hopscotch skirt inspiration

This is the very first prototype I made for the Hopscotch Skirt pattern.

As you can see, my design initially included a tie at the waist. When I finished making the sample I decided this was just one too many details on the skirt, which already includes fun pockets and the button placket. Because I wanted to focus on the button placket, I eliminated the tie from the final pattern. But it’s a cute design detail, and I wanted to show it to you in case you want to add a tie to your own skirt.

The ties get sewn into the side seams when the front and back panels are sewn together. I gave each tie a little pleat so it could fit the waistband but would still be wide enough to make a nice puffy bow in the front.

For reference, each tie on this size 3 sample is 25″ long and 1 1/2″ wide. You could also use a ribbon instead of self fabric. Maybe you’ll want to eliminate the pockets and include the tie instead? Play with this idea and see what you can do with it.




  1. Emily

    This is SO ADORABLE. I agree that it’s too much, with the placket and the pocket, but I LOVE the bow. I will be trying this soon.

  2. Funny, I planned to make another one of these skirts with a front tie. I have a mommy-sized tulip skirt almost exactly like this pint-sized version and it has ties (though no awesome chinese takeout pockets). I like your older patterns, but since I got my mitts on the Hopscotch, I’m dying to try your other new ones. This pattern seems more refined than the average pattern, I didn’t change any of the finishing details (as I usually do). And of course, easy to follow, which is great.

  3. Not too much for me! In a plain , perfection !

  4. ASM_Blue

    Wow! I’m really a bow person (LoL)!
    Would love to try this one, but will probably have to wait a bit as my little girl is currently in the “discovering” bows phase (trying to figure out how to do it by herself afterwards).

  5. Very cute skirt! I think it would look darling both ways.

  6. I really like that you share these kinds of things with us. I think I like this skirt better without the bow.
    BUT, hmmm, I can imagine this skirt in a small print with a solid contrast belt? Oooh, maybe the pockets and belted bow in both in different fabric? I’d like to see other takes on this.

  7. Love the tie, I would try a different type of pocket, in the side seams maybe? This railroad denim is definitely my favorite version of the skirt so far though!

  8. OH goodness – totally love this!

  9. So I’ve been wanting a winter skirt and sketching things out. THIS is my dream winter skirt! Too bad I’m not 6 years old!! Can’t wait to see the new fabrics guys! Good luck at Quilt Market!

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