something for him!

  682. Martha

    I’m still relatively new to sewing, but one of my favorite things to sew for boys are bathrobes. I took my son to the fabric store to pick out the fabric he wanted. The finished product makes him look like such a little man! I’d love to tackle those sandbox pants!

  683. I love sewing boxer shorts for my son. It’s an excuse to incorporate a lot of crazy prints and I get creative with my husbands old shirts. It all started during potty training when we kept running out of store bought ones, now he’s got baskets full!

  684. Mindy

    Older boys are so hard to sew for. I like pajamas, book bags and blankets. The super hero capes are pretty fun too.

  685. Beth T.

    I like to sew quilts for boys! I’m really not much of a sewist, more of a quilter. If I were lucky enough to win these patterns, I’d bring them to a dear friend who is expecting a baby boy any day now. I know I’d learn a lot, watching her sew for her new son. Thanks for your generosity.

  686. Ericka

    I love working with your patterns. Mostly girl stuff so far, but my boy is needing some new clothes too.

  687. Sheryl Aviles

    These patterns are awesome!! I can’t wait for your book to be available! I really love the sandbox pants! I can’t wait to try to make my son some!

  688. Sheryl Aviles

    I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these patterns and your upcoming book! I’m so excited! I’m so glad for celebrate the boy for introducing us!

  689. Terri

    I love sewing up little boxers and pants for my little guys. Love your patterns.
    : )

  690. Vanessa

    I love sewing tops for my little man, but Halloween costumes are definitely my favorite!!

  691. sabrina

    I’m pretty new to sewing and have a 4 year old and a 6 month old. .. both boys. I have been looking at your patterns and trying to decide which to try first.. . I’ll order some soon so I can help support more boy designs in the future!

  692. Kim Fielding

    My favorite thing I’ve sewn for my son is a beanbag chair.

  693. kandice

    My favorite thing to make is hats…i just love putting funky hats on little boys…to bad my son hardly ever will keep his on!

  694. katie

    Thank you!

  695. Jenny T

    I enjoy making all types of clothing especially using O+S patterns but my favorite has got to be pants for boys. You have such awesome ideas, it is easy to make an adorable, modern, and wearable waredrobe for boys.

  696. my guy is only 5 months old, so I haven’t had much of a chance to make any ‘boy’ things for him yet, but I’m really looking forward to making him some old-fashioned summer rompers and overalls. I do agree that it’s all in the details for boys, the best part about making clothing is avoiding all the stupid ‘boy’ motifs in off the rack clothing–the sports, trucks and lame cartoony animals! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  697. My son loves the many pairs of shorts with contrast cuffs that I’ve made him, they are his favourite thing to wear πŸ™‚ I would love to try an O+S pattern, thanks for the fabulous giveaway x

  698. My first two older boys used to get home made over alls. I loved making them. Now my 20 month old is receiving made toys. I think it is time I start attempting tops and bottoms. I dont see your pattens here in southern Tasmania – this post has hungered me for some!

  699. Dawn

    I’m new to sewing, so I haven’t actually made anything for my boys except for quilts that I’ve started. My 2 year-old loves comfy flannel/fleece pants, I would love to make him some in a cute print, the elephants are perfect!!

  700. Tamara D.

    I love sewing pants for my son… he is very tall and skinny, so not many store-bought pants fit – I love being able to adjust to fit him just right.

  701. Tina

    I love Oliver + S!

  702. Caralee

    I have made all sorts of things for my boys. My favorite when they were smaller was overalls adn footed pajamas. Fun to use fun prints with fun pockets and freezer paper stencils. Capes, pajama’s, shorts, pants, the options are endless

  703. Elizabeth

    I love to sew collared shirts for little boys in fun prints with things the individual boy loves- like dinosaurs or donuts!

  704. I have made quite a few baby boy outfits in the past year and I think the most gratifying have been a fleece vest from Kwik Sew and the two short sleeved Sketchbook Shirts from Oliver+S. They turned out so great and truly look like something that could be hanging in a baby boutique, not something I churned out in my basement. πŸ™‚ Thank you for making some great boy and unisex patterns – it’s nice to have such cute options when I sew for my friend’s kids.

  705. Anna

    I tend to make pants although i recently made some rather cool bathers which i am very proud of. Girls are so easy, but i do love the challenge of making boy stuff which is not twee or babyish

  706. Jaime

    My favorite thing to sew for my three year old is pajama pants. He picks out his own fun fabric and Mama sews it for him. I make them with pretty wide legs so nothing gets in the way of his ability to climb all over everything and anything that will hold still :).

  707. Brooke

    I made a rocketship tent for my nephew for Christmas and I am so happy about how it turned out! I haven’t sewn clothes for my boys yet…I definitely need to try out some of these fun patterns!

  708. becca

    I’m just getting into garment sewing, but my new favorite thing is making onesies into shirts. My boy is so tall that he outgrows everything lengthwise before he is too round for it. So to extend some of his wardrobe, I’ve started chopping off onesies to make shirts. It’s an easy fix- chop off the bottom, finish the edge, and hem. I’ve gotten three new shirts he can wear again (so far).

  709. ninfalis

    This halloween I made my son a red Captain Hook jacket. It was simple and made of fleece, as I’m a beginner. I really want to make him outfits.

  710. I’m a new mother to an adorable seven week old boy, so I really haven’t had much opportunity to sew for him yet. I’m just finishing up my first pair of pants. I made my own pattern, which has been an interesting experience! I would love to try my hand at the sailboat pants. They are very good looking! πŸ™‚

  711. bruinbr

    I love to sew little pants for my nephews because they go through at least 3 different pairs a day! Like they say, boys will be boys πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  712. My favorite thing to sew for boys is pajama bottoms!


  713. Favorite thing to make for boys…? Hmmm, it’s a toss up between capes and pj bottoms. Capes are just such exciting bits of imagination and pj bottoms? Well they’re just fun and funky and you can do whatever with them, (plus they come together so fast). However I’ve been drooling over the Sketchbook shirt for a week now ever since I saw it made up in a store last week and I bet that could be a favorite…I have some Kokka helicopter fabric that is begging to be a button down for my five year old…
    Thanks for hosting this- I’m so excited to sew for my boy. I also have two girls and my boy definitely gets the short end of the stick, but no more!! I shall become a seamstress for boys! (My nephew would appreciate it too).

  714. Rebecca

    Love making PJ’s. I can use fun fabrics that reflect his current interests.

  715. Meghan

    I love sewing clothes for my boys, and Oliver & S patterns are some of my favorites. I just picked out an Alexander Henry print to make matching Sketchbook shirts for summer for my guys! Pretty soon I’ll need the bigger patterns, so I would LOVE to win this giveaway – thanks for the chance!

  716. As a mere amateur seamstress I have fun doing any sewing, but have just begun to venture into sewing clothes for my boys. I think that my favorite thing I’ve sewn thus far are sweateralls that I upcycled from one of my old sweaters.

  717. I love making shirts for my boy…most of the shirts in the shops are a bit ordinary. The Sketchbook shirt and shorts is on my wishlist!

  718. I like sewing pajama pants for my 3 sons. So fast and rewarding and they love them!

  719. Awww – I have been trying to find the sandbox shorts pattern in the little guys size for awhile now and I am having no such luck! I will keep searching though!

    My guy is still wee – so I haven’t done too much sewing for him yet. Though I really enjoy learning how to sew jackets!

  720. I loved the school days’s coat which I made for my nephew and the instructions were great. I’d love to make more things for both my nephews!

  721. I don’t have much experience sewing for boys, although I am trying to change that, even though I have 4 boys. It seems like girls are always easier to sew for and have more options for beginning sewers. But I have made some blankets and have recently started making a few pants and shorts and I would love to expand my abilities with some great patterns of yours!

  722. Pants, pants and more pants AND the odd backpack are my favourite projects for my boys.
    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  723. Eva

    My favourite thing to sew for boys are shirts. Boys look great in a collared shirt and there are options to mix and match colours and choose nice buttons. I love the design of your Nature Walk pullover! With boys it’s really in the detail and fabric selection and I love the idea of screenprinting or stencilling.

  724. Jennie

    I wish I had a favorite to sew for my little guy! He’s 2, & I’m so grateful to get these ideas. I have plenty of ideas of things to sew for my baby girl, but it’s slim pickin’s for my son, unfortunately. My favorite thing that I’ve sewn for him so far is definitely his Halloween penguin costume, which he absolutely loved. He even taught his baby sister what penguins do: waddle, waddle, waddle, or in her words, “Wa, wa, wa!” I also really enjoyed making him shirts for his birthday & for Valentine’s Day.

  725. Johanna

    My son is only 9 months but so far I’ve loved making him pants that actually fit easily over his diaper and little kerchief style bibs to catch all his drool! Just recently discovered your patterns and am excited to try one soon!

  726. I have only just started sewing, so the only thing I have actually sewn for my 3 year old was a bow tie to wear to my nieces wedding – and it was a breeze to make! He got so many cool comments – my little spunky monkey! My next endevour is to make PJ’s for both boys… wish me luck! πŸ™‚ (What are your next line of PJ’s looking like?)

  727. Susie McDonough

    My favorite thing to sew for my boys is pj’s. I’m also having a lot of fun making stuffed animals for them.

  728. Ashley Cauble

    I love sewing pj pants for my boys! Need to do it again actually, they’ve outgrown the last ones!

  729. Definitely pants! Cute, simple pants. Love your patterns.

  730. What a lovely and generous giveaway! Thanks so much! My favourite things to sew for my little guys are pajamas — bottoms in particular, but sweet matching tops, too. It’s so much fun to get the boys bathed before bed, and to tuck them in wearing soft, cozy mama-made PJs.

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